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We are happy to announce the latest development of our site at:

TruthMove is a site dedicated to expanding the Truth Movement beyond 9/11--we are very much focused on context, scope, and psychology. We emerged from 9/11 Truth and still consider it to probably be the most critical issue of the wider Truth Movement. Our other main areas of focus are the Environment, Psychology, and Black Ops.

We would like to express our extreme gratitude to yh ( for his amazing skill and diligence in programming and designing our new site! (If you're not aware of yh's contribution to the movement, he is also the designer of the new user-friendly 911blogger that you're browsing right now.)

There may be a few kinks left to work out, but the site looks great and is ready to be explored. We've tried to keep some of the feel of the old site while adding new functionality and more efficient content organization.

Make sure to check out our Outreach section including our Outreach Journal and links to our flickr page ( Users can now comment on our Journal entries.

There may be some minor changes to the site over the next days or weeks but overall things are complete. Any and all suggestions, questions, comments are welcome. We want your input in order to make this the most accessible, efficient, useful Truth Movement resource out there!

We'll be adding lots of new content in the coming days, adding news stories and spending time in the forum. Also, lookout for some new pages in the near future.


If you're unfamiliar with TruthMove, you might want to start at these pages:

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Dissonance, Social Control, Alienation, and Optimism

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Thanks for your intersest and may 2007 be a breakthrough year for the TRUTH!

It looks fantastic and that

It looks fantastic and that dude yh is a genius! Big-ups to yh, great job!!

"We emerged from 9/11 Truth

"We emerged from 9/11 Truth and still consider it to probably be the most critical issue of the wider Truth Movement."

Probably? Until the 9/11 perps are brought to justice, I don't see why the word "probably" would even entire someone's mind regarding this issue.

Typo, sorry

"entire" should be "enter"

You read my mind. No "probably" about it!!! 9/11 truth is the

key to changing the world!!!! If they get away with 9/11, nothing will change!!! Mark my words, they'll pull many more false-flag "9/11s" even more outrage than the first!!! Police state here we come!!!

If you consider 9/11 to "probably" be the most important be the most critical issue of the wider Truth Movement, then I'll "certainly" have nothing to do with your group!!!

Emerged... That's A Good One!

What they are trying to put euphemistically is that when they could'nt forcibly take over the New York 9/11 Truth movement, they decided to start their own "group". Not talking about an ideal but an organization.
While I think it's good when anyone works to further the pursuit of justice for 9/11, these guys have proved, at least to me, that they are not in it for the right reasons, if ya get my drift...

Ever read Criminal Politics?

Its a magazine you should be familiar with.

I would think you would not be stupid enough to bring this subject up again.

New York 9/11 Truth Tabling Activities At St. Marks Sun. Shows

While I haven't bothered to read one, what I do know is that it is a radical newspaper of some sort that was being presented along with the other material, and one was discovered to contain something I've been told was anti-semitic. This then grew into a rumor about the true beliefs of the person working the table and then expanded from there into absurd territory including the church, etc. About six months ago, at least. Having known all the folks involved in this for some time, I decided to try to study the situation and find out the truth--
The person accused turns out to be about the least bigoted you will ever have the pleasure to meet, and I've deliberately tried to bait him. Oh, and by the way folks, he's always been the very hardest working of the New York movement, which makes him a natural target. These days there's a whole 'nother group after his ass, and this time the charge is "Urantia" zombie, or something like that...
At this point in time, if there was such a problem, something would have manifested itself by now, instead "that's my story and I'm stick'in to it."
Criminal Politics, indeed...

Criminal Politics scans here:

just for the record

you are the one bringing this subject up again.

by the way - how did the NY 9/11 anniversary gathering go with Judy Woods as speaker? She's the Star Wars space beam lady - right? wasn't she the lady who claimed that the plane wreckage at ground zero was planted?


Show "WOW! The site looks" by Mr. X

What's the ""evidence" they

Where's the "evidence" they list" that "has been debunked and re-debunked time after time"? The only questionable thing I see is the link to "Oil, Smoke & Mirrors", and that's just because I personally think "Peak Oil" is a load of junk. Aside from that I think it's a stunning site, and the activism by the people behind it is tremendous.

Oil is a finite resource

is it not?

we may not be running out NOW, but the issue of dwindling resources was the cornerstone of the neo-con agenda modeled after Zbigniew Brzezinski's work. Control Eurasia and the Caspian Sea Basin.

There is a reason why Afghanistan was invaded twice by TWO superpowers in 30 years.

Is the oil running out tomorrow? no. but the underlying issue of increasing demand and dwindling supplies is an important one - and certainly not a "load of junk"

I agree with John

...I think there is sufficient evidence to show that the oil is on the fritz, and nations are strategically vying for control.

I forget who it was who made the analogy of oil depletion being as disastrous as human dehydration. Many think we will need to drop to zero before the oil crisis begins. But if you think about how a human body depends on water, a three to a five perent drop produces many troubles. Likewise, so many economies and industries thrive on fossil fuels that if there were to be a ten percent drop in reduction, collapse and chaos would ensue.

A great read that higlights the quest for global oil-soaked hegemony can be found here:

Those who control the oil (hint: Texas oilmen including Bush &

Cheney, & some rich Arabs) do not want to relinquish this power they hold over all of us. Alternative energies could have been developed already, or could be close to completion, but would be much harder to monopolize than oil.

Peak oil sound like a cunning pretext to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, etc. to me, & of course make swine like Dick Cheney into Swiss-bank billionaires in the process.

No it really is a load of

No it really is a load of junk. The guy who came up with the "Peak Oil" theory, "Hubert", was a Shell Oil employ trying to find a way for the Oil industry to create artificial scarcity in the face of vast global reserves. Greg Palest did a great job on it, and the reply from one of the big "Peak Oil" advocates was very weak in my opinion. I know you're a big fan of Ruppert and his book John so I'm sure you think "Peak Oil" is valid for some reason. But I really don't think you understand the other dynamics behind this either. "Peak Oil" is used to justify opportunistic Malthusian "Population Reduction". Something that has nothing to do with sustainable energy resources and human consumption, and much more to do with a megalomaniac "elite" who wish to have a small global population that they can fully dominate. So by supporting "Peak Oil" your also supporting the pseudo academic consensuses paid for by the same elite who ordered 9/11 essentially. "Peak Oil" is probably the false "unofficial" justification for the "War on terror" they've given to those high up in the US military who know what happened on 9/11. It's a lie, and although fossil fuels are finite there's no credible suggestion that their "Peaking". And we should phase them out regardless, but clearly the Oil/Energy market is a big part of the "elites" monopoly and other technologies are being suppressed from becoming properly commercially available etc.

It's similar to “Global

It's similar to “Global Warming” in the sense that that's another phoney academic consensus. Global Warming is happening but it's got much more to do with the Sun going through a hot cycle then "man made emissions". People like Al Gore are complete charlatans, there's nothing that can be done about the Sun heating up and it's being going through cycles like this for billions of years. But by attaching mankind's influence to the planet heating up suddenly the whole wolrd’s population can be manipulated into reducing their standard of living and shelling out for a "global tax" which is one of the first steps to a "global government". I think we should certainly stop the big corporations from cutting down Rainforests and destroying animal’s habitats, dumping tons of poisonous shit into the oceans and generally doing tremendous damage. That's all 100% legitimate. But you have to be aware of manipulations and "Global Warming" as it's described and "Peak Oil" are just that, manipulations.

We are clearly going to have

We are clearly going to have to agree to disagree about Global Warming and Peak Oil. I say this INSTEAD of adding my research and reasonings that are irrelevant to this thread.

No, I'm not trying to shut you up---I say THAT because I know SOMEONE will interpret what I did say like that.

Damn, can't just say anything around here anymore without labyrinthine parantheticals, can we?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

solar events?

now come on.... you know better than that

we now have statistics that show the relationship between carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - and temperatures - for thousands of years. the relationship is conclusive and undeniable and embraced by the majority of scientists world wide.

the one thing that the oil industry has succeeded in doing is confincing people that there is still a DEBATE on the subject. there isn't. the data is pretty conclusive.

i am really suprised - (given the obvious evil the oil industry inflicts on the world) - that you would not see that the debate on global warming has been skewed by that industry.

No man I don't think you're

No man I don't think you're observing it from all the angles, by Bush and the Oil Industry playing it down it gives a deliberate false credence to the idea that man made emissions are the primary factor for Global Warming. It's like two puppet gloves, on the one hand you have Bush and the Oil industry, on the other you have literally his Democratic opposition and the "Scientists". The body controlling both are the "elite", who are capitalizing on the Sun's hot cycle and attempting to manipulate again, and people are falling for it, it’s very sad to see. Even Tony B-Liar and his government are pushing mankind instigated Global Warming. A large volcano eruption will inject more Greenhouse Gasses into the atmosphere in one go than mankind as ever been able to produce to date, combined. The planet is being polluted and it is imperative that that stops, animals habits are being destroyed there are very serious things happening, but "Global Warming" as it's being pushed is a big manipulation.

i disagree my friend

scientists from ALL over the world with NO conceivable connection to politics in america have looked at the data - ice samples from the arctic - etc etc, and feel the data is pretty conclusive.

think of the inverse. the idea that we can pump TONS of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere with NO effects on the environment and climate is kinda.......crazy

We're just going to have to

We're just going to have to agree to disagree I think man. My position is that the planet is heating up, but it's been going through cycles like this long before the human race existed. All the pollutants we produce are definitely very detrimental, but again the real issue is the Sun. And no way am I saying that all the scientist who believe it's to do with emissions aren’t genuine in that belief and are in anyway stupid either. But I would point to the "consensus" and ask why suddenly the B-Liar government is deciding to propagate apocalyptic visions of "climate change", and why the study from 98 (long before all the recent hype) is now miraculously redundant.

yes - cycles

i agree that the earth has been going through cycles

but - there is definitive evidence that these cycles almost exactly match CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Look at the two charts. They are almost mirror images of each other.

meanwhile there is NO empirical evidence regarding historical sun activity. is there?

May I attempt to split the

May I attempt to split the difference?

One can believe in the perception of PO as a contrived motivator for various factions who are manipulated into a higher-level agenda. Once policies are fixed around a strong, early perception (like WMD in Iraq), they take on a life of their own, dancing to the tune of the puppeteers.

I hate to see all of Ruppert's work go down the hole because people think the PO theory is invalid. I just finished rereading his book, and he details things that need to be brought out more often.

And yes, DBLS, it is used as a justification for the suppression of other technologies. It HAS been hard to understand why the oil and energy conglomerates didn't divest into "green" technologies years ago, when they had the potential for such an economic boom. But the perception of a dwindling monopoly is powerful to many who wish to control the earth and its resources. Similar things are happening in water resources. It really is abominable.

Controlled Chaos

Create a problem, then offer a solution. It's about control. Has been for a very long time. We'll never see the end of the fossil fuel, 'they'll' come up with another source to exploit while keeping us controlled by the need for it. Something like free energy will never see the light of day as long as 'they're' in control.

Now, who are 'they'? The more you know, the less you know. That's the only thing I'm certain of at this point.

Gee, you're right.

The world just has limitless supplies of fossil fuel and the U.S. production didn't peak in the early '70's, and 3 of the planet's top 4 fields haven't gone into steep decline in the last couple of years, and production isn't flatlined at about 85 million barrels per day right now. Dumbass.

You don't know what amount of fossil fuel is left or recoverable


notice how

comments like this carry less and less weight each time they are used?

Nothing worth seeing there?


Reminds me of a funny scene in the movie Police Squad. Leslie Nielson is a cop standing in front of a fireworks factory that has caught fire. The building is exploding. Rockets are shooting out in all directions. People are running out with their hair on fire. Naked women are running out in every direction.

And Leslie Nielson the cop says to the crowd: "Move along. Move along. There's nothing to see here!"

Great work on the new site.


I believe the Environment is a more important issue overall than 9/11 Truth. But 9/11 Truth offers the best opportunity of any single issue for awakening people, that's why it is the most critical issue.

Thanks for your support Rodney, we love you too.

International Truth Movement


I would love to support you any way I can, but I feel I must concentrate my time with the people who are doing the most. I think we have to pull together more. Your site does the same thing as this one, but all the people are over here, so why yours? I could say the same thing about the people in New York...

What's with taking up the extra space?

Where was it you thought the people of New York should go?

OT: George H.W. Bush references "conspiracy theorists"

Thank you, TruthMove, for the work you are doing and thank you, delver, for posting this information.

Speaking of truth...

Did anyone else notice the outrageous LIE in George H.W. Bush's eulogy for Gerald Ford? While referencing the Warren Commission's cover-up of JFK having his brains blown out, Bush Sr.'s speechwriters worked in a jab at what he calls "conspiracy theorists":

"After a deluded gunman assassinated President Kennedy, our nation turned to Gerald Ford and a select handful of others to make sense of that madness. And the conspiracy theorists can say what they will, but the Warren Commission report will always have the final definitive say on this tragic matter. Why? Because Jerry Ford put his name on it and Jerry Ford’s word was always good."

It's seems they want to send the message again (even though it falls on deaf ears) that those who question authority are in the wrong.

Bush Sr.'s complete eulogy for Ford may be found here:

Since JFK, insider criminals have carried madness to the next level with 9/11. They know that people are onto the fraudulent story of 9/11and that people realize WTC 7, 2, and 1 were blown up. But just who did the explosives?

I hope everyone will consider coming to Chandler, AZ to explore strategies for holding the criminals accountable.

Yes, and JFK's refusal to sign "Operations Northwoods" may well

be one of the reasons our gov't wacked him!

Thank you, TruthMove, for eight concise points!

Thank you, TruthMove, for eight concise points that describe the psychological can of worms that are opened when researching 9/11.

The eight points are worth emphasizing:

"It is not an easy thing to believe that our government could or would deceive us on such a scale, especially when you start from within the paradigm of “mainstream reality.” The concept of “9/11 as an inside job” points to a lot of other disturbing ideas, such as:

1.  Our government may kill us to further their agenda.

2.  The world media function as a propaganda machine and perpetuate “big lies.”

3.  Much of the population is effectively “brainwashed.”

4.  Commonly accepted “reality” and “history” are full of lies and deceptions.

5.  We can be fooled (and have been, in many ways).

6.  Our government is run by terrorists and it is they who “hate our freedom.”

7.  The world is a much darker place than we have imagined.

8.  The responsibility for changing this state of affairs lies on our shoulders, personally.

We can make things better and change the world starting with ourselves.  And it is evident that that is happening!

Very professional looking site...


"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Congratulations to

Congratulations to!

It has always been an outstanding website, with excellent commentary and resources about variety of current issues. The clean redesign and new color scheme makes this an even more beautiful site.

amazing looking site. 9/11

amazing looking site. 9/11 sites should follow their lead.

who funds truthmove?

Hey, if your goal was to dilute & bury

your otherwise good 9/11 information, you have succeeded with flying colors!

(Did I miss something? Has 9/11 been resolved? Are those mass murderers no longer a threat to anyone?)


I would just like to put in my 2 cents that:

1) TruthMove does not dilute 9/11 truth in any way, but it does address the need to show our common concern with other activists for truth and justice in other related issues. Do we need sites that are wholly devoted to 9/11 truth or even one specific and in-depth topic of 9/11 truth? Absolutely! Do we need sites that can reach environmentalists, voting rights groups, anti-war and anti-impirialist activists? Absolutely! We don't need to all agree on everything. "We've got the same goal, we've just got different ways of getting at it" - Malcolm X

2) Many thanks to the TruthMove team for their incredible dedication and, as you can see for yourself, insightful and concise writing. This is just the beginning--there are many exciting things coming!


They diluted 9/11 truth by burying it among all those new topics

If that was their goal, then they succeeded, and you need not play word games with me.

Everyone's welcome to their opinion

We're doing what makes sense to us. Maybe you could spend time attacking people who are actually AGAINST 9/11 Truth, not people who are wholeheartedly dedicated to it.

International Truth Movement

Sorry, I don't trust anyone any more after learning that 9/11

was perpetrated against us by our own gov't. So when I see a 9/11 site backing away from 9/11 truth & trying to blend it into all the other problems of the world I get very suspicious.

oh, ok..

Why would presenting a range of information be considered "backing away" from 9/11 truth? That would be like complaining if "60 Minutes" did a story about 9/11 Truth on the basis of them running other unrelated stories as well..

Why are you "Anonymous," anyway? You sound like disinformation to me.

Are you at least going to keep 9/11 truth on top, or on the main

section of your site? I've never really seen a real 9/11 site relegate 9/11 truth to the back burner before.

Sorry, I don't trust anyone any more after learning that 9/11

was perpetrated against us by our own gov't. So when I see a 9/11 site backing away from 9/11 truth & trying to blend it into all the other problems of the world I get very suspicious.

OK, but why does it make more sense to you to move away from

9/11 truth and into so many other issues at this time? 9/11 is by no means resolved whatsoever.

IMO, 99% of the world's problems are being caused by the military-industrial complex, + ruthless government, bankers, & the wealthy elite. Breaking 9/11 truth open into the mainstream would deal this entire mess a severe blow from which they would not soon recover!

Show "I agree. The site looks" by Mark Roberts

Roberts, you are a very sick man! Seek help a.s.a.p.!


Mr. Mark Roberts

I’m going to treat your post with the seriousness it portends.

This is my problem with you Mark. You use sweeping generalizations like “You seem to have simply thrown the same old stuff together without checking any facts. Every part of your "Evidence" section contains numerous egregious errors and falsehoods.”


Lets start by pointing out that TRUTH is not subject to OPINION. Either something is TRUE or it is NOT. Would you agree?

So – since you continue to posture yourself as the avatar of truth – lets simply examine one of your claims – and put you to the test.

You claim:

“You don't mention that the most notice NORAD had of any of the flights was 9 minutes. Two of the flights they didn't know about until after they had crashed. Please make that distinction. I know that you don't want to be misleading, right?”

Who's being misleading Mark?

This “9 minute” claim is taken straight from the 9/11 commission report. Unfortunately, we have a problem. It is a fact that NORAD submitted 3 separate timelines of events for 9/11. But, putting that aside, let us assume that what they submitted to the 9/11 Commission, and what was printed in that report, is the official story – and the one that YOU claim is the truth.

Houston we have a problem.

On August 12, 2006 the Washington Post reported that the 9/11 Commissioners themselves considered criminal charges against NORAD for KNOWINGLY giving them false information:

"We to this day don't know why NORAD [the North American Aerospace Command] told us what they told us," said Thomas H. Kean, the former New Jersey Republican governor who led the commission. "It was just so far from the truth. . . .”

"I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described," John Farmer, a former New Jersey attorney general who led the staff inquiry into events on Sept. 11, said in a recent interview. "The tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public for two years. . . . This is not spin. This is not true."

So now we have a problem with YOUR integrity Mr. Roberts. I could easily go through the rest of your post and find similar factual inaccuracies.


What is the reason for this? If the 9/11 Commission itself is reporting that NORAD provided inaccurate information, how can YOU in your heart of hearts, operating from your bastion of honesty and integrity, lay claim to knowing how and why our air defenses failed that day?

No – instead you seem steadfast in simply providing elements of the official story – such as the 9-minute warning (which defies all common sense and logic and now facts) – while ignoring key facts that may undermine your conclusions.

What should we assume about you Mr. Roberts. You yourself state:

“It's very simple: I don't like it when people lie about 9/11.”

Does this standard hold true for NORAD? Why is it that the fact the 9/11 Commission is accusing NORAD of lying does NOT concern you?

Whose side are you on? Are you now accusing the 9/11 Commission itself of lying?

You can't have it both ways.

Your integrity is very suspect Mark. If you gave a DAMN about the truth you would join us as an HONEST researcher, and not cherry pick your facts.

So how do you explain this Mark? How do you explain using the "9 minute" warning? are you a liar or just ignorant?

Surprise, John: I wasn't

Surprise, John: I wasn't using the 9/11 Commission report for my information. Why do you assume that I was?

You fail to mention that the "radically different story" told by the tapes is that NEADS did NOT have the time or information needed to make the intercepts.

Now, if you have evidence that refutes the NEADS and FAA recordings and reports made by the people who were directly involved, present it.

Fair enough?


From the NEADS tapes:

DOOLEY: Another hijack! It's headed towards Washington!
NASYPANY: Shit! Give me a location.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Okay. Third aircraft—hijacked—heading toward Washington.

Now explain why - given the fact that America was clearly under attack - the WTC has been hit - and given the fact the multiple hijackings were underway - and the situation was FLUID at best with NEADS itself admitting they were not sure how many hijackings were even in progress - WHY oh WHY oh WHY would they NOT scramble jets from Andrews Airforce Base to protect the capital?

Better yet - given the fact that America was under attack - and we had reports of multiple hijackings - and the towers were already hit - WHY oh WHY oh WHY would no one think to scramble jets over Chicago and Los Angeles and San Francisco?

With America clearly under attack - and appoximately 3,000 commercial aircraft in the air - why were our cities left unprotected? Why was Washington DC left unprotected nearly an hour after the first tower was hit by a known hijacked plane?

Your answer is that they had no warnings?

It is a laughable response.

Second request: present your

Second request: present your evidence that NEADS had more than 9 minutes' warning to intercept any of the hijacked aircraft. What seems to be the problem, John? Since you have the evidence, let's see it. No need to beat around the bush like this.

And you do know what that 9:21 conversation was referring to, don't you?

No, you probably don't.

i just did

you are an obvious joke.

Contrary to popular

Contrary to popular conspiracist belief, opinions and claims are not evidence. Please learn that distinction.

Third time: please present your EVIDENCE that NEADS had more than 9 minutes to intercept any of the 9/11 hijacked planes.

Don't respond with opinion, John. Show me your evidence.


you keep ignoring my question.

why did the 9/11 commission consider criminal charges against Norad?

you seem to be asking me to verify data that is in the possession of a government agency that the commission itself accuses of being criminally dishonest.

now is that honest of YOU Mark?

NORAD's story was disputed in the FAA statement of May 21, 2003. The FAA claimed that regardless of the official notification times claimed by NORAD, phone bridges were established immediately after the initial attack (at 8:46). NORAD was informed in real time throughout of all developments, including about the plane that ultimately hit the Pentagon, the FAA said.

Further, the tapes themselves establish this fact.

now - if your response is to simply continue to claim that no evidence exists - you are simply proving yourself to be profoundly dishonest.

FAA clarification memo to 9/11 Independent Commission

May 21, 2003

Within minutes after the first aircraft hit the World Trade Center, the FAA immediately established several phone bridges that included FAA field facilities, the FAA Command Center, FAA headquarters, DOD, the Secret Service, and other government agencies. The US Air Force liaison to the FAA immediately joined the FAA headquarters phone bridge and established contact with NORAD on a separate line. The FAA shared real-time information on the phone bridges about the unfolding events, including information about loss of communication with aircraft, loss of transponder signals, unauthorized changes in course, and other actions being taken by all the flights of interest, including Flight 77. Other parties on the phone bridges, in turn, shared information about actions they were taking. NORAD logs indicate that the FAA made formal notification about American Flight 77 at 9:24 a.m., but information about the flight was conveyed continuously during the phone bridges before the formal notification.

It seems like YOUR only defense is to take Norad/NEADS at their word. IT appears that YOU are the one who's facts directly contradict the facts.

It appears that NORAD's claims are in direct contradiction with a broad cross-section of testimony - INCLUDING THEIR OWN!!!

yet - you persist in claiming that NEADS somehow was in a plastic bubble for 2 hours on 9/11 unaware and unable to respond by scrambling jets.

what a LAUGHABLE position.

Did they REALLY need specific information on Flight 77 to have the COMMON SENSE to protect the capital?

but - i think everyone here sees that you are not man enough to answer any of MY questions. you simply keep posing your own - asking me to provide evidence that you then can promptly ignore.

it is a shame you have chosen to do this with your life. you will have to lve with this choice forever.

Let us also......

take careful note of the fact that Mark has ducked the essential question as to WHY the 9/11 Commission considered criminal charges against NORAD for KNOWINGLY giving them false information.

While you hurl insults at 9/11 activists about honesty - you seem to very conveniently IGNORE this inconvenient fact. right?

The fact that you simply cite the NEADS tapes, without reconciling the FACTS is extremely dishonest as well.

As the tapes reveal in stark detail, parts of Colonel Scott's and General Arnold's testimony makes painfully clear that at 9:16 a.m., when Arnold and Marr had supposedly begun their tracking of United 93, - the plane had not yet been hijacked!

In fact, NEADS claims they didn't get word about United 93 for another 51 minutes. And while NORAD commanders did, indeed, order the Langley fighters to scramble at 9:24, as Scott and Arnold testified, you continue to claim they had no warning?

The Pentagon was hit at 9:40 and United 93 went down after 10:00.

None of this adds up.

But, you already know that. You are not stupid. These inconvenient facts have been presented to you before.

So, this means you are not ignorant. And you do not appear to be stupid either.

So what does that leave us with? What should concerned citizens think about someone like you? What should we make of the fact that you APPEAR to be attempting to cover up the murder of 3,000 people?

And there we have it. I ask

And there we have it. I ask you for evidence to refute what the FAA and NORAD tapes and interviews with participants show ACTUALLY HAPPENED, and you continually come back with the foolish statements made by a couple of higher-ups who got their timeline wrong.

No evidence for your claims. Zip. You've been quite the shrinking violet when I've seen you in the past. Why not come to Ground Zero tomorrow and bring your evidence that NEADS had more than 9 minutes to intercept any of the 9/11 planes. I won't be able to ignore your evidence if you put it in front of my face.

Put your evidence where your "internet tough guy" mouth is. I'm sure you can dig it up by then, right, John?

You want evidence?

The evidence is 3,000 dead people.

The evidence is that the military failed to protect us.

That's the evidence Inspector Clouseau.

if you cannot adequately explain WHY our airforce failed to protect us - since you simply repeat the same lies that the 9/11 comminssioners themselves rejected..

So it is truly perverse that disgusting people like you even exist who would put the burden of proof on the American citizenry- instead of where it rightly belongs - on our government.

who has been held accountable? why did the 911 commission consider criminal charges against NORAD?

3,000 dead and no one held accountable - and YOU cast stones at people who demand accountability?

how can you possibly morally or intellectually even defend yourself.

your STORY is that NORAD and NEADS had no warning of the attacks? you are asking us to believe that?

you really need to check your wristwatch. i think you're a day late and a penny short with your answers.

(removed duplicate post)

(removed duplicate post)

gorgeous new look and feel

I've got a permanent link to truthmove on my main web site. To me, it's the best reference PERIOD on not just 9/11 but the myriad of other aspects to the New World Order. The Psychology section is particularly unique and helpful in explaining things like cognitive dissonance, but also includes a great page on Optimism. THANK YOU TM! (and yh, that's some incredible web design)

Thanks again, CK.

Everyone's supportive comments really help, as we are few and independent, and for now rely mostly on ourselves to keep the flame burning. I suppose that support is one good reason why we call this a movement.

Seeing the sight looking so different I get to look at our project from a greater distance and can see it more publicly than personally for the first time. I'm painfully curious about how people respond who are minimally curious and entirely unfamiliar with everything on the site. In part this is because one of the primary objectives of the project was to create a resource that had not been available when we first began to investigate these issues ourselves.

Learning about 9/11 truth leads you down so many historical paths that provide greater context and insight. Learning more about all these related fields, one gains geo-political insight that contradicts a great many mainstream assumptions. The process of learning takes time. But the process of recognizing our state of global emergency must come more quickly. It took us a couple of years to put the pieces together and change course. The next wave must rise more quickly.

International Truth Movement