9/11 Radio 12/23/2006

Preceding Kevin Barrett's "Truth Jihad" radio show on RBN is Jason Bermas' program "Louder Than Words" from 2-4pm Central and Webster Tarpley's "World Crisis Radio" from 4-6pm Central.

Today on "World Crisis Radio" Tarpley interviews John Robb of the website Global Guerillas, for a discussion primarily about the on the ground situation in Iraq, but as always informed by the events of 9/11.

RBN live streams:

Too bad RBN radio is a

Too bad RBN radio is a racist hate station that features klansman David Duke and other white supremacists. Here's a typical show on that station -

Tue., December 19, 2006: Playlists: M3U | RAM (Individual MP3: Click Here )
The special guest on the December 19 broadcast by Michael Collins Piper of his nightly call-in talk forum on the Republic Broadcasting Network (see the archives at rbnlive.com) was none other than former Louisiana State Rep. David Duke, who is, beyond any question, one of the most "controversial" public figures in the United States today. Piper and Duke were among the wide-ranging group of speakers at the recent international conference on the Holocaust convened in Tehran, Iran by Iranian President Ahmadenijad, and Duke joined Piper on rbnlive.com to discuss what really happened at the conference and to correct much of the misinformation and disinformation about the conference that has been conveyed in the print and broadcast mass media in the United States. Duke himself was the subject of particularly distorted coverage in English-language reports about the conference, but he had several opportunities, via interviews with media manipulators such as Wolf Blitzer, among others, to get out the truth, the heavy-handed hate-mongering and lying by Zionist elements notwithstanding. Duke's website, davidduke.com, received some 15,000 emails from around the world and about 80% of those emails were favorable, a direct consequence of audiences seeing through the mass media lies and responding favorably to Duke's articulate refutations of the media disinformation. In his book JEWISH SUPREMACISM ( which has been translated into some 14 languages), Duke has directly challenged the power of the Zionist elite and outlined the history of Zionist intrigue in well-written and carefully-documented fashion.

Scroll on for many more holocaust revisionist shows.

This radio station is very deeply involved in the efforts of the white supremacists to demonize Jews and any non-whites. I don't support Zionism, but I also don't support white supremacism and racist hate speech, which is what David Duke, Michael Collins Piper, Barnes Review, etc are all about. The Barnes Review nominated Hitler for a Nobel Peace Prize.