MUJCA News: Happy Truth Year 2007!

From Kevin Barrett,


Dear Friends of MUJCA:

The Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth has a vision for
our future. We want a sustainable world of peace and justice through
truth—not a future of war, fascism, and environmental devastation.
Amazingly, we are succeeding.

Just a few years ago, the 9/11 truth movement was stalled, the Iraq war
and the Constitution-shredding Patriot Act enjoyed broad public
support, and most people of faith just didn’t get it. Then a miracle
happened. In April 2005, MUJCA brought 9/11 truth icon David Griffin to
the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Despite months of hard promotional
work, we thought we’d be lucky to get fifty people to attend. Suddenly,
just a week before the event, C-Span announced they would be
broadcasting Dr. Griffin’s talk on national television, and local media
picked up the story. When I walked into the largest lecture hall on the
U.W.-Madison campus and saw it jam-packed with over 450 people and
C-Span cameras, I knew that truth and justice were on the march.

In 2006, MUJCA joined with, the oldest and largest 911
activist group, to sponsor the biggest and best 911 activist conference
to date, 9/11 Revealing The Truth / Reclaiming Our Future. Breakthrough
media coverage of that conference, and the LA Scholars’ conference that
followed, propelled 9/11 truth into popular consciousness worldwide. In
the wake of these successes, I became the target of a vilification
campaign by truth-phobic politicians and pundits like Steve Nass, Sean
Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. That campaign backfired, giving 9/11
skeptics even more publicity and helping turn public opinion against
the war and in favor of 9/11 truth. Today, a clear majority of
Americans opposes the war, and only 16% believe the US government is
telling the truth about 9/11. Polls suggest that religious people, in
particular, are waking up fast. In the five-and-one-half years that
have passed since that day of infamy, we have never been in a better
position to take back our future than we are today.

This is a time to move forward, not rest on our laurels. Your support
can help us take MUJCA to the next level. Here is what we can
accomplish in 2007, God willing, with your help:

*We are receiving pro bono assistance from a nonprofit-expert lawyer,
and expect to be issued 501(c)3 status in early 2007, retroactive to

*We are partnering with 911dvdproject in the free distribution of tens
of thousands of copies of more than a dozen 9/11 truth DVDs and CDs.
It’s an end-run around the corporate media blackout! With the help of
911dvdproject we have obtained a professional-quality rapid DVD
duplicator. These DVDs are a force multiplier: Each copy can be seen by
many people, copied, and recopied. In just a few generations of
copying, we can affordably blanket America with 9/11 truth DVDs.
Remember, when people actually see WTC-7 coming down, alongside Larry
Silverstein’s “pull it” remark, their faith in the official myth of
9/11 is usually demolished at free-fall speed!

*We want every church, synagogue and mosque in America to receive a
free DVD of David Griffin’s nationally-televised lecture “9/11 and the
American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond?” Thanks to the
generosity of Ken Jenkins, we have obtained permission to produce it
for free distribution. It will cost us about a dollar per unit to put a
DVD and brochure in a church’s mailbox—or, better yet, less than 50
cents if we can find a volunteer to hand-deliver it and do a follow-up
call. That means that your $100 contribution could introduce over 100
ministers, priests, rabbis and imams, along with their congregations,
to 9/11 truth. If only 100 people contribute $100 each, that’s ten
thousand DVDs!

*Our free distribution of Griffin’s 9/11 and the American Empire DVD
will be timed to accompany the January, 2007 publication of 9/11 and
the American Empire v.2: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out, a
collection of essays by Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders
and intellectuals. An interactive web-page will foster dialogue between
editors, contributors, and readers.

*We are partnering with in the distribution of
hundreds of thousands of 9/11 deception dollars. (MUJCA is now listed
along with other great 9/11 truth websites on the latest deception

*We are opening a speakers’ bureau for 9/11 truth lectures. As MUJCA
coordinator and co-editor of 9/11 and the American Empire v.2, and
author of Truth Jihad, I will be hosting two radio shows and lecturing
in the US and around the world. Radio and lecture schedule information
is posted here. (Please join the dialogue by calling in to my shows!)
Speakers’ bureau information will be posted here.

* We are partnering with you in all of these projects! We need you to
help us distribute DVDs, brochures and Deception Dollars. As a MUJCA
backer you may request DVDs and Deception Dollars and suggestions about
how to distribute them. We also need you to contact local media
outlets; help arrange speaking events and book-signings; distribute
buttons and bumper-stickers; and contribute ideas and suggestions.


While your active participation is fundamental to our success, we also
need your ongoing financial support for our vision to become real. I
therefore urge you to join MUJCA with a monthly or annual donation of
as much as you can afford. You can donate via bank transfer, by mail,
or on paypal. Please choose your financial support option below and
email or snailmail this information to:

MUJCA, POB 221, Lone Rock, WI 53556
(608) 583-2132 /

___ MUJCA BENEFACTOR: $100/month or $1,000 annually
___ MUJCA PATRON: $50/month or $500 annually
___ MUJCA SUSTAINER: $10/month or $100/annually
___ MUJCA SUPPORTER $5/month or $50/annually

Patrons and benefactors will receive my handwritten thank-you note,
autographed copies of Truth Jihad and 9/11 and the American Empire v.2,
and sample copies of every one of the twenty or more different
9/11-truth-related DVDs and CDs that we are authorized to distribute
for nonprofit purposes.

Sustainers and supporters will receive a wad of Deception Dollars and
sample copies of our top 12 DVDs.

Thank you for helping “expose 9/11 in 2007” !

Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett
Coordinator, MUJCA-NET:
Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth

Where are these polls he speaks of?

Where do I find the polls that show the religious communities are waking up to 9/11 truth?

Lets see 84% do not believe

Lets see 84% do not believe the 9/11 myth... That would suggest that perhaps, just maybe, they are in the 84%... 

The Poll

Their news releasing tricks on holidays

It's announced that the Senate Intelligence Committee finds that Able Danger is totally "unfounded" on Christmas Day! Saddam is rush-hanged, & the 3,000th soldier killed in Iraq is announced over New Year's weekend! How sneaky can you get?

Saddam executed during Muslim holiday.

Check Riverbend's latest blog;

Sneaky isn't quite the term I'd use.

My New Years Resolutions by Tom Carter

My New Years Resolution

It has always been my habit to ignore traditions such as New Years resolutions due to the intrinsic value of drunken promises.

This year I have decided to compose a set of fifteen resolutions prior to beginning my yearly ritualistic alcohol fest. They go like this:

I resolve to remember:

1. In America: We elect Representatives not leaders or kings

2. Corporations are not living breathing natural persons and thus should never enjoy Constitutional rights as persons.

3. The first ten amendments of the Constitution of the United States (also known as the Bill rights) are not amendable.

4. Taxes collected and then spent against the will of the people constitutes taxation without representation.

5. The Constitution of the United States of America contains no language declaring America "Policeman to the world".

The rest here:

How about all good men/women of the truth movement make a

New Years resolution to double their truth-spreading efforts for this coming year?

It's going to take a lot more hard work to undo 5+ years of brainwashing by CNN, FOX, & the rest of the mainstream media. (We need to spend much more time reaching out to the uninformed masses, & less time preaching to the choir.)

Show "Dr. Barrett, I have my" by Mark Roberts

get a life already Mark. you

get a life already Mark. you look pathetic chasing Barrett around like a lost puppy and trolling websites such as this. how old are you? pathetic.

Show "Chris, can you explain to me" by Mark Roberts

does the 9/11 Commission

does the 9/11 Commission need your help in selling the official story? has it gotten that bad? does Kevin Barrett hurt your feelings in any way? you seem obsessed with him, surely he must have done something to you personally for you to take time out of your day to try and track him down on this site. how old are you again? and your here looking to start a "war" or argument or whatever with Kevin Barrett? wow.

Show ""Track him down?" This blog" by Mark Roberts

real mature. how old are you

real mature. how old are you again? and what is your purpose here? does the 9/11 Commission need help in selling the official story? i ask again, has it gotten that bad that people like you feel the need to troll websites daily and fight the evil that is a movement of people asking questions about and demanding to know everything that happened on 9/11? really?

heres a question for you, Mark

You seem quite knowledgeable about Kevin Barrett. Looks like you follow what he sais close. Looks like you listen to his radioshow. Which sort of makes me wonder. Why all this effort? If i get you right, you think the whole 911 truth thing is just bogus from A to Z, misleading, etc... Must be quite strange then to spend so much time on it , looking /listening trough all he said to find the weakest quotes on which you can attack him on a blog. Thats just pretty alien to me. So, im wondering, what motivates you to spend so much time on something as stupid as the questions of the 911 truth movement ? Why all this effort Mark? Don't you think its a waste of time, since the claims and questions are all stupid to you? Don't you get tired of it?

em7, I don't follow Kevin

em7, I don't follow Kevin Barrett's work, but in the last two weeks I've become more interested in what he says. He seems to have come unhinged. Perhaps he always was. I find the fact that his statements are promoted here very, very disturbing. I hope you do also.

As noted above I've exchanged emails with him, and have listened to excerpts from his show when they are pointed out to me. The Screw Loose Change blog often presents these. That's the extent of my involvement.

Am I wasting my time? Are the claims and questions all stupid to me?

No, em, it's not stupid when a crowd of uniformed people chant "murderer" and "pull it" outside the offices of a Jewish businessman who has done none of the things they claim. That's serious. Does it not disturb you?

History teaches us that we must speak out against that kind of irrational hatred and mob mentality. At least that's what I've gleaned from the history I've read.

It's not stupid when a self-proclaimed "scholar" and college lecturer refuses to correct his blatant lies, all in the name of "truth." That's serious. Does it not concern you?

It's not stupid when a leader of the "9/11 Truth Movement" accuses those who point out his factual errors of being traitors who should be executed. That's serious. I hope you agree.

It's not stupid when an "academic" openly disdains science in favor of a more intuitive approach to evidence. That's serious. If you were falsely accused of a serious crime, would you want Kevin Barrett's standard of evidence used against you? If you were a Jew, would you want him sitting on the jury that was to decide if you were guilty or not? Prejudice like Barrett's is a very serious thing.

It's not stupid when people try to falsely revise history. That's serious.

It's not stupid when people in the "truth movement" claim to be patriots who are "taking the country back," but in reality have become what they say they are fighting against: people who lie for political reasons. That's serious.

It's not stupid when a "truth" leader says their critics should be executed. He wants me dead, em. And all I did was point out some factual errors of his. That's serious.

What motivates me? Anger that people who say they stand for "truth" support lies, prejudice, and ignorance. I'll let you know when I'm tired of fighting against those things.

im curious, why do you feel

im curious, why do you feel the need to point out that he is jewish? do i smell a hidden agenda? Silverstein is jewish,. who cares, that means nothing to me(trying to bait us i see). sort of like how you keep asking people if they want you dead. most of us here see right through you Mark. now go stand on a street corner and argue with people you deem insane and obsess over us on websites daily. thats not insane or anything.


"What motivates me? Anger that people who say they stand for "truth" support lies, prejudice, and ignorance. I'll let you know when I'm tired of fighting against those things."

Aha, you are fighting against lies. So, Mark, what do you think about the lies youve been told by your government as a reason to invade iraq? Or, do you think they told nothing but the truth in that case too? Or, are you fighting against those lies too ?

em7,I doubt you will get a


I doubt you will get a reasoned response to those questions. It has yet to happen on this forum.

You need to understand that we are dealing with a medical problem. Like their good Republican leader Bill Frist managed with Terri Schiavo from the Senate floor, I am able to diagnose Mark Roberts' and Ronald Weick's medical conditions from my kitchen floor.

They suffer from a devastating congenital condition known as Anal-Cranial Inversion. Don't laugh -- it makes normal cognition and expression extremely difficult. I have heard there are plans underway for a telethon to raise money for research. Please donate generously if you catch the broadcast.

911 Blogger is helping the handicapped by responding to their rambles, keeping them busy, feeling productive, and away from potentially embarrassing social contact. Just never forget which end is posting when they appear here.

You apparently missed my

You apparently missed my post above, which was posted 7 minutes before yours.

Also, I'm a political liberal who has never voted for a Republican, so perhaps you, like Barrett, should try to make informed remarks.

I don't believe for a minute

I don't believe for a minute that you are a political liberal who has never voted for a Republican. As I've pointed out before, joined by many others here, you don't concede issues of dishonesty with this administration or even with the falsehoods acknowledged by the Zelikow Commission or the whistleblowers -- things that even rock-ribbed Republicans and conservatives have conceded.

A liberal-minded person (as differentiated from a Democrat or political Liberal) is incapable of your rhetoric. And just so you know, I am long aware of the tactic of claiming to be on the political "side" of those one is attempting to subvert. But you expose yourself when you constantly insist that the people here are motivated to screw the administration for partisan purposes. You are the only one who speaks in these terms, which is why everyone is on to you.

I am continually astounded by how non-partisan this movement is at its heart, and how it has motivated people from all across the political spectrum to agree on the core principles of a democratic republic. That is what makes it vibrant and robust and hard to dismantle, try as you may.

You are just so transparent.

Strange, indeed.

It is one thing to take on airs, and pretend to inhabit the mind set of the adversary while in fact trying to promote stronger debate and a more refined weapon of truth.

It is quite another... to inhabit the strange world of voices such as Mark Roberts for so long and without a single nod to the basic human desire for justice which lies unmistakably at the core of the 911 truth movement efforts.

Mr. Roberts: Can you actually say, with a completely straight face (and without ever including a qualifier of possible doubt, no matter how slim)... that their is nothing fishy about the popular narrative which we the people are constantly reminded of by spokespeople for the Administration... and the consolidated media?

The role of loyal opposition and devil's advocate has it's time and place... maybe you really are an American patriot and you think this is the best way, time and place for you to do your part... who am I to judge? However, the things you demonstrate; repetition, absolutism, doubtless certainty, claims of exceptional clear-mindedness, and so forth... are fine lessons to demonstrate for the benefit of newly awakening sheeple of the tactics used against them. Thanks. But would you please close the lesson now with a short paper explaining how you've been able to do this for so long, and with a completely straight face. THAT would really be helpful to We the People.

Otherwise... taking you at your word simple (that you actually believe and internalize these things you've said)... it becomes extremely hard to believe you are a genuine human with feelings and a conscience. The possibility that you are actually a sociopath (a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.) is the ever more narrowed choice of what kind of person you must actually be... with every successive word you enter here.

If Mr. Barrett actually said he was saving your emails, in the chance that it may be useful in persecuting you for aiding mass murder after the fact... I can't say I blame him in the least.

Crack a knowing smile, before it really is to late. I do not wish ill upon you, but if you only considered me something like that of an appointed public defender... you best make nice and clear your intention to see justice done (an actual investigation into 911), or that you actually feel that this War Criminal Regime is worthy of your defense.

You and your friend Mr. Wieck are very strange people indeed.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Mark Roberts is a Mason

Mark Roberts is a Mason. Not that that explains entirely his motivations, but to me, it appears to show that part of where he's coming from, is to win brownie points from the PTB structure fostered by Freemasonry, by serving them to help guard the Big Lie of 9/11. They probably throw him a cash bone every now and again to keep him going.

Dr. LEH, I must disagree with your diagnosis.

Certainly, anal-cranial inversion may play a role in their acting out, but I prefer to approach the diagnosis of the root cause of their behavior along psychological, rather than physiological, lines.

The very persistent trolls, whether anonymous or self-identified, are clearly acting from psycho-sexual motivations. They receive a kind of gratification from posting here much akin to that of the naughty sub half of a dom-sub pair. Once my research into this condition is published, I believe the temptation to respond to their crypto-sexual displays will be obviated in the normal population of this blog.

[As I noted in another thread, once I made a mental connection between these guys and the guy who sat down next to me at a bus stop when I was sixteen and masturbated, any impulse to respond to them was almost completely counteracted. I don't fault anyone who would like to answer their posts, I'm simply saying that for myself, I have hit upon the mental image and concept that prevents their posts from tweaking me in any way.]

Indeed, Dr. Casseia, I

Indeed, Dr. Casseia, I believe our diagnoses conflate beautifully.-- a combination of physical and psycho-social factors are necessary to explain the phenomenon. Shall we consult on this issue in Phoenix?

BTW, had the same experience on a bus when I was 25. With that image in mind, I will recoil from even touching the computer keys when a thread has been hijacked by either perv.


Anal-Cranial Inversion?

Anal-Cranial Inversion?

Really? It's NOT vampirism? No wonder the stakes haven't worked...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.