Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Ellen Mariani

From December 12:

Visibility 9-11 welcomes special guest, Ellen Mariani, wife of Neil Mariani who was aboard United Flight 175 which was flown into the South Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. 

Click here for a special tribute web page I built for Ellen on our old Colorado 9-11 Visibility website.
Click here to read the poem Ellen wrote to Neil, Three Kisses, mentioned in the interview.
Click here to read Ellen's open letter to George Bush.

Direct download: visibility911_mariani.mp3

Also, all Visibility 911 Podcasts available here: 

Nice Letter

Ellen wrote a nice letter to "The Thug" but it is a waste of time. That maniac is dead inside and all the letters in the world won't change that. He could care less about the American people or the oath of office. Remember, the constitution is just a worthless piece of paper to him. All that interests Bushfraud is money and power. The "babbling buffoon" hit the tri-feta on 9/11. (His own words). Lets make 9/11 his downfall.

Paging Phil Berg ... paging Phil Berg...

Guess we can figure out by now, what he was up to back then.
Just like we can figure out what Tom Flocco was up to.

It's beginning to look more and more like Berg was deployed as COINTELPRO against Mariani and the movement.
Probably under the supervision of his handlers in the Democratic National Committee.

Chopper 4

Watch the second live segment from chopper 4. The news people only mention an explosion and there is no plane in sight.

I see some sort of flying

I see some sort of flying object in each of those videos.  The video isn't the best quality, so you can't get a really good look at it.  Seems to me that anyone trying to use video such as that to effectively prove or deny any theory is wasting their time....

South Tower hit by a cartoon "Flight 175" ...

You mean this "Flight 175" ?

Or these maybe ...

Ot these perhaps..

Just keep telling yourself: "It must be real. It saw it on TV. It must be real. I saw it on TV. It must be real...."

This information is NOT important

...nor would it stand in a court of law. Why are you wasting your time with this?

I remember a video of a

I remember a video of a reporter talking to people in the news room, he was reporting from NYC, and he mentions and explosion too, but no plane in the video. Interesting, but people still need to stop the no planes bullshit.

Ellen Mariani

My wife and I sat next to a woman at the CU-Boulder 9/11 event on 10/29/06. Unbeknownst to us when we first arrived, she was Ellen Mariani. My wife and I enjoyed meeting her. She seems like a very determined person to me and still has a lawsuit against Bush under the RICO (Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations) act. I wish her and all the family members godspeed and together with them, 9/11 truth will bring down the house of cards that is the current cabal running the country.

it would be nice if

it would be nice if 911blogger helped keep the spotlight on the RICO lawsuit

go get em ellen!!

Learn from the Brits

Your religious beliefs about 9/11 being an inside job are medieval:

Most Britons believe religion does more harm than good: poll

Dec 23 1:55 PM US/Eastern

An overwhelming number of Britons believe religion does more harm than good while non-believers outnumber believers by nearly two to one, an ICM poll suggested.

Eighty-two percent of the 1,006 adults questioned for the left-leaning Guardian newspaper in the run up to Christmas said they saw religion as a cause of division and tension between people compared to 16 percent who disagreed.

At a time when Britain\\\\\\\'s multi-cultural, multi-faith model, their outward symbols and culture are under the microscope after last year\\\\\\\'s home-grown Islamist extremist suicide bombings, 63 percent said they were not religious.

Some 33 percent said they were religious. Older people and women were the most likely to believe in a god: 37 percent of women said they were religious compared to 29 percent of men.

But there was still good news for Christian leaders who complain that the true meaning of Christmas is being increasingly eroded by the forces of consumerism and consumption.

Fifty-four percent of Christians questioned said they planned to attend a religious service over the festive period.

Richer people were more likely to go to church at Christmas: 64 percent of those in the highest income bracket said they would attend a service compared with 43 percent of those in the lowest economic band.

Writing separately in The Sun tabloid, the Church of England\\\\\\\'s second-highest cleric, Archbishop of York John Sentamu, was optimistic about the implications of Christmas church attendance.

\\\\\\\"People are waking up once more to the true meaning of Christmas and making space in their lives to feel a part of it,\\\\\\\" he said.

\\\\\\\"Something is bringing people back into church and I have a great hope it\\\\\\\'s because people are beginning to look past the commercial message of Christmas.\\\\\\\"

But in general, The Guardian survey confirmed the overall decline in religious observance in recent years, particularly in Christian denominations: only 13 percent said they visited a place of worship at least once a week.

Forty-three percent said they never attended. Non-Christians attend religious services most regularly (29 percent).

Although Britain is Protestant, with its monarch Queen Elizabeth II the \\\\\\\"defender of the faith\\\\\\\", only a small minority (17 percent) described it as a Christian country.

Instead, 62 percent said Britain was better defined as a \\\\\\\"religious country of many faiths.\\\\\\\"

Queen Elizabeth\\\\\\\'s eldest son and heir, Prince Charles, has reportedly signalled he wants to be known as \\\\\\\"defender of faiths\\\\\\\" when he succeeds to the throne.

The Guardian, which in 2000 challenged laws that prevents non-Protestants from acceding to the British throne and the right to advocate republicanism, coincided with strong comments from the leader of the world\\\\\\\'s Anglicans.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said Christians faced being chased out of the Middle East because of the hostility created by the Iraq war, leading their countrymen to see them as \\\\\\\"supporters of the crusading West.\\\\\\\"

Williams wrote in The Times that the \\\\\\\"short-sighted\\\\\\\" and \\\\\\\"ignorant\\\\\\\" policy on Iraq of Britain and its allies had endangered the lives and futures of thousands of Christians in the region.

Wake up 9/11 Truth Kiddies. It really is time for you all to grow up.



Well, "Ernie", what a lovely

Well, "Ernie", what a lovely message, I think. I'm not so sure about that last bit, but overall much better than in the past. But remember: you are a trollaholic and relapse is part of recovery. I mention this because the\\\\seem to be worse than usual.

Take some time away from "your totally awesome journal" this holiday. There's a lad.

O.K. apologist kiddie...

You are joking....right? What a Troglodyte you are. Do you have a problem with demanding answers to unanswered questions, knuckle walker? We should just take everything a face value, right? Is that your method of critical thinking?


Just say NO to Trolls for the Holidays!!!!

U.S. didn't know hijackers' identities before 9/11, panel finds!

Breaking News Story in Los Angeles Times!

So then how did they get the hijackers' names, photos, & visit their homes within a day or two of 9/11???,0,3149...


holy sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(it figures this comes out on Christmas.) thats big though. i would love to hear what Weldon has to say.

Here is the letter I sent to

Here is the letter I sent to the author of the article:

Dear Mr. Miller,

Regarding today's story on Able Danger: the account you were given is not possible. How were 15 of the 19 hijackers identified on the morning of September 11 per Richard Clarke's account? How was the list with photos assembled for the press by September 12 when no Arab names appeared on the flight manifests? Aside from the bag left by Atta and the magic passport that somehow survived the implosion of the jetliner intact, there has been no documentation provided that these men ever boarded the planes. (For that matter, were you aware that the BBC has reported that several of the alleged hijackers are alive -- and have been interviewed? If it is an issue of stolen identities, who were the actual perpetrators?)

There are many aspects of the 9/11 story which have fallen through the memory hole, particularly early accounts which have been modified to fit the administration's official version of events. I am not in any way a fan of Weldon, but I find it highly suspicious that a Republican was smeared by a Republican-led Justice Dept. just before an election, and for reasons that don't reach the level of unusual corruption for this Congress. I have to wonder if the seizure of his computers at home and at the office were a means of deep-sixing his Able Danger evidence.

If you care about historical integrity on this issue, I highly recommend you go to the Center for Cooperative Research website, where Paul Thompson's complete 9/11 timeline has collected hundreds of mainstream news sources on both Able Danger and the identification of the hijackers. I think you will find that the evolution of the story suggests something different from that supplied by your sources for today's story.


Flight175 was NOT flown into the South tower


Why would any 9/11 truth portal be repeating the official story?

>Flight175 was NOT flown

>Flight175 was NOT flown into the South tower<

-Do you mean the aircraft was a replacement(drone?) mocked up to look like 175?

-Or that there was no aircraft what-so-ever?

-Or something else...?

Sorry, chum, but we cannot have too much clairity on this point.