Mohamed Atta's Best Friend Caught in South Pacific: “You can’t arrest me, I’m working for the CIA” has a larger write-up available here. - Jon


by Sander Hicks
Published today, 12/18/06, in New York Megaphone, print run: 40,000, circulation: 66,700, NYC and Environs

Daniel Hopsicker is an independent journalist working in Venice, Florida, outside the decommissioned military airstrips where three pilots from the 9/11 attack were trained. Hopsicker found the secret life of 9/11 ring-leader Mohamed Atta, who lead the operation by piloting the first plane into the World Trade Centre. Hopsicker found Atta’s American girlfriend, Amanda Keller. What she said broke new ground for truth-seekers worldwide. Atta had social connections and a party-boy life that indicated there was more to his story than people had been told. The American media establishment turned a blind eye to Hopsicker’s work, however. He has been called a “conspiracy theorist” in mainstream media in Florida, when he’s paid any attention at all.

Yet, in November, 2006, Hopsicker’s career turned a corner. Sources connected to the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) told The Megaphone that his work began to be used to track Atta’s former associates. A researcher close to JTTF, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Megaphone that the "JTTF relied heavily on Daniel's research on Atta and Amanda [Keller]. I faxed them pages from [Hopsicker’s book] Welcome to Terrorland."

The lead paid off: on November 16, 2006, the Joint Terrorism Task Force issued a “Terror Alert” for a certain Wolfgang Bohringer, a German-born, naturalized U.S. citizen who had reportedly partied with and protected Mohamed Atta in Florida. Bohringer’s name came up often in interviews with Amanda Keller. Amanda called the two “inseparable” and described how they had been kicked out of bars together. Atta called Wolfgang “brother,” a name he reserved for particular white Europeans.

Why “Brother?” During Atta’s university years in Cairo, the engineering guild that he joined had made him a member of the group Muslim Brotherhood. (9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is also a card-carrying Muslim Brother.) The group has two wings. Their front men in Egypt are non-violent, but the sordid history of the Brotherhood is that, since 1928, its anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist ideologies have made it a partner in crime for Nazis, European fascists, American far-rightists, and their powerful counterparts, the neo-conservatives.

The JTTF swiftly descended on Wolfgang Bohringer, outside Fanning Island, in the South Pacific, about 1000 miles south of Hawaii, on the 17th of November. Sources reported that the arresting officers said, “The first thing out of his mouth made him go from a ‘5’ to an ‘8’” (on a scale of importance). Allegedly, Bohringer had claimed, “You can’t arrest me, I’m working for the CIA.”

It looks like Bohringer was right. The day after the arrest, The Megaphone’s JTTF sources did an about-face. With a mix of threats and attempts at persuasion, they claimed that an error had been made: Bohringer had not been arrested. It was someone else. They couldn’t say who. That identity was secret.

Daniel Hopsicker felt betrayed. In an email to a JTTF source, he said, “perhaps y'all are unaware up there that i haven't spent the past five years in venice bumfuck florida because i have a fetish for blue-haired widows. i'm the person who discovered that mohamed atta had a close german associate named wolfgang bohringer…if NOBODY there feels that i deserve to be briefed on this story, please pass on my cordial ‘fuck you’ to all involved.”

The Megaphone approached other sources inside national and international security agencies. One source, a former JTTF informant and undercover operative for the anti-terrorist Operation Diamondback, phoned The Megaphone office on Dec. 11, and confirmed that Wolfgang Bohringer was arrested on Nov. 17, 2006: “The answer is yes, and he's working—can't talk about it."

The message was pithy, but the effect is devastating: This might be the closest anyone has come to “proof” that Mohamed Atta had connections to the CIA.

If sources are correct, Bohringer was working for CIA when he befriended Atta in Florida. Bohringer was CIA when he was arrested by the Joint Terrorism Task Force on November 17th, 2006.

And according to the Diamondback source, Mohamed Atta best friend, Wolfgang Bohringer today is still “working” for CIA.

At this point, The New York Megaphone is out front on a story no one else has. The only thing we can say is “Qui custodiat ipso custodies?” Latin for “Who watches the watchmen?”

According to polls, national opinion is shifting towards thinking more critically about 9/11. But the only people who seem adamant these days about defending a lie are the people tasked with finding the truth.

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They can't go anywhere. As

They can't go anywhere.

As they are unable to release a single scientific paper supporting their theories, they have to resort to spamming 911Blogger, hoping people will take the bait.

I'll never forget when...

This article came out that spoke of this nonsense:

If you note the glinting sunlight and angle of wings and you're honest about vectors and maybe the hashish is kicking in, you'll realize there were no planes.

And that day, I entered a meeting at my place of business, and one person said out loud, "Hey, did you see that Jon and his friends don't think there were any planes on 9/11?... chuckle chuckle..."

And people actually think promoting that which sounds crazy is acceptable.

Sorry, it just isn't.

The Time For Debate Is Over

And let's not...

Forget the time I was handing out flyers at the premiere of "World Trade Center" with Fred Weber, and Wendi Polinow, and someone walked up to us and said, "You're those people that don't think there were any planes on 9/11", gave a chuckle, and walked away.

And people actually think promoting that which sounds crazy is acceptable.

Sorry, it just isn't.

The Time For Debate Is Over

And when the Sam Sedar Show

And when the Sam Sedar Show on Air America had Christopher Hayes on to discuss his article in The Nation, Sedar said, "I have some questions about the official story, but the '9/11 Truth Movement' has completely lost me when they start talking about holograms and blue screens. I just don't buy it."

I wanted to stab my thigh with a sharp knife.

This was a host who could have been a real asset. He admitted that he had watched some of the vids and such and was still on the fence, and then somehow this crap floated up to the top of his filter. Air America hosts like Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, and Thom Hartmann have had the likes of Tarpley, Griffin, Thompson, and Alex Jones on their shows, have recommended Press for Truth and other documentaries, don't screen callers who want to talk 9/11, and maintain discussions about 9/11 on their message boards. I got started in 9/11 research and activism from information gleaned on these shows. But now Sedar's listeners have been turned off needlessly, and I'm pissed.

So, kids, let's chant:

Independent research that is conducted quietly = fine.

Publicly promoting or discussing theories which have PROVEN to be turn-offs to educational efforts = NO! NO! NO!

Very good! Now let's get back out there and keep it lit.


For helping me to prove my point.

The Time For Debate Is Over

Save those posts above

and just c/p it when those assholes start acting all innocent about it (a certain disingenuous englishman comes to mind).

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e = mc^2

e = mc^2 buddy

a golf ball can be made to pass through steel plate, if it's going fast enough.

"thus perpetuating the myth

"thus perpetuating the myth of the betamax hi-hjackers and airplanes."

How so? It merely demonstrates that Atta, like a certain other patsy we're all familiar with, was up to his neck in CIA connections. No doubt Atta was learning how to fly in order to transport smack in and out of Florida. His presence on Abramoff's casino boats, as well his tendency for sniffing coke and hanging out at strip clubs suggests he was a "gangsta", not a jihadist. I'm still puzzled as to why they chose him as "head hijacker". I wonder if Atta had any doubles like Oswald...

funny you say that........

100% official proof: Doubles on 911 at work

9/11 Blogger | August 18 2006

People might recall that the presence of Atta and Al Shehhi in Shuckums (Hollywood, FL) on September 7, 2001 posed a big challenges to the official story. Their heavy drinking in this bar has been witnessed by many and widely reported in the media. Yet the Commission Report states that Atta travelled to Baltimore the very same day.

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dry holes

are about all that can be said for the sites our agit-prop anonymous troll is posting -- hung out, dried up, rusty old herrings - anecdote: one of the first 9/11 sites I browsed was full of Holmgren content -- went there because I'd read on Indie Media one of his rants about Steven Jones -- even exchanged email with him, asking what was so wrong with Jone's research -- replies from GH got way rude, way quick -- soon became obvious that smears on Jones were because his research was taking attention away from holographic planes -- no idea if this is intentional cointel or just Holgrem's puerile ego -- exposing false flag terror as intelligence community SOP seems prehaps the most productive line toward ultimate 911Truth and perhaps least likely to be intentionally confused by cointelopers or bumbling neurotic fanatics -- expect more of this as the cover up gets more desperate

"holographic planes"

Holmgren does not assert the planes were holograms.

If this comment is any indication of your communications with Holmgren, no wonder he got rude.

I think he went a little overboard on Jones, but just a little. Dr. Jones made some completely unsupported assertions in his first paper about ideas he did not understand, and Holmgren gave him a chance to address the problem.

This is not about Holmgren's personality. Ghostplane is Spooked's website, and he also has this one , which I think is excellent.

Why don't you stop the personal attacks and disinfo accusations.

Why didn't O'Reilly bring up "no planes," if it so discrediting?

only asked about Jones

and was directed here
why? presumably because Jones didn't support no-plane notions and it was determined I needed to see the "proof" - who else doesn't like Jones? look here
as for O'Reilly - is he really anything other than show business? - FAUX NEWS may be a CIA asset, but O'Reilly, does he do anything but play himself - a useful ego at best...enough egos in this mix yet?

Look, personally, I don't even argue, or barely ever discuss CD, planes or no-planes with anyone. My position is that it's not the heart of the 911 coup: "Angle is next," the blatant security stripping of Pentagon and POTUS and ultimately the hot-line link up with Putin, while STRATCOM was in advanced DEFCON posture, as the POTUS jetted to Offut to take personal control of the nuclear trigger —C'etait un coup d'etat accompli.

I brought up GH because the anonymous troll posted a link to one of his treatises - a dry hole. As for GH, hope I ever meet him of hear of him again. As for rudeness, could be a head-banger thing, could be an Aussie thing, could be anything -- all I asked was why Jones' research was "disinfo" I think he called it -- the rocker calls the physicist out on his research and worse, calls it "diinfo," -- that's literally incredible.

your gut reaction was right,

your gut reaction was right, he is a condescending jerk. 

Check out the "ghost plane" video

Do you really think that image is real?

It's not.

Why isn't this on the Front Page of the NYTimes?


This is HUGE.

How much evidence of a controlled media do we need?

And O'Reilly has the nerve to as Barrett why 9/11 Truth isn't on the MSM.

So, now we have FBI INFORMANT Ali Mohamed as a.....

....9/11 "Plotter" (see the Peter Dale Scott essay elsewhere on this site) AND CIA-OPERATIVE Bohringer as Atta's best friend....

And we expect the government to investigate itself?

(that was a rhetorical question)

Sander Hicks puts out a great little newspaper with excellent

articles for intermediate & advanced truthers.

What we need even more is some people with money to get together & publish at least 250,000 copies of a glossy, 20-page magazine, 9" x 12", with huge lettering & photos, clearly demonstrating that 9/11 was indeed an inside job! These magazines should then be given out like candy to professors, college students, jounalists, firemen & cops, political activists, church groups, etc.

I really, really think that would be a best way to spread truth

quickly, efficiently, & least expensively!

Come on, no one here thinks this is a good idea??? How about

you, Jon???

And none of you bright college boys & girls have access to a color laser printer or copier??? You take some large gloss paper, put a big photo & big written caption of WTC-7 imploding in 7 seconds on the cover, staple a dozen more sheets of other eye-opening photos/facts of 9/11, & you have a real attention grabber.

(I bet if you college-types were going to be drafted over to Iraq to relieve our poor & minority soldiers there, you'd be doing all kinds of shit to spread 9/11 truth & end the war!!!)

You put physicaly evidence on the front cover & the documentary

& testimonial evidence on the back cover.

We need a showy, flashy, concise, free magazine like this because so many people, even if given a book by David Ray Griffin or a DVD of Loose Change will not read or watch it. They are either too busy, too apathetic, or too lazy to do so.

Yes, first 10 pages devoted to physical evidence, last 10 pages

devoted to documentary & testimonial evidence!

Most college students just want to land some big $$$ job in

a top corporation. They view Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, 9/11, murder, torture, genocide, starvation, as "Not my prolblem."

good little germans...

good little germans...

That's quite a friendly

That's quite a friendly conversation you're having with yourself, anonymous. Enjoy it will you can.

nah I suspect someone is

nah I suspect someone is playing with my head - The above idea is basically what I do... then another post innocently talking about where I live, and the guy's name just happens wot be mine. ( )

It's what psych people do, tailored probes that can be interpreted 2 ways...

They did it before when I was in - busy holding a candle to the feet of the infiltrators... now they want me to bug out from 911blogger...

They suck and are predictable - although the technique may indeed be a hack on the drupal database... not sure as the admins have changed the user search ability to the point that it is not reliable. the link on the name points right back to the blog and not a user/#. I personally don't see how that is possible.

In anycase the server that hosts 911blogger may be compromised. 

ahh just found the right

ahh just found the right link to search users -

the user "Brian Duncan" does not show for either: brian, Brian, duncan, Duncan...

The database/server has been compromised. To what extent I do not know, but as GW can testify, the ability to modify the user name in the comment can be changed by a 3rd party...

Anyway I hope it gets FIXED before they use their new toy to use 911blogger as a tool for their tradecraft.

(could be intercepting the edit-form_token and then editing the comment, not sure, I don't do that sorta thing)

Thanks for heads up--if this

Thanks for heads up--if this is the problem/ becaomes a problem, perhaps just briefly responding to one's own post could thwart this? I also don't do this sort of thing--just a thought.

Fixing it immediately is of course the priority.



I just received this blurb from Kevin Barrett in regards to yesterday's show on GCN.

Thanks for introducing me to Donna, she's awesome! We should put yesterday's GCN show on about a million CDs and force America to listen to her.

I have a request... would someone PLEASE get me the audio of yesterday's show? I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to hear it.

Thanking you in advance...

The Time For Debate Is Over

I would really, really, really like to hear it also, please

I do not get off work in time to catch GCN, And I would really appreciate it, somebody if you could, please!

I just got off...

The phone with Kevin. He's going to try and get us a copy.

The Time For Debate Is Over

Video collage about the torture of Iraqi civilians at Abu Ghraib

It's up to all good men & women everywhere to end these absolutely unforgivable crimes immediately!!!
(Advisory - nudity, violence, disturbing imagery ahead)

Torture - Rape - Murder In

Torture - Rape - Murder

In Our Name...


Yes, I can NOT believe that Bush/Cheney/Rummy/Rove are getting

away with even 2% of the treasonous crimes they're committing, let alone all of them with seeming impunity! Can't anyone stop these vicious animals???

(The Chimp is now saying he wants to send 70,000 more troops to Iraq!)

"If sources are correct"

Other sources say that Amanda Keller never met Atta and that she has admitted that. See Florida newspaper article below.

This is a perfect example of the shadowy intrigue based on sketchy sources that will not amount to squat with this case gets to court.

The "debate is not over" if this stuff is what the "movement" thinks it wants to sell people as the "truth."

"Terrorland" is a fun story, like Rupperts' Michael Vreeland story. It is not evidence.

"Sources say"

What "sources"?

Who is Daniel Hopsicker other than a shadowy, foulmouthed character that relies on sketchy sources for stories with a variety of possible interpretations, and why should I care if he feels betrayed?

LOVER': Amanda Keller

"It was my bad for lying. I really didn't think about it until after I did it."
For five years, Amanda Keller has been portrayed by conspiracy theorists as Mohamed Atta's lover.

But the former Venice stripper now says her boyfriend was another flight student not connected to 9/11. And, for the first time, federal investigators say she's right.

"There's nothing there to corroborate the relationship between the two," a New York-based FBI counterterrorism agent said recently after reviewing 9/11 case files.

The agent got clearance to talk from the U.S. Attorney's Office and the FBI, but only agreed if his named was not used.

I know, it like finally getting Cheney in court & under oath

10 years after 9/11. What are you going to get out of that pig? With his government lawyers, "national security", & "state secrets law" obstrucing you every step of the way!!!

That's my concern

And what do you finally get, if a judge says you have to testify and the agency complies? I can imagine some case officer on the stand saying yeah, Atta had us fooled with his strip clubs and coke snorting. We told him to stop, said it would blow his cover with the Islamists, he said don't worry about it. We wired him 100,000 through Pakistan to use on his infiltration, but then he turns out to be a triple agent, he really was a religious fanatic, who would have thought? Or some such bullshit -- I'm just a reader of spy novels, though I have some experience litigating against local governments and can only imagine the line of bullshit and coverup the feds could come up with.

Not only that -- the source for Pakistan wiring money to Atta is Indian intelligence -- who know what their intent was -- discredit Pakistan? Get the U.S. to help against Pakistan. Some backroom deal on nuclear power? It's true, but India didn't know Atta was a double/triple/quadruple with a cherry on top agent? Who the hell knows?

Atta's contradiction

I believe the "$100,000 story" was corroborated by the FBI, so it escapes the charge that it was just India pissing on Pakistan.

The fact that Atta's girlfriend changed her mind was an interesting turn of events, and of course presents the possibility that someone got to her. Other sources have, nonetheless, reported Atta's drinking and gambling. The 9/11 Commission pretended this was just an example of Atta's cell trying to blend in with mainstream America.

There's blending in, and then there's blending in. And how would a so-called Muslim fanatic reconcile the requirements of his terrorist mission with damning his eternal soul? Doesn't one cancel the other? "Yeah, I'm going to sin like a bastard to fit in with these American pigs... so I can martyr myself for Allah?"

Just riffing

I was just thinking out loud - the spooks could explain away all the contradictions in ways I can't imagine.

OK, the FBI corroborated the 100,000 story -- they didn't know what the CIA was up to. That's why 9/11 happened, etc.

Or this -- like we thought, it was those treacherous brown people in Pakistan - can't trust 'em, good thing we've got troops on their border.

I just think all this stuff is very unpredictable and can lead to the guilty going free.

Unfortunately, they already are

"I just think all this stuff is very unpredictable and can lead to the guilty going free."

"But the former Venice

"But the former Venice stripper now says her boyfriend was another flight student not connected to 9/11. And, for the first time, federal investigators say she's right.

Interesting. I seem to recall a certain stripper from another case. She claimed to have repeatedly seen Jack Ruby hanging with the likes of Oswald, Guy Banister and Clay Shaw and she also shut the fuck up shortly after the deed. She was frightened for her life, as were various other witnesses who either refused to come forward, were intimidated into silence or ended up six feet deep.

"There's nothing there to corroborate the relationship between the two," a New York-based FBI counterterrorism agent said recently after reviewing 9/11 case files."

Thanks pal. Unfortunately I have a tendency to view conclusions by the FBI with a smidge of skepticism.

Heather Allen apparently has both a remarkable imagination and impeccable acting skills, what with her exquisitely detailed (and videotaped) descriptions of Atta and his behavior prior to 911. She should quit the stripper game and hit hollywood.

I wonder if the various witnesses who swore they saw Atta on one of Abramoff's casino boats one week before before the attacks will have a similar change of heart, claiming they lied for inexplicable reasons, pure devilish spite perhpas.


Incidentally, when Oswald

Incidentally, when Oswald was arrested on one occassion he told his jailers to call the FBI. He mentioned a high ranking agent by name. He was released, just like Atta's pal here and just like Ali Mohammed when he ended up in a Canadian prison cell.

Can there be any doubt? "Al-Qaeda" is a wholly owned CIA subsidiary.

I did read some of Hopsickers book,Terrorland

So I tried to get more info on what He wrote about, turns out by chance, there happened to be a site (I kick Myself for not bookmarking it) that said the story doesn't pan out, and proves Amanda Keller was talking about someone else. I quit right there on listening or reading anything Hopsicker writes. Another false lead checked off the list.


"For five years, Amanda Keller has been portrayed by conspiracy theorists as Mohamed Atta's lover."

Well she said in the interview she wasn't his "lover". She said "I could barely stand him. I was just using him."

The Heather Allen article points out the fact that she was NOT his lover. And Amada Keller admits it, and says she's sorry. LOL bingo... story discredited. (Huh?) But really, what exactly was discredited? So she wasn't really his lover. How does that discredit the story?

Do you see the spin machine at work here? Her being his lover isn't the story at all. But that's how they spin it, and that's how they discredit it. And the average joe buys the spin and gets the message "nothing to see here, move on." Do not be so gullible.

Now if she really thinks it was a different mohammed altogether, then are we really talking about another guy named Mohammed? who is also taking flying lessons, but only as a cover? and also has a friend named Wolfgang? and hangs out with Germans and Austrians? and hung out with this really giant guy that couldn't fit into a restaurant booth? (a story which has been cooberated by many other sources.) uses fake names, has lots of dirty money ("flowing out their ass"), is offended by drag queens, etc etc? Come on.

As for there not being any connection between the two, according to the FBI, no [censored] what do you expect?

Go to google video and type in Amanda Keller. There is two hours worth of video to watch.

LOL @ "Pakistan Was Framed By India"

I love it when debunkers try grasping at straws, saying "India has framed Pakistan!"
Yeah, only the tenacious and good people portion of the FBI cooaberated the ISI connection to 9/11.

Look at federal informant Randy Glass, he sat in on a meeting in 1999 between top ISI officials from Pakistan and terrorists, gloating about "how those towers are coming down".

Pakistani Intelligence was deeply involved in 9/11.

The Amanda Keller fraud thing matters not, as it never really added anything. We already knew from HUNDREDS of articles that Atta was a stripper/hooker loving, cocaine snorting, party boy drunk as were some of the other hijacker patsies....ALL being monitored by Mossad and Able Danger...yet the plug was never pulled on the operation. I wonder why.

So he says

Look at federal informant Randy Glass, he sat in on a meeting in 1999 between top ISI officials from Pakistan and terrorists, gloating about "how those towers are coming down".

About Amanda Keller, coke-snorting strippers are not credible witnesses, unfair though that it is.

I'm not saying all this is not fishy. I'm saying it that it is hard to verify, and can be explained in ways that may not lead to the real culprits.

I'm not a debunker, as I don't know enough to debunk anything. I'm just saying I think this line of inquiry is risky, that's all. Atta is just an example.

Able Danger is only important if Atta was actually a 9/11 hijacker, right? I've seen no proof of that.

I understand the patsy argument -- that's a possibility.

Darn good Point

The neocons, the "debunkers", the war supporters will say "Oh, they had an addiction to drugs, hookers, strippers, porno and alcohol because they were practicing Takfir...which requires they blend in so they can carry out jihad!"

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. The amount of "fitting in" was at such an alarming level(Atta at one time cursed Allah and Koran in a drunken stupor at a bar) that it's as if they were TRYING to get notices...trying to leave an impression.

It's funny...Atta was spose to have a Koran and his will with him on the plane(tho his dufflebag mysteriously wasnt put on board the plane) WHY would an Islamic nut intend to willfully destroy a Koran(big time sin)
and his will? Again, makes no sense.
Atta had checked these in as we all do when youre about to board a plane, but coincidentally its not put on board...and his Nissan is filled with phony crap pointing towards people not even involved.

THEN, even pro official investigations say they have no clue what Atta was doing or who he was meeting with in Vegas and in Portland Maine, or what he was doing in the months before 9/11.

Perhaps, Atta was meeting with his handlers?

Will we EVER know the truth about Atta, KSM or Omar Saeed Shaek?

Wasn't this Hopsicker fellow previously exposed to be a fraud??

I mean I specicially remember him being one knows? I'll have to look it up then. Argh.

This I agree with

The amount of "fitting in" was at such an alarming level(Atta at one time cursed Allah and Koran in a drunken stupor at a bar) that it's as if they were TRYING to get notices...trying to leave an impression.

Can we Exterminate the Anonymice yet?

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Interview with Gore Vidal

I love that it's from Counterpunch...

RM: According to your own words, "the Oklahoma City bombings in 1995 are explained according to a law of Physics: there is a reaction to every action". You were speaking about the hatred spread by the United States around the world and in its own country. Was this a prophecy?

GV: Well I wouldn't directly connect it with what happened on 9/11. What happened after McVeigh did what he did, except that we now know that he really didn't do it by himself, somebody else was involved, quite a few people were involved. But essentially the Clinton administration ­and we now look back on it as being a very American one, in the best sense of the word-drew up his Draconian rules about terrorism in the United States just to get revenge on the ghost of Timothy McVeigh.

And that became the USA Patriot Act. After 9/11 happened the Bush Administration found these papers, from the Clinton administration in the Justice Department. They activated all of them and that is the USA Patriot Act. It has just about removed our Constitution. It just annulled everything about sacred liberties and that was the result of McVeigh.

A child of five who knows nothing about the law can tell you that 9-11 requires a police response. We've been hit by the Mafia. You can't go to war without an enemy nation to attack. You can't have a war without a country, try and explain that to an American, I don't think they know what a country is. We certainly know 80% of them believe that Saddam Hussein that had a country called Iraq was working in tandem with Osama Bin Laden, who was living in a beautiful palace in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It's all nonsense. They had no connection the two. But Bush wanted to complete the work of his father, and to show that he was bolder than his father, he would be "Bush of Baghdad" not quite Lawrence of Arabia. Americans think they are the same person, and that both of them attacked us on 9/11.

The Time For Debate Is Over