A Call to DISorganization

I'm all for organizing for 9/11 truth and justice. I do alot of it myself.

However, just a quick reminder. The more organized and public, the easier it is for the disinfo folks to infiltrate and shut it down.

So by all means, organize and join groups. But just remember to do a good chunk of your work on behalf of 9/11 truth on your own, anonymously, and away from organizations.


Party of one. ;)

The Time For Debate Is Over

I'd just like to say...

In regards to joining/forming 9/11 groups in your area... I was on my ass for a long time. It wasn't until people like Fred Weber, Wendi Polinow, and others got involved that I finally got off of it.

In order for this movement to be successful, we have to be in the public view, and we have to put out the best information.

Forming local groups helps to do that.

The Time For Debate Is Over


The more numbers we have, the louder our voice becomes...

The problem with that is... if we're all saying something different, it becomes static.

These three statements popped into my head earlier.

We DEMAND a new investigation into the attacks of 9/11.

We DEMAND absolute truth in regards to the attacks of 9/11.

We DEMAND absolute accountability for those responsible for the attacks of 9/11.

The Time For Debate Is Over

As a lone researcher for the last 2 years, I agree

For people to begin to understand what happened on 9/11, they have to look this stuff up themselves and spread their knowledge independently. I remember the day I began to think and research. I was discussing a Yahoo news article on the message boards and someone posted a link to a movie about the Pentagon. At first, I was skeptical, but then I realized there were some really suspicious aspects of the Pentagon attack. Next, I discovered WTC7.net and continued on my journey. The point is that I didn't find the "9/11 Truth Movement" or any sort of organization. I found the problems with the official story. This is not to say that exposing 9/11 shouldn't involve organization and team-work, but just remember: this is about people opening their eyes on their own, not prying them open. Finally, a side note: I mentioned how I was introduced to 9/11 research through the Yahoo Discuss boards, right? Well, in the last few months, they've become a hub of exposure about 9/11, especially on the articles about 9/11. I used to see messages saying: "What are these 9/11 conspiracy people talking about?" and "What is building 7?" I saw people's eyes and minds opening up. It really was quite amazing. Of course, on December 19 of this year, out of the blue, Yahoo decided to remove the boards after about 7 years of existence. Coincidence?

Good insights, Anony Mouse.

Good insights, Anony Mouse.

And yes, I heard that also about Yahoo discussion boards closing down. The more we speak out about 9-11 in various kinds of venues, the more we force their hand, and we see just how strong that hidden hand is. To close down all Yahoo discussion boards because too much 9-11 truth is finding a home there seems like a very drastic thing for them to do, but "they" will become openly despotic and dictatorial and totalitarian in a New York minute to keep 9-11 truth suppressed.

I mainly work alone.on 9-11 also, and that seems the most effective way for me. However, I would like to go to a meeting here locally about once a month and have rallies at the capital and more visibility. We have one 9-11 truth meet-up group around here, but it seems kind of way behind in knowledge and study of 9-11 and all its facets. They are all still just watching the earliest 9-11 videos.

What my research in to 9-11 has taught me, aside from the sheer atrocity of the action and the sheer evil of the perpetrators, is that 9-11 is just one in a very long series of false flag attacks perpetrated by our secret USA "hidden hand" government. The goal of all these false flag terror attacks is to destroy our national sovereignty, and bring the USA gradually into a one world death and slavery system. The same gradual globalization process has been going on all over the world. What is happening in the Middle East including Iraq and Iran and Israel is also the playing out a plan for first a region and then the region becoming part of the world government.

The goal of 9-11 is worse than Orwell's "1984" ever was. 9-11 has brought in to clear view the overall " Plan" for the world by the evil behind the scenes world rulers.

I think the increasing awareness and doubts about 9-11 by a larger and larger number of people has made it much more difficult for the "hidden government", that is, those who perpetrated 9-11, to pull off their next needed false flag attack. One thing that is crystal clear to me is that "the Plan" is to have a World War III starting in the Middle East. When that happens, we will quickly lose what few civil liberties we still have in the USA, and those of us clamoring for 9-11 truth will again be made out to be unpatriotic and wrongly and uselessly focused on an issue that pales in importance compared to the issues of the raging World War III issues.

Blessings from Dachsie in Austin.

Dachsie, I would hope that you would want to join the group

and help educate them and deal with the shock of learning the truth about 9/11. Then, hopefully, most of them will want to become activists for 9/11 Truth.

While I belong to one regional group that is very activist oriented (and meets twice a month) I plan on starting a local educational group and, hopefully, a local activist group. If I have enough people in different areas of the county I may help form even more than two groups. We are in a rapid growth phase and the best way to accomplish this is with personal interaction, either one on one or in groups.

We also need to begin coordinated actions involving as many people as possible and this requires a much higher level of organization. This can be done without compromising our diversity, independence or security.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Gerald Ford

I was watching the stories about Gerald Ford last night... catching up on a bit of history that I most likely felt was unimportant in high school.

I was astounded.... Gerald Ford started it all.... The Roots of the Neo-Cons.... Dick Cheney - Donald Rumsfeld - Alan Greenspan - Kissinger - George Bush!

They all started with Ford.... these are the smart people that he surrounded himself with.

People wonder how something like 9/11 could have been executed..... these people have been around for a very long time... they have their tentacles around every aspect of every department..... they know who they can trust and who they can control. They know the depths of the biggest secrets and the capabilities of every secret organization. They have connections around the world. They are in control.

Knowing these people as we do now..... I almost want to think that Nixon was set-up..... talk about an easy scam..... a coup of sorts.... they knew where they stood with Ford.... if they could get Nixon out of the way.... they were in.

I want to know what women had against Ford.... he had two attempts on his life within 18 days.... both by women? One by a woman with red hair in a red dress... she was really trying to blend into a crowd....
the other 18 days later could have been staged as well?? ... a woman standing behind a baracade allegedly stuck her arm out pointing a gun at the president and a police officer saw her and forced her arm down as the gun went off....

I also didn't know that Ford was going to run with Reagan as his vice president.... and Reagan squashed that idea after he saw that Ford was going to have alot of his power. That and he probably realized that Ford probably couldn't be elected president again..... and if they wanted him in.... they could just wack him.

Later Bush tried after Reagan was elected to his second term.... If Reagan had been killed... then Poppy could have been President for 11 years.... and 9/11 would have happened alot sooner