New Film Exposes Bush Administrations Crimes

Intro here:

Beit Shalom Ministries has released their new Documentary called Iraq: The Death of Reason. Here is the first ten minutes of the film. We are offering this DVD for any size donation to raise support for our walk from Denver to DC. In a week or so I will offer it for free on Google video as well. This documentary is HUGE, stocked with much info (2:26 worth) and a great tool for waking up Christians. We use eyewitness accounts of the devastation of Iraq and torture; explore the history of US relationships with Saddam; expose the ignorance of the evangelical leaders; address biblical pacifism and the Christian response to nationalism and the war; speak about depleted uranium and the horror caused by US sanctions; we have congressional testimony and address the common arguments against biblical pacifism. We touch on some 9/11 stuff in a few segments but next month another film 9/11 Birth of Treason with Kevin Barrett, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Michael Wolsey and others will be released as well. This film will help open Christians up to the fact the Bush Administration are liars. This is why we chose to release it first.