New 9/11 video presentation from

This presentation by covers all the areas of hard evidence refuting the official story inlcuding the tower collapses, air defenses and the history of al qaeda with meticulous citing and detail. It also goes a long way, without speculating, to answering the questions who would have had the capacity and motive carry out the attacks, and who has acted to suppress this information?

This is a basic video / audio / powerpoint presentation and while it is not as entertaining or 'sexy' as other 9/11 documentaries it is meticulous in its covering and citing of information.

Check it out, and pass it along if you think it will help you get the word out. Email me if you'd a link to a higher-quality file sutable for conversion to DVD, or I can also mail you a DVD

Powerpoint only:
Web Format:

I'm watching/listening to

I'm watching/listening to this now. It is excellent! I am putting it on my "Google List" that is sent to those who seem interested in learning more about 9/11.

Congratulations on a wonderful presentation!

It is excellent!

Congratulations, yes.


Thanks for all the feedback.

No really -- thank you!

No really -- thank you! There is some important information in the presentation that gets little play, and I see that a lot of hard work went into it.

Can you give us a sense of how and where and to whom you've presented this, and also the reaction it has received?

And I think many of us would be interested in learning how to obtain dvds. No matter how interested I am in learning from a media presentation, there are times I would like to pop something into the dvd player and have the greater physical mobility that it grants. When trying to coax someone's interest in the subject, I think it might make a subtle difference.

Great Job Morgan

I'm going to burn about 100 copies and distribute around where I live, especially to Fire Depts, Police Depts and College campuses.
Also going to drop one off at the mayor's office and the local news affiliate.

This presentation along with 9/11 Mysteries makes for a powerful combo.

This project started as a

This project started as a powerpoint, then I put audio to and made the video. I had been doing the video work for a local lecturer here named Ken Bowers who does presentations on the constitution, conspiracy, NWO and other topics from the LDS perspective, and I got the idea to do something really comprensive on 9/11 and it grew into this video.

I have not presented it to any audences as of yet, I posted it to google as soon as it is finished. Hopefully we can drum up a more active 9/11 truth community here in Utah, which I am actively trying to do and then I can either do some live presentations of this or just video screenings.

Given the positive response here, I am considering scheduling some time at a local library to show it and if so I will have flyers for that event with me at Dr. Jones' presentation Thursday night the 28th. Given my lack of academic credentials other than 2 years of poli sci / history at the University of Utah, and being an amateur but passionate student of history and political analysis, I had not really considered giving formal lectures and so I did the project this way.

As for DVD's I can get you a master copy from which you can duplicate, strictly for the price of shipping if you email me - or for free in the local area here. I would also like to get a DVD image (possibly combined with another presentation or video) up on file sharing / torrent sites like but I am not sure that I have the upload bandwidth necessary with my cable connection. Maybe somone who has uploaded torrents to those sites before could advise me on this?

I would like to be able to get this to anyone who wants it in any format for free.

This is a great

This is a great presentation!

The narrator...

Sounds like Kevin Ryan...

This is very good from what I've seen so far. Good job. Good effort.

The Time For Debate Is Over

"911 In Plane Site" was shown on New Zeland national tv!

Columbia MO December 23, 2006 -- On December 16, 2006, while most Americans slept, Television 3 New Zealand debuted the provocative documentary "911 In Plane Site" on national television.

Strategies and Solutions Conference | February 23-25, 2007
Crowne Plaza San Marcos | Chandler, Arizona

Mission Statement

We are seeking strategies and solutions to
demand accountability for the crimes of 9/11.
It is now time to utilize the overwhelming evidence of
government complicity, as we move forward and direct our
focus on actions that further the cause of accountability.
We aim for unity within our movement to accomplish these goals.

Think Accountability!

Think Unity!

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

911 Truth Canidates

They can come from any political party, any race, creed, or color. They need only speak for Truth and they will have my vote. I like the idea of forming a 911 Truth caucus which could organize fund raising events and campaigns to finance political canidates. Think of it as the 911 Truth Lobby.

Show "How do you live with" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

Fan, come on...that was

Fan, come on...that was uncalled for.

I suggest you educate yourself to what's going on in this world. Start with the real and "hidden" history of America. You won't find it in the history books so use the internet.

Research the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Liberty, the president's advanced warnings, down to the day, that Pearl Harbor would be attacked, the CIA's involvement in the murder of JFK, the FBI/CIA's involvement in the 1993 World Trade center bombing and the Oklahoma City Bombing, US involvement in most of the embassy bombings, Project Northwoods, PNAC, the CIA's MKULTRA program, chemtrails and fluoride.

Some other things to check out are how Prescott Bush and his associates backed Hitler in his rise to power over Germany, George Sr's involvement/connection with the murder of JFK when he was the director of the CIA and one other "interesting" thing to research is how Bush and some of his fellow Skull and Bones members , while in college, were involved in the theft of the bones of the great Indian warrior, Geronimo, for use in a satanic ritual to try to possess the warriors "power".

Some of these things might sound a little "off the wall", but I thought the same thing until I researched them for myself. God bless.

Spot on!

Excellent response, Jason.

Show "I've done my research. I've" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

Oi! Ezzie! Haven't seen

Oi! Ezzie! Haven't seen you for a bit! Hope all is well.

Say, there was this question I asked you several weeks back but you never answered, so here goes:

Where in the NIST report does it explain the mechanism for simultaneous, systematic total structural failure that resulted in WTC 1,2 & 7 falling at near freefall speed on September 11, 2001?

Besides that, what have you been up to? Oi, is "TheDeparted" one of your mates?

Well, cheers--will be looking for your response.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

"I've done my research. I've

"I've done my research. I've talked to several engineers and they've all
confirmed that the AQPV (Al-Queada Propaganda Version) of 9-11,
shown in Morgans video above, is basically flat earth society style

WTF ? why would Al Qeada be supporting 9/11 conspiricy theories ? turd.

"Al Qaeda propoganda

"Al Qaeda propoganda version"? That's rediculous.

You might want to do some research on Al Qaeda. You will find that it was created by the CIA in the 1980's. This is not some kind of "conspiracy theory". It's a documented fact.

Here is a thread full of excellent information on Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda is not some all powerful terrorist group like the government would have you believe. I strongly suggest that you watch the BBC's "The Power of Nightmares".

The Power of Nightmares part 1

The Power of Nightmares part 2

The Power of Nightmares part 3

Treason and betrayal? You have got to be kidding me. It is patriotic to question your government and your "leaders". To think anything else is "betrayal". The truth movement is the definition of everything this country was founded upon...truth, liberty and justice for all.

Show "Treason is easily provable." by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

We all know and understand

We all know and understand the danger of islamofanaticism. Everybody does, it is not a danger to you right now at all. Do unot se it as the balancing weight against the 911 events. They are completely separate and your opinion has been manipulated here to erroneously equate islamofanaticism with the implosions on 911. Equating these two is cognitive dissonance and you must not fall prey to it or else your mind will be lost and dangerous to yourself and your innocence.


There's a difference between being "wrong", I which I don't believe that I am, and committing treason under the relevant statutes.

Oh how I love someone who is

Oh how I love someone who is NOT a Engineer trying to talk like he knows what he is talking about!!!!

Hey clown..... I am a Engineer and have been one for over 10 years. Though it is not in Structural Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, it is in a field that I use my math EVERYDAY and I need to use it on safety productsj.

Here is a litte FACT for you!

1) Even "IF" the towers could fall from a "progressive" collapse, they would NOT have fallen the way they did.

2) There is NOTHING that would have stopped the top part of one of those buildings from toppling over from a natural collapse. The notion that it was the CORE that pulled it back in is just rediculous..

3) The FACT that both buildings fell EXACTLY the same way is IMPOSSIBLE! They would have vell much differently and left parts of the buildings standing differently.

4) Not any part of the core was left standing! The core was destroyed and NONE of it survived the collapse. Given the the floors were attached to the core, there is NO WAY that the building its self could have pulled that VERY STRONG structure down in on its self..

5) MATH shows that the building fell at near free fall speeds and this is IMPOSSIBLE without assistance. Even if a "progressive" collapse was involved. The collapse would have taken longer because each floor would had to slow down for the floor to give way. The floors would have been PILED up at the base of the building with the core standing in the middle. There was NOT ENOUGH kenetic energy from the building its self to destroy the concrete, office equipment, and the core by its self.

Now...... You need to run back to what ever school you graduated from and re-take your science class and lean "Newton's 3 laws", "Conservation of Energy", and the many other MATH laws that applie here.

When you have read these, by all means come back and discuss them with some intelligence.


Show "~IF~ you really are an" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

Hey DIPSHIT! I would love to


I would love to find you on the street sometime! I would LOVE to see you make those types of comments to my face, you FREEKING LOSER!

First!! There are MANY Structural Engineers who discredit the Official theory, but you have your head so far up GW's butt that you could not find your way out with a search and rescue team.

I have more education in my big toe than you apparently have in your whole REDNECK, INBRED body!

By the way!!!! Have you ever served in the military???? Probably NOT!!!

I have..... So don't you EVER call me a traitor or question my patriotism to my country!!!

I'll be MORE THAN HAPPY to show you what my training has provided me if I EVER meet you in the street.

Now turn off that light, because your so far in that anus your just wasting power and useful time in this world to people who really give a rats ass about their country to save it from BLOW HARDS like you!

OH Yeah!!! I also noticed

OH Yeah!!!

I also noticed that YOU had nothing but insults! Can't counter ANYTHING I stated?????

Too ignorant to actually provide any counter to what I stated?

If thats all you have, your a joke to mankind!

Don't argue

Don't argue with the troll.
He's right, we're all lying, Anti-American scum for questioning the government. We all should have our head's examined.
Now...Ezra...what in god's name are you doing associating with people that you know are insane liars on a daily basis?
That defies any kind of sane reasoning.

Show "My country is at war and I'm" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

doing your part to convince

doing your part to convince some insane loonies that they are wrong?
We're insane! You can't reason with the insane!
So why are you here yelling at us and telling us how insane we are? It's like going to a mental institution and pointing at each patient from behind the gates and yelling "you're an idiot! You're insane!"
That just seems a little more insane to me!
Why would you want crazies on your side anyways?
And why, if we are so loony, do the polls support us?
Why are you really here?

Wartime Rallies! Support your country! Post on Websites!

So during wartime, according to Ezra, the best way to support your country is to go on websites of a group of people that you think are completely insane and defy logic and ridicule them.
I can't think of anything more effective to rally the troops during wartime!


I was too busy working thhis weekend to do more than skim for trolling. Now I have time to read everything of value--and I'm still laughing at these last two posts. Hope you don't mind if I steal some of these as quotes...


Aww, Ezzie, my feelings are

Aww, Ezzie, my feelings are hurt. You didn't answer my question above. Well, so many questions--maybe you missed it. So here goes again:

Where in the NIST report does it explain the mechanism for simultaneous, systematic total structural failure that resulted in WTC 1,2 & 7 falling at near freefall speed on September 11, 2001?

Remember, that's where IN THE NIST REPORT; page numbers, please.


You should put them in touch with the FBI

if these engineers have direct evidence for Bin Laden's involvment, you may want to have them contact the FBI since the FBI does not.

I fail to see, however, what an engineer's expertise has to do with determining the involvement of Al Qaedo or Bin Laden specifically, nor how their expertise is relevant to demonstrating that Al Qaeda acted independently in carrying out the attacks - especially given all the evidence that would indicate they were not.

A working analogy

Those of us who self-aplly the 9/11 Truth term to represent our own intentions are use to words expressed by Fan. But I want to offer a helpful analogy that may move us in a direction that makes it easier for these people to see our point of view.

We should seek to understand before we are understood. Ask these people what allows them to have uncoditional faith and confidence in our government. Should they say that no one in government could cover-up such horrific crimes like 9/11 or to say that not one person in government could actually be responsible for the attack is not rational if you make this analogy:

Are there families out there who have had to ignore drug abuse or sexual abuse by someon in their own household? If one were to find out that mother is stealing her child's education fund to feed a drug habit, or that father is physically, or even worse, sexually abusing a sister, would that person run to the cops right away to report the crime. In some cases, yes. But more often than not, they deny the truth. They pretend it doesn't exist. As an educator, I see it all the time. Kids will protect their parents even if you make it clear that their actions are criminal.

Likewise, many patriotic Americans quiver at the thought that "daddy' may be doing something bad. They want to see him as protector. they want to see him as provider. They want to know that "daddy" is keeping everyone safe. And if that means doing something bad, like supporting state-sponsored terrorism, they will deny it. I have dealt with some who have gone so far as to say, "we don't need to know the truth about everything." These are the same people who want us to trust daddy no matter what. Even if sis has some bruise marks. Even if the cookie jar has a bag of pills at the bottom.

Be patient with these types. Acceptance is no easy task and can't come overnight. It takes years of therapy in some cases for kids to get over the immoral and criminal behavior of their parents. So we can imagine how long the process may be for the entire country.

And keep in mind that as our numbers are reaching the tipping point (thanks to Kevin barrett for making the 84% plug again) we will still have those who refuse to accept reality since they are too attached to the fantasy that has made them confortable all these years.

peace and happy holidays to all (and Merry Christmas to all those PC junkies!) and keep up the great work!

IF I am a traitor to my

IF I am a traitor to my nation it is because it has strayed so far from its inspired founding principles. Any person or nation that would consider an act of simple political expression based on conscience to be treacherous, is not worthy of loyalty from me or anyone else.

I am not a traitor to my faith.

Show "Ezra Taft Benson warned of" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

you are the traitor and

you are the traitor and morgan is a patriot. its really that simple fanboy. you are deluded beyond repair.

Show "Me and the entire" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

im not muslim ezra fanboy,

im not muslim ezra fanboy, though i dont have an irrational fear and hatred towards them like you clearly do. now if i call you a stupid jew and tell you to jump off of a cliff, is that fair? see, i wouldnt do that though, because im not a racist little boy like you.

Show "You're the one with an" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)


haha the true prejudiced Ezra comes out! We always knew you were just scared of people different than yourself.

Show "This from someone involved" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

Huh? Where? You don't mean

Huh? Where? You don't mean Concrete Man, do you? Because he's one of your lot. We ALWAYS rate him into compression when he starts that "Hoaxacaust "shite. You haven't been paying attention, chum.

Oh, and don't forget my question.


Logic of the Coincidence nuts

So...because for some unknown reason you think we're mostly white supremacists, you can be racist as well?
I like that logic.

What makes you think I am

What makes you think I am "siding with Chavez"?

His world government "solutions" are the exact oppositive of what my own would be.

Didn't you notice that the new national myth of 9/11 has become the basis for every expansion of the secret combination that would "seek to overthrow the freedom of all lands and nations" that Ezra Taft Benson warned about?

James Madison said if tyranny ever came to America it would under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. This not because there are never legitimate foreign enemies, but because when people - like yourself are so focused on their obvious overt enemies and become, as President Kimball said "anti-enemy, instead of pro-kingdom of God" through worshipping the nation-state in a war-driven patriotic fervor that tyranny is able to flourish.

Do you really think that Chavez and Al Qaeda could possibly constitute, or have the capability to accomplish what is prophesied in Ether 8?

This is seals it...

This is seals it...

Spread this far and wide...

And just for those who are not used to sending out emails to massive amounts of people at once...

USE the BCC field:


BCC: <the list of emails>


This insures every recipient's email is NOT sent to everyone on the list...

Remember Blind Carbon Copy....

Show "hello" by Le Jackal (not verified)

glad that gave you a

glad that gave you a chuckle...</sarcasm>

Nice name  

It's getting a little chilly...

I hope they do re-instate the draft. THEN you will see MASSIVE numbers in Washington D.C.

The Time For Debate Is Over

How many people think...

We could have a war that "won't end in our lifetime", and not have a military draft?

The Time For Debate Is Over

"Military Service Guarentees

"Military Service Guarentees Citizenship"

-- line from Starship Troopers (fascist society)

"1 in 7 Mexicans are employed in the US"

It would get the college kids off their asses.... the 60's....but the high perps are all about gradualism...they don't want to wake up the beast that is the American public...that is what they truly fear...a mass movement with the shear tonnage of the American people....An American Citizenry that finally undestands for whom these optional, elective Invasions are really fought for....that frightens them...

A draft would be a fatal mistake on their part. I don't think they'll make it...they'll rely on military hardware to go after Iran.

They much prefer to slowly set up the Police State grid, intentionally weaken America fiscally and militarily over that people's lives aren't affected directly until it's too late and the North American Union (on the way to World Government) is dramatically installed in response, as a "solution", to a manufactured crisis.

As important as exposing 9/11 is, and I take a back seat to no one in believing's important that we look at what's happening currently and what the high perps are focusing on now, what their goals are...The NAFTA SuperHighway, the Amero, the North American Union have to be exposed before the fact, not after.....

Show "Why we should let the 9/11 Truth Movement speak out" by Anonymous (not verified)

Next time...

could you possibly post a story that is somehow more irrelevant than this one? Thanks.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Show "What could be more relevant?" by Anonymous (not verified)

You're free to believe your

You're free to believe your official story too, my friend. No matter how insane it is. Go ahead and worship it! We're not on your boards yelling at you and posting articles that have nothing to do with anything.


I really liked this presentation, very well made and researched. I will use it when I when approaching people that haven´t been exposed to any 9/11 information before.


Thanks, I have gotten a lot


I have gotten a lot of requests for a HQ video file, so here it is. Right click to save:

It is a WMV file, but it is the original HQ file from which the DVD was authored. It will convert easily to DVD via nero or numerous other programs.

If you can do this yourself to make and distributed DVD's, please do.. otherwise I will do my best to get you a DVD. I have gotten a lot of emails but I will get them out as soon as I can.

Prof. Zelikow's first name is Philip NOT Michael

as you have it in your very good presentation.

It is about 1:42:00 in the video, I'm guessing.

Just thought you should know.

Thanks for your obvious hard work on this, it is another very good tool for educating those people that don't know.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I hope that you and yours are well.

Fixed already

This has already been fixed in my DVD copies, and I am uploading the new HQ file right now. This will mean that the above link will be dead for the next 30 minutes or so.. but not permanently.

This was a dumb mistake on my part, as I knew Professor Zelikow's name.

I will re-up the file google video sometime this weekend.