The Eleventh = Action Day for Truth and Accountability

A discussion of this idea began in an unrelated thread, and as I've been meaning to blog it I felt like I'd better get busy. 2007 has to be the year that we move from visibility on the internet to visibility in the real world as a movement, as many of us have been doing individually and in our small local groups. Coordination of these events -- not in the sense of orders handed down from a non-existent top, but as grassroots groups sharing ideas -- is one way to amplify our message. The recent Tea Parties were an outstanding example of networking to promote an especially catchy meme. Monthly events on the eleventh could be much simpler and require less preparation -- freeway blogging around a central message, a sit-down at a common site (such as City Hall or network news headquarters) and so forth. There are advantages both to months when the eleventh falls on a weekday (workday commutes) and the weekend (when more time-consuming events might be possible.) (February, March, August, and November are the months when the eleventh is on a weekend this year.) What are your ideas for actions that groups around the country could take up with you?

LeftWright wrote about freeway blogging

consistently on the eleventh and gave me this idea. I think a consistent, visible presence on the same day of the month might amplify our message to the non-blogosphere-dwellers, and it wouldn't have to be a big deal. That is, it wouldn't have to require so much in the way of resources that it interfered with actions on other significant days.

"freeway blogging around a

"freeway blogging around a central message"

Whatever the activism, this is often the weak link in protest s and demonstrations: the lack of a central message so media coverage, when it happens, picks and chooses what they will photogragh or how they will spin the event:

"Well, Biff, I don't know what this is about, but they sure are excited !"
"You've got that right, Wanda."
(with appologies to Tom Tomorrow)

My idea for protests that have a large-ish turnout(50+?): -reduce the core message to 3 to 5 issues.
-people with signs displaying said messages stand together so they create "message clusters"(including one of each of the issues), making it almost impossible for a photographer to ignore most or all of the messages.
-these "message clusters" are scattered throughout the crowd , again to make it difficult if not impossible for someone to look at a picture of any portion of the event and not "get it".

This is not to say there cannot be other messages. But this will give the event a visual structure, especially if the core messages are stark black on white, standard bold print, a la LeftRight.

Now you're going to tell me this has already been tried. That, Jenny, always the last to catch the boat...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

This is a terrific idea...

....I hope it gathers momentum....let's all discuss it within our local groups...

Besides freeway blogging (always a great tactic), I like the idea of handing out DVD's and/or Flyers outside of City Hall as people leave/enter.

I think there should be central websites devoted

to 9/11 activism.,, etc. I like how has the grassroots contacts link. This should be expanded on so that 9/11 group members can discuss plans in a message board, blog, or whatever. There should be more communication between the various groups. This blog was a great idea. The message will probably be lost in a month or whatever, but an entire website devoted to activism will keep the action going 24/7!!!

There is the "activism" page.

I like to keep things simple. If people took up the idea, then we could have a monthly blog to discuss ideas for the following month.

Sure, let's do it

I'm all for it, 11th of every month. Can we pull it off for January? I think we could, let's do it.