John Conner Visits Hollywood

Note, more info on John's meeting with Bonaduce here:

Conner, why not stick more to 9/11 & less with the moralizing?

(It is strange how such a right wingnut like him is so heavily into 9/11 truth though.)

Hey John Connor

Why don't you stick to whatever you want. You've done more for raising awareness about 911 in the face of a giant tidal wave of mainstream media than most people; let's not forget the hard work of your camera person who follows you around. (I certainly wish I had a camera person when I do my NYC subway talks.) We are not fighting an ordinary battle here, we are fighting monsters wearing camoflouged American Icon suits, we need creativity. Keep up the good fight.

watch $20 bucks on google and send it to someone begining to question 911

Show "greenback, I'll be glad to" by Mark Roberts

Mr. Roberts, when are you and Mr. Conner going to

get together?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Show "Get together? For what" by Mark Roberts

Oh, Marky, Mark!

And yet you spend so much time here supporting the Administration's fairy tale. Don't you know that they and their base are right-wing, homophobic nutjob a-holes? That they incite homophobic hysteria for cynical political purposes? That they deliberately promote a mistrust of established scientific principles, instread preferring bought-and-paid-for science to support a corporate-desired conclusion, ala RJ Reynolds and Exxon Mobile and Young Earthers?

If Connor turns you off, maybe you could find some new peeps for whom to shill, 'cause you're getting your marching orders from some real ignarts.

Show "If I'm so inept, and blindly" by Mark Roberts


It's a hell of a lot easier to point out the ones you've presented which are correct: 0. You have never directly addressed a challenge on this board, you only make things up. No war games? Hahahahahahaha! You've gone off the official script, as well as the reservation, putz

Go away -- engaging with you is merely an amusing parlor game for us, you sad, inept little man It doesn't accomplish what your handlers hope.

On the other hand, it IS inspiring to witness just how bankrupt the defense of the OT is at thanks for the jollies.

Good show, LEH! Just got

Good show, LEH! Just got here---why does Mark care again? Half of his posts are hidden. Oh well...

MARK! You help a first responder lately?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

answer these 6 bullett points mark roberts

1. evaporated steel was reported in the new york times by Thomas Barnett, its in jones paper. explain that

2. Wille rodriguiez and at least 20 others heard a big explosion in the basement BEFORE the plane impact.

3. Molten dripping steel, i love the way you dodged that. FIRE DOESNT MELT STEEL. Please explain. Jones paper was peer reviewed.

4. Since NIST in there recently released FAQ says its basically a pile driver theory , how does the alleged pile driver turn to dust in midair, how can it crush the building if it turns into dust in midair? i love the way you ignored that.

5. Since no fire has ever caused a building to collapse bc of fire, why did building 7 collapse? How did all the core and perimeter columns fail at the same time? Its going to be a tough one to answer BC even nist cant answer it. DR. Sunder from NIST in mar 2006.

NIST did have "some preliminary hypotheses" on 7 WTC, Dr. Sunder said. "We are studying the horizontal movement east to west, internal to the structure, on the fifth to seventh floors." Then Dr. Sunder paused. "But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."

6. Plenty of experts agree with the CD theory. Two swiss structural engineers and an explosives expert jowenko say building 7 was a CD. Charles Pegelow a structural engineer agrees with the CD theory. Stephen jones a phd in Physics.............many more do, read the comment on Jones paper, structural engineers, civil engineers and a professor of Physics from MIT AGREE with him. THEY DO SO AND LEAVE ONLY THEIR FIRST NAMES BC OF MORONS LIKE YOURSELF WHO RIDICULE AN OPEN AND HONEST DEBATE. THERE WAS ONLY ONE GALILEO, LUCKILY MORE AND MORE EXPERTS ARE WAKING UP DESPITE THE RISKS TO THEIR CAREERS AND LIVES.

Be Very Careful because

Be Very Careful because these are to types of facts that I personally wittnessed to cause Mark to lose his mind at ground zero. He prefers to talk about how simple it was that one of the hijackers' passport was found at ground zero. Mind you, 3 skyscrapers were vaporized on 911 but the magic passport is nothing to question. Great post.

This is about Principles, NOT Personalities

Stay focused on the objective. This is about informing the misinformed about the truth.

One must endeavor to keep animosity and the ego in check. This isn't about you.

Hey Mark

Thanks for the offer but, no offense, I'm looking for someone a little bit more mentally stable. I have a nice camera and you are not the first person I'd let hold it. I tried to give you the benefit of doubt down at ground zero about two months ago and I listened to your points about 911. I listened to you yap for a solid 25 minutes. I then asked yout to explain a number of your points and you couldn't. I finalized our conversation by politely pointing out no less than 15 major contradictions you stated. Furthermore, you were scaring people who were at ground zero. Maybe because you got worked up over your contradictions being pointed out; maybe because you were simply on edge that day, or most days. But hey, why don't you check out some therapy or medication and we'll see about working together in the future. Don't plan on it, of course, but there's always hope. Perhaps one day you will realize your crime and shame of enabling and assisting mass murderers.


Can't even post under your real name wuss

John... I liked your earlier work.

I don't need you telling me about the ills of pornography, prostitution, drugs and satan... when massive government and corporate corruption dwarfs such things by comparison. In fact, it can be argued that CivilCorpo corruption is damn delighted to have such timeless human vices to endlessly point to and hand-wave for distraction.

Why are you latching onto immutable vice... even satan-baiting... when the lies of civil servants would seem more than enough to focus upon?


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

stick to 9/11

youve got the talent to get video to become viral, dont waste it acting like preacher. I mean in your last video you talked about the first amendment, what do you want for us to outlaw porn, pre marital sex?

He's trying

Somebody has to... but I think that baby steps are good.

the Bonaduce thing still cracks me up.... and the Schwartzeneger bit was good too!

The tattoo shop playing Immortal Technique???

You Tube

Bonaduce video up to 175,000 views..... He's famous again!!!!

Good Short Video

Thanks JJJames for pointing out the good stuff:

He's right, John... you ARE doing something. You're worth your weight in gold.

Just ease up on my 4:20... it doesn't make me a porno-prostitution-fiend next shooting heroin into my eyeball. (as if those were bad things compared to mass murder, incinerating the constitution and war crimes)


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

thank you! like everyone

thank you! like everyone else, i think Conner does a great job when he sticks to the important topics. pornography and marijuana are NOT important topics. i smoke pot and have watched my share of porn and im still not a satanist/prostitute/crackhead/baby-killer or anything else like that. and hell, pot actually helps some people stay away from worse drugs like coke and alcohol. im not saying pot is good for you or anything, but it has its positives, believe it or not. you wanna talk about disinfo? the government has done a brilliant job of making marijuana appear much more damaging than it really is. they have no way of making money off of legalizing marijuana, so its much easier to demonize it and make money off of throwing potheads in jail.

Show "Jeff King (plaguepuppy)" by Mark Roberts


Mark..... What do you know about Tesla?




To be fair----bwahahahaha!

To be fair----bwahahahaha! But why be fair to Mark?!!

Ahem--to be fair, pubilc education about Tesla is so limited that usually you need to start studying electronics before you even hear of the man. Edison got all the glory for electricity, Marconi beat Tesla to the patent office for radio, so even though we owe Tesla at least as much if not more as these two for "this modern world" (ac current in particular) no one knows about him.

It is doubtful Mark is a tech geek of any sort, limiting the chances he's heard of Tesla. Mark strikes me as someone who studied advertising or some other business where you get ahead by "making your own reality". That's why once you start to talk higher mathematics or technical details he falls back on "well these experts said" instead of trying to understand the subject enough to debate it in his own words.

He's not stupid(evidence to the contrary), he's just not interested in that loser geeky stuff. His motto is "I win if I can convince you or discredit you". A very useful asset to some. He probably doesn't believe anything he says the way you or I do; he's too shallow to really believe anything.

Well, that's me--and look out for the outrage--incoming!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


Are you trying to impress me?

Cause it's working

The Mark Roberts Defense.... hit him in the numbers

"Hit him in the numbers"--

"Hit him in the numbers"-- Nice one!

I'm not at my best in front of a monitor talking math(too much like a computer game watching the screen--I need pen and paper to be calm enough to calculate)--but at the LC forum there are plenty practiced at this, and I bet those forums--the ones where they illustrate calculus equations and mass energy ratios--bet he NEVER debates those people.

Now, want to impress me, Mr -hard-to-get? Register, you sexy beast!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Stick to 9/11


What a disappointment

I hate when my favorite 9/11 truthers start spewing this hateful garbage. I thought Conner was a libertarian conservative, but he is acting more like a neo-con/religious nut in this video. What I do with my bong in my home is my business. This kind of nonsense just scares people away, John. Keep up the good work with the 9/11 stuff, but a word of advice: stick to the facts and keep your opinions about the evils of porn and weed to yourself (some of us have a soft spot in our hearts for both, but that doesn't make us Satanists).

But he's got balls

Gotta admit, I love the House of Blues stagewalk.

Conner on FOX


what an idiot!
"I am not a political person". Amen to that.
At least he admits he has no clue whats going on around him.

What's with the shades?

Does Mr. Conner ever take his sunglasses off?

For a self-proclaimed libertarian he seems to have some philosophical inconsistancies. I will say that he has a definite appeal to a certain crowd, though.

I hope that someone sent Mr. Bonaduce a copy of 9/11: Press for Truth and DRG's The New Pearl Harbor.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Suggested Xmas gift for john conner

The Terminator

 Have you ever seen a bong this wicked before?

The terminator's 4 chamber design filters and cools the smoke ensuring a clean hit time after time


The Terminator


Was that bong sent from the future to save him from his fate?

because it's about 5 years too late

Best Buy

Check out the "Truth Geek"

Way to go man!

That is great!

Going to Best Buy right now!.... All out of videos to hand out.... Gunna have to buy a DVD burner while I'm there