I YouTubed O'Reilly Factor Tonight (thought I would be ahead of the game on this one)

...turns out I lagged behind, and my quality is poor. But nonetheless, I worked hard to get this together, and I had to sit the the entire O'Reilly Factor while holding the puke in. Plus, I added a funny little intro clip and have special commentary and music at the end! Check it out (or just watch the beginning and skip to the end). I am just getting my feet wet with this stuff. Let me know what you think.

hey, good job with the outro

hey, good job with the outro on the end.. and for recording it.. its never a big deal until someone doesn't capture a show, so it is always good to have extra tapes running.

good luck with your movie creating/editing.

Kevin Barrett was excellent.

He did a really good job.

O'Reilly was a scumbag as usual.

Remember the news anchor

Remember the news anchor from V for Vendetta? O'Reilly is so similar it's scary. Fox News is already a propaganda machine the likes of 1984. If anyone is interested in learning how a first world country like Germany with its advanced culture of arts and science descended into a fascist nightmare, this is it.