FalseFlagNews radio host DL Abrahamson's speech at DC911Truth conference

FalseFlagNews radio host DL Abrahamson speaking at DC911Truth Conference on November 11.

1) History and power of false flag terror, the use of drill and war games used to bootleg real attacks, and top 911 coup suspects.

2) Potential for an invasion of Iran & domestic martial law, Vigilant Shield war games, and the major players pushing for another perilous war.

3) Israeli espionage, "art student" spy ring, Office of Special Plans, AIPAC lobbying scandal, JINSA, & dancing Mossad agents.

4) Dollar breakdown, death of the petdollar, mortgage/housing crisis, new Euro-based oil bourses, and potential for worldwide economic collapse.

5) Caspian pipeline politics, and the growth of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) along with newer allies in Iran, Venezuela, Mongolia, and India.

6) Activist solutions for overcoming the controlled corporate media, Left Gatekeepers, and 911 disinformation artists.


Young & inpressive!....This young man feels confident,and passionate.And he makes alot of sence.


Bilderberg Meeting – Media Should Be Ashamed

Victor Thorn

In mid-April, 2002, the Trilateral Commission met for four days at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, D.C. As they do every year, this highly influential group of world leaders from North America, Japan and Europe plotted ways to promote their globalist agenda. Some of the items on their nefarious list this year were:
· America's upcoming invasion of Iraq, and how to lure Europe and other Asian nations into supporting our War Machine. · Further create a multinational financial octopus, with the United Nations as the head of a one-world government. · Keep pumping money, technology, and computers into China, bolstering them as the next premier global superpower. · Funnel more American aid to "under-exploited" foreign countries, leading the way for the implementation of a World Tax. · Finally, prevent the Israeli/Palestinian war from turning into a complete powder keg, thus endangering our Middle Eastern oil supplies.

To me, each of these issues seems vitally important, even crucial, to the world. Others thought so too, for some of the attendees included:
· David Rockefeller -- Overlord, Chase-Manhattan Bank · Paul Volcker - Former Chairman, Federal Reserve · Charles Robb - Former Senator · Robert McNamara - Former Secretary of Defense · Kenneth Lay - Former CEO, Enron · Henry Kissinger - Former Secretary of State · Winston Lord - Former China Ambassador · David Gergen - Editor, U.S. News and World Report · Zbigniew Brzezinski - Former Head of National Security, Trilat co-founder · Madeline Albright - Former Secretary of State
· John Deutch - Former Head, CIA · Richard Holbrook - Former U.S. Ambassador to U.N.
· Harold Brown - Former Secretary of Defense
· Strobe Talbott - Former Under Secretary of State
· Tom Foley - Former Speaker of the House

Some fairly important names, huh? Well, in addition to them, there was also the head of Goldman-Sachs International, which is one of the ten firms that hold the most stock in our nation's Federal Reserve System. Plus, there were other representatives from:
- Fuji Xerox - The Ambassador of Germany - a Georgetown Professor - a Washington Post columnist - Chairman, Archer-Daniels Midland - President, Club of Rome - International Monetary Fund managing director - Former Canadian High Commissioner to the U.K. - a member of the British Parliament - President Emeritus, AFL-CIO (NITE branch) - President, Federal Reserve - Chairman, Levi-Strauss - Director of Rothschild & Sons - Vice Chairman, Citicorp (which owns 22% of NYFR stock) - CEO, Institution of Global Economics, Seoul - Former Minister of Trade, Mexico - Former Irish Senator - Former CEO, Xerox - Former President of Mexico

Finally, some of the speakers and panelists were:
· Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States · Alan Greenspan, Chairman, Federal Reserve · Colin Powell, Secretary of State · Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense

In all, 251 of the most influential businessmen, statesmen, politicians, financiers, and academics met right in Washington, D.C., and how much did you hear about it in your local or national media? I'll bet nothing! I mean, Kenneth Lay, fallen head of Enron, was there. Every time he sneezed or clipped a hangnail, the press reported on it. But not this time at the Trilateral Commission meeting.

Think of it this way (as veteran reporter Jim Tucker of the American Free Press so eloquently puts it). Every year when the world's greatest actors get together at the Academy Awards, is the media present? Yes. How about when America's two best football teams meet at the Super Bowl. Is the media there? Of course. TV's Emmy awards - the media is there. Grammy's - the media is there en force. Hell, the media even reports on hog-calling contests at the State Fair in Arkansas.

But when some of the most powerful men and women congregate to determine the course of future history, did any of the following cover their meeting:

NO ABC -- NO NBC -- NO CBS -- NO New York Times -- NO Newsweek -- NO Time Magazine

Hell, the Washington Post and U.S. News and World Report even had journalists present! They should be running full-color blowout cover story articles on the Trilateral Commission's meeting. Regrettably, they're not. Instead, we get the same old sanitized, censored pablum that keeps the masses socially controlled and uninformed.

Why? It's appalling. In Russia, there used to be an old joke about their two primary newspapers - Pravda, which means “truth,” and Isvestia, which translates to “News.” The punch line was: “There's no truth in Pravda, and no news in Isvestia!” All of us in America laugh at that joke because we enjoy freedom of the press and openness in the media, right? Wrong. Where is the “truth” and “news” in our media if we're being spoon-fed crap that is supposed to condition and brainwash us instead of to inform us? What differentiates us from the old hard-core Soviets if we're not being told the truth? Sure, there are alternate sources of insight, like the Internet and underground press, but the mainstream media in this country should be ashamed of themselves.

Again I'll ask - why do they refuse to give us the whole story? Well, the answer lies in an all-pervasive concept: Control. Y'see, being that five multinational corporations now own the entirety of the mainstream media in this country, they essentially determine what you see and cannot see (or read or hear). With this stranglehold over the media, here's how they control their output. Let's pretend there's a hotshot journalist that graduates from college, and he lands his first job at a small-town newspaper. Young and idealistic, he writes articles about township council meetings and profiles on little old ladies growing petunias in their backyard. Everything is running smoothly, and life is good.

Within a year the kid moves on to a small city paper, keeps shining, and soon finds himself writing at a nationally known publication. He soon gets married, has two children, and buys a big house in a nice neighbourhood. He even wins a few awards along the way. His future is bright.

Then, when all seems settled and cool, this reporter gets tipped-off to an incredibly horrendous program that is secretly being implemented on and against the American people without their knowledge. The reporter, outraged, does some research and discovers that, yes; this shit really is going down. So, with facts in hand and a belly full of bravado to back him up, he storms into his editor's office and lays it all out, saying that he wants to expose this obvious injustice.

Now here's where things get sticky. The editor obviously knows what's going on, so he sits the reporter down and tells him quite frankly that these types of stories "CANNOT" be covered because of the potential damage it could cause to the Controllers. The reporter freaks out and says that if his newspaper won't blow the lid off this story, he'll take his notes and sources to another outlet. The editor, who'd been through this same routine twenty years earlier, explains to the man that he's a great reporter with tons of potential, but if he pursues this story, he'll be blackballed within the Industry. Sure, he might get an underground publication to run his story, but in the mainstream, he's all washed-up. That means no more cushy assignments, hobnobbing with influential personalities, no more killer salary, and no more promotions or vacations in Hawaii. Hell, in all likelihood, he'll probably be shit-canned in the near future if he causes any more trouble. The reporter protests, but his editor tells him to consider the impact on his career. Without the big money rolling in, how can he pay his mortgage, keep his trophy wife in pretties, send their two children to private school, and dine at the finest restaurants? He'll go from prince to pauper, get divorced, and live a shit life.

So, the reporter goes home and discusses his options with his wife, then returns to work the next day to tell his editor that, yes, he'll can the expose and bury it. Pleased, the editor lets his “higher-ups” know that this guy is a "team player," and soon he gets another promotion. Then, a couple of years down the line he gets assigned to be the Executive Editor at a mid-sized newspaper. That's when some hotshot citizens come to him with a story that'll blow the lid off a government scam. They have tons of information, sources, and data - and want the new editor to run their story.

By this time, though, the editor knows how the game is played. He wasn't assigned to this job to report on news that benefits the community. He was put there to “keep a lid” on everything - to not blow any covers. So the editor tells his “higher-ups” what's going on, and asks how he should handle it. They tell him, and the editor puts a dagger through the story and kills it. It's dead, done, and over, and no one's the wiser. The “higher-ups” are again pleased with him for being a “team player,” and soon he's promoted to editor at a big-city paper. And well uh, the game goes on and the System stays intact.

That's the way it works, but not only in the newspaper business. It's the same in:

Television - The same concept applies. Ask Dan Rather - he made his entire career by scamming the JFK Assassination in Dallas where he was the “chosen” reporter. He soon replaced Walter Cronkite as the anchor at the CBS Evening News. What's the frequency, Dan?

Politics - If a candidate doesn't toe the line, and instead tries to reveal the boatload of crap that's flowing through the bowels of our political system, all of a sudden the big Party Machine money from the Republicans and Democrats that had gone to their re-election campaigns suddenly dries up and is funnelled to another candidate that is better “trained” in following the rules. If this candidate insists on trying to expose the inner workings of the Machine, the media conveniently uncovers a “scandal,” and the politician is publicly humiliated, insuring that they'll never be re-elected again. Almost all “falls from grace” are not because a certain politician is any dirtier than the rest; it's because they're bucking the System and trying to bring to light all the shit and graft and underhanded schemes.

Academia - If an instructor or professor adheres to the accepted “curriculum” and doesn't stray or tell the truth (especially in history, political science, economics, archaeology, and the science fields), they're in the running for all the benefits of academic life. But if they venture into forbidden territory, the promotions, cushy conference trips to Florida in January, the research money, and tenure fade away into oblivion. In other words, teach what is included within the narrow confines established by the Controllers, or else you'll be passed over time and again for someone who is more of a team player.

The same rationale applies to the business world, medical profession, and the dog-eat-dog trenches of the legal profession. Either conform, or get bounced and/or rejected.

So, with the above information in mind, it's time to test the above theory. I'm sure you remember how I opened this article by writing about the recent Trilateral Commission meeting in Washington, D.C. that went completely unreported in the mainstream American media. But alas, I'm going to give them a chance to redeem themselves. How? Well, during the weekend of May 30-June 2, the Bilderbergs, the most powerful “secret” group of international bankers and high-rollers in the world, will congregate in Chantilly, Virginia at the Westfields Marriott Hotel, less than ten miles south of Washington, D.C. at Dulles International Airport.

There! As first reported in the American Free Press, the location and date have been established. The most influential men and women in the world will be there from May 30-June 2. The big question is, will the American media cover this meeting like they do the Super Bowl or Academy Awards?

They should, for some of the people expected there are David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Christopher Dodd (who will be a candidate for the Presidency in 2004), the President of the World Bank, plus queens, military advisors, and business tycoons. In addition, some of the topics to be discussed are:
· How to manipulate the “terrorism” War Machine to the Controllers benefit · A United Nations World Tax · A worldwide ban on firearms · How to make the dollar similar to the Euro currency, then filter it throughout North, Central, and South America · Further spread NAFTA to completely destroy whatever industry we have left in America · Oust Saddam Hussein and declare war on Iraq

I'm not sure about you, but these issues seem crucial to not only the USA, but the entire planet. More importantly, what these 120 individuals decide at the Bilderberg meeting will then be filtered down to the world leaders who have been "selected" to hold office. That includes America! Think about how atrocious this situation is. It should fill you with rage. A cabal of mega-rich elitists meet 'secretly' once a year to decide world events, then bestow them on OUR 'selected' political leaders in Washington, D.C. to implement. Then, to add insult to injury, the media - our FREE and OPEN media - refuses to cover these meetings. Why? Because they're controlled by the same devils that attend these nefarious conferences.

So, ask yourselves, is this the type of situation that benefits us, or does it only perpetuate the Controllers' power? If you're able to see through the ruse that's being perpetrated on us, the next thing you should ask is, how much longer are we going to tolerate being treated like morons?
Courtesy Rense.com

Cool, insightful guy...but

Cool, insightful guy...but like most people, not perfect. He requested me to write up an article for him concerning a particular gatekeeper group, I did as he asked and sent it to him. I never received a reply back, nor was the article ever posted. I wasn't all that concerned about the article not being posted, what bothered me was his refusal to answer my emails.

Move on man! There is a whole world that needs saving...

Looks like somebody has a bad dose of the 'ol "rejected for the prom" syndrome.

This same guy whines about me every time there is a post about False Flag News. Why? Because I didn't post his article.

Meanwhile, we are headed full blast into world war, and all he can think about is himself.

Talk about an old beef! Listen TJ, if you want your article posted, do it here on 911blogger. Start your own blog. Go make your own speeches. Go start your own revolution.

Your petty comments would be laughable if they weren't so pitiful. Still, I did get a hearty smile at your inability to see beyond your own selfish squabbles.


A rejection letter is common

A rejection letter is common courtesy.



excellent presentation.... i am hard pressed to find anything i disagree with. in fact i guess i don't !!! been saying many of the same things myself since the late 90's just not as articulately. good work... maybe go easy on Tj, a polite rejection goes a long way.

i would love to see you go on Hardfire and debate Mark Roberts and Ronald McDonald.

Would never happen (because I would crush them)

They won't let me debate those guys- Because I will embarrass them.

I cover verifiable facts which outline the financial, ideological, and energy links behind 9-11.

The debunkers prefer to debate the fringe speculators.

It's far more likely they will invite somebody like Spacebeam Fetzer so they can tool on him.


i think you are right

good points... Ronald ran away from me last week when he couldn't hide behind some junk science. they use the richard dawkins/penn and teller/amazin randi M.O. of cherry picking fools to debate. keep up the good work DL!


Show "He forgot to mention the one private company who" by Killtown

DL Abrahamson ROCKS!

Everyone needs to see this video, we need to get this on dvd and get it out there, especially to the college crowd.

I especially liked his critique of "activism" today and people wasting time in flame wars at 9/11 Blogger.

We need to put our energies into meaningful and productive pursuits, y'all!

Get out and talk to people, form groups, link your groups up with other groups, get active!

We are living in the most important era in human history, some insane people are willing to risk destroying all life on earth for some pieces of paper that have no real value. We can stop this madness, we have to stop this madness.

More soon, brothers and sisters. I have a Christmas brunch to get to.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Well said - I'm talking every day - just practice hear!!

Regaards John


I do appreciate this guys work

BUT how many former spooks are in 911 movement?

WHY would they want to tell the TRUTH??

Given the history of truth seekers in US history
being infiltrated by the DC alphabet soupers.

given the operation mockingbird quotient factored in..

Most of the 911 truthers are sincere genuine people but I have some serious doubts about some of the former spookies.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

dbeach, who do you suspect

dbeach, who do you suspect of being a spook, in ths particular case? In other words, why do you mention it here and now (in this thread)?

former spooks

once in the mob its a lifetime gig .NO retirement.

Shillbel is one ...so maybe collen rowley ???
what about bowman ???sounds good looks good but what good is it serving?

911 needs to steered by the genuine working class Heros/Heroines and not bum steered by megastars with secret info...

The govt infiltrates these groups in similar ways look at Kerry the so called hero of the anti-war movement .

he blamed the war on the VN vets thus becoming a tool for the media and the pols {I am biased}
kerry launched his campaign by demonizin VN Vets and overstating the atrocities.

where is kerry now??
voting for wars ..flip floppin f...ixing elections
for cousin S. & B. Bush
and guzzlin ketchup with some uber rich wife

Yes he is a real anti-war guy.

I also rant at PI.


I was there

it was a great speach, his only downside is his denial over Peak Oil, other than that, his analysis of geopolitics is right on target.


Overall his presentation was quite good. I wish we had another, slower paced version, a little clearer in enunciation and explication. But very good.

He tied Peak Oil to the issue of population downsizing and also made the comment at the time he was describing Gazprom's (sp?) huge supply of natural gas. That may be part of why (especially the depop issue) he disses' it.

However, most independent oil analysts can cite data on the peaking of oil capacity for GB, Norway, (the U.S. in the early 70's) , Mexico, Venezuela (except for tar sand oil) and Canada (except for tar sand oil), Saudi Arabia, Iran.... and the list goes on. Natural gas is a slightly different story.

The issue of population downsizing appears to be a dark strategy from the shadow government (a la Kissinger from the 72(?) conferences on global population....) but it is also a fact that the green revolution is dying and the population of the earth appears to far exceed what the planet can support. I know this is a contentious issue with many subarguments. And it may be, that PO is used as a misdirection (I think he said 'redirection') to focus attention elsewhere, but.... I cannot help but give credence to the stats on oil capacity status around the world. Hell, the geopolitical maneuvering certainly bears much of it out.

Also, I did speak too quickly- it was due to time constraints.

The DC911Truth organizers only alloted me 45 minutes to speak, so I had to speak rather quickly. If given another half hour, I would have spoken with a more deliberate pace.

If you like what you hear, tune into my radio show on RBN every night from 9-10 PM EST. I speak slower there.


One of the arguments AGAINST

One of the arguments AGAINST peak oil is that producers are hoarding/ manipulating the supply and that is why we are having price fluctuations/ suppply problems, etc.

Thing is these ARE NOT mutualy exclusive concepts--you can have supply manipulation AND peaking; in fact it's hard NOT to have both at the same time.

To be clear Peak Oil does not mean it is all gone--peak oil means at least half has been extracted and what is left is going to be harder/ more expensive to extract as time goes by.

Read "Crossing the Rubicon", by Ruppert to see the connection to 911.

Reguardless of where one stands on peak oil, the fact is we will build a better world by reducing consumption, developing domestic/alternative energy resources and becoming independent sustainable communities.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

I subscribe to Fromthewilderness (or did at least)

I really enjoy FTW, Stan Goff was probably my favorite writer of the bunch (not including Ruppert). Ruppert kicks ASS.

Sucks that the pigs in Ashland pegged him for the vandalism crime. :(

talk about a set-up.

>>>Sucks that the pigs in

>>>Sucks that the pigs in Ashland pegged him for the vandalism crime. :<<<

I didn't hear that. What I do know is the vandalism was traced to meth heads who were probably paid to do it. And as a result of the investigation Ruppert had to flee the country. He's recovering in Canada now. But here's a link for everyone:


This is more reliable than some. Then there's his blog:


One should be able to find the break-in info in the archives.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."


Even Alex Jones has admitted that 'peak oil' was/is a hoax.

What I said is that Peak Oil is a distraction. I stand by that.

The science behind diminishing oil/natural gas reserves is not the only question, which many hard core Peak Oil theorists obsess over.

Peak Oil believers too easily dismiss the research of Thomas Gold in his book "The Deep Hot Biosphere"

Even if the entire ethos of Peak Oil is conceded, larger questions loom. Why is the refinery capacity being deliberately sabotaged in order to reduce supply? Why do PO theorists overlook the massive reserves in the Central Caspian and Russia?

Webster Tarpley asks why nobody is considering nuclear energy as an alternative.

Furthermore, why are alternative energy sources being suppressed? For example, look at Sandia's recent discoveries:


Or what about the development of nanotech solar cells and the potential for zero-point or free energy technology? Being familiar with the research of Tesla, I firmly believe that oil and gas technologies were surpassed long ago.

Is there a race to soak up the oil and gas pipelines? Absolutely. But this has as much to do with economics & petrodollar supremacy.

Peak Oil almost inevitably leads to discussions about Malthusian population control, which is usually covered with a thin veneer of altruism, but is really just an excuse for mass genocide. It reeks of the same genocidal alarmist doctrines put forth by Erlich in "The Population Bomb"

Again, even if the Peak Oil advocates are correct, it is only one plank of the larger environmental destruction currently eviscerating water resources & clean air, along with the onslaught of genetically modified crops, weather modification, EMF weapons, etc.

We have much bigger concerns over the next two decades- Namely biometrics, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloning, genetic engineering, brain implants, nanotech weapons, and salvaging what is left of this Constitution. These are just some of the big ones.

I see the oil/gas wars as a function of the dollar collapse more than Peak Oil. But we can disagree, that is fine.

The key is not to become obsessed over any one issue. We need to find where we agree and attempt to save what is left of the planet before a larger world war destroys it.


And lets stay away from petty bickering (unless they deserve it)

I do not call Peak Oil believers "disinfo" or anything like that. There are some "911 Trekkies" who label every Peak Oil researcher as an agent, which is patently absurd.

The way I look at it, we disagree on the nuanced details one small point. If we splinter along these lines, picking every issue and labeling one another, we will destroy ourselves like the Left did during the 60's and 70's.

I save the name-calling for the "911 Trekkies:" The hologram-spacebeam-tvfakery-micronuke provocateurs that are attempting a transparent disruption campaign.


Show "Hey DL..." by Killtown

Yes, I agree.

"I do not call Peak Oil believers "disinfo" or anything like that."

Me either, I should've elaborated, I just think that too many in the truth movement are too easily swayed by the 'neocon' propaganda & their mouthpiece the MSM. Hell, just mentioning the mossad or israel two years ago got you labeled an anti-semite or a 'disinformer'. Altough that hasn't changed, in fact, it's gotten worse.

We can't let puppets/figureheads take the fall for this one. We've got enough evidence on these scum bags to warrant massive, far reaching investigations.

Show "free energy suppression" by Nathan Explosion (not verified)

since when is Alex Jones "all-knowing"?

He's a fear monger. He doesn't offer solutions, only instills a sense of "everything is NOT ok people!!!! Buy Terrorstorm!!!! Subscibe to my website and be scared in High Definition!!!"


911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

Does anyone have an opinion of the film

Oil, Smoke, & Mirrors?

I liked Oil, Smoke & Mirrors..

I do not agree with Alex Jones on everything (like, e.g., I am pro choice - I am just stating this an one example and do not want to start any discussion of this).

I also find credible the stats available support the PO premise and I try to understand the arguments pro/con.

some good sites might be:


and the ASPO newsletter and example (Dec) of which (by Colin Campbell) is

Oh, and on edit, I did like the movie and have begun creating dvd's with both 9/11 Mysteries and Oil, Smoke & Mirrors.
"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.

>>(like, e.g., I am pro

>>(like, e.g., I am pro choice - I am just stating this an one example and do not want to start any discussion of this).<<



I got to steal my laughs where I can in this crazy mixed up world... Least I beat a troll to it.

Happy Christmas, medicis.

Haddy Grimble to you too, Col. Jenny Sparks......

Did I spell that right?

I am, of course, aging myself......

gotta go eat. Someone actually had the temerity to invite me to dinner... so. I am going to be a "useless eater" for a bit.

But a quick comment to ffnews... I agree that we do not want to splinter. We may have slight diffs on some of the history (and I believe the Caspian turned out to be a 'slight' disappointment to oil folks in terms of estimated capacity, etc) ..... but we are in far far greater agreement on most of the substantive issues. And you did a very credible presentation. I knew you were trying to pack a lot in ... and you packed a lot in. Very good. And we ain't gonna get much done to fix the sorry mess our world and country are in by bickering. Merry something to you too.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.

Abrahamson is hot.

In that attractive nerdy-shirt hipster kind of way.

Pointless? Yes, just felt like pointing that out.

Somehow that post makes me nauseous....

Posted all anonymously...

Why do I have this awful feeling that some corpulent 40 year old man posted that comment?



Oh but I agree with anonymous

and I'm not 40 (until May), corpulent, or male. Still, I don't take 'em quite as young as you. Watch out for Col. Jenny Sparks, though...

On a more serious note, I really enjoy FF News on RBN, and I appreciate having a "news round-up" of the material you cover.

I can confirm cass. is not

I can confirm cass. is not corpulent or male. Even if she IS painting me as a cradle-robber... I wait until they're legal! And yeah, Abrahamson IS easy on the eyes. But I agree with DL on this--from an annoying-mouse there's no reference point so you do wonder...

feelin' Foley'd? :-)

911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info


It would be great it that made it into the lexicon -- like "santorum" did. (Google it if you need to.)

That was almost

That was almost single-handedly accomplished by Dan Savage and his sex advice column--so it is possible, but needs to have a bit of zeitgeist behind it. For instance Santorum was being such a homophobic prick and there was this-um-"stuff" looking for a definition. Okay, zietgeist and karma.

"Foleyed" definitly's got the karma going--time will tell.


Wow Daniel, what an ARROGANT, pompous little prick you just proved yourself to be. Holy shit! Talk bout divisive language! If you read my comment a little more carefully, you silly little dork with an ugly haircut, you'd see that I wasn't referring to my article not being posted as much as the fact that you didn't have the decency to respond to my emails. I'm speaking of decency here. Not my "selfish" desires.
I suggest you take a good long look in the mirror and watch how you speak to other human beings. Your work fighting the NWO IS respected, welcomed, and you are hailed as an insightful, well-learned person. HOWEVER...you ego is beyond grotesque. I guarentee you would not have spoken to me in such a manner if we were standing face to face.
Grow some balls you little prick. And you have the nerve to call ME pitiful.
(to the admin: give me negative points if you wish, I'm speaking from the heart and in no way concerns the issue of 9/11 or the NWO, what this is about is Daniel's PEOPLE SKILLS---or the lack of) I fully agree with and support the views of earnest 9/11 truth seekers.

You realize the comment you

You realize the comment you are responding to is near the top of the previous page, don't you chum? Putting it here looks verrryyy confused. And confusing. Something deliberate disrupters sometimes do. Not saying you are one, but it looks ODD.

Just saying.


Good lord. That post was so sad. With comments like "silly little dork" it's amazing you aren't a published author!

What more can I say? You only proved my point with crystal clarity: With the world going to hell, you only care about yourself and obvious lack of self-worth.

Frankly, that is grotesque.


P.S. I would have said that to your face. Even if you called me a "stupid brocoli-head" in response.



I understand where TJ is

I understand where TJ is coming from. I've just discovered you and your paradigm, and I am very very impressed. If you turn out to be right, you are possessing very powerful truth my man. Don't let it go to your head. I'm not saying it has, but accusations like TJ's are not encouraging. Keep doing great work.

well, not everybody can be

well, not everybody can be as cute (in a hobbit kind of way) as you! If you go to his myspace page, in the pics section, he actually refers to himself as "sexy". lol
Very confident behind a microphone, but I'd say very insecure in the dark recesses of his little mind.

The Leftkeepers

Thank you again Mr. FF for your efforts

I am telling everybody in my Veterans circle which is quite huge including 3 states that 911 was engineered by the corrupt regime of bush /cheney
and covered up by the MM.

Many Vets detest the MM anyways so pointin out that the left has been co-opted by the same MM is not such a hard sell..I am encouraging folks to not buy the left mags /shows.
BOYCOTT Nation ,Progressive ,DN ,MO JO ect...

"6. Activist solutions for overcoming the controlled corporate media, Left Gatekeepers, and 911 disinformation artists."

I noticed after the heavy volume of anti-chumsky comments here that lo and behold
annointed chumpsky comes out with an anti-war statement .

HMMM Wonder if his cult told him he was gettin bad press at the forums

nothing better than non-worship of icons to get a lil action.

Show "How old?" by Concrete man (not verified)

Chumsky: 911 doesn't matter

Chomsky: It doesn't matter even if there was a conspiracy about 9-11


Show "Boring" by Concrete man (not verified)

And here come the FBI shills! They even work on Christmas!

Wow, the FBI works even longer hours than UPS!

Well here we have it. A thoughtful dialog on this thread, and then a "random" cretin comes in with insane Nazi rhetoric.

This is the same tactic the FBI used to destroy the Indymedia message boards.

I can't imagine how much your job must bore you...sitting all day in an uncomfortable chair- just some low-life peon throwaway for the FBI who tested poorly on his placement test.

The real agents are out in the field and you are stuck in some dungeon disrupting message boards. In a strange way, I pity you.

One tip: at least get more creative. Your tactics are too dried up to work in the information age.


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The FBI obviously fears 911Blogger

To the random FBI dupe:

Do you realize nobody takes you seriously, beyond the comic relief you provide?

Tell your bosses the whole Nazi-motif thing doesn't work anymore. It's sooooooo 2002. Sure, maybe it worked disrupting the Indymedia boards. But now its outdated like pump sneakers.

Really- during your lunch break you ought to go to your superiors and tell them they need to find a new disruption strategy. Whoever is running the space-beam scam at least is more creative. I guess you got assigned to the lame group.

Pity you.

Pump sneakers?????

I missed that decade--ugh!

Great Job Daniel...

I liked the way you approached Israel.

Here are several more videos from the DC 9/11 Truth event...

Kevin Barrett

Bob Bowman

Webster Tarpley

J. Michael Springmann

The Time For Debate Is Over


great research! finally a presentation that doesn't focus on explosives, plane wreckage, my pet goat, or space beams. are you writing a book, daniel? you really ought to.

Great talk, Dan

You really packed a lot into that. I especially liked the part where you focused on activism and strategies. It would be cool if you focused on that some more on your radio show - more activist guests (the shows with Craig Hill were great), maybe a regular segment of the show devoted to outreach/activism ideas, techniques and strategies.

Looking forward to hearing some new tunes, too.

way to rock the argyle yo

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sorry for the double post

sorry for the double post

How can you double post like

How can you double post like that with several comments in-between ACCIDENTALY?

Don't make me call a "troll alert", sunshine! You may be on DL now--but if this is deliberate, you'll move on to the rest of us given time.


Mmmm....A double-dip of selfishness

Mmmm...the ripe smell of a slow-simmered inferiority complex.

Thanks for the double dip.


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Alright, I'll give you a chance--explain EXACTLY what's wrong with your computer--I've a close friend, she graduated from MIT, computer science, works as an engineer--if it sounds plausable to her, I'll give you a pass. But don't pretend it doesn't look bad.

To DL: notice how your "friend" T.J. Truther is now posting anonymously?

Hope you voted on dz's poll, DL!

Col. Jenny

Well, I clicked "post comment" and nothing happened. I waited a few minutes and tried again. Apparently the first one already did take, but it took longer to appear than it should have. I didn't think it did so I clicked the button again. So it WAS a mistake, and you have my apology.

(TJ Truther)



Well, thanks for appology,

Well, thanks for appology, and all---and thank you for registering--Welcome Aboard!--but usually the problem you're describing manifests as a sequential double post--that is one RIGHT after the other--not with other posts in between. I'll throw it out to the lasses and lads:

Anyone else experience an accidental non-sequential double post?

In the meantime I'll truce this issue, FOR NOW. And you'll be happy know, as a registered user, if this mistake happens again you can go back and edit/delete your post. But you have to do it before someone responds; otherwise you're back to appologizing profusely-WITH NO TETCHYNESS.

So, sorry if I was too hard on you, but you do understand why, right?

Also, just so you're clear,

Also, just so you're clear, when you want to reply to a post, you hit the reply AT THE BEGINING of the post you want to reply to, not near the bottom.

And, at the risk of annoying someone, I took away the -1 because you were sounding reasonable. Yeah, that Jenny CAN be a soft touch...but don't push it.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

Jenny, you seem very cool,

Jenny, you seem very cool, and I assure you I'm a very reasonable person. I have to admit that Daniel succeeded at getting under my skin with his horribly self-riteous attitude, but I still over-reacted...no doubt, and again I apologize to you! Thanks for being understanding and now let's proceed at uncovering the truth of what the global elite is up to!

Solidarity Forever

my favorite speakers

I thought, besides William Rodriguez of course, Webster Tarpley was one of the best speakers at the 9/11 LA conference I attended. Virtually all the time was spent verbally masturbating to the tower theories(imagine if a JFK conference EXCLUSIVELY only covered the jfk headshots...how lame would that be?)

Webster stands to me as one of the most informed and best 9/11 activist speakers alongside
Peter Scott Dale, Sander Hicks and Michael Berger.

I'm still waiting for speakers to really get into the origins of the 9/11 planning and Pakistan's connection as well as the hijackers and KSM origins.

DL seems like a very charasmatic protoge of Webster Tarpley but with his own bird's eye contextual take on things...I say Tarpley protoge, as a lot of the termonology, themes, etc is trademark Tarpley:)

As for Alex Jones, I can't listen to his show as religiously as I used to...it's exciting, epic, and he brings up a lot of very important surpressed stories. I also love his more esoteric views on very taboo subjects.
I am glad he's backed away from his anti gay stuff(sadly John Connor hasnt)

Yes, the elites like to engage in homosexual stuff, but that's not love, that's power play. The elites
are against gay rights and against AIDS research, but they sure love to bone other men and sleep with boys. A vast majority of gay people are in loving committed relationships, and I believe that homophobia like racism is used by the elites to divide people. (Hey forget about Iraq being a mess, them gays are marrying!)

Maybe the pro choice thing is a eugenics plan by evil elites, but to live in a society where the only choice is black market criminals with coat hangers, thats a society we cannot afford to live.

So other than that, and the nonstop plugging, as well as insistence of theories long dispoven,
Alex Jones rocks in my book.

DL... check it

Great presentation... very quick... We are thinking alike on this one... the petrodollar is a huge motivatior.... probably the top motivation..... these people have alot of dollars.... if those dollars tank them so goes many of the investments that they have made.

But if you want my opinion on why the other major countries around the world are not raising a major stink as of yet...even Iran.

It's because they are making out like bandits on this.... the closer to the brink without actually pushing it over the edge.... the better the rewards as far as the $$'s go.

Are they sending a message to the American people or to our government by running joint military exercises.... or are they just playing along...and their message is really for the American people.

Are they trying to send Bush a message that if he tries another stunt... that it's over... or are they in on the game and their trying to get theirs too.

Russia is making a fortune off of oil right now.... from what I hear... they are almost out of debt.... a war would only help their economy...and having no debt.... watch out.

China the same... but they could wage a whole other war on the US.... they hold the fate of the dollar in their hands.... once they have all their factories and infrastructure built... they won't need the dollar any longer.... they could take a huge hit on the dollars they are holding and it would still be cheaper than a war..... Then all they have to is start paying their factory workers a decent wage..... and they will be able to buy their own products.... Sianara America.... China won't need us anymore.... real estate in China will skyrocket... their economy will boom.

I wish our government would see this coming and do their part to help us out first.... I hope they quit publishing the M3 because they are printing ungodly amounts of dollars in which to pay off our National Debt..... the dollars going to take a shit anyways.... at least drop huge ammounts first.
Just roll up to those banks and unload the cash.

When they ask where we got it all.... just tell them "Don't worry bout it."

Oh wait.... the people who print the money are the ones who we owe all the money.... Damn.... How that happen?

the point.... they are all benefiting from this little charade.... Isn't it fun though?

The 9/11 perps are playing poker and have 10,700 nukes as their

hole card, the Russians are playing chess and the Chinese are playing GO.

Everyone is carefully getting out of dollars, as DL noted quite well, and preparing for the end of the US as the dominant world economy. If the perps try another 9/11 event I think that they will write off their dollars and call the game, especially if Cheney tries to nuke Iran.

Everyone knows what happened on 9/11 except a shrinking plurality of the American people. We have to bust the game before the perps try one last bluff and start WW5 (WW3 was the Cold War and we're in WW4 now).

This means that we have to get really active and real smart in the next four months and push 9/11 Truth all the way.

We also need to start thnking about what happens AFTER we bust the perps. The US economy is failing and we will have to make major rapid changes and maintain a semblance of social order while we negotiate with our creditors and restructure our economy to something sustainable. Fortunately, our greatest asset as a country is the creativity, resourcefulness and diversity of our people.

Hope you're all enjoying the holidays because beginning January 2nd we need to kick it into high gear.

We will win this, brothers and sisters, there is no other alternative worth contemplating.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.


I have a plan.... but the people in charge ain't gunna like it!.. because they are rich.... and so are their friends

I need to put the pen to the paper but I have not had time..... it is pretty intense and drastic.... but I thnik it would work.

Problem..... It's not going to benefit the rich..... or the federal reserve.

The plan is probably going to be several pages long.... and it might get me killed :)

I just finished watching

I just finished watching this video and I am absolutely spell-bound. I have read Ruppert and Tarpley and listened to Alex Jones and Hufschmid/Smith -- all of the different groups that have a certain theory or viewpoint. This young man integrates them all! -- which is absolutely key. We have these division wars: oh it was Bush, it was the Israelis, it was Cheney, the CIA, NATO..... It is all of them working in concert! This young man is integrating, people. He integrates the CFR, CIA, Wall Street, Iran, China, Russia, Israel, Bush, Cheney, the Rothschilds, petrodollars, pipelines, the US military, the neocons, electronic voting, illegal immigration, the lies of Giuliani McCain and Hillary, the war in Iraq, the invasion hype of Iran. All of these issues are important, all of them are important individually -- but what is more important than the pieces is the WHOLE. They all fit together in this puzzle Nafeez has come closer to solving than any one of us. And 9/11 is the key, the clinch, the pin that unites and reveals how everything is operating and coming together. I am absolutely amazed. I always knew that Ruppert was on to something, Tarpley was on to something, Alex Jones was on to something, Hufschmid/Smith were on to something. All of them had latched on to some piece of the puzzle.... When we bring all of those pieces together like Nafeez has done, we see what is REALLY going on. We no longer have to see Bush, Cheney, Kissinger, et al as evil minions who worship Satan. We can now view them in this all-encompassing paradigm which does not reduce all of the key players to satanic motives. There IS a global war brewing.... Diplomatic and economic warfare are the primary modes through which tensions are being let out, but guns missiles and nukes will come out if those options fail. We live in a global community here on Earth which has become more integrated than ever ever before. In the 1940s you could have a world war raging, but live in Africa or Mexico and not be affected. This is no longer the case! Our globe is connected economically and militarily as never before.

I am rambling because I'm so energized.... I am just astounded.


Excellent and right on the money....(pun intended. )

Lets go to New Hampshire my friend....the canidates are waiting!Radical Pragmatist