How to Tell a Shill From a Real Truth Seeker

No offense to this site but I am 100% positive that there are neo-con dis-info agents on this blog trying to slow down and disorganize the system. I am sure that 911 blogger is a reputable site, but there is no way of keeping those shills out. I enjoy this site a lot and understand there is no way to keep these people away. The only thing you can do is ignore them and expose them.


You will notice that they usually are in a small minority opposition voice to any good idea. When a person suggests an idea and 12 people are pro, and 3 people are against it, you can be sure that at least 1 if not all 3 are dis-info agents. That’s how they work.

They always want to seem to slow you down by trying to get you to waste time talking to them instead of actually doing anything. They will try to debate you all the time instead of actually getting anything done. IGNORE THEM…

Don’t let these people talk you out of doing things that will help spread the word. They are here to make you feel awkward and say things like “It will not work” or “Don’t do that you might get someone upset” HOGWASH

Upset is how I became a truther. I started out trying to prove the official story and I could not so I became a 911 truth activist. Don’t even tell me about upset. We need more “upset” people instead of meek mild sheeple who stay in their stalls like they are told.

If people are getting upset then I am doing my job! When Alex Jones first started out there were MANY MANY people who were upset with him, but he chugged on through the fog of lies and dis-info.

Just like baby Bush said…”You are with us…or you are with the (real) terrorists!”

Don’t let me EVER catch you “being with the terrorists” or I will go to great lengths to weed you out by the roots and pour weed killer down your gullet. I have studied propaganda and can spot these people like night and day. So beware I am watching you!

To all of you who are really seeking truth…GREAT JOB! We are making a hell of a difference!

To all of you dis-info agents and those who seek to hide truth…Your days are numbered.

YEA...Like the person who rated this comment a 1

They are most likely an agent. I am glad they are losing

The f*cked up thing is that

The f*cked up thing is that this anonymous poster is probably that guy "LUCAS".

lol lol....

lol lol....

Actually you are right because my account went haywire

For some reason it logged me out and when I tried to log back in it would not work. I have to send away from a new password. When I tried to put in LUCUS it said there was a member by that name. I guess I should have used like LUCUS1 but when I rebooted I just typed the message and hit send Don't believe me...

From :
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Subject : Replacement login information for LUCUS at

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A request to reset the password for your account has been made at

You may now log in to clicking on this link or copying and pasting it in your browser:*****

This is a one-time login, so it can be used only once. It expires after one day and nothing will happen if it's not used.

After logging in, you will be redirected to so you can change your password.

Such Language

How old are you, 17?

The f*cked up thing is that
The f*cked up thing is that this anonymous poster is probably that guy "LUCAS".

Don't you have some pimples to pop?

Hey personally I think your

Hey personally I think your wrong about the opposition to your idea.  They have valid points, and you have valid points.  But at the end of the day no one here can dictate to anyone else here what they can or can not do as far as activism.  They may not agree with your methods but no one can force you to stop.

Just be prepared to accept the criticism and not automatically assume they are "disinfo".

If everyone was creative and thought of effective ways they could individually spread the truth, this specific blog wouldnt be here... 

When the Government Destroyed

the black panthers militia the public was shocked to find out that the government had placed so many dis-info agents in the group, the numbers came out to be about 1/3.

1/3 of the entire black panthers command structure was shills.

There are shills here...I am saying they are at least 1 in every 6 people if not more.

I am not disagreeing at all

I am not disagreeing at all with that...

But this is a news blog, not 9/11 HQ.  We have seen how they have infiltrated st911 and are present on the board.

But that still does not mean that anyone who disagrees with you is being dishonest in their opposition. 

Yes...I understand that...But

We need to go with the majority rules here. When someone has an idea and the masses back it then the other people should learn to join the team instead of being a monkeywrench in the gear works.

We have to go with what the most people think is right.

You cannot expect people on

You cannot expect people on 911blogger of all places to conform :D

You didn't mean that did you :D

Not conform

But if we let dis-info agents dictate to us what is right and what is not, how can that help?

I am going about my own path of truth...I really don't care if people join me or not, but when somebody calls my "great" idea stupid, I will defend it.

The best way to deal with these people is dismiss them like fools.

No, Lucus the best way to deal with them is.... follow your own advice, and ignore them....

That, and putting up your stats of how many hits you got....that was pretty impressive for one day's compliments....

Look, I think what you did showed real creativity and will be, by far, a net gain for attracting new people to the movement....Kudos, man...but you can't keep swinging at every pitch when someone goes repeatedly overboard to goad you on this...just keep posting the positive results, or why you believe this to be effective, and your Activism will speak for itself.

John Conner also got a lot of extraneous criticism here, way out of proportion and unrelated to his actual 9/11 work, also....a disturbing pattern that bears watching....some people want us all quiet and polite in the corner, it would seem...


There are a lot of "so-called" 911 truth seekers who want us to sit in a corner. I would happen to think they they are BIG part of the problem.

The time for talking between people who know the truth is now over...The time to get it in front of people is now.

I seriously think the 911 truth movement needs "shill mods". People that follow shills and warn others to ban their IP addresses.

Hey lucus, no need for

Hey lucus, no need for diverting even more concentrated effort against "shills" in general, just keep doing what you personally feel is the right thing to do.  And encourage others to do the same.  We, as a group, out number them by many orders of magnitude...

If it boils down to a battle of attrition (numbers) we win...  no need to even spend one second thinking about how to control fake truthers, and by not doing so, you AVOID the contention amongst truthers who simply disagree. 

Look at the history of The Black Panthers

And what government shills can do to destroy a cause. One person planted in the right area can mess up everything.

email me imgstacke

9/11 Truth is NOT the Black

9/11 Truth is NOT the Black Panthers, not by a long shot.

Our greatest strength lies in our numbers and our lack of single discernible form.

If you are formless, the most penetrating spies will not be able to discern you, or the wisest counsels will not be able to do calculations against you.

Art of War - Weakness and Strength


I have a new better plan to get the word out to 25 million people. I need people to help. Please help.

and for the record, if your

and for the record, if your not hurting anyone, destroying property, stealing money, I am all for it...  You as an individual speak for yourself and that is what activism is all about.  Not following but leading..  Even if no one else follows...

"Just be prepared to accept

"Just be prepared to accept the criticism and not automatically assume they are "disinfo"."

Thank you. Constructive critizism, right or wrong, is not mutually exclusive from passion.

And from the department of "doing something, damn it", has everyone voted yet?


What the heck is that going to do when the upper dems are fully along for the ride.

mark my words...Even with dems in the houses. YOU WILL SEE!

HATE CRIMES BILL PASSED (wait till you see what they call hate crimes!)

We are beyond voting when the voting system has been rigged. This whole thing needs to be redone to eliminate special interest.


WE NEED IT AND WE NEED IT NOW! (but it's cold out yuk)

I wish I had a week to sit down and explain how our so-called democracy was changed to form a system to enslave us and dominate the world by using the dems/repubs. To put it quick...

The NWO keeps people busy fighting over dems/repubs while they work in the background. Here is how it works.

repubs shoot for world dominations
dems take away american rights
repubs shoot for world dominations
dems take away american rights
repubs shoot for world dominations
dems take away american rights

It goes back and forth like a saw blade over the years until we have no rights and the world is dominated.

I have been studying this stuff for years now.

Um, that's voting about

Um, that's voting about whether to keep allowing anonymous posts at 911Blogger, chum...did I get the link wrong? It should go to dz's blog...

Sorry...I did not know there was a vote

Yes..I voted...and I voted to NOT allow because we need to be able to track people.

I thought you meant "VOTE"...Hahaha I was like well, it's late and he might be getting home from the bar...The vote was over a month ago lol

Should only be allowed to make 1 account per email address too. It's a little helpful in keeping people from making many names.

Good vote.

Good vote.


you guys are crazy. No anon posters so we can track people? Shit maybe I'm on the wrong side here...

The idea that Dick Cheney is paying people to act as 'shills' on internet messageboards is just stupid - every person involved thus becomes one more conspirator, obviously the opposite of what they would be trying to do right now in damage control mode. With people like Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood out there, the crap trolls post on 911blogger is entirely insignificant and can clearly feed itself without financial support. Is it possible there are so- called shills posting on this and other sites? Of course. But if there is, we have absolutely zero proof of it whatsoever, and if they are out there, they probably represent less than 0.01% of the total 9/11 denier population...

The point is that you guys sound totally sketch. Paranoid little kids with a DSL (and maybe and LDS) connection. LUCAS is currently my definition of a 9/11 Truth Sketchball - which, while clearly not as bad as the numerous titles held by Nico Haupt and others, is certainly not something to be proud of. If we have 'internet shill trolls' out there, fine. We can't do anything about it and we won't be able to prove they're there. It's a total waste of time and energy is pretty much what I'm getting at, and posting a jumbled 10- page manifesto about this crap makes us all sound like little creeps. Discussing tactics on how to respond well to a negative comment is one thing, suggesting the banning/and or tracking of suspicious posters is entirely different.

Whether deliberately or not, I see guys like this LUCAS character feeding the next stage of 9/11 Truth discreditation - once the no plane/laser/elf theories start to implode on each other (uh I'm predicting sometime around Fall '06), then the disinfo tactics will just focus on making everyone think everyone else is a shill. Well- intended or not, the damage dealt to the movement by these accusations far outweighs any potential gain from someday exposing one of the supposed 'disinfo agents'...


like a man...Get a grip.

First of all Rumsfeld has paid for bloggers to attack us

And I see guys like you feeding the couch zombies more yap jaw and nothing solid!


That's why I am 100% for NO ANONS!


Rumsfeld don't like no “skillful enemies”;

... in other words, anyone with a computer keyboard and a rudimentary sense of moral judgment. Thus a window into the minds of those who see free speech as dangerous as an “enemy weapons-system”.

That Rummy, he so funny!

Important net-health article by Mike Whitney. Thanks LUCUS.

I'm a bit divided on the suggestion of banning anon posters flat out. I too get very annoyed at times, but I have my hunch that they are worth it overall. Circumstances could reasonable occur where a valuable contribution finds its way here, yet wisely choose anonymity. I wouldn't like to see that door closed, if I ever wanted to use it.

Besides... the muppets are fun to punch in the face... at times.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

"If we have 'internet shill

"If we have 'internet shill trolls' out there, fine. We can't do anything about it..."

And, being an annoying-mouse, you have nothing to benefit if we adopt your "do nothing" 'tude?

They're desparate, mates--ban the little buggars, dz.

And for the record, we do not neccessarily beleive EVERY troll is a paid shill. All that makes one a troll is coming here intentionally to annoy and destroy, with/without disinfo or neocon connections.

Now get a name, sunshine.


Well Said!

Hey, quick off-topic

Hey, quick off-topic comment. I wrote something up on my in-flight call test in the blog "International airline to allow cell phone chatter on planes". Posting here just to make sure it's not overlooked.... Anyone else do a cell-phone test this travelling season?


And my son got a no service responce.

This write-up shows how easy

This write-up shows how easy it is to forge the calls. Scary stuff.

-5 for thoughtcrime

no thought control, no speed limit, think for your self.

There is much finger pointing and ridicule, don't be afraid to think outside the group.