Idea to Explode Truth Movement...

Im not a computer/html/video expert so I need some help, if interested Please
Contact me at

This is my idea..

I need a picture of Kristen Dunst wearing a dress, I need this ti be the beginning..
Of the video, Last for 3 seconds, then..Have the title say....
"Kristen Dunst Nipple Slip"
After the first 3 seconds of her wearing a dress, Have a blank screen with
Words saying "Right after these Message"

Then I need this video Upload

Now, During that Video Have it say or and if its a new domain name when they goto that domain

it will have videos of terrorstorm, martial law, in plane site, or whetever u recommend..

About 1 million people will see causing people to go there.

Also the bush no conspiracy will get people suspieoius...

When people goto people will watch terrostorm or w/e

Causing these videos to rocket in google 100, and rocket in youtube.

I hope u see what im saying...

I think this is a good idea, But i dont know about uploading/editing videos.

Email me if u wanna do this..

I don't have the computer

I don't have the computer skills, but that's a good idea. I would pick a better video though. That one won't convince or motivate anyone.

good idea

but that video is lame, direct them to 9/11 mysteries or loose change

building 7

theres a ten minute excerpt on you tube from 9/11 mysteries about building 7, you should use that, put links up for loosechange, that will send people down the rabbitt hole.

This is an excellent and

This is an excellent and short video about building 7

$20 bucks

I'm curious as to why you're

I'm curious as to why you're promoting this one video so much. Did you make it yourself?

TOP 100

I order to get video into top 100 it's gotta be short and sweet.... 5 to 10 minutes..... highlight one aspect of argument and then tell people where to find info about that subject

Like building 7

Only three steel structure buildings have ever collapsed due to fire

WTC short vid
WTC 2.... show short vid
and WTC 7.... show full video
at virtually free fall speed into their own footprint

what you haven't been told..... google it
watch "9/11 Mysteries"

hit like 4 or five key points and give directio on where to find more info

the intro idea is good
between every key point throw in a quick clip of the girl but every time zoom in a bit more each time like there will be a payoff at the end

at the end say.... "Now you have seen 5 things that you have never seen before..... now time for the nipples."

"Look down"

no need

to make your own movie, just use the 5-10 minute excerpt from 9/11 mysteries about building 7, and put a link to a couple movies if you so desire

The clip at the beginning is

The clip at the beginning is designed to get all the boners out there who bypass all that has substance for the chance at a peak at a nipple.

Look at the video that has been sitting atop googles list for the past two weeks and had over 2.5 million hits..... It's not sexy.... it's not funny... it's not even smart.... it's nothing... unless I missed something.

People want to see someones balls caught in a vice.

Yup Building 7 is the way to go

Here's another presentation that's excellent IMO. It's under 7 minutes long...

anothert idea i have always wanted to do.....

we all know there are peer to peer networks like Limewire that allow you to download music. I never do - because its illegal. : |

but - suppose you created a series of audio files with famous names - like the Top 10 Billboard Music list - so you know people will download the songs.

But when they actually play the song they hear: "This music has been preempted for a national emergency." and then go into a 4 minute rant on 9/11.

the thing about this idea is that popular songs spread virally and exponentially on the internet. a #1 song could be downloaded dozens of times in an hour of your computer. it can then be downloaded dozens of times off the dozens of people who now have it on their hard drive. and on and on. there would really be no way to stop it.

if you were to create an audio file and give it the name of EVERY popular song imaginable - and then leave you P2P network open - you can betit will proliferate wildly.

and you know the really good news about this? its not ilegal.

I don't think so man, I know

I don't think so man, I know if I was looking for a song and I got what I thought was it but it turned out to be something about 9/11, I'd be like what the f*ck. And I'd probably associate 9/11 truth with that weird experience, and end up thinking that the whole thing is just weird and maybe dishonest. I think we've just got to keep doing what we've been doing and be genuine about it. Coming up with ways that's going to trick people, or bend the rules of things isn’t going to help the Movement’s image.


but younger people love believing they are discovering some secret underground revolution. it might piss off older people - but younger rebels without a cause may like the mystery of it all.

but i'm just bored at work throwing out ideas.

have a great holiday

Thanks man you 2, and maybe

Thanks man you 2, and maybe you're right, I guess it just depends how you do it and if it's interesting and not a "huh, da fock is this?" type thing lol.


You should check out Mikes myspace page.... it was featured on the Milwauke Tea Party Video

he has some media players on there that play non-stop speeches and radio shows and interviews... and I think he has some music related to the cause

It was a pretty good page

there are many more ... if you don't have a myspace account it is pretty easy and worth the time...great place to communicate with like minded people..... "9/11 Truth Group" is one of the largest groups in myspace with well over 25,000 members

a pretty good indicator of the outreach of this movement

So Whos going to do this?

Post a link here, so we can see it, if someone does this.

i thought you

i thought you were going to do it brave little soldier

I dont know how..


Miss Nevada is a red hot search topic right now

Katie Rees, Miss Nevada USA, just lost her crown today for, among other things, showing her thong/ass (mighty fine one at that), baring a breast, kissing/tonguing other females, and simulating oral sex with female and male subjects.

Very few sites show these photos, I had to view from, for instance. I couldn't find any that were uncencorsed. (Okay, it was a slow afternoon at work).

It's a red hot search item right now, and a prime chance to grab some attention. 




 "For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know it - now" - Patrick Henry


go to the videos and add them to your favorites and give them 5 ratings so they go higher and higher!

People can say what they want...

... but I think using the sexnet to spread the truth... is damn fine idea. I shot milk out my nose as Uma was the centerpiece of a truth orgy.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

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I will always be the first

I will always be the first to admit I am wrong, often because I am constantly trying to prove myself wrong, but anyway, great idea guys (and gals)...

Get 'em with their pants down!