Edit:  There has to be a few good pilots at

That no fighter pilot has came foward.What an insult to the finest fighter pilots in the world to be thought of as incompetent.

Mr Bowman has felt ashamed because he knows this is not the case.This coming from a man of honor
,and integrity.A true hero ,and patriot.A veteran.

Do we have fighter pilots in the truth movement? We welcome you with open arms.  Your country needs you.I am sure all of us here would love to hear what you have to say.

I believe they face more

I believe they face more than losing their job if they come forward. Sibel Edmonds faced numerous gag orders. I think military officials could be court-martialed if they violate national "security". I could be wrong though. Bowman would know.

I am

aware of pilots for 9/11.Do they have fighter pilots in the group? Ok just came from there site,and seen the members list.
Thank you for your patriotism.You do your country proud.
Can you imagine how many others there are?
Anyone know if anything new has transpired with the air traffic contoller that posted a video here?
Yes Rolo i am sure the line crossed would be
a hard thing.Still to a good person it must be a burden to pack the truth,and have to remain silent.

Duty to Come Forward

Any fighter pilot that knows the truth about 9/11 yet remains silent is a coward and a traitor to America.

Point blank.