Protest At Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University has created an art of religious manipulation. Here I am, a senior with very little left to go on my degree and I am expelled. I attempted to follow their policies even though many of them were un-American and un-Christian. They have attempted to create a safety bubble where idiots can stand in the middle of Campus with signs and scream about finals being almost over but if you dissent toward their fornicating relationship with the world you will be immediately silenced.

Both Richard Crombie and Mr. McCormick have lied. Last week I went back on Campus to sell my books and stopped in the financial aid office. Inside, right on the table sat recruiting pamphlets for the military. Outside two men were obstructing traffic on the sidewalk (Something I was told they would arrest me for) holding signs and shouting. At first Elliott and I thought they were preaching and so he went over to film them as evidence I had been discriminated against. They were making a spectacle about the last days of final exams. So apparently you can only hold signs, scream, and obstruct traffic if you are acting like a high school kid but woe unto you if you are seriously trying to address an issue as important as the obvious 9/11 cover-up.

In January at CCU Beit Shalom Ministries hold a prayer vigil and fast outside of the University for Seven days in order to protest their complicity in the crimes committed upon the Iraqi and American people under the Bush Administration. Bush is a Christian like King Herod was A faithful Jewish man. The professed evangelical Church in America has, up until now, failed at her duties to be salt and light. They have become agents of the State more concerned with their non-profit status than truth, or worse knowing servants of the destructive forces ushering in the age of Anti-Christ. Please, Join us Jan 15-21.
Help us raise 9/11 awareness and wake the future Christian leaders up to the fact they are being controlled and manipulated by wolves in sheep clothing.
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