Popular Mechanics: The ONLY source for 'Debunkers'

Why is it that the only source (other than the NIST and FEMA reports, which have already been discredited) for those who try to delegitimize alternative theories about 9/11 is the Popular Mechanics 'Debunking' article/book? Although Popular Mechanics claims they are non-partisan it has already been proven otherwise. Hell, they discredited themselves by having Republican Senator John McCain write the foreword to their book! Not to mention that the magazine is financed mostly by companies within the defense industry.

Anyways...I was in Borders Books a couple weeks ago and I came across a magazine named SKEPTIC. The cover article was titled "9/11: Was there a conspiracy?" So I bought the magazine and took it home. Just as I expected, the article was trying to discredit the 9/11 Truth movement. As I was reading the article, I was checking the authors references. Surprise, surprise! The only sources for the science they provided was Popular Mechanics, NIST, and the FEMA report. This brings me to the point I orginally made, which is the fact that Popular Mechanics is the only non-governmental source (if you wanna call it that) available for 'debunking' the truth movement.

If the evidence the truth movement provides to support our theories of what actually happened on 9/11 is so 'whacky' or 'out there', why is it that no one will step up to the plate and provide a reasonable explanation of what happened on that terrible day? The reason is simply because it is impossible to replace fact with fiction.

Popular Mechanics has become a propaganda Mag of the Neocons!

Just look who ownes it, the Hearst Publishing Corp.

Hearst Corp run by Victor Ganzi - linked to Citigroup

Victor Ganzi's own bio on his website states:

"He also serves as co-chair of the Partnership for New York City, along with Charles Prince, chairman and CEO of Citigroup. The Partnership is a network of business leaders dedicated to enhancing the economy of the five boroughs of New York City and maintaining the city's position as the global center of commerce, culture and innovation. "

Could these guys possibly have profited from the events of 9/11? Of course they did. Citigroup is known to have laundered drug money in the past which is an indication of some sort of involvement in 9/11.