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I have been following the movement for quite a while now; I would hazard a guess at around three years of researching. Over this period of time I have seen the amount of support grow exponentially. This is down to both the anomalies present, so well pointed out by the movement, and also the techniques employed by the activists themselves in spreading the word.

Over time we have become more innovative and resourceful, and we have had to be, as we do not have sufficient funding available to get across the information through the normal means (i.e. T.V, Radio – commercial of course, but only due to the fact they have substantially more viewers/listeners) So we have made use of the web: The last place where true freedom of speech exists, unless you live in China and the rest of the renegade nations.

We have been prolific in making use of websites such as youtube, googlevideo, blogs and also in making personal websites addressing the inconsistencies of the official version. As I have said, I am proud of how far we have come; however, more does need to be done.

In order to be more successful, we again have to go back to the drawing board. We need to be more innovative and more resourceful yet again. This may sound like a tall task, but if anyone can to do it; it is us, the 9/11 activists.

In order to be more successful there are a number of things which I believe would help us considerably. I understand that some of these points have already be made, but I felt that there was a need to collate these ‘instructions’ or whatever you would like to call them.

Firstly I would like to say something about the appearance of the websites themselves which we so badly need at the moment in order to get essential information across into the public arena.

  • Remove extremely graphic images from the front pages of the websites. There are many people who just do not like seeing images of the events again, as it was after all, a very traumatic day. In light of this it is I would suggest that we use photos of the towers intact on the front pages. I am not saying do not use the photos in other parts of the site, it is just that first impressions count, and it is imperative that we exhume a professional manner.
  • We should also place more emphasis on the commemoration of the people that perished; maybe everyone should have a link to such sites. I know that we know that we care about these people, but we have to remember that we are being equated with terrorists to some extent in the mainstream media. For a first timer to a 911 site, it can look pretty bad, pictures of the attacks, occasionally flat out denial of the official version on the front page, all well and good, but we may not look like the most compassionate bunch.

In order to capture the imagination of the public and to make them interested we need to cater to their (the public’s) needs as well as ours. We know that it has been 5 years now and still no major headway in official proceedings, so what to do. Well, in directing some of my friends to 9/11 sites I noticed something. I found that they were far more inclined to read and research on sites that are well layed out. By this I mean:

  1. Clear categorisation of topics with reference to 9/11
  2. Clear layout
  3. Readable text
  4. No bright colours/clashing ones

Therefore I rekon that in general they preferred the more aesthetically pleasing websites. We have to remember that today’s generation and the youth in particular are very conscious of image; many may have reservations about the official story and yet are silenced all on their own due to maybe the social circles in which they mix or a multitude of different factors.

To play the big boys at their game, we need to be slightly more like them, appeal to people in more subconscious ways, the government after all has just started to finance the pentagon with relation to their recently declared war on the internet (as if it wasn’t going on already)

In posting on other sites:

  • Essential to not swear, even though widely accepted on the net, still not a good look for a movement campaigning on a very serious issue indeed.
  • Do not use capitals incessantly, it looks bad and some people take it as ‘e-shouting’, personally it does not bother me, but I have seen quite a lot of activists use this approach and to me it comes across as mainly detrimental, only due to other posters comments highlighting the issue.
  • Make you posts concise and informative as possible and use a source when you are quoting or making a point.
  • Theorize as little as possible, we know the facts are spot on, but it is the delivery which counts. Everyone has their own little theory I guess after researching the topic for a while, but one should only go into these things with fellow ‘activists’ We are still in the converting stage, so its too early to theorise, lets do that when they are in court.
  • Argue for a re-investigation; do not blindly state it was “an inside job” as it seems to a newcomer that you are dead certain in your beliefs and that there is no flexibility to your newly acquired ‘ideology’
  • Make the moderator’s job easier. Of course they are going to delete long texts with no reference to points at hand being made on the site, use more subtlety and maybe just whack in a few points offhand.
  • Do not resort to insults, how many times have I seen flame wars with regards to 9/11. I know it seems obvious to some people, but it obviously is no to others and if we are seen to be extremely aggressive in our posting, then it is likely to put people off.
  • When making your points try to include what the official version states as the irrationality of the official explanations will become more apparent due to the more clear contrast in statements. We have proof to back up ours, they have paid agents holding the stack of cards upright…

We need common ground, and we need to make it as evident to the public as possible what the average person who has difficulty in accepting the official version thinks, or at least knows, this can be done in one way and one way only. We need to establish what facts there are that are irrefutable, and do it in a scientific manner, we need to be more critical and to look at what we say from a more external view looking inwards towards what we do and say. Image is everything. If we cannot soon decide what the ‘base facts’ are that we want answered, then there is very little cohesion from an outer perspective.

Such a huge movement, and growing all the time and yet there is so little to bind us together at the moment from a viewer’s stance.

There are a few simple ways of propagating ones views for very little money, and with minimal effort and it is essential that we make the most of these possibilities. Here are but a few:

  • Motorway signs – I have seen some really good ones posted up by people on 911blogger before
  • Stickers – You can get these really very adhesive stickers for relatively low price, put them on your bumper, bus stop, train, on the outside of your shop..etc
  • Deception Dollar – My only problem with this is that it has a link to David Icke’s site, Icke is interesting, good at pointing out how social control works but that’s about it
  • Chalk – Inexpensive, and it rubs off! So if you get caught, there is no consequence to pay.
  • If you are feeling naughty then you can graf with a stencil or something I guess…makes it much quicker to do and also looks much better.
  • Get a T-Shirt – I like that Re-investigate 9/11 one they handed out on ground zero on the 5th anniversary.

We have to remember these points when making video’s:

  • Make sure you source every point, just at the bottom, put in the publication/website it was on and also the date. It just adds a little more validity to the videos when newcomers are watching it, otherwise maybe post a link at the end to show where the facts came from, back to your blog or something, I don’t know.
  • This isn’t really a point, but why do most of the people who make the video’s have strange voices?
  • Music that is more inclined to appeal to lots of people. Many a time have I been checking a video, the content is good, and yet all the comments ar about the rubbish music. It shouldn’t be what people are concerned about, so lets limit their things to criticise.

If anyone has anything else to add, i am glad to hear it, and im sure lods of people can do a better job of this than me.

Good suggestions!

Good suggestions!

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I just went to watch this for the first time..... and the number of views was at 911!

Just thought it was funny.

Good blog!


These are very sensible and

These are very sensible and intelligent suggestions. Especially the ones regarding how we present ourselves and our arguments in blogs, forums, and other written forms.

thanks people, maybe you

thanks people, maybe you guys can add some suggestions.