911Podcasts Exclusive (Video): Guernica Iraq

Guernica” was painted by Picasso in 1937. It depicts the senseless massacre by the Nazi Luftwaffe in the Basque city of Guernica, Spain. The attack was ordered at the behest of fascist Spanish General, Francisco Franco, during the Spanish Civil War. Guernica was a non-military target, the innocent people of the town were attacked in an attempt to psychologically break the will of those who opposed Franco’s fascistic nationalist pursuit.

"Guernica" by Picasso, 1937 - Oil on Canvas

"Guernica" by Picasso - 1937, Oil on Canvas

Picasso captured an intense scene reflecting the deeply unjust suffering, agony and despair experienced by the people of Guernica. And in doing so he produced one of the most iconic, powerful and affecting pieces of anti-war artwork ever put to canvas. It is little surprise then that a reproduction of the painting, which hangs outside the entrance to the UN Security Council, was covered while Colin Powell was attempting to sell the Iraq War to the world.

The people of Iraq are suffering what amounts to the similar unjust brutality inflicted on the people of Guernica, except it’s practically on a daily basis. A more accurate comparison would be to imagine having the London Tube and Bus bombings everyday. And have them happen so often that they become a predictable daily occurrence and part of life.

I think the Truth Movement needs to make its anti-war stance much more firmly known. This is not a Movement of “Conspiracy Theorists” with a “Conspiracy Theory” as Alexander Cockburn and Noam Chomsky falsely smear it as. This is a Movement standing up with the family members and others personally affected by the attacks, in simply calling for a real investigation. But it is also a Movement that is identical in sentiment to that of the Anti-War Movement. We should be building more bridges to them, and demonstrating that we’re on exactly the same page, it’s just half of their page is missing. And what they're missing is the ability to actually question the foundations of the all Wars justified by the attacks. We’ve got to show them that 9/11 Truth is a legitimate and key part of opposing the fraudulent Wars of aggression.

What I hope for is that the Anti-War and 9/11 Truth Movements can combine themselves, because they both have compatible elements that are necessary to each other. The Anti-War Movement has the more established grassroots and force of numbers, and the 9/11 Truth Movement brings an issue to campaign with that can actually delegitimise and stop to the “War on Terror”.

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Is a great film. DBLS has A LOT of talent, and I'm thankful he's on our side.

The Time For Debate Is Over


Very dignified, very powerful, very excellent. Thanks Dem Bruce Lee Styles!!

That's tons of "shock & awe" upon Iraqi CIVILIANS! Bush,

Cheney, Rummy, Rove, Rice, Alberto Gonzalez, et al, need to bee prosecuted & SEVERELY punished for war crimes, crimes against humanity, 9/11, etc. a.s.a.p.!!!

"Innocent Iraqis — men, women and children — will pay.....

..... a terrible price. And it won't be possible to pull a curtain over that."

Last sentence of the prophetic essay linked above.

Chilling to go back in time and read this article written on the eve of the Iraqi Invasion. I could feel my blood pressure rising as I read it. I didn't know about the covering of the Picasso painting...very telling, isn't it? I'm glad they mentioned Ashcroft's idiotic covering of the Justice statue as well. When this Administration wasn't "catapulting the propaganda", they were covering up the truth.

Excellent line about 9/11 Truth and the Anti-War movement being on the same page, just that "half their page is missing".

Great post.

Now I have to watch your film.

key sentence

the 9/11 Truth Movement brings an issue to campaign with that can actually delegitimise and stop to the “War on Terror”.

The 9/11 Truth Movement

The 9/11 Truth Movement brings an issue to the campaign that can actually STOP ALL WARS (regional conflicts initiated by false flag attacks)



^ Thanks guys, this is the

^ Thanks guys, this is the last video I'm going to be able to do for a bit, but I'm glad people think this is good anyway. I really do think we should reach out to the anti-war movement more, especially with all this bullshit from Cockburn and Chomsky, we should just be able to bypass all that and state our case.

Have a good Christmas dudes!

The Cranberries...

Actually man I think it's

Actually man I think it's called "Zombie". As in those Zombie vacant headed pro war morons lol.


Reminds me of when I thought "Baba O'Reilly" was called, "Teenage Wasteland." ;)

The Time For Debate Is Over

DBLS is seriously talented!

Really, dude, you have a major flair for editing and choosing music and this is my favorite work of yours so far. It's intensely moving.

Dem videos DBLS makes are awesome! Thank you.

Thanks a lot for that

Thanks a lot for that Casseia! Anyone can do this though honestly, here's where you can get the program I use, it's free;

Windows Movie Maker 2

^ This is great for beginners, there's so much you can do with that and everything I know is self taught it's that easy. It might take a small bit to get to grips with it, but it's very user friendly.

sure, plenty of people can

sure, plenty of people can do it, but shes right about your flair for picking music. how old are you? i would guess at least sort of close to my age considering the songs you pick. keep up the good work man.

Chris is exactly right

I could probably figure out how to use the software, but that doesn't mean I could pick the right images and stick them together with the music like you do. Don't underrate yourself. I think you could probably pursue this kind of thing professionally if you wanted.

22 man, and I honestly do

22 man, and I honestly do really appreciate the feedback guys. This is just something I feel strongly about and I think when anybody feels like that they can apply that motivation to something, whether is be creative or physical etc. This type of thing really is not hard to learn, so if you've got the idea just go for it and see what people think.

Study up, get pro apps, and

Study up, get pro apps, and stick with it...  If you need any help let me know...  I will do what ever I can to turn you on to some apps and assorted resources...

www.demonoid.com is your

www.demonoid.com is your friend...

After Effects + Lynda.com Tutotials + Patience= More Bruce Lee Stylez


oh and btw, you are modest and humble but you still have skills... 

Thanks for that dude, I have

Thanks for that dude, I have been thinking about going on some course or something and leaning how the pros do it etc.


I think you probably know this, but a number of people here think THAT WOULD BE A GREAT IDEA!

I've watched "Guernica Iraq" a number of times over the last week, and I swear each time I think it's better.

ive always said DBLS picks

ive always said DBLS picks the best music every time. the irish song for his first big 9/11 video(that was my favorite), the tracy chapman song for his latest one and now this song. guy should be a program director or producer or something.

Love the video and the song

I remember this song from a long time ago. Is it the Cranberries?

Great video

Yes, a great video, very well done

and profoundly SAD.

True art affects people, makes them feel and think.

This is true art.

Thank you very much, DBLS, way cool bro.

So many people ask "where is the peace movement?" The 9/11 Truth movement IS the peace movement.

Everyone needs to do something every day to push 9/11 Truth a little further along, even if it's just talking to one new person about it for 2 minutes in line at the store.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

"“Guernica” was painted

"“Guernica” was painted by Picasso in 1937. It depicts the senseless massacre by the Nazi Luftwaffe in the Basque city of Guernica, Spain. The attack was ordered at the behest of fascist Spanish General, Francisco Franco, during the Spanish Civil War. Guernica was a non-military target, the innocent people of the town were attacked in an attempt to psychologically break the will of those who opposed Franco’s fascistic nationalist pursuit."

Offical history loves to ignore Franco--did anyone else fail to learn-- thanks to public education(this is a critique of the program, not the teachers)-- that fascism was alive and well in the west long after Hitler? Or that the Americans who volunteered to fight for Republican Spain(along with Brits, Irish, French), the Abraham Lincon Brigage, were vilified as "premature anti-fascists"?

While drawing parralels with the modern Iraq occupation--in historical context it also drives home the reality that the elites never have a problem with fascist policies or the human rights abuses that are part and parcel of it...as long as it strengthens their power base.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

Profoundly sad. I cried all

Profoundly sad. I cried all the way through it. This should be brought to the tv screens in every household to see the carnage and misery that has been created in our name. Excellent job. Get the truth out on these war crimes and the continuing assault on this country and the world.
Now the carrier groups are gathering for yet another round of war. When will it end? Why are we being led into yet another war? This time the stakes have increased. The United States is itching to use nukes. There will be another false flag event, we all know it. God help us all, the madmen are running the asylum.

655000 murders = 16.3

655000 murders = 16.3 million years in prison (25 years minimum for each)

Excellent job Bruce

thanks for your work

No body is forcing the US and british armies to stay

It’s a true very powerful film indeed and that is needed.

But what made me angry the end is the reference to the US and British troops that they should not be blamed for 650 000 Iraqis death???!!!!!

Iraqis lived under a dictator called Saddam, meaning we Iraqis did not vote him into office democratically. However the majority of people in the US and the UK voted for Bush and Blair, meaning YOU put them there. When Iraqis where put under sanctions in the 90:s we were also put on a demand to pay billions of dollars each month as compensations for the Kuwaiti war to countries all over the world still going on until today. That was an international decision even though WE were led by a dictator we were held responsible. So US and British troops are very much responsible for hundreds of thousands dead Iraqis and so are YOU the people living in these countries. These troops come from free countries where they grew up having opportunities to look up information and learn if the war based on lies or not. They had opportunities to choose any other work then becoming a killing machine in an army which only objective is really to kill and destroy. Nobody forced a British guy or girl to come to Iraq and kill Iraqis they came with their own free will and that goes for all the US army too. And until this day they still choose to be in Iraq killing Iraqis day in and day out even when it is now absolutely impossible for anyone on this planet not to know that the war is based on a bunch of lies lies lies. So why don’t they just leave, are they really more willing to go out on combat killing more Iraqis instead of serving a couple of years in prison for SAYING NOOO0OOOOOO TO AN ILLEGAL WAR.

Damn them and damn this war damn – all wars.

Peace from a very sad and angry Nadia (Swedish Iraqi girl)

no, WE didnt. Bush lost both

no, WE didnt. Bush lost both elections(likely) and i dont appreciate people who dont live in this country blaming ALL the people who do for this regimes atrocities. thats bullshit and you should know that. what country do you live in? can i blame you for all of your countries crimes? as far as "becoming a killing machine in the army" goes, you need to understand that most of these soldiers dont understand the politics of the situation or the crimes of their state at all. that doesnt make it right but its the truth. also, many of these soldiers are poor and have nowhere else to turn except to the army. are you going to blame them for being poor and desperate? many of these soldiers joined before 9/11 not knowing they would be serving in Iraq based on a lie. ,any of them are so brainwashed that they still think what they are doing is "protecting freedom" or some other abstract bullshit. blame the leaders, blame the policy makers, blame the media that makes the propaganda work, but dont blame the soldiers that are being put into the meatgrinder by the real criminals. not all of them are trigger happy killers. these are people put into a terrible situation just fighting to stay alive every day, not knowing who the enemy is in many cases until they get shot at. the system is the problem, not the soldiers. there will ALWAYS be enough poor, desperate, naive kids to exploit and send off to fight war for oil/greed/power. your venom is aimed at the wrong crowd. yes, it would be nice if the majority of soldiers would look up the information as you said(when its not CENSORED as it regularly is in the military), but whos being naive to think thats likely? if the media did its job, NONE of us would have to go out of our way to know the truth and full scope of important events. so whos the real problem? the soldiers? or the media and politicians/think tanks/business interests that send them to die?

Right, Nadia, settle down

Right, Nadia, settle down love, you're with friends here.

Your Swedish, you say? Is that nationality or ethnic? Cause if your national--born and raised- you've got to know education and economics in both the States and UK(worse in the States) is rubbish; I'm given to understand Swedes are better informed, but I may be wrong. All that opportunity you hear about is mostly rhetorical. You need MONEY, preferably old money, in the States to have anything near a fair chance to make it.

I AM NOT excusing atrocities by ANY BODY. I'm saying the film maker was making a distiction between who has the greater responsibility(those who pushed and benefited from the war) and those who got tricked, caught up, confused--what have you. The filmaker is covering his arse so he doesn't get attacked for not "supporting our troops".

You should know in the States one of the biggest propaganda tools used to discredit 911truth and the anti-war movement is spinning any critizism as "attacking the troops". This makes it hard just to have a dissenting voice heard--and -this applies to you--makes it look like US citizens and Brit subjects alike are ALL gun ho. Not true, love--never was.

I disagree with Chris on one point--I think when actions are public and affect everyone we have a responsibility to speak out , even if it isn't in our country of origin. That is a moral responsibility and I respect you for that. But, as Chris said, most voters (in thge States) DID NOT vote for Bush--particularly in 2000. So, if he wasn't legally elected--he can't be legally re-elected. Think about these(broad) figures:

A third of Americans don't vote--don't trust the system, see. So that mean at the most only a third voted for the Shrub you see. Come on, love, Swedes are smarter than this. And there's another slogan you might not have heard: "Support the Troops--Bring them HOME!"

Very popular in the States...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Yes we need a better world!

Chris, if a person is grown up enough to join the army and learn to kill other people then that person should be held responsible for his actions too.

You say they are poor, so what, if a poor person in the US kills a family are they set free because they were “poor”? Don’t think so, nor would a rapist be set free either. The fact is there is rules in the US that protect US people. But when US army does the same in other countries then suddenly references to how stressed they are, how poor they are, how loved they are by their children get the attention to skip trial in that country. Why the immunity law to US soldiers in Iraq?

Dear Jenny, as I said after the Kuwaiti war under the UN a joint international decision was made to put Iraqis responsible for that war's results.

Iraqis was under a dictatorship and still democracies felt it was fully acceptable to hold us accountable. So why is it when democracies regimes act wrong people are not held accountable or don’t want to be held accountable? One law for Iraqis (arabs/muslims) and one for us in the west is that it, it sure looks so.

I know many of you here are against Bush and I know very well that there are millions of US people that despise what their country have turned into the last 40 years, war after war.

But the sad thing is that all these millions seem never to be abele to STOP the country form continuing this passion of wars. Why?

So why continue the same path in trying to change, its time to be more aggressive with your government. A revolution is needed, kick out the ones that have been in office since the 50:s and change the system so that no multibillionaire can buy his politicians and the politics he/she wants. In fact most of our democracies need a revolution we all have left our democratic values to only include inside our own borders. Sweden’s government said it loud and clear the war was illegal, yet 2 months ago it came out the WE have been selling the US army weapons all along. The Swedish government lies to its people as the US did to its. Blair does all he can to shut down an investigation about selling arms to Saudi Arabia which has been going on for over 20 years. Where are the democratic values in that is what people like you and me ask ourselves?

Is it oil and soon water that has united them? I don’t know but what is clear is that our democracies are a bunch of liars, dictatorships in disguise and I hate being part of it. Its like the army industry is the ruling part. We must change it, but the way the things are going today I am called a terrorist for wanting these issues to be changed.

Supporting the army, the biggest way to support the US army would be for a revolution in the US to improve the life of millions so that people don’t have to join the army to get an education and healthcare paid for while the prise is that you KILL other people, as the video above shows; Iraqis being killed.

you are impossible. i blame

you are impossible. i blame you for all of Swedens crimes by the way. and just a little side note, our government is much more porweful and thus harder to fight than your little swedish government there. care to come join the fight? or do you wanna sit there in Sweden and take shots at us from a distance for not doing enough? the amercian people are the problem right Nadia? just like the american soldiers are the problem right? dont strike at the root or anything, just take shots at the soldiers and citizens. dont look behind the curtain Nadia, nothing to see there...........

I TOTALLY understand your

I TOTALLY understand your frustration, Chris, but I think we might have an English/Swedish translation problem--at least in those sublties NO formal language class can teach. She's got a nice blog--just click on her name.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

just checked it out, it was

just checked it out, it was good. and i might have lashed out a bit hard there, but it really seemed as if she was blaming the soldiers, most of which dont know any better(i agree that they should be better informed,see other post for why this isnt likely). like i said, there will always be enough poor and or naive kids to send to kill/die as long as we have the system that we do. the government and the media need to undergo radical changes and blaming the soldiers will get us nowhere. that, and the way she used such a broad brush to paint all americans. i get sick of people doing that, ignoring the fact that literally millions of us in this country are actively trying to make things better and wake people up. and in fairness, i had just gotten done reading similar comments from u2r2-crazy lady and it kind of set me off, hahaha. but you know it doesnt take much to do that anyway : ) (you would be surprised how calm and painfully shy i appear in real life. nothing like my reactionary and passionate online persona,hahaha)

"But the sad thing is that

"But the sad thing is that all these millions seem never to be abele to STOP the country form continuing this passion of wars. Why?"

"its time to be more aggressive with your government. A revolution is needed, kick out the ones that have been in office since the 50:s and change the system so that no multibillionaire can buy his politicians and the politics he/she wants."

"Supporting the army, the biggest way to support the US army would be for a revolution in the US to improve the life of millions so that people don’t have to join the army to get an education and healthcare paid for while the prise is that you KILL other people,"

All good points. But consider the climate:

The economic and political process, particularly in the States is HEAVILY compromised by corporate interests.

There is effectively NO social safety net. There is effectively NO goverment accountability. This is a crypto-fascist one party system that APPEARS to have two sides--but both sides are corporate funded. While no western governments are choir boys, the States is NOT a socialist democracy, as you seem to assume. The basic MECHANISMS of democracy have either been compromised or desroyed by the corporate elite--they never forgot what happened in the 1960's and they're doing everything to make certain it doesn't happen again.

Yes, revolutionary change is needed--I believe of an economic sort--but that is very difficult for a population that is overworked, underpaid, uninformed and uneducated. And did I mention the influence of the political religous right?

Not only is the States NOT a socialist democracy, it is NOT a secular goverment, all verbiage to the contrary.

Your outrage sounds missdirected(making average US citizens more responsible that US elites) because it sounds like yelling at someone who has no legs for not running a marathon. That REALLY is how bad it is in the States now.

The BEST way to support the US in making a better world is to tell US leaders to GO HOME AND TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN CITIZENS. Trust me on this--because anything suggesting the US should "go somewhere and HELP" will be used by the US military industral complex to make a profit.

Oi, can anyone suggest good books or links for Nadia to the TRUE state of US economic reality, as opposed to the "our citizens have the most freedoms and privilages in the world" fantasy?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Dear Jenny, you wrote "The

Dear Jenny, you wrote "The BEST way to support the US in making a better world is to tell US leaders to GO HOME AND TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN CITIZENS." I have been doing that now a couple of years with regards to Iraq and been called everything from a freedom hater to Saddam's hore of people who support the war in Iraq. But it have not changed my mind anyway. The billions the US is spending on its armies overseas should instead be spent on school, education, streets and health care INSIDE the US to improve the life of the majority there.

You know Jenny, the military industry is what scares me. I was in Scotland resently and there I learned that NO politisan will take it on to stop a weapon factory over there even though many wanted it to be stoped. It would mean the loss of jobs of many people and that was a too hight price to pay. That seem to be the mantra in Sweden too in politcal debates. ONLY one party talkes about these people should be employed in other areas to make a better world NOT making weapons that kill people and its the Green Party. Thats why I joinded them. As I said before about Blair stopping the investigation about Saudi Arabian weapon deals, it was reported that since the last 20 years Saudi Arabia have been the reason for many thousand of british people having jobs in teh weapon industry. Discusting isn't it that we in these democracies sell weapons to undemocratic regimes and then complain about "terror". Now who is terrorising who? I agree with you that its economic revolution thats needed in the US, the way you put it sounded very wise.

Nadia, I'm glad you liked

Nadia, I'm glad you liked the video but you've got the wrong end of the stick. Chris has already said it best but I don't think you understand, it's not condoning war crimes and atrocities to see that the overall blame doesn’t rest with the Troops. I agree, I would like to see the Army say no to fighting illegal wars, but that's not what they’re told their going to do. The Troops are lied to, along with the nations they come from, and are told that they’re doing a good thing. They're not told their going to rape a country and destroy people's lives for the profit of a few scumbag “elitists”. If they realised that then none of them would have signed up in the first place. It's called propaganda, and it's this deceitful shit that has clouded almost every war ever fought in history. And again I agree people should be more aware of this type of mass deceit. And in fact people are becoming much more aware and conscious. So you're completely incorrect to place the blame on the people who didn’t ever agree with or want the war in Iraq, and probably had their elections stolen in the first place, as well as being manipulated daily by a disgusting mass media.

Just in case you’re not aware of this, millions of people in the US, UK and around the world made their voices heard against the war before it happened, and were ignored regardless;



"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002



Any chance of getting your

Any chance of getting your video on google.com? I don't think the google.co.uk data is combined with the larger google.com data... 

You might be right man but I

You might be right man but I think it's ok, I know the other videos work and they’re in the same account. If it is like that though anyone can download it from podcasts and up it to google.