Dear Le Monde diplo...

France's Le Monde diplomatique has chosen to publish a piece by Alexander Cockburn called, "US: the conspiracy that wasn’t". You can read it on the English translation site, Le Monde diplo.

Although Le diplo doesn't have the circulation of the actual Le Monde daily, it's still significant, and is known for well-written scholarly pieces.

Therefore, it's sad to note that Le diplo has chosen to publish such a lopsided feces-chucking pile of hackery such as Cockburn's piece.

On that note, 9/11 truthseekers are invited to email, fax, or send letters via registered mail to Le diplo's editorial staff to demand that they publish a rebuttal to Cockburn's rant by David Ray Griffin, in France, and anywhere else the poison-pen article was published by the Le diplo franchise.

Don't spam them, take the time to dissect Cockburn's article, point out the problems as you see them, and demand a rebuttal. If you want to release your letter for re-publication on other sites or in print, start it with, "Open letter to..."

Contact info below...

Here are the different email addresses of the people in charge at Le Monde Diplo:
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(Redaction = editing, review, etc.)

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Rebuttal of DR Griffin

Has there been a rebuttal of Cockburn's Hit piece for now and where is it published ?


Kudos to Le Monde Diplo!!!!

Kudos to Le Monde Diplo!!!!

So only two days ago Bill

So only two days ago Bill O'Lilly is asking Kevin Barrett why such (supposed) liberal papers have not published 911 Truth stories Now today we have a story from the Lemonde attempting to do what Bill O'Lilly attempts to do, distract from the Truth. Hey, Billy boy, I guess LeMonde is no longer part of that great big liberal media conspiracy you always ranting about. Maybe you should actually wear a tinfoil hat while on the air.

O'Reilly & Cockburn are COINTELPRO and/or Operation Mockingbird

Isn't it rather obvious?

it is unless you're a dummy

it is unless you're a dummy hooked on MSM propaganda which unfortunately includes most people

But their numbers are on the

But their numbers are on the steady decline

they certainly are. slowly

they certainly are. slowly but surely!

Dr. David Ray GRIFFIN's rebuttal...

Dear DMX,
and everyone who expressed their right concerns about the possible damages this Cockburn terrible, outrageous, errors-ridden article ("propaganda piece" would be actually closer to the truth) might have done toward people who haven't done their homework on the complex 911 subject,
Dr. David Ray GRIFFIN's rebuttal... is on its way to be printed.
M. Griffin sent it to me about 10 days ago, i had it translated, but it turned out to be too long in french to be reproduced in full; so he had to edit it specifically for the french edition. I did forward it to Le Monde Diplomatique (France) through registered mail, (att. to the Director of the publication) and surprise... it was the editor in chief who emailed me a stupid, quite irrelevant answer.
It is a fact that this guy was trying to deny us (Mr. Griffin and myself, representing him in France as his publisher in this country) our right of response. But there is absolutely, positively NO legal ground for him to do so. Actually he is not even directly concerned as it is under the sole legal responsibility of the Director of the publication.
As of today, i have no news from this fellow, and i can only speculate Mr. Griffin's rebuttal will NOT appear in the next edition of Le Monde Diplomatique (the January issue). But if need be i will go to court to have it publish in the next paper issue (February) as well as on Le Diplo website.
Again, lies and disinformation will NOT ALWAYS prevail in the MSM.

It would be preposterous, and quite immodest, to set myself as an example to you, my dear "Truth seeking" friends, but i would like to seize this opportunity to ENCOURAGE you all NOT TO LET ANY OF THE MOST OBVIOUS LIES GET PRINTED or BROADCASTED without making your voices (and rights) heard from the editors responsible for such actions.

Remember: WE ARE MILLIONS... all over the world... and we are overwhelmingly fed up !
for EDL

ps: Sorry for any mistake which may have let slipped... (english is not my native language)

my reply to le monde

Greetings from America!

I am sorry to hear you are spreading the closed-minded venom of Mr. Cockburn. He attacks only where doubters are weak. But why not look at where the questions are strong and ask: what is wrong with demanding accountability from the administration? Sure, many people speculate that Bush is behind it all. But many people simply want an honest inquiry, including former FBI Director Louis Freeh.

After all, is it so outlandish to say the Executive Branch has lied to us? Look at the track record.

Therefore, many of us here in America will not let them off the hook. There is no statute of limitations on murder. The case is open until we have found all guilty parties. We need not speculate on what happened. We need a grand jury to examine evidence and make indictments. Ask yourself why we have not had this? It is well past time for serious criminal investigation and cross-examination of evidence.

Please, in the future, try to rise above smearing and speculation on both sides. Fact is, we still don't know all the culprits. Let that be our focus. And let the truth lead us where it may.

Merci beaucoup

Jonathan Cook reaction to this article


Many french speaking people from has written to Serge HALIMI and to Le Monde Diplomatique.
A personn write in the name of David Ray Griffin to them to have an answer right in the newspaper.

Serge HALIMI has respond some answers to us (to different members who write to him) and tell that there is no evidence, there is no credible facts, nothing serious etc, etc for alternative theories. But it don't talk about the official theory and about this article which is very bad for many reasons.
Then he doesn't answer to our question and "turn around the points" (I don't know english expression to say that).

Then a personn told us that Le Monde Diplomatique even it is a left political and anti-imperialist newspaper, it is own by "Le Monde" which is own by big corporation, etc. And then they are some Monde Diplo. Journalis which disagree with official version but they are put on the side and the staff decide to not criticize official version...

In France there is absolutely no media, no traditionnal press whick talk about "9/11 Truth" (maybe it is worst than in US and rest of Europ). We have just a website (no relationship with which regroup about all french speaking peoples and some individual and famous blogs (there are many blogs many blogs in France) which talk about that.

We will do all our possible to help "9/11" Truth Movement. In 6 month we have did a lot of things (poster, flyer distributions, translate and/or subtitle videos, writing information guide, writing letters and contacting a lot of people. etc etc.)

Sylvio - active member of

Thanks for all your efforts

and keep on fighting!

Kind regards from Hamburg, Germany

Kudo's silvio

thank you for your efforts

US reaction

I'm glad this event gets reported here.

It strongly believe that a reaction to this article from a us citzen has a bigger impact than any mail a french reader can send.

Amnesty protest hijack

I think that any mention of a 9/11 conspiracy ..

... is activism. Even the ones such as this that apparently meant to convince the French people.
Someone should send him a link to this French website that deals with the Pentagon.


Alexander Cockburn is a Liar.


I am astounded that Cockburn's sophomoric propaganda around 9-11 gets play in your publication.

Whatever Cockburn feels comfortable dismissing -- not investigating, just dismissing -- out of hand passes without comment or qualification.

Further, is it really the opinion of the editors that Lee Harvey Oswald was the "lone gunman" who killed president Kennedy? I am quite speechless.

This is an area of great cognitive dissonance and unlimited streams of propaganda, which Cockburn seems all too comfortable adding to. Someone interested in the truth would not rely on a few personal anecdotes to prove a point.

The worst part of Cockburn's thinking is that the vast 9-11 operation can be conflated to mean the World Trade Center being blown up with bombs and the Pentagon struck by a missile.

These are certainly not the main complaints of many, who have a firmer grasp on the facts than does Cockburn.

I have four different articles on my blog which challenge Alexander Cockburn to see the verifiable and documented evidence of cover up and foreknowledge, as well as deliberately ignored standard procedures by the FAA, Secret Service, Norad, FBI and others.

Lastly, Mohamed Atta's best friend in America, Mr. Wolfgang Bohringer, has admitted that he works for the CIA, upon being arrested on Nov. 17, 2006. Daniel Hopsicker has that story.

Will your publication host a valid debate about the September 11th plot, and US government complicity? I will certainly participate, if I am able to challenge the ignorant assumptions of people like Alexander Cockburn.

John Doraemi publishes the Crimes of the State blog: