9/11 Mysteries

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9/11 Mysteries (Full Length, High Quality)

Please bare with this, We just need a little push to get it back in google 100, 10K Views

top 100

They need to add a top 10 of films over 30 min.... we'd be kicking butt in that catagory


They are going to kill Saddam ASAP.... this is a crime to humanity..... they do not want him spilling the beans on this whole farse..... Saddam knows more than you think.

More than they want any of us to know... that's for sure.

There will be no opportunity to pick his brain.... I know that Saddam did everything we told him to do... everything... and he did it using weapons we sold them.

Iran... Kuwait.... all our doing..... BIG OIL! the WAR MACHINE... if allowed to live he would blow the scam out of the water

so he hangs.... without delay

They also continue to imply that Saddam is in some way connected

to bin Laden, so that his death sentence is also retribution for 9/11. I'll bet many of the simple-minded masses fall for this b.s.!

That 9/11 Mysteries is quite good! I hadn't seen the entire

video before, and I didn't even know it was about 90 minutes long. Lots of great info & evidence on the Towers & Building 7.