I just read a Yahoo news article ....

.... located at http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061230/ap_on_re_us/attacks_remains&printer=1.
It is titled "Search for human remains exapands at WTC".

I hope the people finding the debris are not continuing the practice of destruction of evidence. The Crews that are sifting through the material should be instructed that the WTC-related debris such as computer parts, office carpet, electrical wires and steel are all evidence in the largest mass murder in our nations histiory.

There should be supervisors who have the ability and forensic knowledge to bag and tag the evidence for a trail to be used when the evildoers are finally brought to justice. In no way should the evidence be turned over to the FBI or other governmental agecy to safeguard. The WTC 7 controlled demolition can be used as a reason that they are not competent to protect evidence.

If a Court order is required the relatives of the families should have an attorney file whatever papers are necessary to protec the integrity of this evidence.

Apparently, God is on our side and wants us to continue to work for truth justice and the real American way.

Where can we suggest this?

Your idea is obviously good. But more is needed than posting it here.

Yes - I agree

BUT the purpose of the blog is to spread the word which is proven by your post.
There is nothing that can be done until after January 1, 2007 other than to spread the word. Pass it on

January 1, 2007...

Anyone else nervous about the New Year? Think they might try a FFlag?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "How will you know if it's a" by Mark Roberts

When I asked "anyone" I was

When I asked "anyone" I was addressing other humans on this site--not vampires trying to suck the life out of disscussion.

"I may be dead, but at least I'm pretty--which is more than I can say for you!"--Buffy

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


Almost for got that--have you helped a first responder lately?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I gave up fearing a FF last summer

If they are going to pull another end run around the US Constitution and go for Martial Law, then they will have to contend with a 2nd Civil War... Too many people are wise to these people now...

<edit: If anything does happen it will probably be an attack on our servicemen in the Middle East, then blame it on Iran.  I really hope they don't resort to such an event, those guys are being setup to be decimated. 

Student if you ever come back here .....

..I want you to know that today I contacted Project Rebuild who informed me the the Port Authority was overseeing the clean-up, They responded to my email the the Deputy Mayor of NYC was the person that I should contact. After getting transferred 4 times I ended up at the Press Contact for the Police Department of NYC where I found out that he did not know and told me to try the Deputy Mayor again.
I emailed the new Governor of the State of New York with the information.
I emailed ny911truth where my emailed was rejected as "appearing similar to spam" and 911Truthorganization.
And I just finished emailing CooperativeResearch.org.


Tom, I am back looking at this thread, a month and a half after your message here.

What you are doing is what we all need to do. Thanks for that, friend. We have to keep trying, and try new routes when our first tries fail -- which in general, they will. At some point we will get traction.

Any word from Cooperative Research? Surely they will be interested.

Amazing how impenetrable the official system is, though.

A few questions, NJ

1) Who should supervise this work?

2) With what other evidence should this theoretical new evidence be incorporated?

3) Who should process and investigate the new evidence?

4) What is your opinion of the evidence recovery operation that was done at Fresh Kills?

Thank you.

Mark Roberts - my reply to your questions

I think that ideally the experts in the truth movement in the specialised fields such as Dr, Jones should be permitted to examine the evidence and be able to take any samples that he may require for his testing.

Perhaps a medical expert would could testify as to what it would take to pulverise so many human bodies into such tiny pieces.

Construction workers who were there when the material was paved over can testify who directed them to ignore the rules of decency by paving over the human remains.

Depending on the amount of quantity can be determined were it can be maintained for safekeeping. Preferably in various locations.

Perhaps family members can oversee the operations or other independent people who are appointed by them.

The area should officially be designated a crime scene which would halt any further construction of the new complex until an investigation in performed. It shouldn't have been started before one was done in the first place.

The money that has been spent to rebuild has come from fraudulent insurance claims filed by Mr. Silverman and his associates. I am still looking for the claim that was filed with the insurance company that paid the claim for WTC 7.

I am not aware of what procedures were in place for any evidence recovered from Fresh Kills. So therefore I cannot answer that question.

The insurance companies should have paid for at least a review of an official investigation prior to making any payments on any claims. I think that since the officers of the insurance companies who approved and made payments on the fraudulent claims should be charged with complicity in the crime. However, they should be given an offer to plead out if the companies offer to pay for the entire investigation, which would probably absolve them from having to make any further payments to Mr. Silverstein. The payments have come for the Stockholders earnings.

The unethical attorneys that filed any of the intentionally misleading court documents to influence the Judges should be charged for malpractice.

sorry, double post.

sorry, double post.


Next time there is a poll.... I want to know how many people have not heard about the "9/11 Truth Movement"

I also want to know how many people who HAVE heard of the "9/11 Truth Movement" who think that this is being used as a political attack aginst the President.l... the people who believe that we are inventing our questions about the "Government Fable" in order to get George Bush removed

I can't tell you how many times I hear this..... and this is my reply.

There are several issues for which we could impeach the President. Why would I make up this elaborate story of conspiracy to accomplish an impeachment? There are serious questions here which go far beyond the Presidency. This is bigger than an impeachment.
This is why I speak to 9/11!
Uncovering the Truth behind 9/11 is the catalyst for change.... not only in the United States but throughout the world.

These are not accustaions I would make off the cuff... just to be making them.... Do you think that I would be speaking to this if I had not spent countless hours reseaching this?
These are serious serious accusations. I am accusing our government of GENOCIDE! I am accusing OUR government of killing 3,000 of it's OWN people. Do you truely believe that I would make these accustaions without serious question?

I have plenty to accuse our President of and yet you feel I have to go that deep to create this elaborate argument for political means?

Think again!


You are absolutely right.... I do hear that alot.

Spot on, JJ. Thing is, even

Spot on, JJ.

Thing is, even if the OT was true in every other way, Bush and his administration would STILL be criminally negligent for ignoring all the warnings about attacks AND telling rescuers at ground zero "the air is safe to breathe".

I'm a little surprised you hear that--most fellow liberals I know, who aren't convinced its an inside job STILL think Bush should be impeached for lying about WMD's.

Guess there's all types...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

That is a BIG issue

They lied numerous times about their foreknowledge.

Nad think of all the things that would have been different if they had made preperations based on that foreknowledge.

So many things would have been different.

1.) There would have been far more Air Marshalls aboard flights that day.

2.) the FAA would have recieved warnings and the Pilots and Air Traffic Controlleds would have been aware and prepared. On top of their game. Cockpit doors would have been closed and locked. Pilots prepared for possible terrorist threats.

3.) Our President and "Leader". would not have been sitting in a classroom for more than 2 seconds after being told of an attack.

4.) Military Aricraft would be set and ready. Not participating in drill which left our ENTIRE East Coast virtually wide open for attack.

5.) They would have never told the people in WTC #2 to return to their offices after the first plane attack.

6.) The people in the buildings would have been made aware of the threats.

7.) Bomb sniffing dogs would have been on double duty.... seaching everyhing in the weeks prior... not just patrolling the garage and lobby.

8.) Gulliani would have been informed.... New York Emergency Management as well as FBI would have been fully aware of the threat and willing to assist.

I could probably go on.

Could take it to them on foreknowledge alone.... why do you think they have slid the story about "Able Danger" under the rug?

Quickly--don't want to hog

Quickly--don't want to hog thread about this--

Good poem, BTW!