Actor James Brolin Plugs on The View - Video Download

On December 6th we covered actor James Brolin and director David Lynch both coming out regarding 9/11 skepticism. James Brolin plugged - home of the documentary 9/11 Mysteries - on The View, but at the time we didn't have the video clip. Download the WMV above and check it out.

Big thanks to the person who sent this in!


It's good...

To have you back.

The Time For Debate Is Over


Does "It's good to have you back" referring to dz get voted down? He was away for the holidays, and he's back.

The Time For Debate Is Over

Read my post a page or so

Read my post a page or so later in this thread(page 3 at this point). Just rated you up.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "when debate is over?" by bbb (not verified)

Why did bbb get negitive points? and so many!

Asking JG that questions looks like simple misunderstanding... and the rest of bbb's words seem rather proper.

Has this bbb been marked for negative points no matter what's been said? I didn't get the memo.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

I think it was the first

I think it was the first sentance that did it--"why do you respond to yourself, JG". It sounds much like what trolls have said in the past. We're all a bit on edge, waiting for dz et al to declare the results of the poll and what action will be taken.

Also there are disrupters who are registering because they see the writing on the wall--my "friend", for example. I would agree the rest of what bbb said is reasonable, but that opening--well, if they were going for an ironic tease, it needs to be more obvious it's a tease, not a mock.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

A plane full of people did NOT hit the Pentagon!

Just google some of the Pentagon pre-collapse photos. A Boeing 757 could NOT disappear into a hole the size of a 2-car garage! They could NOT have identified 63 of 64 passengers who slammed through the Pentagon @ 530 mph! All remains, including DNA would have been obliterated!

Show "You're not qualified to make" by Mr. X

9/11 Mysteries Google views

I heard Brolin's segment got pre-empted by something political

when this tv show aired a few weeks ago. Does anyone know if this is true or not?

Excuse me for answering my on post, but a Alex Jones' guys

say that the Brolin segment was pre-emted by the Iraq Study Group breaking news! Very sneaky of them, IMO.

"....We have received multiple reports that The View, which airs live from the West Coast in Pacific and Mountain time zones, was pre-empted by breaking news of the study group on Iraq in Eastern and Central time zones....."

Show "All Hail Mighty Brolin" by Eric Blair (not verified)

The show is taped, and

The show is taped, and whatever happens during the taping is known before it is broadcast. Therefore, it can be preempted for any reason. Sheesh! Can you be more dense?

Show "LOL" by Eric Blair (not verified)

Bite me.

Bite me.

Ignorance is Strength, Eric Blair....

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pre-empted by ...

... release of Iraq study group report, I believe.

Google News

Search "911weknow" in Google News and look at the four listings. The first listing is from News Busters (Exposing and combating liberal media bias) and the second is The Rush Limbaugh Show (Streisand’s Husband Is a 9/11 Conspiracy Kook!) This is a good example on how the Pentagon has a grip on what is televised as well as Internet content.

No it is just an attempt at

No it is just an attempt at misinformation.  Google News results will never match Google Search results. 

The spear-point is getting sharper...

... every time it's used.

Nice one, Mr. Brolin.

That was even better than I thought it would be...

....enunciated nicely, with the camera directly on JB....and it was broadcast twice, no less....

...with the exception of a plug on Oprah....this was the next best thing for inroads into the the soccer-mom crowd...which we will need, ultimately, BTW....


I loved that!

I can't stop watching it. Did you see Barbara Walters expression???

How about that Rosie! She changed that topic right on cue did she not!?!?

Shame the media didn't think this quite as big as the Devito or Trump View-related stories.


I agree whole-heartedly...

Hopefully we'll hit the 100th monkey very soon.

But there is something about these...

...occasional moments of 9/11 Zen on mainstream media sources that bothers me. We all know perfectly well that the MM has done an extemely effective job of covering for the "Official 9/11 LIE", so why is it that someone is able to speak a bit of truth on the subject every now and then? Since the MM is heavily controlled, who is it that relaxes the controls, and why? Remember Charlie Sheen? What the hell ever happened to him?

Barbara "CFR" Walters (and everyone else on the show, for that matter) knows perfectly well that Mr. Brolin has "come out of the 9/11 closet", so to speak, and I'd bet my right coconut that they fully expected him to say *something*. So Barbara's response is somewhat peculiar, given that she HAD to know it was coming. Or maybe she didn't?...

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Bingo. It almost seems as if

Bingo. It almost seems as if there's a gradual opening being 'allowed for' ...toward what, and why, are the key questions.

At first, when the 9/11 movement was getting occasional, albeit minor, coverage, say, on CNN, I chalked it up to smart propaganda: like Chomsky has pointed out, if the operators of U.S. media were better propagandists, they'd give much more coverage to dissenting views in order to substantively lessen the views that run counter to "official" ones remove the fangs, so to speak, by having dissenting views assimilated into the mainstream.

This is what I figured was happening with 9/11: the internet experiment was bubbling over into the manufactured mainline media "reality" to an extent that it made the structure appear too remote to continue ignoring the elephant on the sofa, so, begin airing marginal quack pieces on the truth movement as a way of diffusion.

Mel brings up a solid point: not one second of MSM air time is taken for granted, even if a brainwashed society largely runs on autopilot, and a few "Truman Show" type blunders won't effect the manufactured "reality". Besides, if allowing the escalation of truth to creep into the collective consciousness a la the media/video tv "reality," it's happening intentionally with a chief aim in mind.

Show "You might want to consider..." by Mel

was that babawawa next to

was that babawawa next to him?

look at barb's reaction

barbara walters looks stunned, smarmy, and devilish all at the same time.


Member of CFR

oh noooo!!!

Barbara just saw her bonus go out the window.... were any of her pets killed recently?

She looks like someones gunna be in real big trouble.

Hey hun.... check your depends

that was great!... he almost didn't get it out.

have we had any word since?

Babs is a longtime CFR member

Peter Jennings recently took a powerful position at CFR. CFR is Rockefellar/Exxon/FederalReserve/BankofLondon/NATO-command/US-politic-designers/MainstreamMediaOwnership

Barbara Walters is Livid

Look at her body language. The arms tighten up, her lips are pursed--she doesn't even look at Brolin or offer her hand to say goodbye afterward. Barbara Walters is livid.

Rosie's obviously tongue in cheek comment, "we don't know what that is.." was a cute, quick way to cover up Brolin's "unexpected" plug and make nice in front of Walters. I think Rosie knows everything we all do, and wants to talk about it, but the powers at ABC forbid mentioning 9/11 truth--and Walters is the policy gatekeeper (and also Rosie's boss at The View). I think Rosie's been told not to "go there" and Brolin brought it up instead.

Rest assured, if Brolin has seen 9/11 Mysteries, then his very influential and politically active wife Barbra Streisand has seen it as well--and talked about it with many others in her circle of influence. I live in L.A. and work in "the business". The truth is traveling fast out here. It's only a matter of time before it hits the fan so fast and furious, the guilty bastards won't know where to run.

Persistence and patience Wink

God I hope you are right!

God I hope you are right!

I agree. Rosie's a pro and

I agree. Rosie's a pro and she did what a pro does to both help the cause(boosting Brolin, thanking him) and cover her arse(I have no idea what that's about). She rushed that out, pat, without any conviction.

Can't say I'm a great Rosie fan--prefer Dawn French when it comes to large funny women--but if Walters is her boss-oooh--to be a fly on the wall after the show!


Wow! This is some heavy-duty stuff. If Brolin is a truther, and it sure looks like he is, then his wife Barbara Streisand probably is a truther also. She has always been politically active and speaks her mind. If she ever comes out with some 9/11 truth it's all over but the shouting. She has great credibility and everyone would listen. Say your prayers truthers, this could be the big break we have been waiting for.

Which brings me back to my earlier point...

...that I was making before being knighted a shill by not following the proper etiquette here: what is the "big break" we are all waiting for, and what do we all want to see happen?

Given the huge emotional investment many of us (myself definitely included) have in the 9/11 issue, how exactly do we want to see this anger diffused if and when it goes public?

Seriously. We have all spent hour after hour, day after day, month after month, and fore some/many, year after year spewing righteous indignation to any online soul who will listen. "Believe, and believe the way I do, or you are a SHILL!" But once we manage to bring a new recruit onboard, what do we want them to do?

I NEVER see questions like this discussed, and perhaps it's time we started discussing them.

Its a Fair Question

I can tell you this. My friends, family and most acquaintances KNOW my position on 9/11.

It has been remarkable watching the transformation of how people react to the truth.

I remember almost being lynched in 2002 when I had the temerity to bring this up during a work conference. I was mocked, chastised and otherwise verbally abused by my coworkers/friends. One guy was close to tears because he was from NYC and knew people who died that day.

I don't work there anymore (sadly) but I can tell you the response that I receive today is far different than the response I received then.

Now most people I bring this up to kind of accept it as a secret fact. Most even agree. Most are also kind of like you... now that you have me on board, what can I do about it?

Well Mel my friend, congratulations because you are already doing it. Believe it or not, the internet is our best tool in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

It spreads information in the blink of an eye across the entire globe.
It's a great reference tool to confirm facts as they are being released.
You can choose to remain completely anonymous.
You can educate yourself on the FACTS and stay informed.
Perhaps best of all, you can celebrate small victories. Kind of like we are doing now with this James Brolin video.

I suspect we will be doing more and more of this in 2007. Yes my friends, the worm has definitely turned. I predict in 2007, it will actually be cool to be a 9/11 Truther. Look for it to happen sometime around the release of Loose Change: Final Cut (in Spring 2007).

Once that happens... all bets are off. Heads will roll and people will be held accountable. We won't stop until that day comes.

Keep the faith AND for God's sake FIGHT THE POWER!

Mel, I think you are asking some very good questions.

Look for my response to your "if not now, when?" comment.

Take care. e

This voting point system has got to go.

I have never understood the purpose of this voting point thing. It is really being abused.

---From a decon @ my church: "I want to tell you something very serious..very serious, but I don't want you to say 'I told you so'. I want you to forgive me..You were right. I know the truth about 9/11.

First off, once you know the

First off, once you know the truth and want to contribute, get off the blogs once and a while and actually call your congress person, go to your DA's office and ask for investigation, talk to Police Departments, go to recruiting stations, talk to strangers. If you ever see a politician, confront them with 911 and demand the investigation of the murder of 3000 citizens. Get pissed off and stay pissed off.

Big Break?

The big break I was talking about was the media notoriety 9/11 truth will get if some big celebrity like Barbara Streisand speaks out. It would be impossible for the media to ignore or down play any comments she would make. Look at it this way, Barbara Streisand isn't just a super-star, she is a living legion. She is the greatest female singer and entertainer since Judy Garland. She has millions of fans world-wide. Her comments would be impossible for the media to ignore.

out of left field

this is important, hitting people where they don't expect it.

this guy is the jon conner of established hollywood, i guess that makes charlie sheen the alex jones!

I can't stop watching it. Did you see Barbara Walters expression


Babwa Wawa nearly crapped her skirt over that one. She obviously knew what Brolin was referring too.

Great job all on!!

Show "Is Baba Wawa Jewish? How about Larry King? Not Wolf Blitzer!" by Concrete man (not verified)
Show "and water is wet" by fish tacos (not verified)

Oh boy!

... another Christmas present to open! From 911blogger! How nice. Happy New Year. However, I have not been able to view the clip yet.

got it ...

... playing now. Did Rosie just s**t her pants or what?

no ...

... by the look on her face, I think it was Babawawa who just s**t.

It's on YouTube

Somebody just uploaded it to YouTube. Wink That should make it easier for you.

Come on guys... let's spread the word!

Buzz it while you can...

WHAT !?!?

Rosie .........."We don't know what that is".....
Yeah Rosie us truthers don't want to tarnish your image.
Thank you James!

Show "Rosie sux kok...I mean carpet! haha" by JR

Funny thing about Rosie...

Brolin and Streisand stayed at Rosie's Miami mansion recently during her concert. This was the concert where Streisand got a drink thrown at her from the audience by an angry Bush supporter. I was actually there! (the dick was escorted out)

Anyway... you would think that with Brolin being close enough to be a house guest of Rosie... the subject of 9/11 surely has come up? "Ah here are your keys back Rosie. By the way, you're out of coffee creamer and oh yeah, 9/11 was an inside job."

There is definitely more here than meets the eyes.

Show "Rosie" by JR

If Rosie doesn't "know what this is, she should log on & learn!

And fast!


Hats off to Brolin! What a stand up guy!!
I'll tell you who we should also be thanking and contacting aswell, Joy Behar (the italian redhead lady to the right of Brolin) is a real American. Joy has openly compared Rumsfeld to Hitler on The View and she opposses the war in Iraq aswell as Bush's assault on our freedoms. Right after Brolin plugged, Joy Behar said, "Wow...I've gotta write that down!"...apparently she's interested in 9/11 truth aswell.
I've watched this clip a few times to analyze what's happening and I really don't see anything unusual or interesting about Rosie and Barbara Walters during and after Brolin's 911 comment...Not to defend them, I hate Rosie and Barbara, but Rosie was just staying on time and Barbara didn't flinch apparently. That younger blonde dumbass neo-con chick to the far right is as stupid and brainless as it gets. I know Barbara Walters is CFR...I wonder which other of these ladies is a member too?
Thank you James Brolin !!!


Pretty sure the blonde girl is a democrat.... they were joking that James was playing Republicans in his recent films

Rosie is a gun grabber but I really don't think she really understands the implications of taking our guns.... I think if explained to her properly she would understand why we must have guns.

I'm pretty sure that Barbara is the only member of the CFR..... none of the others have ever been a news anchor for a national news program.
two comedians and a beauty queen

nope, the blonde is a

nope, the blonde is a hardcore republican who can spew rightwing talking points with the best of them. shes a bobblehead. she even spoke at the Republican National Convention in 2004.

re gun grabbing

I'm from "socialist" Canada and have always believed the right to bear arms was a recipe for disaster but now I see what a stroke of pure genius it was from the framers of your constitution. It was and still is insurance and protection from enemies "within."

bingo. im liberal/leftwing

bingo. im liberal/leftwing on most issues and cringe when mostly likeminded people go on about gun laws. gun laws dont work. criminals/drug dealers buy their guns illegally every time. they dont sit on waiting lists with background checks, the gun laws just dont effect them. the democrats are morons(though they have been getting surprisingly better on the gun issue), just imagine how much of a voter shift would occur if they split the NRA vote.


Thank you James Brolin!!!

Your courage to ask questions and vocalize them will open the minds of many, many people.

You courage to do so on NATIONAL TELEVISION is nothing short of amazing!

"Wait till I see you next time" - James Brolin


Why Is Baba Wawa Mad?









I hear Brolin is working on

I hear Brolin is working on the new Rambo movie with Sylvester Stallone. I'm sure the topic of 911 will come in the near future, if it already hasn't. Like Charlie Sheen said on the Alex Jones show, the worm is turning in Hollywood. Look for more celebrities going public with their doubts about the official story. Kudos to Brolin, Sheen, and Lynch. These guys have guts. Now more.

Show "Brolin, Rambo and Chomsky" by Concrete man (not verified)

The Jesuit Vatican controls the Mossad and the CIA.

Look at the history of the CIA, KGB, Mossad and the Jesuits (the Intel servervice for the Black pope).

Learn your history about the Jewish proxy mechanism.

The Jewish fascist agenda is probably completely encompassed by the agenda of the fascists who dream of a New World Order. These fascist Jews have betrayed their fellow Jews and the rest of the world, and are still (remember the Russian revolution where many Orthodox and Jewish people were slaughtered?) used as buffering shield by the real players of today.

Terms like Zionism (which consists of various forms of Israelian nationalism) or the Israel lobby are much too vague.

Also read about these Pro-Israel organizations (and study their ties to the CFR and other imperial / capitalistic think-tanks): (AIPAC) (ADL)

Show "The Sheen is off the apple" by Concrete man (not verified)

Tell us why he's a liar.

Tell us why he's a liar. Don't give us some video clip of someone else calling him a liar.
Why is Alex Jones such an evil, deceitful liar?
Let's hear it.

Alex is not a liar, but a

Alex is not a liar, but a Jesuit coadjutor. There is a subtle difference.

He tries to steer people away from the real players of the New World Order. The Bush-crime family, the high-level demo-rats and other bribed politicians are just pawns in this world domination game.

Alex Jones has consistently refused to discuss the Jesuits Order involvement in political history (including 9/11 and the - ancient killing of the King - the assassination of J.F. Kennedy)
I dare anyone to confront Alex Jones with questions about the Jesuit Order, their ties to our secret services, and their history of prosecution and expulsion in Europe.

The Jesuit Order (and their secret society offshoots) control many of the Intel services around the world (CIA, KGB, Mossad, ..). The Jesuit Order was the first Intel service in the world for the Vatican (a separate nation). The Vatican has still intimate ties to the Nazi's and is the driver of the New World Order agenda (and all its sub-agenda's.

The Jesuit Order is the largest mafia organization in the world.

My problem with the Jesuit thing is that Phelps is a racist

and interprets the bible literally which is very dangerous.....

I heard a family called the Piso family wrote the bible.
Why does Phelp follow it so?

Phelps is an all around

Phelps is an all around psycho piece of shite, full stop. Needs to be put down.

That said there are former Jesuits who've left the "dark side" of religion--look up Rev. Matthew Fox:

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Lawyer who called Rove treasonous dead of Suicide

Paul Sanford, a prominent Aptos, California, attorney, who accused Karl Rove of treason in the Plame outing case, took a leap from the Embassy Suites Hotel in Monterey Bay on Christmas Eve. Police describe it as “probable” suicide, even though it appears Sanford was not depressed.

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Way to go JB !

Barbara Walters looks sedated to me, or senile.

You can speculate all you want as to why JB plugged 9/11 Truth, but the fact remains that he did it clearly on a MSM show seen by millions of people who are very hard for alot of us to reach.

We are winning, brothers and sisters.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

anyone else having trouble

anyone else having trouble viewing this? it stops after six seconds

I'm in a prison camp sitting

I'm in a prison camp sitting next to the guy who said the twin towers collapse was "natural." It is freezing cold and we're trying to keep warm. He keeps trying to convince me that we are actually on a warm sandy beach and everytrhing is just peachy. Nevermind the gaurds with weapons pointed at us. "The firing squad is actually a welcoming party." "They are going to cook us a nice hot meal" he says, as they aim their guns at us. As he drops dead next to me he utters his last words, "God what have I done?."
Don't kidd yourself!!!!

I know these comments are moderated and I am one who pushes the envelope, stirs the pot, rocks the boat, and makes waves. That is how I know I am alive. That is why I breathe. I did not come to this world to be any less than a shit disturber, because what is going on is disturbing to say the least. That's why I came. To try to make things right again. Not for me, but for our children.
Some people just can't stand those who won't lay down willingly in the ditch next to them as they are covered with lime. I will fight to the death before they take me away. I will stand with any man that "can see." I will not stand with "not-sees". All I know for sure about 911 is that what our beloved federal gov says is mostly bullshit. Have a beautiful day. Matt Presti If you can see "add me." MP


I was hoping this video would surface. and its in a format i can use. excellent.

Thank you, Mr. Brolin!

Thank you, Mr. Brolin, for putting the 9/11 plug out there.

The establishment media thinks it can ignore and/or continue to disparage citizens who are on to the truths about 9/11. They are severely mistaken.

As the number of people demanding truth and accountability regarding 9/11 continues to grow exponentially, the media will have no choice but to eventually change its stance.

The good people of the U.S.A. will know longer stand for the lies and half truths that pour out of Washington and the establishment media.


Rosie knew Brolin would plug this...IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB! HAHAHAHAHA!


After the 'see you next time' comment he says "your gonna wake up", but I can't make out his very last comment...any ideas?

#1 Most Buzzed Story in the Last 24 Hours

Let's see if we can take this to top 3 most Buzzed of all time...

That's not all

Check out the rest of the stories getting buzzed on that page...... they need to censor more than just there are some pretty damning stories getting buzzed.

People are waking up!

We droves

flood the view with postive comments about 9/11 truth or requests to cover the story further:

Keep it respectful. We don't want the same nonsense to happen to the view that happened to that idiot Danny Bonaduce.



Mission Accomplished!

Me too!

To Whom it May Concern at The View:

I would really like to see a healthy debate on the 9/11 Truth Movement and so-called conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11.

I was so inspired to see James Brolin plug the 9/11 truth website "". I was sad to see Rosie dismiss it so casually.

Many, many people are passionate about the issue of 9/11 Truth. I can guarantee you I would be a faithful "Viewer" should 9/11 Truth be given the respect and attention it so desperately needs and certainly deserves. The View is a great place for this to take place.

Chris Rose


I trust you see the irony in your last paragraph?


I just watched this video again.... blow it up as big as you can..... and watch at the end of the video... when it freezes..... look at Rosie real close and tell me she's not giving James Brolin the finger!!

Unless she's throwing one to someone else

& look who's wearing red.... commies?

My bad

She is clearly giving it to Barbara..... she gives her the glance and then the finger!!

Freaking Hilarious!!

Barbara is the CFR Commie! Go Rosie!

That's weird...

I cannot get it to play now?


Go to the link to the story and watch it from there.... watch the last 5 seconds

Rosie was playing dumb

Brilliant.... good show!


OK... are we going to play the negative opoint game..... that's cool!

then drop me a reason and stop being a pussy!

I got rid of some of those

I got rid of some of those negitives a short while ago JJ; unfortunately the first post was -2, so that did leave a -1. But it's gone now.

You might know we have disrutpers registering possibly just to vote down those of us who seem to have clout--Jon, Chris, RT, etc. Shows they've got it all wrong--there are no LEADERS at 911Blogger--we're each our own leader.

Still, I predict--unless the moderators ban annoy-mice soon, then vigourously follow up booting registered disruptors-- some of us will get inundated with negative numbers we've never had before.

Not teasing you know but will remind you--if you get registered you actually can vote comments up and down, including YOUR OWN--this gives you some basic self defense when you KNOW the trolls are here.

And they're here. Watch:

This post will be welcomed and approved by at least the 70 people who have voted "no" to anonymous posts. But I know at least two registered disrupters are operating right now--I'll give myself an +1. Bet it will disapears within the hour. If I get more points it will only be because one of the 70 come by in the afternoon after work.

So, JJ, join us! You got a problem registering, dz will help. And, BONUS, you can vote down the trolls!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Amen Col. Jenny!

"There are no LEADERS at 911Blogger--we're each our own leader."

I did

I did Register once but I never got a confirmation.... just as easy to type in my JJJ prior to posting.... so I don't get to vote?... no biggie

I am with you..... even if I don't join

If I join will I still have to fill out the "captcha" validation codes?

U should probably register

Not only will you not have to fill out the validation code, but you can start posting your own blogs. You seem like a man with something to say (as am I).

Also, you prevent others from logging in under your handle and misrepresenting your p.o.v.

At the end of the day its your call though. Just trying to help.

You mean like this?

Hey everybody, I'm JJJames and I'm Rush Limbaugh's illegitimate love child.


That wasn't me but if it was.... and that was true..... I'd have put a gun in my mouth long ago..... the sad thing is my dad wouldn't have heard it :(

>If I join will I still have

>If I join will I still have to fill out the "captcha" validation codes?<

No, you will not, sir! Another benefit of membership! Join 911Blogger today!

Seriously, though, at first it's a little TOO easy to post because you don't have to "capture", but you CAN edit your posts--as long as someone hasn't replied yet--

Another benefit of joining 911Blogger! Join today!


Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Everybody's doing it

You might be surprised at this... but I'm very vulnerable to peer pressure.

I confine much of my writing to

over 25,000 in the 9/11 Truth group

Vulnerable to peer pressure,

Vulnerable to peer pressure, eh? How about flattery?

That dishy JJJames, he'd even be MORE gorgeous if he was a member of 911Blogger! Registered Truthers are SO sexy...

It's worth of shot...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


Now I'm going to have to play hard to get..... this flattery could be something I could get used to.

No, no! No waiting! Don't

No, no! No waiting!

Don't worry, I'll respect you the morning after you resister!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Uh huh

I have heard that one before....

I was born at night.... but I wasn't born last night!

So, that's how it's going to

So, that's how it's going to be? Well, back to the peer pressure--register, you trolling shill!


Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


If you need to messsage me you can reach me at www/

where I a rounding up all the myspace advertisers of porn for display


I had the same problem with registering JJJ.
I sent an email to dz and it was corrected. Something about a problem w/ yahoo emails.

And there goes my +1 to 0;

And there goes my +1 to 0; only took 25minutes. Trolls must not be too busy...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

And one of the 70 must have

And one of the 70 must have come by--I've got it back.

Cheers, whomever it was!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


Did you see Rosie flip Barbara the bird?


B Streisand is pals with Bill Clinton, who is of course part of the establishment.
James Brolin her husband is a 9/11 Truther.
Obviously this makes BS well-aware of the truth.

I wonder if she still hangs out with Bomber Bill.
I have to wonder when BS will come out and support the truth. What will BC say then?

This Brolin video is HUGE for us and will have gigantic affects on the truth movement in 2007!

What's the Buzz?

BUZZFLASH.COM has a new feature where they highlight the most "buzzed" stories on their front page.

Coincidentally, the most buzzed story in the last 24 hours has been the James Brolin video on The View.

Forcing BUZZFLASH to shuffle some of the lesser buzzed stories to the top of the roster.

I guess the George Bush v. Spider Man story is a safer bet... especially if you're a left-wing gatekeeping shill.

How to contact Rosie O'Donnell

Here's a link I found.

Please keep it peaceful and respectful. Let's not let this become another Bonnaduce-Fox witch hunt.

What i said was this (keep in mind there's a character limit):

Hey Rosie,
I was wondering if you looked into the site James Brolin plugged: ? Please keep an open mind and know that 9/11 Truth is for peace and justice. Thanks.

Is James Brolin a friend of Jon Stewart?

If not, maybe he could be a guest on Stewart's show, this might really help the 911 movement! Here's a neat video on the topic:

John Stewart

Good point Concrete man....

I stopped watching Jon Stewart a long time ago. He is definitely a propagandist and he should be called out as such.

CFR member Barbara Wa WA wasn't too happy

CFR member Barbara Wa WA wasn't too happy about his comment! LOL!

The View?

Notice how Rosie quickly states, and dismisses,"We don't know what that is." after James Brolin gives the web address. That show, should be called A View, seeing as any views besides theirs, are shot down as quick as they're brought up.