Friday Commute Signs

I can't let the last Friday of 2006 pass without giving everyone in my neck of the woods a little 9/11 Truth.

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LeftWright rocks as usual!


Good work!

Good work! always!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I resemble that remark.....

...deftly played, LeftWright.... paraphrase Monty Python...."that's what I'm on about..."

Show everyone you know WTC7 and "watch their face melt"....ipso facto: Instant Truther....

Dude, I've been on the fence


I've been on the fence about using the frequent flier miles to go to the Arizona conference, but if you'll be there, I'll make the effort just to shake your hand. GOODONYA!

So -- any other LeftWright admiring females on this board (and I'm happily married) able to join me? Jenny? Casseia?

Come to organize and I'm glad that you're

happily married. Bring your husband, there WILL be dancing !


BTW- where do you live? I really want to get as many states represented as possible so we can get serious about organizing early in the year. 2007 will be huge for 9/11 Truth.

Hope you and yours are well

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I'm in D.C. Save me a

I'm in D.C. Save me a dance!

I'm planning to go.

And I'm happily divorced... jk

As long as you're HAPPY !

Do you like to dance?

With a crazy, flute-playing purple truther?

You're in Oregon, yes? I'm 10 miles north of the GG bridge.

It will be very nice to connect with some folks from other states and get this party rocking! There should be a fair number of us NorCal folks there.

Be well.

Yes, Portland

I do like to dance but I have to shed some inhibitions first.

I've spent a fair amount of time in Marin. My mom went to the San Anselmo Theo. Seminary and I spent a summer there with her and my college boyfriend was from Larkspur.

I commend the sign and the

I commend the sign and the activism.

But take a hypothetical 911 Truth NOOB, say they see the sign, they don't have further resources at their fingertips to understand the meaning of the sign, and it's forgotten seconds later. Ideally, such a sign should point to

Alternatively, you can hit joe 6 pack with "a sign" while he's at home surfing internet pr0n, the single biggest usage of internet bandwidth-- a guilty pleasure everyone surfs but few talk about.

Post "On Topic" stuff at messageboards of whatever flavor you choose- I recommend pr0n because of it's wide (albeit underground) popularity among a broad spectrum of people.

The "signature" in your otherwise on-topic posts should resemble the one you see here,

The above messageboard thread sees thousands of eyeballs daily. Except it's better than freeway signs, because just 2 or 3 clicks away they can be watching one of the top 911 Truth videos, or surfing the top sites including 911blogger.

I average about 10 signs a week, thank you

I have several target audiences, many of whom are not web heads, but do have access to broadband and know how to use google.

One of my main goals is to let those who already know the truth know that we're out here and to get active, I will be starting groups in my area next week and actively promoting them, hopefully I will get a good response.

A second goal is to get people talking as they are driving along and thinking about 9/11 and everything that has followed, hopefully they will want to know more and begin to ask questions, they may also see my signs promoting 9/11 Truth groups and come to a meeting or go to a screening of a 9/11 related film and wake up.

Somehow I don't think the many soccer moms driving around here spend much time watching porn (I could be wrong) and I'm hoping to shake them awake, especially as the economy goes south in 2007 and get them to start asking the questions, too.

I'm also hoping to penetrate the local high school and college crowd and get some groups going there and these people see the signs and know how to google as well.

It's all about creating a buzz and then feeding the fire.

I get more and more honks and thumbs up while I'm putting my signs up, which is always nice.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Seriously, how is this received?

I'd be willing to give it a try if there are boards I can join for free and if readers are at least a little receptive. (BTW, does the term "pr0n" make anyone else think of prawns?)

Reply re "how it's

Reply re "how it's received".

Short answer, mixed, some positive some negative... you gotta tiptoe around the negative ones, since you're not there to hijack the threads. Only to place the material in front of fresh "blue pill" eyeballs.