Bush Administration Exposed In New Documentary


Iraq: Death of Reason has now been released to the public by Vice in the wilderness productions. This stunning new film attacks the Evangelical Church’s error in supporting the war in Iraq. Produced and directed by Raymond Schwab and Elliott Nesch of Beit Shalom Ministries, Iraq: The Death of reason addresses just war theory, Abu Ghraib torture, depleted uranium, the deceptions sold to the American public by the Bush administration, false flag operations, war profiteers and calls the Christian church to reconsider their position, since prior to invasion 79% of evangelicals supported military action.
In Feb 2007 Raymond Schwab and Elliott Nesch will walk from Denver to DC to protest publicly the Christian support. This film is being offered for any size donation to their ministry to help raise funds for the upcoming walk.

For more info go to www.beitshalomministries.org

To view the film for free online go to:

Part 1: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4904872604958696694&hl=en
Part 2: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8147818935080796713&hl=en
Conclusion: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3845643139747749983&hl=en

I've only seen Part 1, but

I've only seen Part 1, but this is really good. Great info on how Iraq was a complete and blatant lie...(like many of us knew when it happened...)

Alternate link to part one

Real Christians Don't Choose War

There was a problem with the link to part one. Here is an alternate link:


Pretty Decent Documentary

Not much new information. Gives a pretty good history of Iraq, but kind of hard to follow. Long segments with the producers/authors of this doc giving their take on things. Seems like this could have been cut back more.

Definitely makes the evangelicals out to be a bunch of lying hypocrites. Best segment imo is the Ray McGovern/Sheehan conference at the end of part 1 beginning of part 2.

Very intense scenes are thrown at you out of nowhere. Seemed kind of gratuitous in its attempt to shock. Would probably put this doc in the NC 17 category (heed the warning at the beginning, NOT FOR KIDS, or those prone to nightmares).

I give it a seven out of ten, simply because its a story that needs to be told over and over until Americans wake the f up!

What do the so-called evangelicals have to say about Bush's

proven boldfaced lies about WMD??? What do they have to say about 700,000+ Iraqis murdered? Children maimed & mutilated for life??? Are these Christ's teachings???

Thou shalt not kill

That is unless you or your family is being threatened with the possibility of death.... you know if you have to kill to protect yourself and your family.... then it's OK.

So if it can be proven that Islamofascists want us all dead... because of our freedoms.... then we have every God given right to kill them before they kill us.... kill them dead.... and anyone who happens to be in the way of killing them.

So just hope that you or your religion doesn't get put on the wrong side of the bible.... because the Christians have the biggest bombs... and the media induced minds.

Don't mess with the Jews!!