Counterpunch Website. Alex Cockburn is he Stupid?

I was going trough the website of Counterpunch and Found something very interesting, I just want people to take a look at the "coming soon from counterpunch books" on the right side of the page all the way down and some of the other books are very concern about 911 and the effects of it. What the Bush administration plans, but the one that intrigues me the most was "5 unanswered questions of the 911/comision report"
It was quiet interesting to see this books being publish, or even advertise by this magazine.

Since Mr. Alexander Cockburn had been arguing that there is not conspiracy about the attacks, that myths are being told and that the government had done a fair job on the Issues, Not only he had published articles "debunking 911 conspiracy NUTS" by the latest as we know was the "debates against the guys of Loose Change" and the moderator is bi-est
So, If him had being such an opposition, why is so hard for that guy to admit that in fact there is it totally something wrong and unethical about Bush regime of fear and lies, if journalist in this counterpunch magazine editorials are advertising books that doubts about the bush administration, and the 911 commission report?

Why is he figthing agains the people the families what is he going to gaing out of this? Why the oposition to reinvestigate?

There are several books on this list like "Irak The Logic of Withdrawal", "Empires Work Shop", "Neoconected Again", "Tracking Desertions”,"Bush in Babylon: The Recolonisation of Iraq "

My Question After all.... Is he F*****g Stupid or what?
Why is he keep adding "special editions on debunking 911 conspiracy theories" why is he calling people "nuts, unpatriotic, mediocre scientism" attacking the when he him self use, lies, poor judgment, and unknown sources to back his articles, Is he even looking at the books that the own counterpunch website is advertising, What is he going to do? attack them saying the people that wrote those books are conspiracy nuts and are stupid ... Hum?

From Booklist
Ridgeway, Washington correspondent for the Village Voice, finds no hidden plot behind the 9/11 terrorist attack. Instead, he cites the open secret of a general and long-standing tendency to put American corporate interest ahead of the interest of citizens. Ridgeway focuses on five key questions: why the government couldn't stop the attack, why it didn't protect us, why we were unaware of plans for the attack, how U.S. "allies" abetted the attack, and why the 9/11 Commission couldn't get at the truth. In separate chapters, Ridgeway examines the political and economic issues behind the questions and offers a grim look at the actions and inactions of the Bush administration, which left the nation vulnerable to the terrorist attack, unwilling or unable to act on intelligence that raised the possibility of such an attack, and still vulnerable to troubling policies and attitudes. The placing of airline profitability above public safety, the coziness existing between regulators and the airlines, and U.S and Middle Eastern funding of Islamic extremists are all elements inadequately explored by the 9/11 Commission, according to Ridgeway. Vanessa Bush
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Book Description

A co-publication of Seven Stories Press and Akashic Books.

With the passage of time, an ever-growing number of indisputable facts are pointing to very serious breaches of integrity and an unsettling lack of transparency surrounding the motivations of key individuals and agencies with distinct roles in events leading up to and following that fateful morning.

In The Five Unanswered Questions About 9/11, investigative reporter James Ridgeway pinpoints five glaring black holes of information surrounding 9/11:

1. The initial government response: Why was Cheney running the country on 9/11? Where was Donald Rumsfeld, commander of the US armed forces? Why didn't American Airlines immediately alert the FAA headquarters and the military at 8:20 when the airline first learned from flight attendants onboard that a hijack was underway?
2. The ignorance of the FBI and CIA: With Al-Qaeda firmly on the radar for years, why were they unable to see this coming?
3. The failings of the FBI's translation department: Why wasn't the Bureau set up to decipher the transmissions within its grasp?
4. The role of Pakistani secret intelligence: As the attacks were planned in Afghanistan, who was watching and who was invested?
5. The 9/11 Commission's investigation: Why weren't even the most obvious questions addressed?

Currently the Washington correspondent for The Village Voice, James Ridgeway has authored over 15 books and co-directed the films Blood in the Face and Feed. He has also written for Harper's Magazine, Economist, The New York Times Magazine, The Nation, The New Republic, Parade, Ramparts, and The Wall Street Journal.

yeah he's stupid

yeah he's stupid

He isn't stupid. He is up to

He isn't stupid. He is up to something. I don't think he truthfully writes these things. It's like a gay senator trying to ban gay marraige. Somethings up with this.

it seems like counterpunch

it seems like counterpunch is one of those fake controlled opposition sites---this guy is their little punk----

"He isn't stupid. He is up

"He isn't stupid. He is up to something. I don't think he truthfully writes these things. It's like a gay senator trying to ban gay marraige. Somethings up with this."

couldnt agree more. its like when chomsky uses the term conspiracy theory, he knows the weight it carries and the negative power it holds.

Hey Cristian I keep pushing one of CP's articles

The March 9th article from Sam Karmilowicz reveals pre-9/11 coverup and it is very extensive and detailed with very good references. It makes Me wonder what's up also with them guys at Counterpunch; Why they would publish an article that is done with a former security diplomatic officer who would be a witness to raise questions and give damaging evidence about government knowledge of 9/11, and then turn around and call us nutty conspirationalists?
My main reason for pushing the previously mentioned article is that it shows previous knowledge that plots were made for 9/11 and many who knew have since been promoted. Look at the previous day blog entry and his reponse to Me, after I sent Him an E-mail, is in it.