An idea

.......The guy who has offered one million to prove the collapse of WTC#1 & WTC2
How about flying the families of the victims to video a clip saying WE WANT ANSWERS,and put it on google.
Would love to see O'rielly & Hannity bash that one!

Majority Of Family Members Believe its an inside Job

so yeah have them say that


This is the point I have been trying to make. When we push images/statements/ideas, etc. from people with true credentials it makes people think...why would they say that? Why would they think that? Regardless of the polls, I am finding that most people think 9/11 truthers are UFO watchers and just want them to shut up. When I discuss all of the senators, congressmen, scientists, first responders and family members that agree either the 9/11 commission was a scam, or 9/11 was an inside job...then I get ears. The "common folk" of 9/11 truth are the foundation, but we must push those shining stars forward as our beacons of light.

I always thought there were

I always thought there were more effective ways for the millionaires in our movement to spread the word. Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a NYT ad was probably a waste, as most readers probably dismissed it outright. With that money, he could have financed ten documentaries and important sites like Cooperative Research.


is what i am saying.We all know are questions deserve answers.Yet the major media mock,and
ignore us.
If we were to assemble the victims families,and witnesses hosted by say Dr Griffen.Making a video on this i would assume that would be tough to ignore?Was it Bob McIlvaine who lost his son on our podcast page?This was so damn sad! Who could say ANYTHING rude,or bash our movement after watching that?
What are your thoughts?


I also find odd.Although deserving was the huge cash settlement to the families of the victims,and the speed in which it was payed out. Ask yourself when has ANY state or federal agency ever demonstrated this kind of
Also i heard the families of the victims in the Oklahoma boming filed suit over this.
I know this is kind of off subject,but still pertains to the victims famlies.

Dude it's already out, it's

Dude it's already out, it's called "9/11: Press for Truth".

No Bruce

I mean just the victims families.

9/11:Press for Truth

is an excellent film and a perfect vehicle to push 9/11 Truth to the next level. If we can push Press For Truth to the level of success that Fahrenheit 9/11 got (or even 50%) we will have made a huge breakthrough into the public consciousness.

The film is that good and the time is right. We need to work very hard to get it shown as many times as possible right after the new year and try to break it into mainstream distribution.

I think a great winter weekend double feature would be 9/11: Press for Truth and 9/11: The Myth and the Reality and I'm going to try and get it shown in my area and work very hard to promote it shortly after the new year.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

If initiated at the

If initiated at the Organizational level of the various Victim Family Groups this might have a chance to get made... Their voices need to be heard, individually...

As far as documentries go, this would occupy a place that would be above the politics, science, and misinformation that surrounds the issue. 


As far as documentries go, this would occupy a place that would be above the politics, science, and misinformation that surrounds the issue.