I personally was never there when Saddam did the things that got him executed. I can only believe what the lying media has told me. Knowing what I know about Hugo Chavez and how the media has told us a complete lie about him, I can only guess that they are not telling us the complete truth about what is really going on with Saddam.

My new video is tagged with that and hopefully it will reach a group of people not reached before.

If he is guilty, than no sleep lost.

If he is innocent, his death will help me spread 9/11 truth.

Why did they execute him so quick? Sounds fishy, once again. Just one of the many thousand things.

The Video




P.S. The other videos I created have reached 300,000 people so far and keeps rising!

very clever guerrilla marketing of 911 Truth!

I like the bait-and-switch ruse.

I don't care how you do it, just get fresh eyeballs on that 911 Truth material.

The MSM's promotion of the 911 OCT is a cruel ruse, after all. Only fools take high road when dealing with such an adversary as TPTB and the Big Lies from their Mighty Wurlitzer.

Where do nice guys finish again? Oh yeah.

Are you just completely out

Are you just completely out of your mind? This is no way to promote 9/11 Truth, this is deceptive and frankly just stupid. And as for comparing Saddam to Chavez, Saddam was a piece of shit, but he was "our" piece of shit. Chavez has his faults but they’re outweighed by the amazingly good and brave things that he’s done. Saddam did elevate his county’s healthcare and general prosperity, Castro has done something similar. But unlike Saddam the supporters and haters of Chavez and Castro are genuine, even if the haters/opposition don’t live in the countries anymore (anti-Castro Cubans for example). The people who praised Saddam in the street did so out of fear, Saddam had crowds who would fake support because they were afraid of his tyrannical authority. Saddam was an asshole, but by no means anywhere near as big an asshole as the people who put him there. And life in Iraq was comparatively much better under Saddam than it is today, which is saying a lot.

stop your preching

can it, the truth movement needs all the publicity it can get, lucus is doing the right thing

one of the top vdeos on google was "pam anderson sex tape" similar titles will get you views

a few best 911 Truth short clips

I think sowing these clips together into a similar youtube ruse would be effective.

Dan Rather remarks on the strange collapse of WTC-7 (MPEG 35 seconds, 1.3 MB):

Bush lying about 911 morning, "...the TV was obviously on" (RealPlayer, 1 minute, 880 KB):

Bush fumbles a softball press question about 911 foreknowledge (MPEG, 43 seconds, 7.2 MB):

Firemen recall "detonations" in South Tower (MPEG, 29 seconds, 4.8 MB):

OOPS here's the proper URL

You have gone beyond the

You have gone beyond the pale LUCUS. This is just messed up. You're exploiting the execution of a man. What is wrong with you?

Yes, Saddam Hussein was a tyrant and did horrible things to his people. The media hasn't lied about this, they have merely hyped it up. There are many African dictators who have done horrible things too, but we don't seem to care about that.

I can't see anyone supporting your actions here. If you can't see how this does not help getting the truth out, you must be disturbed. Please remove that sniper video if you come to your senses.

I agree

it reflects very poorly on us as a movement, and sends the wrong message.

plus - starting the video with the 'missing' United 93 is perhaps the WEAKEST approach you can take.

Well, I support LUCUS'

Well, I support LUCUS' actions. Mainly because his approach targets a segment that is most likely not to know of 9/11 truth/questioning. Let's face it ; sex runs the internet and it's always been like that so why not exploit it?

As to why Saddam was executed so quick; because there are still alot of cases against him and in some of those cases,like the gassing of the Kurds at Halabja, the US aided him directly and now he won't be able to testify on that.

Show "Israel's Cyber Soldiers are on the march at 911B!" by Anonymous (not verified)

You won't find truth with cheap tricks

I appreciate your efforts but please keep to the truth.
If you are looking for a reputation as someone who is a trickster your value to the truth movement goes down.
Try making more short ones and keep posting them but don't misrepresent the topic.

Show "YOU PEOPLE ARE WEIRD" by FARGO (not verified)
Show "YOU PEOPLE ARE WEIRD" by FARGO (not verified)

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