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One-Third of Americans Believe the U.S. Government Allowed 9/11 to Happen


According to a poll conducted by Scripps News Service, a full one-third of Americans think that the U.S. government either carried out the 9/11 attacks themselves, or intentionally allowed them to happen in order to provide a pretext for war in the Middle East.

The government's pattern of deception on such issues as weapons of mass destruction, secret prisons, and illegal wiretapping has allowed alternate theories about 9/11 to flourish.

The theories are mostly promoted by the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement. The movement has grown in response to the Internet-distributed documentary "Loose Change," which purports to debunk the official story of 9/11. "Loose Change" has now been watched by millions of viewers.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

The headline of this article may sound pretty provocative, but it's a fact that one-third of Americans believe in some variation of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Considering the government has allowed the NSA to conduct searches of domestic phone records and bank records and made countless intelligence blunders regarding weapons of mass destruction, it's hard for some people not to believe in a conspiracy.

This aritcle generated more discussion than any previous article on Vital Votes where opinion on this issue was sharply divided. Nick, from New York City, opines:

"To think that our government allowed 9/11 to happen is just plain absurd. What is not absurd is to finally understand why it happened."

Pat from Fujinomiya, Japan has the opposite view:

"Only a third of Americans think 911 was a conspiracy? Good grief! Just about everyone I know of overseas does! Wake up, America! Conspiracies are a constantly observable fact of life. And America is heading swiftly in the direction of Mogadishu."

Mac, from Coventry, Connecticut, brings up Operation Northwoods, a past example of the government contemplating just this type of action:

"The plan, which was not implemented, called for various false flag actions, including simulated or real state-sponsored acts of terrorism (such as hijacked planes) on U.S. and Cuban soil. The plan was proposed by senior U.S. Department of Defense leaders, including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lyman Louis Lemnitzer.

"The proposal was presented in a document entitled Justification for US Military Intervention in Cuba, a collection of draft memoranda written by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) representative to the Caribbean Survey Group. The document was presented by the JCS to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on March 13 with one paragraph approved, as a preliminary submission for planning purposes.

"... There may or may not be government involvement [in 9/11]. The point is, elements in government have proven capable of wishing to inflict harm on Americans 'for the greater good.' People should never be so complacent as to harbor a blind trust of government. Most in the 9/11 truth movement simply want to know the truth from the facts. Is that so much to ask?"

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didnt take long for a shill

didnt take long for a shill to come with the Popular Mechanics bullshit over there. and you'll notice, as usual, the people that find it hard to believe that the government was involved in covering-up or taking part in 9/11 on some level provide nothing but angry emotional responses devoid of any evidence while the people who find it likely provide reasons and evidence.

The NeoCons needed some above-average shills to rebut

9/11 truth, so they utilized Popular Mechanics, published by Hearst Magazines, a unit of Hearst Corporation. (Need I say more.)

All the Popular Mechanics article & book does is invent fake straw-man arguments that deliberately misrepresent truthers' evidence/arguments, & then they knock them down.

Yes, isn't that interesting,

Yes, isn't that interesting, everwhere you go now, the truthers are kicking the "sceptics" asses all over the place, like everywhere now. Whoever sent them, thanks for all the reinforcements come our way, even more lately, and they are getting smarter, more astute, those among our number. The technically saavy are all coming on stream with our movement. Soon it will be the "in thing" where you'll be asked "are YOU a member of the 9/11 truth movement?" in response to which all true men will reply, staring the young femm in her bright sky blue querying if not pleading eyes...! Ha ha he he

When you can get laid just for being a 9/11 truther, then, at that very moment you will come to know, that our movement has swept the day!


Rob Rice

My own 'published' 9/11 article, at Scholars for Truth

NIST and "The Foot Of God"
Robert Rice

"When you can get laid just for being a 9/11 truther, then,..... that very moment you will come to know, that our movement has swept the day!"

.....God, I wish I'd said that.... :)

36% of Americans believe their government was involved... the attacks of 9/11, according to the respected Scripps-Howard poll. In the unscientific poll of just a few days ago, posted on this site, only 26% are aware of builiding 7's "officially" inexplicable collapse that day.

That means a higher % acknowledge government complicity, WITHOUT KNOWING ABOUT WTC7! I find this incredibly encouraging for the movement.

Can you imagine what percentage of the population would realize (not "believe") 9/11 was an Inside Job, if that awareness of 7 were 74%, instead of 26%?

This is why 7's destruction hasn't been shown on TV since that day (except when truthers, such as Stephen Jones insisted on it).

Show everyone that clip.


Exactly why they refuse to air the footage of building 7.

Ever since seeing it three years later.... I have wondered why they thought they could or should bring that building down.

What were they thinking? That we wouldn't notice?

When in St. Louis for Tea Party for Truth....Michael Berger pointed to the tallest building in St. Louis..... he said that it was almost the exact size as WTC 7..... Looking at that building.... I couldn't imagine the lack of media coverage of a building that big.... collapsing into it's own footprint at near freefall speed.

I was actually expecting less of a percentage of people seeing that footage.

I was sitting at a bar by the time that building fell.... and they never showed it again.

I was working at home during that time after 9/11.... my TV was set to FOX all day long.... and I never saw that footage.... not once was it even mentioned that I can recall.... I saw hundreds of hours of coverage... and no building 7

downplaying logic

They used the logic of the big WTC twins' collapse "dwarfing" every other event of that day. WTC7 was portrayed as unimportant. But it's a false logic! The question should be "what is the tallest building in your hometown?", and barely anyone would be able to come close to WTC7. What if only WTC7 had collapsed? What if WTC7 had collapsed as the tallest building in Washington D.C. right next to the White House?

I read/saw somewhere that

I read/saw somewhere that WTC7 would have been the tallest building in 33 of the 50 states..

Its a good point to make as

Its a good point to make as next to the towers it looks like some squat turn of the century sized thing--well if they were made with glass facades. Even knowing WTC7 is massive, seeing it next to other massive buildings diminishes it--I'm sure this is just gravy the bastards.

I don't think they were

I don't think they were anticipating the growth of the internet. Without the ability to coordinate online and the popularity of online videos, how much less would you know about that day? I know I wouldn't have had a clue.


The New American Revolution is starting on the internet.

I wouldn't have a clue either. I chanced upon this info several months ago on the internet looking for something else. I was stunned---my eyes were glued to the screen watching hours and hours of video crying tears for my country ---now I do what I can to make sure others know about it.

Don't give up hope---there are people out there that will believe you---they just haven't been exposed yet!



I think your story of realization has the empathy of most if not all of those in the Truth Movement. I think it is also important to consider the emotional stress that those we are exposing to or helping understand what is in front of them that they are going to experience it emotionally in similar ways to us all. At some point, we need to also start thinking about what we can do for the rest of the un-awaken as they also become aware. Maybe as more medical professionals join the ranks this will become more a reality. I know of many who are dealing with some form of PTSD from working with this sort of information. It's important that everyone takes a break now and then to recharge and fight another day. Rest up everyone, 2007 is looking to be an important year!

I think that the perps planned on destroying WTC 7

while it was obscured by the dust clouds of one of the Towers getting blasted and they didn't because:

1) They had to blow the Towers earlier than they thought due to the FDNY getting to the fires and reporting their small size and that the FDNY would have put them out AND at that time the perps weren't ready to vacate WTC 7,


2) The perps already had moved to another location but when they tried to blow WTC 7 while it was hidden in the dust cloud the firing system failed to work.

So, they sent a few guys in to start some small fires on a few floors and waited until late in the day to bring WTC 7 down. They had to do it during daylight or the explosive flashes would've been way too obvious.

While speculation about all these things is fun (and kind of an unavoidable sideline between Truthers) it is not terribly productive and it is always best to wait for more and reliable information to come to light.

That said, keep pushing WTC 7 as it is the fastest way to get most people to consider alternatives to the government myth.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

That's interesting, about the flashes....

....being visible at night; I hadn't thought of that....of course......

Just musing

I wonder if the 4th plane that went down in Penn was destined for WTC 7 but it actually did crash in an accident and they were like 'fuck, all the evidence of our plans sits in #7, we're gonna have to pull it anyway" ..... I know there's a lot of evidence not supporting this, but over the years, I have wondered.

I considered that at first.

I considered that at first. But you have to sit back and think how ridiculous that notion is. We're going around questioning people as to how terrorists could fly three jetliners into the twin towers and the Pentagon with pinpoint accuracy, but then turn around and surmise that the fourth plane was headed for 7 which is half as tall as the towers and has absolutely zero symbolic value. No, 93 was never going to hit wtc7.

My personal opinion is that it was crashed or brought down for the 9/11 narrative to be complete. It would be beyond belief for all the planes to hit their targets with pinpoint accuracy. Also, why should we believe they failed with 93 when they succeeded in hitting the Pentagon, twin towers, and bringing them down! United 93 also gave us our war cry and "showed" that the hijackers were not unstoppable flying aces.

Alex Jones believes that 93 was shot down... Air Force people disobeying orders not to shoot it down and said he has evidence of that...he talked about this very thing on today's radio show....

That is plausible as well.

That is plausible as well. I highly doubt it was heading for wtc7 though. In all likelihood it was going for a target with great symbolic value.

7 was brought down in such a blatantly obvious manner that....

....there has to be more to the story (besides an obvious CD)...maybe it was to be hit by a plane that "missed" the towers and hit it (according to the story they would tell later)....maybe it was to be brought down under a cloud of dust, and as LeftWright said, important people still in the building due to too early demolition of the Twins prevented that....or maybe they wanted it to be blatant because, in their arrogance, they want the public to know they did it (9/11) and there is "nothing we can do about it"....or something else....

All I know is that 7 is (literally) the "smoking" gun....of 9/11....

a plane that missed the

a plane that missed the towers and hit 7 - a little interesing and plausible

brought down under a cloud of dust - very plausible as well

they wanted the public to know - ????? if they wanted the public to know they did it and didn't care because there is "nothing we can do about it", then they would just tell us they did it....

I mean "know" in the sense we "know"....

that Oswald didn't act alone in the JFK assassination (which was as brazen in its execution and cover-up as 9/11)....that the public can know in something in their gut, but still be helpless to do anything because all the mechanisms of power (both sides of the political system, elections, the money supply, the press, the military) all are controlled by the forces behind the event.

I'm not saying that is what's going on with regard to 9/11 and WTC7; I'm just saying it's possible.

Regarding Northwoods...

///////////////////// - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info


Thanks for the link. The author's reasoning seems a little loose and flimsy. I would like to hear other truthers POV on this piece. I want to be clear that I am not giving out disinfo when I mention Opeartion Northwoods to people when introducing them to 911 Truth. Thanks.

You're not...

Seems VERY "flimsy" at best.

The Time For Debate Is Over

The Author does not suggest that it's counterfeit.

"The scary thing is that the tentacles of a malevolent foreign power are deeply embedded in the most secret and powerful agencies in the US -- that this power is pulling the strings, yanking the chains, crashing airplanes into cities, sending America off to war, and gutting our traditional liberties at home.

If you don't know that we are still under the guiding hands of British interests I suggest you travel a little further down the rabbit hole.

I would suggest starting with the documentary "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" but it has been removed from Google video.

Your claiming Operation Northwoods wasn't "American"

& is counterfeit because it has a few British-sounding phrases is absurd. Kindly don't post nonsense like this here.

Do you believe...

Northwoods is "counterfeit?"

The Time For Debate Is Over

Remember: When posting


When posting comments, be polite, and recommend that the readers research the issue for themselves. It's also a good idea to post links to websites such as, links to Press for Truth and other videos, etc. You can also alert readers to trolls and shills who may post disruptive and unpalatable things, which are not representative of the majority of people dedicated to opening a new iinvestigation.


The comment from overseas is one of the issues that troubles me the most.... that other countries around the world know... yet Americans deny deny deny.

It really makes us look stupid

Show "I'm not convinced that" by Mel (not verified)

Not amateur night here...

>And I gotta say that I cringe big time when I read posters telling people to watch "Loose Change" or (OMFG) "In Plane Site" (capital YIKES on Plane Site). These posters should be targeted as dis-info artists, right along with the Popular Mechanics supporters.<

Lame, lame, lame, lame,
Lame, lame, lame ,lame,
(tune of "Spam". MontyP.F.C.)

Sounds like a LAME attempt to turn half of us at 911Blogger against the other half. ALL posters who tell people to watch LC are disinfo artists? LOL!

Want to get your cred back? Begining RIGHT NOW push "911Press for Truth".

It's not amateur night for dis-info artists around here...

WOW! I've never been called

WOW! I've never been called a dis-info agent before.

I invite you to see more of my dis-info work on a physics forum. Here's a few examples:

For anyone interested in a heated, science-based discussion of the collapses, I recommend perusing the entire physorg forum.

And then read what some of the "Official Conspirators" (shills) have to say about me over there:

I take pride in the insults hurled at me there, but any more insults like this one from you and I'll be sure to never post here again. I put up with enough shait from the real bad guys to be punched in the nose by people whose side I think I'm on.

And my original post still stands: "In Plane Site" (pod theories and flashes) is CRAP. And if Dylan Avery himself says "Loose Change" contains mis-information, who am I to tell him he's wrong?

You're quite right, though: "911 Press for Truth" is awesome, even though it never makes the claim "Inside Job". Other great videos:

"911 Mysteries"
"Improbable Collapse"
"911 Eyewitness"
"America Freedom To Fascism" (this doesn't discuss 9/11 per se)

I also recommend any speechs or books by:

David Ray Griffin
Webster Tarpley
Barry Zwicker (one of my "home boys")
DL Abrahamson (I just watched his speech posted at 9/11 Blogger, and I added his name with reservations, since I have never heard anything about/from him before. His speech was very convincing, but I haven't had a chance to verify any of the massive number of things he touched on).

Avoid, LIKE THE PLAGUE, anyone talking pods, flashes, or ENERGY BEAMS from outer space.

But it got you to register,

But it got you to register, didn't it? 6 hours ago!

And I didn't actually say you WERE a dis-info agent--just what you said was exactly the way they speak.

Sooooooo, let's not have anymore calls for labeling those of us who push for Loose Change as dis-info agents, shall we? Because you know better now, right then?

And welcome aboard 911Blogger!

Is that an apology?

I read this reply a while ago, and decided to ignore your pompous, holier than thou response. But after heading off elsewhere at 911 Blogger, I came across this gem of an exchange:

What can I say. If your idea of "a better world" includes you, include me out. It's apparent that you have a tonne of righteous anger in you over the 9/11 issue, but I gotta tell you that when the shait hits the fan, you'd be one of the last people I'd want around me. You're emotionally out of control.

Consider changing your handle to "Col. Jenny 'The Decider' Sparks".

Please read this quote of yours:

"And I gotta say that I cringe big time when I read posters telling people to watch "Loose Change" or (OMFG) "In Plane Site" (capital YIKES on Plane Site). These posters should be targeted as dis-info artists, right along with the Popular Mechanics supporters."

Let me highlight the problematic part of it:

>>>>These posters should be targeted as dis-info artists, right along with the Popular Mechanics supporters.<<<<<

So, basically, YOU said, if I advise people to see Loose Change, YOU think I should be targeted as a disinfo artist. Don't need the Doctor to sort that one out--basic transitive law of logic, if a=b, b=c, then a=c, and all that.

So, considering this obviously provocative statement, why precisely do you think you're owed an apology, again?

All things considered, I'm being very kind to you, Mel...

You are absolutely right...

My original post was (not deliberately) problematic. I should have fully explained why I made the statement I did, but I have made that statement so many times before, that I got lazy. One thing I know for sure is that people are REALLY pissed about 9/11, and some, like yourself, release that anger on anyone and everyone. And for this, I apologize.

And again, I stand firmly by my statement: if you recommend "In Plane Site" or "Loose Change" to ANYONE, I will be on you like white on rice. As the poster "Blog Dog" says, take your pick between "Info" (the movies/books I mentioned in my last post), or "Info-tainment" (IPS or LC).

The forthcoming "Loose Change - Final Cut" (I believe this is the name) may correct the errors that Dylan openly admits are in there. Then, and only then, will I recommend it to anyone.

And I will make a concerted effort in the future to be more PC when I steer people away from LC (I can't say the same for the horror show that is "In Plane Site", though). You don't seem to mind people being directed to mis/dis-info, but I certainly do. Many people seem to have a love affair with LC (probably due to its "Info-tainment" qualities...thanks, Blog Dog), but I have no such love.

I personnaly will stick with recommending videos whose authors don't claim openly that they contain mis-information, and you can keep recommending those films which are easily dismissed by our detractors as containing falsehoods. You don't need me to tell you how this "game" works (but it looks like you need a reminder): If you make so much as one mistake in a sea of accuracies, you will be EATEN ALIVE by the shills based on that one mistake. Suck it up,'s the TRUTH (there's that friggin' word again...what does it mean?).

And BTW, you and TJ are buddies only because you ("The Decider") have been gracious enough to give him/her your personal seal of approval. I need no such approval from you. You're obviously not objective/effective enough at this 9/11 "game" to warrant my respect.

As for your link: You

As for your link:

You obviously didn't read all the way through or you'd know TJ and I are doing dandy. See, he could see his posts looked odd and I, remembering when I was new and a bit confused with how replies were ordered, thought that TJ, while looking disruptive, might actually be having the problem I had. So I gave him a chance. And there you go--we're mates now. So what's your point?

YOU, on the other hand aren't even admitting that the post of yours that started this, which is now hidden, BTW, has a problem. (anyone who boosts for LC is a dis-info artist--in case you forgot)

So there you are--anything else?

Show "Jenny" by Anonymous (not verified)

Do you guys get dental?

(I think YT came up with that line.)

Dude. When you post anonymously and call out a registered poster personally, having sussed out some conflict that lets you get your foot in the divisiveness door, you might as well sign your post S-H-I-L-L. I'm not saying you *are* a shill, I'm just letting you know that that kind of behavior from an anonyrodent is very objectionable.

Do you guys work in cubes or is it like a big open space with workstations? Do you take turns bringing doughnuts?



ROFLMAO - Do you guys get dental?

I'm putting that on my wall.

I'm still laughing, funniest thing I've read all week.

Thanks so much (and YT too).

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.


Annoy-mice. Get a name and I might care.

Pods, Flashes, Tanker Drones

Check out this thread on the pods and flashes..

South Tower Plane Evidence, Check it out!
by Arrowhead (moi)

There's three years of my own research presented there. Best south tower plane evidence you'll find anywhere on the net.

Worth taking a look at anyway.

Now am I and is that to be "avoided like the plague"? I don't think so. It's valuable information well worth evaluation and further research and analysis.


Rob Rice

Didn't know about them physics forums,

I think I'll check them out some time and give you a hand if I have some time :)


ps Have you seen "The Money Masters" on google video? Talks about the Fed too, and in general about the central banks and fractional reserve banking, and how the monetary system is now privatised and leading to an unprecedented consolidation of wealth, it's very well researched, recommend it.

Mercola is the MAN

I have subscribed to this guy for years and he has a HUGE following. It is just SO AWSOME that he has jumped on the Truth....a few weeks ago he reviewed Freedom to Fascism, now this....guys this is another huge step to getting the word out to the MASSES.

Thank you Dr. Mercola!!!

Thought Control

Don't post this, don't think that.

Discussion is out of order?

Let's not manifest qualities of Fox News.

The truth is never afraid of questions.

No thought control, no speed limit.

Have no fear of ridicule.

Peace & Love

From the wiki

"As of October 2006 the site had a ranking of 4534 out of all websites by, ranked first under key words 'natural health' in the United States, and one of the top visited for 'health'. As of October 2006, had a ranking of 5,033 out of all websites at and was first for the "health/news and media/newsletters" category."

"Interesting" criticism noted in his article. I get a lot of the same accusations as a massage therapist.

This could change things. 1.

This could change things.

1. Ask every politician a general question about building 7.
2. Record their answer on film.
3. Upload to U tube.

Eventually one of them will give an honest answer.

Toxic Dust

Being "One Of the Most Trusted and Visited Medical Websites" it would be interesting to hear Dr. Mercola"s thoughts on the toxic dust coverup.

Being a medical website it's curious why he hasn't discussed this yet. Maybe he doesn't know?

Mercola is great

He is well known and very respected.
His site,, is a great resource too.

For any health consious truthers out there, also check:
For current health news that even Dr. Mercola would appreciate.

Updated link to Mercola article

The link in the original post did not work for me. Here is another link to the article, which can still be found by scrolling down on Mercola's front page:

"One-Third of Americans Believe the U.S. Government Allowed 9/11 to Happen"

Interesting comment from Pat in Fujinomiya, Japan has the:

"Only a third of Americans think 911 was a conspiracy? Good grief! Just about everyone I know of overseas does! Wake up, America! Conspiracies are a constantly observable fact of life. And America is heading swiftly in the direction of Mogadishu."

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

>"Only a third of Americans

>"Only a third of Americans think 911 was a conspiracy? Good grief! Just about everyone I know of overseas does! <

And everyone overseas has better education and health care--well, in industrial countries. Even Britain is better this way. Just another sign of how bollocksed things are in the states.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "Not a "trusted Medical" website" by Mark Roberts

Since you like to be clear, Mark...

... understand that you actually talk from the perspective of Science, while we common rabble are talking from the perspective of science.

Mainstream Orthodoxy and Scientific Authority, have always toppled when their insular bullshit catchers up with them. I've worked in a number of high-dollar mainstream Scientific ivory tower fields and institutionalized research... believe me (or don't), some of the last shit you want to be putting in your mouth is that poison crap from the Trusted Pharmaceutical Industry.

Their "Research" is 98% shuck and jive deception and old fashioned sloppy science. Don't believe me? Do a little search into the shocking imbalance between advertised efficacy for a particular ill, vs. the advertised downplaying over side effects, compounding deleterious exposure over time, and the cascading secondary illnesses produced by every subsequent med taken to fight the previous "complication".

Yes, you are absolutely correct... truthers have a mountain of reasons to be suspicious of the modern medical establishment... just the same as our suspicions over the Establishment's papermache explanation about 9/11.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Erin, I posted this in

Erin, I posted this in another thread, and you might find it helpful in understanding where Mark is coming from. It was in response to a comment by JJJames that Mark refused to respond to, where JJ asked if Mark was familiar with Tesla:

" To be fair----bwahahahaha! But why be fair to Mark?!!

Ahem--to be fair, pubilc education about Tesla is so limited that usually you need to start studying electronics before you even hear of the man. Edison got all the glory for electricity, Marconi beat Tesla to the patent office for radio, so even though we owe Tesla at least as much if not more as these two for "this modern world" (ac current in particular) no one knows about him.
It is doubtful Mark is a tech geek of any sort, limiting the chances he's heard of Tesla. Mark strikes me as someone who studied advertising or some other business where you get ahead by "making your own reality". That's why once you start to talk higher mathematics or technical details he falls back on "well these experts said" instead of trying to understand the subject enough to debate it in his own words.

He's not stupid(evidence to the contrary), he's just not interested in that loser geeky stuff. His motto is "I win if I can convince you or discredit you". A very useful asset to some. He probably doesn't believe anything he says the way you or I do; he's too shallow to really believe anything.

Well, that's me--and look out for the outrage--incoming!"

Though the subject was electronics, I suspect Mark treats all sciences simularly--like looser geeky stuff he can't be bothered to learn much about.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Actually, I didn't miss your post...

... in fact I had written up a response that I ended up sitting on as you came along and laid it out for Mark anyway. Thank you, that was cool.

Edison was a hack when it came to 'lectricity. The modern world is awash in electrical apparatus tracing much of its lineage through the mind and laboratories of Nikola Tesla. Wonder why that is, but History yammers on and on about a grumpy old fart and his hot wire?

(now watch how we're called "Tesla Cultist" for voicing such a thing)

History vs. history is bad enough, but science and technology is a whorehouse of saints and devils that makes politics look like day care.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Just a note: If sombody

Just a note: If sombody isn't familiar with something, wikipedia it and learn!! It's right there at your fingertips like never before.

Also just a note:

Be careful with wikipedia... take the time to read the history sections behind both the main article, as well the discussion page (material remains in the history, although it CAN be removed from the visible discussion thread. This is considered very bad form... but it most certainly takes place at wikipedia. Make your own conclusions.)

Tesla is a great example of the contentiousness that a topic like that can generate. Consider the back and forth reverting and deletions by both sides, and think for yourself if some details are being given more weight than their due... and vice versa.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Nice caveat. Do use a

Nice caveat. Do use a critical mind.

Good grief Mr. Roberts,

you are not about to claim that the modern medical-pharmaceutical complex have done wonders to our health are you?

For those open-minded souls out there, check out the healing power of the body with a diet of living and raw foods ( that is raw, vegan foods, just in case you were wondering...)

This paper by Cordain et al. on the health implications of the modern day diet is also very illuminating and a good step forward in realising the key to good health, from the AJCN