Chomsky: "It Doesn't Matter Even If There Was A Conspiracy Behind 911"

Chomsky: It Doesn't Matter
Even If There Was A
Conspiracy Behind 911

By Jeffrey Blankfort

I don't usually send videos to my list but this short clip of Noam Chomsky being interviewed re 9-11 is very revealing in which he says, referring to what critics of the official narrative allege, "what does it matter even if it was true, it wouldn't be significant?" He then refers back to the assassination of JFK in which he still insists that the assassin was Oswald, with the nonsensical comment that "people get killed all the time."

Add to this his routine dismissal of the role of the Jewish lobby in shaping US Middle East policy and it is easy to understand why he is known as the "Chief Gatekeeper."

Will he debate anyone on these issues? Of course, not. He prefers opponents like Alan Dershowitz who is guaranteed not to raise any important issues that Chomsky cannot counter. In this 4 minute clip, he speaks about coincidences that can't be explained but it would be nice if he would explain how it was that the 8000 page Patriot Act was already written, printed, and ready to be sent to Congress immediately after 9-11 when, before the event, there would have been no chance of its passage. Another coincidence?

Noam Chomsky: Controlled Asset of the New World Order

Where Noam will not roam: Chomsky manufactures consent by supporting the official stories of 9/11 and JFK

Life of Brian

Chomsky is not the enemy. Our own personal silence to others around us is. Don't wait for Noam or Keith or anyone else to speak the truth. Speak it yourself.

These movements always gravitate towards idolatry. As Alex Jones says, "make your own web site, start your own radio program et . . ."

We are the media and as my friend Kenny used to say, "Daylight's a burnin'"



In this video, Noam Chomsky has disgraced himself.

He did that long time ago.

I like this video. He comes across as a very irrational little individual.

And this guy is an icon for the left!!!!!!

This old geezer has lost his mind

The Rude Whisperer is over the edge. His nonsensical response was mostly gibberish and blanketed statements without any support, like "this could never have happened." What in the world does that mean? He sounds like somebody on auto-pilot and spewing out of his ass. This guy has been simply getting paid for blabbing his mouth off for far too long. To top it all off and seal his insanity is his statement that even if 911 was an inside job, "who cares," he said. Okay, Noam, you can roll over and di* and catch up with your brain which has already left you, your time with all of us on earth is up. Ultimately, I say who cares about some old geezer who never managed to have any of his ideas actually be implemented; he's been a lifelong hollow drum of ideas.

I find it impossible

to believe that anyone not insane could say that "even if it was a conspiracy who cares".
So to him it doesn't matter at all that the majority of the current administration, the Neofascist cabal that stole 2 elections has in fact MURDERED almost 3000 American citizens in cold blood?

That would be clearly the babbling of someone totally insane or a disinfo freak, take your pick.


Clearly, insane in the membrane.


The irony of your comments (my reaction that is) is off the charts. Had you said this to me in person 10 years ago, I would have fought to control my anger towards you. But now? When trying to wake people up to the reality of 9/11/01 I feel like I'm talking to deaf dumb and blind people. How is it possible that the author of "Turning The Tide" and "Deterring Democracy", etc can spew the garbage I just saw on that video?! In short, your comments are right on the money. That is SO depressing, but I think an earlier response (concerning Alex Jones: forget idolatry, lets start our own radio shows, internet sites) is very much the answer to this. Speaking of which, I just started as a volunteer DJ at a college radio station. 1 to 2 hours each Thursday and Friday morning are dedicated to 9/11 so send me any link to those audios/videos you think worthwhile

Agreed, Noam Chomsky shows his complete moral bankrupcy here

If I were in the audience I would've stood up and told him he was a disgrace as a human being, devoid of any intellectual honesty whatsoever and walked out.

His only defensible excuse is that he is going senile and just can't articulate a better line of gatekeeping.


We need to dog him and throw these words in his face every chance we get along with all the other disgraceful gatekeepers.

And to think that I once held Chomsky in high esteem. Makes my skin crawl now.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

a bit loose with his language

well....chomsky is a bit loose with his lanaguage in this clip.....the "who cares?" bit is cold.

I think (hope) what he means to convey is "Even if the stories about it being planned by the US are true, its just another, if large and callous, example of lies told to us everyday"

The reason im attracted to Chomsky's view is because he's quite the rationalist., The chances of it being true are unfeasibly small. And I think his point is,. there a bigger lies - more 'provable' - right in front of us every day.

increase the peace. love & strength to the victims.

Show "Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser" by Amanda Reconwith
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I completely agree with your comment. We cant let Chomsky hinder our goal of truth and justice for the victims of 9/11. We are the ones we've been waiting for, not Chomsky or anybody else.

Chomsky & all gatekeepers really are enemies of 9/11 truth, IMO


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people, people...

As someone wrote earlier, Chomsky is not the enemy. This guy's writings are the reason I got to the point I am today, of questioning everything. His volumes on elite control of media ownership, and history itself, as the fuel of empire are very valuable to anyone trying to understand this world. He's part of the solution.

As far as his comments on 9/11, we must understand what he meant. He has said numerous times on this subject that, one doesn't have to prove a conspiracy behind 9/11 to understand the cold murderous nature of those who enslave all of us. They have done enough, minus 9/11 to justify trial and imprisonment for crimes against humanity.

I don't understand the venom for someone who has contributed enourmously to exposing the same fundamental truths as the 9/11 truth movement.

Chomsky is not the enemy - Agreed

Although Chomsky doesnt believe that 9/11 was an inside job, he helps people generally understand the ruthlessness behind governments.

I wish he would speak out on 9/11 truth, but we can't call him the enemy just because of his one outrageous viewpoint. He enables people to expand their consciousness to understand that our government could possibly do such a horrific thing.

Lets stop the personal attacks.... They dont help our movement. They allow outsiders to look at us and say, "Look at all these crazy conspiracy theorists, they cant even get along with each other!" Just like they did with JFK Truthers.

this comment from you speaks

this comment from you speaks volumes:"He enables people to expand their consciousness to understand that our government could possibly do such a horrific thing."

he also enables(and encourages) people to shut their minds down when confronted with evidence of a false flag operation or an assassination. that is the whole point, to get peoples trust and to abuse it when the time comes. he is abusing the trust of all of his cult like followers by not only saying there is no validity to 9/11 truth, but going out of his way to attack the cause. Noam Chomsky is a bastard, im so sick of people making excuses for this man. enough. i would be happy if i never heard Chomskys name again, but the man has real power and influence in leftwing circles(did you notice Jello Biafari(sp?) recently said something like "im with Chomsky on this one" in regards to 9/11?) and THAT is precisely why he needs to be attacked/exposed. Chomsky is a coward. thats not name calling, thats just the truth.

Name Calling

Hey Bud,

YOUR use of language speaks volumes... calling Chomsky a "bastard" and a "coward" doesnt help your argument. Actually, it weakens the point you are making, and I actually think you make some very good points.

hey bud, im sorry that

hey bud, im sorry that "bastard" and "coward" is enough to derail you. i'll try and watch my language in the future. and its not name calling if thats how i truly feel. i feel that Chomsky is being a coward and his motives are less than pure. maybe calling him a bastard was a bit much but this is a message board/website and i honestly didnt think it would be such an issue. jesus christ man, lighten up.

9/11 no matter

If 9/11 no matter, than next they will nuke New York,
it also will be no matter for Chomsky

Chomsky paid by the pentagon

If you really look into Chomsky you will find out he's paid by the Pentagon. Therefore he's going to feed the "left" thinkers lies that agree with the government. He's one of them!


Noam when will you learn?

Um, "It does not matter"? Not like it wouldn't be the story of the century, effectively turning all public opinion against the war and sparking a new american revolution. No, that would not matter.

Chomsky rambles on for minutes about his disbelief of a 9-11 inside job, yet fails to mention any specifics. No building 7, no pre-collapse explosions, no "put options", no PNAC, no nothing. Yet, he claims the evidence is poor!

Then again, Chomsky would not want to counter his main 9-11 argument, published in his book "9-11", that the attacks were effectively blowback. If 9-11 truth were revealed, that book would look a bit silly, now wouldn't it?


On one hand he says that it "doesn't have any significance" and "who cares" even if there was a conspiracy, and on the other hand he says if they were caught for such a crime they'd be put in front of a firing squad and that would the end of the Republican party. Are we meant to believe that Chomsky doesn't care one way or another about the potential elimination of the GOP?

More than anything he sounds totally ignorant and oblivious to any actual information, so I wouldn't be surprised if he really doesn't give a shit. All this liberal intellectual crap I think is just an elaborate ploy that ensures his dick still gets sucked occasionally...

Noam's Number is Up

You got this old geezer's number. He's not fooling anybody but his group of worshippers.

Noam/Cockburn are keeping the gate of their own status

as intellectuals standing up to the elite. Obviously, that is a sham. They just care about going to dinner parties and everyone wanting to talk to them because they are inconoclasts. If the orgy of truth about 9/11 continues like it is going, they know they are cooked. Their opinions will be the norm. That will be the end of their careers. They were never the type to jump on a bandwagon. I almost understand. Afterall, the people shouting "Bush did 9/11" are easily perceivable as dumbasses. 9/11 was not really an inside job. It was an inside/outside/upside/downside job. This wasn't just the CIA - it was rogue groups from all over -MI6, Mossad, ISI, Saudi. It was complicated. It was big defense industry. It was worldwide. Bush probably had no role other than being a moron who didn't see what was happening. Personally, I think the forces behind 9/11 were gonna stage an assassination of Bush, or actually do it -- on camera in the schoolhouse. The point is, we really don't know. But what we can agree on is the official story is crap. And people like Chumsky and Cockburn know its so deep that they don't want to express any opinion on it whatsoever until the truth comes out. The difference between he and I is that A) I don't give a sh!t about my status as an intellectual and B) I DO care about seeking justice for the mass murder of 3000 of my fellow citizens (and friends of friends). So FUCK YOU, Noam.

"Bush probably had no role

"Bush probably had no role other than being a moron who didn't see what was happening."

Bush is a "useful idiot" for "Al-qaeda".

The "terrorists" not only lured him into Afghanistan to fight a guerilla war that cannot be won, but Iraq too, and now "they" will lure him into Iran so he can show the world just what kind of useful idiot he is.

The "terrorists" are slowly draining the American taxpayer and bleeding the military drop by drop.

George Washington knew he didn't have to defeat the empire, he just had to make sure he didn't lose.

The king of england was a useful idiot for American revolutionaries, bush is a useful idiot for "the terrorists".

I wonder if the "terrorists" will dupe the democrats into picking another useful idiot who can "manage and fight a more sensitive war on terror".

oooohh that was brilliant

mind if I read that over the air on my radio show?



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You use caps so much that I really can't picture you being any older than 14. What's the deal?

Are you studying me?

"You use caps so much"

Hmmmm...Funny how you can't even be a MAN and post under your real name...

Second...go look back at my blog entries Mr. anon voice from the darkness of idiocy and most of them are not in caps. I DO IF FOR A REASON.

"What's the deal?" What's your deal?...Well, I can tell that by posting with a paper bag on your head that you are a member here, but most likely a shill.

I noticed a recent vote that if I remember correctly about 90% of members on this site were FOR BANNING ANONYMOUS POSTS...BYE BYE

Now you will be forced to post under your real name...In fact this is most likely bob low blow anyway.

Actually, it's 90 total

Actually, it's 90 total votes(as of whenever you looked) with 76% for banning anonymous posts--but your point still stands.

Bert, Ernie and Grover--your trolling days will soon be over!

24%/76% sounds about right for the

number of shill/truther ratio

Remember some of that 24%

Remember some of that 24% aren't shills--I'd say a couple of "yes"'s are just a bit naive about how bad it is, and most of the undecided's are really undecided.

Still, after the annoying-mice are banned, as a follow up I think the sincere "yes"'s and undecided's should have a chance to share their ideas on how to make unregistered use fair without being troll-sensitive.

That's me.


yeah I'm a shill... you got me.

The fact that you and Jenny freak out about anonymous posters all the time cracks me up. Some of us have perfectly good reasons for not posting under a name (public figure, security clearance, super- secret infiltration plan, etc.). I won't tell you what mine is, but I can assure you I'm no shill - I just get ticked off by teenagers who post rants on this site with the caps lock key pressed half the time. Definitely not the kinda of stuff that will build credibility in the movement...


>The fact that you and Jenny freak out about anonymous posters all the time cracks me up.<

LOL to you! You're not paying attention are you, sunbeam, or you'd know Chris, Jon, img., cass. and more--in fact 76% of the 92 now who've voted are WAY under impressed with annoying-mice. If you'd all behaved you wouldn't be in that boat what's about to be scuttled.

And you 'tude, mate--tres a la troll! Enjoy your time left...

"Bugger this; I want a better world."


"I just get ticked off by teenagers who post rants on this site with the caps lock key pressed half the time. "

First of all if you would have read my blog posts you would understand that I am most likely older than you.

You're a troll/shill...bottom line. You talk crap, but yet if you are posting anon, it still recordes your IP address so you are lying. You just don't want to post under your name because you are playing both sides.


P.S. Also, you're an idiot.


"Some of us have perfectly good reasons for not posting under a name"

Yea, because you don't want to have your inflamatory posts linked back to your user name.

And you said this...

"(public figure, security clearance, super- secret infiltration plan, etc.). "

The only public figure you are is "villiage Idiot"
The only security clearance you have is the 4 digit pin number on your bank card
The only infiltration plan you have is to infiltrate the 9/11 truth movement and spread lies.



You can't figure out how to register here and maintain an identity firewall? Does "Hotmail" mean anything to you? Or "Gmail"?

There is no excuse for not at least choosing a consistent unverified alias. Anonymous posters are a pain in the ass.

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the problem with the leftkeeprs is their silence is deafening .one should expect better from them but
thier silence only accentuates the false dualism that is the status quo in Wash DC.

they can party hearty and get their adoring fans
to absorb the non-worshippers.

meanwhile the USA is slowly suffocating under the elites police state and the left covers it with sweet lullabys about the next group suffering
from the elites policies that they cover for..

I do agree that the answer is within .

The race is not to the bottom .
the real action is finding the way out of the matrix and 911 could be a path

"Add to this his routine

"Add to this his routine dismissal of the role of the Jewish lobby in shaping US Middle East policy"

Um, you mean the Israeli lobby? BTW, Chomsky has not dismissed the role of the Israeli lobby, he has merely stated that there are other powerful lobbies as well, such as the oil lobby; therefore the Israeli lobby should not be looked upon as the sole agent of influence in the United States government. This is not something some people like to hear, however. They prefer a simplistic "jews run everything!" analysis in which complex phenemona can be reduced to black and white.

"Chomsky; controlled asset of the New World Order".

That article is complete garbage and full of misrepresentations and outright lies. 911blogger should be embarassed to have this crapola on the front page.

Look: Chomsky, like plenty of other people (in fact nearly everyone in the public spotlight, save a few brave souls) has bitched out on 911 and should be criticized. But we do the movement no favours by sinking to the level of the neocons and engaging in this type of slander/anti-semitism.


The Jewish fascist agenda is probably completely encompassed by the agenda of the fascists who dream of a New World Order. These fascist Jews have betrayed their fellow Jews and the rest of the world, and are still (remember the Russian revolution?) used as buffering shield by the real players of today.

Terms like Zionism (which consists af various forms of Israelian nationalism) or the Israel lobby are too vague IMO.

Also read about these Pro-Israel organizations (and study their ties to the CFR and other imperial / capitalistic think-tanks): (AIPAC) (ADL)

Show "the Jewish Lobby" by Commie Goldsteinburg (not verified)


The 9/11 Truth word of the day is:


1]Philosophy A movement consisting of varying but associated theories, originally developed by Charles S. Peirce and William James and distinguished by the doctrine that the meaning of an idea or a proposition lies in its observable practical consequences.
2]A practical, matter-of-fact way of approaching or assessing situations or of solving problems. "


Well put dbeach

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

>"what does it matter even

>"what does it matter even if it was true, it wouldn't be significant?"
"people get killed all the time."<

More words of wisdom from ascended master Koan Chomsky.

You do not understand, grasshoppers? Remember the sound of wind will never be heard by those who do not listen--and what you know, is the unknown, that can never be known--wax on, wax off...

study the movie

Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

Bonus Word!!!


American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source in·ure also en·ure (ĭn-yr') Pronunciation Key
tr.v. in·ured also en·ured, in·ur·ing also en·ur·ing, in·ures also en·ures

To habituate to something undesirable, especially by prolonged subjection; accustom: "Though the food became no more palatable, he soon became sufficiently inured to it" (John Barth).

Cute. Believe it or not,


Believe it or not, I've a very good vocabulary--read Hamlet three times for fun--but "inured" is a very good way to describe Gnome's cluelessness. Still, from someone who knows "conspiracy theory" is a term used to shut people up, it's still baffling. I understand breaking frames is hard--but if mass murder doesn't do it for you, what the bloody hell will? How bad does it have to get before he gets on board?

That's it...

Gnome Chumpsky



9/11 is the basis for the "new world order"

Let's face it--he is probably being forced/threatened to utter this nonsense.

Why else would he take such an absurd position?

9/11 is the basis for everything. It's evidence of a larger cancer festering beneath the surface. If we don't do something about it now, it will just be the beginning.

"Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."
David Rockefeller, Memoirs, page 405

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."
David Rockefeller, at a 1991 Bilderberger meeting

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."

---David Rockefeller
“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

"Process of Transformation"

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."

---David Rockefeller

Was it Jon Gold who mentioned on Kevin Barrett's radio show that this phrase was in PNAC's "Rebuilding America's Defenses" 26 TIMES!? 26! Think they wanted to emphasize it?

And here is Rockefeller using "transformation"....and I've seen it used recently elsewhere by someone on the globalists side, but I can't recall offhand...

Yeah, America will be "transformed" all right, transformed to a 3rd world country where we all are locked into low-paying service jobs....and economic mobility and the American Dream are dead.

:sigh: ive spent so much

:sigh: ive spent so much energy blasting this man, im so sick of it honestly. go away Noam, you are nothing.

Breaking News: More


Give a man credible information, discredit the man, and thus the information he delivers.


Senator jay Rockefeller says they "found no evidence" that Able Danger identified Atta before 9-11.

This is like the NIST saying they found no evidence of molten metal in the basements. Did they havetheir hands over thier eyes?

Did Rockefeller interview Shaffer? See Patriots for Truth. He swore that he knew Atta pre 9-11. Is that not evidence at all? Rockefeller's answer: Well, 20+ year intelligence experts were confused by so many Attas and Mohameds and guys that looked like Atta.


Or maybe there was more than one, more than two, Attas?

But to say they found no evidence is an insufferable lie.

from the smirking chimp

An snippet from
An Interview with Jason Miller

I recently had the privilege of conducting a “cyber interview” with one of the preeminent domestic critics of the American Empire. Despite his relatively recent start, Stephen Lendman has rapidly become one of the most ubiquitous and well-respected chroniclers of truth in the alternative media community. Asserting unflinching support for social democracy, Hugo Chavez, and the countless victims of US foreign and domestic policy, Lendman has penned a growing stack of essays assailing the brutality of American Capitalism and the genocidal crimes of unbridled United States militarism.

What are your views on 9/11?

"I absolutely agree with people like David Ray Griffin that either the Bush administration knew in advance about the 9/11 attack and did nothing to prevent it or their operatives actually were behind it. Unlike Chomsky, who thinks it's near impossible the Bush administration was behind it because if it had been someone high up enough would have leaked the truth by now. I think that hasn't happened (yet) out of fear of retribution, including to the families of those involved, but one day maybe it will be.

Frankly, I don't know or care who was on those planes any more than I care who pulled the triggers killing JFK, RFK or MLK. I only care who ordered the "hits." Paid assassins are a dime a dozen. It's the paymasters and their motives that matter. In the case of 9/11, the Neocons tipped their hand well in advance in their Project for a New American Century think tank document called Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces and Resources for a New Century that was and is an imperial grand strategy for US global dominance to extend well into the future to be enforced with unchallengeable military power. In the document they practically preordained the future saying to pull this scheme off they needed a "new Pearl Harbor," and they'd hardly settled into high administration positions before, low and behold, their fondest wish came true - happenstance or a little advance planning? I made my choice."

CIA Rodents Leaping to Alternative Floating Vessels,&ArchiveDays=100

Tyler Drumheller, Author, “On The Brink” & Former CIA European Division Chief
Tyler Drumheller, Former CIA European Division Chief talks about U.S. intelligence and the Iraq War, which is the subject of his book, “On The Brink: An Insider’s Account Of How The White House Compromised American Intelligence.” He retired in 2005 after a 26-year career in the CIA.
12/26/2006: WASHINGTON, DC: 55 min.


It wouldn't be significant?

How many books have you written?

I can think of a hundred things to say here.... I don't even know where to start.

As I look back on history... I can think of very few single events that hold the weight of 9/11. This event is the end all.

the nsessary event needed to set up all the things of which we are all aware.

The next event will be important to ice the cake.... but it was 9/11 that baked it.

Where would this world be right now if 9/11 never happened...Noam?

Where is this world headed? Our Country? Our Freedom...the thing we insist we are bringing to Iraq and the reason that all terrorists hate us?

Will the war be over when all our freedoms are gone?

How long will we have to endure untill our government gives them back to us?

What will the terroirst do if and when they do give us our freedom back?

you got me Noam.... please explain the lack of significance?

9/11 Truth Is Our Litmus Test

9/11 truth is our litmus test and like so many American institutions -- of whatever political, philosophical or religious stripe -- Noam Chomsky has not past that test. He is in august company as NO, government or military agency, no political organization or academic institution or professional organization of any kind has stood up in opposition to the lies of 9/11. Everyone is hoping this tar baby will go away and leave them in peace; hoping that WE who can see through the lies will eventually just give up in utter frustration and STFU. We're not gonna and that is going to be a growing problem for them, no matter how long they keep this tied up in a gunny sack and buried in the closet of social concience. The future will not be like the past and with 9/11 Truth we will overthrow the old world of trust in social edifices which have not only failed us, but led us onto a path of near global devastation. Hold onto your hats; this ride is going to get bumpy.

Thank you for that Painter,

Thank you for that Painter, I totally agree. We're entering perhaps the darkest times of the modern age. I believe we're now at the closing of an era. 9/11 IS the end-all and be-all of current events, and when it comes to deciphering who's "with us" vs. who's "against us", it does indeed serve as the ultimate litmus test. Reminds me of John Carpenter's "The Thing" toward the end of the film when the blood is being tested to see who is an alien and who is an actual human.

Has anyone here read Barry Zwicker's "Towers of Deception"?

Chomsky's not stupid, so he

Chomsky's not stupid, so he must be a disinfo agent. He says there was no conspiracy to murder Kennedy either. Nonsense. The man no ,longer has any credibility with me.

towers of deception page 223

On this page we find a diagram of the funding sources of the "phony left media." Its all you need to know about why the left gatekeepers are so dangerous. By the way, Barrie Zwicker has spelled it out in this volume shall we say, persuasively>

chomsky is a crazy old

chomsky is a crazy old fucker.carve himup for dog meat.pseduo intellectual asshole

>Has anyone here read Barry

>Has anyone here read Barry Zwicker's "Towers of Deception"?<

Excellent book, though I'm only halfway through it. And I recomend the DVD that goes with it. Good find.

Hope you got your computer sorted out.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Towers of Deception is an excellent book and should be on every

Truther's shelf.

I especially liked the chapters on leftgatekeepers and the psychological aspects of 9/11.

Zwicker is also very good on tv, I wish we'd see more of him as he is an excellent spokesperson for 9/11 Truth.

We ARE winning, brothers and sisters.

I hope that you all are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Chomsky plays dead on 9/11 subject matter.

By not discussing the specific evidence and claiming the general idea of Government complicity "unbelievable" he safely eludes responsibility for a proper analysis. This leaves him in what he percieves to be good company- if the truth does come out he knows that officially many people in the U.S. were fooled and thus he will not stand out.

To advance the meme that our country is goverened by monsters(the bottom line) is too great a leap for most professors to make, including a much revered academic. This kind of move is reserved for the true greats such as Socrates, Griffin, Jones etc.. .

If anybody really thinks about it, the idea that we are and have been manipulated by true monsters would be too much for the national psyche to bear-what are you going to tell the kids let alone yourselves. Chomsky realizes that it is easier to lie to oneself on this subject matter and thus his extremely weak presentation on this video.


"Chomsky realizes that it is easier to lie to oneself on this subject matter..."

It seems to me the easier rode is simply to STFU. It floors me that he chooses to go out an go on record with this utter nonsense!!!

I mean this is the age of YouTube. Our words have a permanency unlike at any other time in human history. Especially words spoken on video!

More people will have heard his words than have ever read his books. WE the Truthers will never let him live this down! The fact that he would piss on JFK's grave while dismissing the 9/11 Truth movement all in one fell swoop utterly floors me!

This man is worthy of [SELF CENSORED]. His words are like verbal rabies. I think I need a shot!

Fact is Chomsky did talk about 9/11

So Chris I think my analysis is accurate and sober while yours dabbles in an hypothetical. Chomsky loves the sound of his own voice and has many emails pleading for some droppings.

9/11 has lifted the veil

One of the most important things to come out of September 11th, the cover up, the complicity and the media war, is to expose the false left opposition.

Most of the "left" infrastructure is compromised. It works for the same masters as the government it purports to criticize. It was George Orwell who showed how this works in one of the most illustrative novels of modern times, 1984.

The totalitarian state (and those that aspire to totalitarianism) control both sides. They sponsor opposition forces to lead the dissenters astray. It was just this condition that led to Winston Smith's demise.

Now in the real world, we are seeing what Orwell's ideas have progressed into. The fake left has ties to CIA funding. This is documented, in that the foundations that give large checks to many of these outlets also receive large checks from CIA as well as right wing ideologues.

This was the status quo until 9/11 exposed the naked control, the self-censorship that this compromised opposition imposes upon itself. Now it has turned from censorship to outright attack and assault against people who seek the truth. The old guard left establishment cannot be trusted, and now millions can see it.

Orwell should be the "man of hte century" for THIS century...

Crimes of the State Blog


seeing the PTB use the dominoe effect in wars .
911 as the LARGEST dominoe in US History the gift that keeps giving to the DC pols and the secret squirrels behind em.

Bush knew something was gonna happen BIGTIME to ensure his pResidency. Poppy O and his shifty gangs have long bailed W out of his privleged mischief.
.So W becomes a very minor player .
Cheny is in on it BIGTIME {An officially recognized fave
quote from the VP }

911 hit's. W acts his usual coked up self and cheny salivates at the blod offering and the Hallbutton 401
profits {up 300 %}

Chumsky and the leftkeeprs always quick to make a buck and grab more fans..know this is the dream come true .To be part of the MM and the cover up
and count those dollars..
In the end chumsky ..amy good liar and the rest will be used up by the big players just like the chump change they have become.


Did all of you get his book to read in school, that freaks me out, all the people I know have seemed to.

Noam Chomsky view point

Noam Chomsky can say whatever he wants, but bottom line is the government let 911 happen.
Or, everyone responsible for our safety was brain dead on 911.
And 911 has never treated as a crime

Show "Ask yourselves this" by Anonymous (not verified)

one mans pragmatist is

one mans pragmatist is another mans coward.

So, Chris, with that

So, Chris, with that statement, are we to surmise that machismo ranks high on your list of psychological disorders?

One persons cynicism is anothers realism.


Such an anarchist???

This guy is a safety valve.... People do not like government and he plays to those people.... but he keeps these people who are pissed enough to read his books in a state where these people appeased that there is someone who is writing to their concerns.

But his writings sedate them.... he keeps them just short of the point of doing something about their concerns..... actual anarchy would end Chomskys comfortable little world.

9/11 would send his followers furter than he is willing to allow them to go.

im sorry "Anonymous"(fucking

im sorry "Anonymous"(fucking coward by the way) i didnt know we had a Chomsky groupie with us. didnt mean to offend you.

get a name and then we can

get a name and then we can debate Chomsky and his motives. all you did there was make excuses for him just like all his other cult like followers do. check Noam's history. it becomes pretty obvious what hes about. just protecting his family? by lashing out at, not just staying silent on false flags and assassinations? he goes out of his way. give me a break, you dont really believe hes that noble.

"Ask yourself this"

I agree that Chomsky should not be accused of being a "shill" or "gatekeeper." On the other hand, if he knows so much about 9/11 as you suggest, then he is either disappointedly obtuse about this issue, which is just my opinion based on my view of the same facts, or he is lying. If he is being pragmatic or is just scared, then he should keep his mouth shut. Chomsky is widely known and respected by many who do not think 9/11 was an inside job. His opinion does matter, and if it is not his true opinion, he is being unethical.

Venomous Hate-Spewers the ones at this blog are one of the primary reasons why those who browse blog aren't inclined to post. Kool-Aid drinking a la psychologic projection is clearly a troublesome dilemma with all walks of people, not just the rabid right. So, Ningen, I thank you for a sound response.

In response to your questions, I'm afraid I have no personal insight into Chomsky's motives, and, to reiterate, don't see how his view of 9/11 has any significant impact. Instead of viciously assigning enormous heaps of blame on him or Goodman - who, incidentally, I watched give credit to the 9/11 Truth Movement on C-SPAN's W.J. - some of these haters should instead focus on spreading the word to the other three hundred million...afterall, it's the PEOPLE'S rep democracy, and since they're the ones who need to stand up for it, provided it even matters to them.....follow? Chomsky or Goodman or whoever can't get that job done, even if they shouted "9/11 was an inside job" from the rooftop daily.

Tell me, which major media outlet is going to be there to cover it if they did, and which high level programmers are going to ensure that the 24/7 "news" cycle will continuously repeat it often enough to 'take' within the brainwashed populace? Exactly. Chomsky's "followers" don't even amount to a drop in the proverbial bucket, which leads me to believe that all of the hatred ramped up against him is stemming from another place altogether. Each should therefore be more concerned with their own honesty and "nobility" before crusading against another's.

Who rules the Rulers?

Who is the spider at the very center of the web? Who are those who rule the Rulers? Here is a clue:

"The Truth shall set you free"

Re: Who rules the Rulers?

PS: As mentioned in the above post - the information in the link I provided is only a clue. In my opinion there is a significant amount of interesting material but I can't say I have verified all of it. There could be some material on that site which could be regarded as anti-semetic.

"The Truth shall set you free"

9/11 Truth Is Our Litmus Test

Well said Painter,

We are on to them and we're not going to go away!

Noam Chomsky is a Jesuit coadjutor

Noam Chomsky is a Jesuit coadjutor, no negative moderating will change that.

Instead the stupid moderation (aka censorship) is very telling about

Other Jesuit coadjutors:
# Alex Jones
- He has consistently refused to discuss the Jesuits Order involvement in political history
- Is he being paid and directed by ABC via GCN? If so, why does ABC do this?
- See also his interview with Pat Buchanan:
# Oliver Stone
# Mel Gibson
# Martin Sheen
# Charlie Sheen
# John Loftus
# Tupper Saussy
# Jeff Rense
# David Icke (not sure, but he never mentions the true history of the Jesuit Order and the Vatican in his presentations)

Talk about desperate

Talk about desperate attempts to undermine a movement! Jesuit? Well, I guess when space-aliens and holograms fail, they have to resort to Plan R. Or is it even further down the alphabet by now?

Try responding with arguments


I'm not trying to undermine anything, just pointing to interesting aspects about Noam Chomsky and other Jesuit fanboys. Evaluate some of this for yourself. The world is a complex place.

Do you know of the (now forgotten) history of the expulsion of Jesuits because of their treason against European nations (and the Black Pope)?

Eg. ask yourself why freedom of speech is only allowed for some Catholic institutions in Cuba?
Could it be because Cuba is a Jesuit state, with Fidel Castro being a member of the Knights of Malta Vatican society?

More proof about the crimes of Jesuits at:


Brend- nice try. Yeah I am really sure ABC is "paying Alex Jones". Hey, get registered mr. hologram plane disinfo shill.

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

Abby, I don't believe in the


I don't believe in the stupid hologram theory, because I can think for myself. Try refuting my claims with evidence and real arguments, instead of simplistic personal attacks.

Learn about the Roman empire, the renaissance, the reformation, the counter-reformation, the imperialistic wars, and the rise of global fascism. These things are all related.

Even if the Jesuit theory is

Even if the Jesuit theory is true, I think we have enough on our plate to deal with already without making the waters even more murky. We're dealing with one thing: bringing the masterminds of 9/11 to justice. Not the ever-expanding intricacies of who may have been semi-involved behind the scenes. Keep it as simple as possible. On the 9/ site there's a new article that focuses on one simple acromym: GUILT.


The most important thing now is to get the media-blackout to end, by sheer people support (websites, comments, podcasts, independent films, etc). I'm doing my bit with that also.

However, the world's secret societies (and our ignorance of them) need to get much more scrutiny than they do know.

I was just pointing out what my view is of Noam Chomsky strange non-scientific 9/11 position. He's covering something up. My theory is he and other Jesuit coadjutors (and other secret societies) are trying to steer the blame away from those that are the masterminds behind 9/11 (Rockefeller family/mob, the military industrial complex, the CIA, The Big 5 oil companies, Saudi-Arabia/OPEC, the Pakistan ISI proxy, etc.) and many other atrocities in the past decades.

We know 9/11 was an inside job, we proved most of it. Know lets also look at all the motives and the real initiators.

Just my opinion.


AJ has been accused of lots of stuff but ABC ??
DUNNO about that one ??
The Jesuits stuff is a deep bunny hole .
that Erick Phelphs has been researching the Jesuits for yrs..
Now that dont make it real but check this out :
The Diem brothers were assassinated in a CIA coup in summer of 1963 as JFK { My Hero } was considering more troops .
JFK liked the special ops thing Green Berets and lots of advisers. I read that the Jesuits hit JFK cuz he broke some oath that one Catholic leader does NOT knock off another

Of course this is a rumour but the whole JFK 911 crimes have the same signatures.

British M-5 .. Mossad ..FBI Denver and rogue Bush elements of the Various intell agencies .
the signatures are the same .
Criminals hide in plane sight.


Alex Jones does not get paid by ABC!

One of his internet servers is owned by ABC... or his radio broadcast id bounced off of one of their satellites... something like that.... but he is not paid by ABC

He's explained this before on his show.... he's not exactly sure where that rumor started but it's not true.

Even if he was.... what would it matter exactly?

'welcome to the ussa' by ryan dawson

order it today
although he included typos in it, it's a great book packed with real info, not illuminati or david icke bs. it's written in a very readable, sometimes entertaining fashion, or to put it in other words, the antithesis of chomsky's sufferable tomes. seriously, buy this book if you want a concise history lesson leading up to 911 and what has gone on since.

Well, I don't agree with him...

I don't really agree with the guy regarding "who cares", but I personally am not obsessing over what happened on 9/11. I am very concerned with stopping what is coming, so it is important to investigate and learn as much as possible about 9/11, but not be blind to the rest of the story because of it.

Note: I am not calling any of y'all blind or obsessed :P These were general comments related to my own handling of these matters :)


The reason we are focusing

The reason we are focusing so extensively on 9/11 truth is because if the real perpetrators of those terrorist acts are exposed for the world to see, it'll be the end of their reign over all of us. That's why 9/11 truth has been called the "grandfather issue" of our time. It has the power to end the rule of the global power structure. Some have said that 9/11 truth is the achielles heal of the neo-con agenda. That's why the left gatekeepers are such a diabolically serious nuissance for us (and justice, as they are literally obstructing it). Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman are more serious obstacles than we are giving them credit for.


Gnome Chumsky {great name} and Amy Goodliar are
in on it..

The nature of this crime is the planning goes back to the 1970s..and evrybody gotta piece of the action.

They are willingly allowing the Nazi fascist elite overthrow of the US constituion and Govt by the people
in exchange for their prize...that is to live through the next few yrs planned false flags and live in comfort and style.

They have become part of the problem.

the players have been put in place for yrs
now they wait for the spoils of war unless the Truthies can spoil their plans

911, why it happened, why

911, why it happened, why it's being ignored, and who did it,--undrestanding all this is intrinsic to preventing hell on earth--or as you say "what is coming". That's what the left gatekeepers, or more importantly, the people still listening to the gatekeepers, don't understand: until 911 as a political victory/tool is taken away from Bush and this administration, THERE WILL BE NO OTHER CHANGE ON ANY PROGRESSIVE FRONT, at least in the States.

Course we're obsessed--it's only trying to save the world. If these mass murders get away with this, they'll get away with anything and no one will be safe.

Can you say false-flag a la nuking Iran?

"We do not want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud." Cheers, Condi--we can use that!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Hear! Hear! Col. Sparks

I heartily second the motion.

9/11 Truth is the foundational issue for creating real change.

Be well.

why it matters, noam

by an accident of birth (my 4 grandparents came from 4 different continents) i ended up looking vaguely middle eastern.

on the night of 9/11 i was approached by a neighbor who had not spoken a word to me in the 4 years that he had lived next to me. he started screaming that his neice was in NYC and that a "dirty arab" such as myself could not possibly understand. than he started taking a shovel to my front door.

for the first time in my adult life, i had to call the police. they arrived after an hour - only to ask me what my immigration status in the US was.

the next day, a woman approached me on the street and ask me why "my people" hated the US so much.

and the following saturday, a yelling maniac came after me with a tire iron.

several days later, i heard the news that a cab driver i knew (a sikh) had been shot in the head.

i am not arab, middle easterm or muslim, and yet my life was threatened after 9/11 for simply looking similar to the poeople being blamed for 9/11.

and THATS WHY IT MATTERS NOAM. the people who committed the atrocity of 9/11 look more like noam chomsky than they look like me, but i will be taking the blame on the streets - and worse - REAL arabs and REAL muslims will be attacked and killed...

all because racist gatekeeping shills like chomsky, corn, goodman, cockburn, and munson refuse to be rational.

Accident? Welcome to the


Welcome to the other side of the tracks...   

Show "Mulder and Scully" by Anderson Root (not verified)

The imcompetancy idea

Did it occur to you that a mess in Iraq serves the interests of these so-called idiots? Hundreds of billions spent on their benefactors wares, a guaranteed presence in a critical area where we are boxing in the Russians and Chinese, and making oil really expensive to boot. Of course there is the 323-page plan on Iraq document drafted by the oil companies leaked to Greg Palast that spells out just this.

Also consider that the Taleban in Afghanistan had to go because they cut off 90% of the CIA's heroin production, which they started when they were funding Osama and his boys back in the war with Russia. That's their black project money. They come in, heroin production shoots up, they leave for the most part, it drops off, they're back now, its going gangbusters again, what a surprise.

That's the CIA that basically runs the embassy in Jeddah Saudia Arabia, you know, the one that they rubberstamp the visas of so many shady types through, like 13 of the 19 hijackers. You know the same CIA that sent Kermit Roosevelt into Iran in the early 50s to stage false flag terror and implicate then premier Mossadeq, who was carted off to prison. So much for democracy in Iran. The same CIA that develops junior CIAs in convenient countries, like the Pakistani ISI. You know, the organization with the then head who wired $100K to Mohammed Atta, who was meeting with politicans such as Porter Goss on the morning of 9/11.

But crashing a few planes into buildings and setting up detonation charges is soooo hard!

Stop watching tv and read a physics book, please

Then come back and tell us how the government story regarding 9/11 makes perfect sense.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

>To think they could

>To think they could orchestrate something on the scale of 911, and manage to keep everyone involved in the plot quiet, is totally absurd.<

And 19 crazed towel-heads with boxcutters directed from a man overseas, in a cave, surrounded by goats, is not absurd?

Perhaps it was the GOATS

Perhaps it was the GOATS that was the key to their success. I mean they have goats, we don't and got attacked--clearly there is a goat-gap in our defenses.


"Mr. President, weeee can noot alloooow... a goat-shaft gap!"

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Yes, think about it---they

Yes, think about it---they have TONS of goats, we have NONE! And on 911 a GOAT compromised the President's reponse-- "My Pet Goat"! That's a terroist mole-goat! You all thought that was a coincidence, didn't you?

I'm telling you... GOAT GAP!

Wake up Son!

You really think that Bush was the mastermind of this? You need to look behind the curtain..... While he was complicit and aware..... he was obviously not the brains of this operation..... an operation that had been in the works for quite some time.

And you use the failure in Iraq as some reason which justifies the belief that these people could not plan or pull off something like 9/11? The genius was in getting there... not winning there. These people could hope for nothing more than for this war to go on indefinitely!!!

you know... like in FOREVER!! they are openly talking like this war on terror will go on for a HUNDRED years..... is this war a quagmire? YES.... do they care? HELL NO!

The bigger the mess when Georgie leaves office..... the longer it will take Democrats to clean-up.... if they can't get it cleaned up... things will likely escalate and get worse.... increasing the likelyhood that the mess gets out of control.. leaving us the only option of electing a warmongering Republican back into the Presidency.... so we can end this war by all means possible..... and that's when they make the draft call..... and after that the nukes fall.

Yes.... let's look at the mess that they have created over in Iraq..... Please..... but don't put this on their stupidity.

but instead put this on your IGNORANCE!

Flowery, well worded,

Flowery, well worded put-downs + posturing with calculated intelli-speak = terminal egomania.

Chomsky is a pompous little prick.

His analogy is flawed

He compares unexplained or disputed phenomena in a controlled experiment to unexplained or disputed phenomena in an official explanation of an uncontrolled event. The difference is that in either case, the explanation should make some sense -- in the scientific field, if an explanation does not make sense, it is refuted. Chomsky is saying that the explanation does not have to make sense, because it is absurd to think the government would try something like this. That's a different question.

I'd like to see a

I'd like to see a well-structured debate between Noam Chomsky and David Ray Griffin concerning the events of September 11th. Seriously. We should encourage Dr. Griffin to consider it and pressure Chomsky into doing it. Why do I say "pressure" for the Gnome? Well because I'm quite sure he wouldn't be so eager to do it WITHOUT pressure.
Griffin would nail him to a cross within minutes.

Forgot to log in, sorry

I'd like to see a well-structured debate between Noam Chomsky and David Ray Griffin concerning the events of September 11th. Seriously. We should encourage Dr. Griffin to consider it and pressure Chomsky into doing it. Why do I say "pressure" for the Gnome? Well because I'm quite sure he wouldn't be so eager to do it WITHOUT pressure.
Griffin would nail him to a cross within minutes.


All we need to do is prove that our government would attempt something like this... then the gates to Chomsky's brain will magicly open.... and he will then be forced to look at the evidence?

Or is there something else we have to prove for him to look at the evidence that our government would attepmt something like this?

Feed him to the lions

Chumpsky is a worthless piece of Mossad controlled garbage. His viewpoints have never benefited Americans and obviously by his remarks here, they still don't.

Feed him to the lions along with his pal Alan Dershowitz in a snuff film we could all enjoy.

Chomsky must no longer be relevant

Chomsky must now be considered a Zionist/neo-con operative. All he says must now be dismissed. He showed his true colors.

There's only one important question concerning the attacks, did the US gov't allow/participate in 9/11?

The answer to that query would explain the illegal wire-taps, suspension of habeas corpus, banning of books like "America Deceived" from Amazon, detaining of dissenters in fences miles away from events, and multiple wars based on lies.

How can the gov't be innocent in 9/11 when we have caught it lying so many times (WACO, Ruby Ridge, no WMDs, USS Liberty, Operation Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, ETC.)?

In law, if you determine a person lies ONCE during his testimony, it can be assumed that he lied in the remainder of his testimony. How come we do not hold the gov't to the same standard as it holds us to?

Final link (before Google Books bends to pressure and drops the title):
America Deceived (book)

"Chief Gatekeeper."

This man, if you can call him that, is nothing but a talking head for the Elite that are destroying America.
What difference would it make if there was a conspiracy? Where in the world is this person coming from?
It makes all the difference in the world.
Chomsky is danger to the Republic of the United States.
He would make a good candidate for the Council for Foreign Relations. Another traitor.


to be elligable for the CFR you have to be 35 or younger... weird huh? Get them while they are young and abitiously striving to make their way in the world.

also weird that to be President you have to be older than 35

CFR!... need to put microscope on these people.... many people have heard of the CFR.... but have no idea that they have no "real" affiliation to our government... that they are their own seperate entity..... they allegidly asked MANCOW to join


If I remember correctly.... there has only been one President who wasn't CFR since it's inception.

Why need Chumpsky when they have Cheney?

Smug he is about his CFR membership!

Did Cheney give a standing order NOT to shoot flight 77 down? If not, and the plane hit the Pentagon, how did his order "still stand" when the plane was nearly there?

Of course I am sidestepping the issue of whether it was Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon (for the moment).

Chomsky is a government

Chomsky is a government asset and this proves it, he can just.......go fuck himself, worthless POS.

I maintain that, given the

I maintain that, given the pitch-black pools of hatred that have been tapped into respective to this particular issue, there's a deeper, underlying motive fueling this lynch mob groupthink hostility.

Seriously, some of you should stop and 'listen' to yourselves - you'll not help to open others eyes to your cause by projecting this level of name calling and negativity on to those who, for a host of reasons, don't think as you do...or will admit to it publicly.

It only makes you sound like the headcases the rest of the sheep accuse you of being, or, at best, a bunch of adolescent loudmouths set on vilifying anyone who disagrees with you, just as the establishment types, their media lapdogs, and the brainwashed herd do. The idea should be to set yourself apart from such a mindset. The "truth" is one thing, learning how to go about conveying it requires strategy and experience, not name calling. Doing so will only attract other projective personalities while quickly turning away a larger percentage.

I agree that some of the rhetoric is a bit overheated, but

Mr. Chomsky represents, to many people, the worst kind of traitor there is. His ongoing and increasingly irrational campaign against 9/11 Truth as a decades long opponent of the murderous elite is profoundly hypocritical at the least and massive (paid) gatekeeping at the worst.

I, for one, would like to see him in a live nationally televised debate with David Ray Griffin; and following his complete embarrassment in said debate he should then apologize and quietly retire to the obscurity he now deserves.

For the record, I don't hate anyone or anything.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


His disrregard for this subject is obvious. He has not llooked at the evidence. If he has he has not given reasoning for our case being unsubstantiated. He's burried his head in thew sand and that is reprehensable for a man of his high regard in the field that he so chooses to write about. This is a fight that this man should take a devout stand on one side or the other with reasoning to back his decision. Leaving himself out in right field chasing butterflies is no place for a man like Noam Chomsky!!