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Hello. My name is Wendy Painting and I am the organizer for Rochester For 9/11 Truth Now in Rochester, NY. We are working very hard to expose the lies told to us about the events of September 11th. On Thursday, February 1 we will be holding a screening of “9/11 Mysteries” at a local movie theatre. I am currently looking for a speaker that would be willing to come and speak before or after the movie. We would be willing to pay small travel expenses. Please contact us if you can either suggest a speaker, or know of one that would be willing to come.

You can contact us at



I'm sure someone can step up to help you out.

I'm out in California or I'd offer to give you a hand.

I'm just curious, have you screened 9/11: Press for Truth yet?

9/11 Mysteries is a very good film about the controlled demolitions, but can be a bit violent for some people who still may be traumatized by 9/11 itself.

Please keep us informed and let us know how it goes.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Too much "incompetence theory" excuse in "9/11 Press for Truth"


They go great together

It's a surefire double feature

Show one, pass out the other....

....or both, to take home...and leave plenty of time after the film for questions and discussion among the audience....


I agree that both Press for Truth and Mysteries together make an unbeatable and devastating case, if people can watch that long. If I were planning the event, and I had such an audience, I would show Mysteries first -- even though I do feel that LeftWright had a good question about that, and thoughtful feelings for people's trauma; see his comments above.

The chapter in Mike Ruppert's book, Crossing the Rubicon, on all the war games going on on that day, coordinated by our vice-president, seals the case. It would be great to pass that out as a free handout. At present I can no longer find an on-line copy of that chapter, but it is available for download somewhere. Maybe someone else can chime in with the link. Here is a summary of what it says:

thats chapter 19....heres a

Also in California

I really appreceiate Leftright's comments. I too think it shoud be easy to find someone. But I do also hope you will find a way to evaluate the person's skills beforehand, to some small degree at least. Best to find someone who speaks calmly and persuasively, and who furthermore looks and acts reasonably. Alas, the movement includes some who lack those qualities.

The Loose Change guys are in Oneonta, NY...

....that's not too far from Rochester, is it?....maybe they could help you out, or know of someone....

IMO, it's best to try and find/develop someone locally who could lead a group discussion for your future events...augmenting that with guest speakers when you can....Good luck...

I was just gonna recommend

I was just gonna recommend the Loose Change guys, but you beat me to it.  They've been doing this thing for a while and are good at it.

Perhaps one of the Family

Perhaps one of the Family Members of the victims of 9/11 could make the trip?

I would personally like to seem them more involved in the grassroots efforts to raise the conscious level of 9/11.  They have a perspective that no one else has. 

Last resort:

I've never done any public speaking (and would have to work very hard to suppress my Tourette's) But I would try my darndest if only for a train ticket, coffee, donut and shed to crash in. Let me know through my "contact" email here at 911blogger if you can't get someone better by mid to late January


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If you end up going,

If you end up going, remember to blog it!

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I just did

I just did a speaking engagement at Boston College where my film was showing, and it went over very well. I'm from NYC so could make the commute easily.

Is there any chance you could squeeze in my film as well?

Right on, John Albanese!

I knew someone would step up.

Are you going to the conference in AZ in February?

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.