To boldly blogging an arcade game?

(Warning: this blog contains instances of irony. Molten irony).

At some point we all must face the question: what is the motivation behind our 9/11 work? Is it a desire to put right the wrongs of the world, or a secret need for attention?

Is it a distraction from our humdrum lives, a chance to play the world stage and take part in a one-off grass-roots-led revolution. or simply a fun thing to do?

I think there is an element of play in all of us, but we must be careful lest our playfulness encourages us us lose touch with reality. We can find ourselves saying the most appalling things to other people on internet forums , the likes of which would never pass our lips in the home , at work or in the bar. We can assume the self-righteous smugness of a soap-box evangelist, forever finding fault with his fellow humans. I have fallen into this pit of over-the-top gesturing, until brought up short by a well-respected member of this forum who, quite rightly, objected to being called 'deluded' and 'a stormtrooper'.

I don't think I am by any means the only person to write silly things. It is fun to get on your moral high horse and pontificate. I say this with confidence because I am of course right about everything.

Which comes to the next question of motivation: how sure are we that we believe what we say? Is believing the right approach anyway, or should we be skeptical towards everyone and everything? It can be disconcerting to discover the intensity with which non-truthers hold their pro-OCT views. When my partner said today of a close female friend, '' of course Viv doesn't agree with you about 9/11", I was inwardly furious. How dare she have a view on something about which she clearly knew so little?

It has to be a possibility in our reality that we could be wrong. Inconceivable, maybe, but not impossible, no?

Yes, impossible. And she can go collect her pay from MI5, the lying shill.

So, a peaceful and truthful Christmas to all. Even those stormtroopers.

good stuff

good stuff

Merry Christmas, Andrew

to you, your partner, and even to "Viv."

For me, one aspect of what makes participation in this community rewarding is the opportunity to practice something very tricky: maintaining a fundamental human connection with people with whom I passionately disagree about very important things. You are one of the people I can do this with and I thank you.

Good thoughts. I try to

Good thoughts. I try to keep my responses to wankers real--that is what I'd say face to face, no more, no less. But then, face to face, most trouble makers wouldn't spout shite to begin with, so that'd sort itself out.

But we could all use a reminder of humility for the holidays.