Isn't that odd?

Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall said that "specifically on terrorist attacks, there was no sense of awareness" at the highest levels of the administration and "no discussion of the WTC."

Asked if the '93 bombing ever came up, Weinshall, who later became transportation commissioner, said, 'No. Isn't that odd?"

From Wayne Barret, "Grand Illusion", page 106ff


Now, what does this mean? We have Mr. Law & Order, who profited from the fear back than and now with his career and business,
and hell, he does not even adress the FBI WTC93 terror attack at any time in his term?

There are two possibilities: He is so incompetent that he just forgot to adress this issue (this little WTC bombing only killed 6 and injured about 1000 people)
Or: He was on this from the beginning, no need to adress the terror.

Whatever. It fits to the same pattern we could see everywhere when it comes to terror and its investigation before 2001.


Putting things in perspective with the recent news about Jerome Hauer, Rudy Giuliani and WTC7


What I forgot to mention

Giuliani insisted on WTC7 as OEM center, well aware that the WTC complex was in crosshairs, even by Fema self.

But lucky Giuliani, lucky Hauer, there were on alert because of a drill, they evacuated at 9.30 because other hijacked planes, and they get warning before each tower collapsed.


According to Barrett and Collins, Giuliani selected the location of his Office of Emergency Management's (OEM) command center, "overrul[ing]" warnings from a previous police commissioner, Howard Safir, and NYPD chief operating officer Lou Anemone not to put the command center at 7 WTC and "[r]ejecting an already secure, technologically advanced city facility across the Brooklyn Bridge" because Giuliani "insisted on a command center within walking distance of City Hall" (Page 41). Giuilani's "walking distance" constraint helped lead to his placing OEM's command center on the 23rd floor of 7 World Trade Center, which collapsed on 9-11.


The Real Rudy: The Command Center.

Interesting video. As I said here before.

My comment:
The situation is not that clear.
First, the WTC93 attack was conducted under the overview of the FBI. Google Emad Salem. Giuliani never brought this terror incident up in his whole career, so I have to assume that he knew that it was false flag terrorism.

The WTC7 command center was never used on that morning, why not? Even before the WTC south tower crumbles.
and following entries

Instead they had installed luckily a command center on a pier, because of a drill called "TRIPOD3" which should take place on Sep. 12nd.
(FEMA arrived Monday night)

They had warnings that the implosions will happen, that is totally unexplainable, and the engineer who told him that is unknown to this day- that is totally bogus.

So the only explanation for me is: Giuliani knew all along what was gonna happen. and BTW: Hauer also, as he was on Dan Rather that morning to serve us the 100% "right" official explanation.