911 Posting Army


The 911 Posting Army is made up of individuals concerned about spreading the truth behind the events of 911. We do this on message boards around the net, by presenting evidence, and invoking change, through intelligent, peaceful, debate.

Join the fold.

Find a place and start posting - link up to it on our message board so others can join you.

You are not alone.

*The main idea behind the 911 posting army is to stay fluid, i.e., have an ever expanding and ever moving network: A network that builds on its own via multiple independent posting hubs: hubs that gather and post their own information and debate independently of each other.

With this premise in mind, please start your own 911 Posting Army blogs/websites as well; a place where others can assemble.

This is the only way we will grow. And the only way that we will stay mobile.

message boards

I recently started posting 9/11 stuff on www.politicalhotwire.com and www.democracyforums.com. Just remember ya'll not to get too sucked into this sort of stuff- make sure you're out on the street with flyers and dvds whenever possible, even if that means showing up at the subway station or bus stop 5 minutes early and hitting up everyone who's waiting around.

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

send $20 bucks to everyone

send $20 bucks to everyone that still doesn't know the truth. $20 bucks is a short and great video which simply points out the obvious demolition of wtc7. it should open eyes and serve as a catalyst to begin investigating more about 911.

watch $20 bucks:

Use as Resource to send Truth Far & Wide

I have been in several of these groups for quite a while 911truthaction, veterans for 911 truth, Bushlied, Corrupt Republicans Club, (look em' up at Yahoogroups).

I use them to find the latest, greatest...most convincing articles, video, links etc.

Then send them to : Michael Moore,

Howard Zinn,


This American Life 911TruthAction@yahoogroups.com americanprogressaction.org, pr@ pr@americanprogressaction.org bushlied@yahoogroups.com bushlied@yahoogroups.com clg_news@legitgov.org clg_news@legitgov.org crisispapers@comcast.net crisispapers@comcast.net editor@prwatch.org editor@prwatch.org editors@apj.us editors@apj.us info@tedkennedy.com info@tedkennedy.com joestokes@sbcglobal.net Letters@newsweek.com Letters@newsweek.com MalloyProducer@aol.com MalloyProducer@aol.com Marc Ash Truthout Director@truthout.org Moore, Michael mike@michaelmoore.com NOWWeb@thirteen.org NOWWeb@thirteen.org onthemedia@wnyc.org onthemedia@wnyc.org The_Corrupt_Republicans_Club@yahoogroups.com TVNEWSLIES submissions@tvnewslies.org v911t v911t@yahoogroups.com

It does little if we just send it amongst ourselves. We need to venture out.

Often times you can find an address by entering: example "Noam Chomsky Contact" into a search engine

I am also working on a new batch of 400 DVDs.


We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

9/11 book forums

A while back I started the 9/11 truth group on LibraryThing, a site for cataloging & discussing books. Just checked back and there are over 50 members plus lively discussion in the forums. I have sent invitations to quite a few of the people who have 9/11 related books in their catalogs.

Who masterminded 911?

Who was the
mastermind of 9/11?

short entertaining videos!


Sounds like a great idea to me! We need to wake-up the sleeping


America Needs Iran

This long and detailed essay is an obligatory read for strategists for it provides a point-by-point analysis of America’s stand in relation to Iran and through it to Russia, the Middle East, Europe. Basing on great factual material and dozens of footnotes, Bob Finch proves that Iran is the pivot of Eurasian Geopolitics; friendship with Iran is the paramount interest of America, while hostility to Iran is in Israel’s interests and is achieved by efforts of American Jewish elite. Finch provides an answer to the long polemics with Chomsky, standing squarely on the position of Mearsheimer and Walt: Jewish elites carry anti-American policy and undermine America’s standing in the world.


Pentagon to Request Billions More in War Money!!!!

Stop this f*cking i n s a n i t y now!!!!

The Pentagon is seeking nearly $100 billion for operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, a request that, if approved by Congress, would set an annual record for war-related spending. The $99.7 billion request, detailed in a 17-page internal Defense Department memorandum dated Dec. 7, would be in addition to $70 billion appropriated in September.

This "911 Posting Army" is one of the best ideas I've heard in

a very long while!!!

Danny Bonaduce Slams 9-11 Conspiracy Theorists and Hollywoodans


(I guess Bonaduce won't be joining our 9/11 posting army.)

don't have to join a club

to be part of an army...been doing this as an indie for some time now: hitting mid-left blogs and jumping on any issue that offers an opening for messaging to expose:

1. 911 Truth
2. Myth of Islamofascism
3. Real goal of the War of Terror and role of al CIA-duh
4. Nietzchien ideology behind the War of Civilizations and craving for endless war
5. Stranglove psychopathology of the necon agenda to salvage the collapsing pertro-arms-drugs-dollar in service to the New World Oligarchy's need to fail as many Middle East states as possible, so as to allow easy entry and hegemonic control

...and to do so, while reminding them often, as per Tarpley's insight, "If WMD go off anywhere in the world, don't look to the cave, the laptop, bin Ladin; don't look to the Axis of Evil. Look to Cheny and Cheney's handlers."

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the italics tag ;-)

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very well put blog dog. i

very well put blog dog. i would only add media activism near the top of the list as well. the propaganda that is our corporate MSM is so slick now that people dont even think to question it. i cant tell you how many times ive heard-"if 9/11 was an inside job, or even close to it, the media would have said something by now". people need to understand how the media works to understand how something like 9/11 could be covered up so effectively. thats why im such a huge fan of Barrie Zwicker and think that his book gets it so right. it should be required reading for anyone in the media. i almost always make sure to preface any 9/11 comments i make to anyone with the fact that basically 6 companies own almost all the media we see in this country. i wonder where their interests lie?

Mad TV suggests.....

I just saw a short animated skit on Mad TV that showed FBI agents who were trained to be Islamic terrorists, loading a truck with fertilizer. Definitely worth a watch....

Stick the message.

Why don't we raise some money and print up some stickers we can place above public restrooms etc and all over the place. This will get us more attention for our money than many other things. eh? Peace.

P.S. The stickers should be free and sent to anyone willing to place them around public places. Many of us can chip in on this effort eh?

You can make your own stickers at home

There is sticker paper at any good office supply store that feeds right into your inkjet or laser printer. I do four stickers to a sheet. Quick,easy and customizable.

Works great!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Show "Mankind are just sheep devoid of memory and futurity?" by Concrete man (not verified)

Post "On Topic" stuff at

Post "On Topic" stuff at messageboards of whatever flavor you choose- I recommend pr0n because of its wide (albeit underground) popularity among a broad spectrum of people of all political persuasions.

The "signature" in your otherwise on-topic posts should resemble the one you see here,

The above messageboard thread sees thousands of eyeballs daily. Except it's better than freeway signs, because just 2 or 3 clicks away they can be watching one of the top 911 Truth videos, or surfing the top sites including 911blogger.

That animated WTC7 .gif is powerful stuff to have in your signature.

Of course as to the "videos" page displayed below the WTC7 gif, you'll want to point somewhere appropriate, IE not another pr0n site messageboard, if you're posting messages at a forum about gardening or something.

Also, recall you're not there to "hijack" threads and turn them into 911 Truth debates. You'll just get banned that way. Just keep posting perfectly on-topic stuff-- the key is your slipping that intriguing 911 Truth brain fodder into your signature. You can see in some of the messages following the one linked above, there are some mixed responses, so you just shrug off the negative reactions (if any) and keep posting on topic stuff.