Great Work, Whoever Did this!!!!

275k Plus views in just 6 days and could climb to over 1 million

Here is the URL:

People thought it was saddams hanging, and 275k skeptics saw this

I think Youtube Censored this story from the MOST viewed, Because I dont
See it anywhere Under Most Viewed for the Week.

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I am begentile

270,000+ views!

Me likes!

Very clever way to spread truth! What the viewers saw about

WTC-7 was far more important than watching Saddam swing from a rope!


Thats true!!

Show "Uh, you are aware that the" by Mark Roberts

Mark, I have an open mind and would like to take

your comment into consideration. Please tell me at exactly what time during the clip you are referring to and where to look. I'm just not seeing significant pre-collapse damage right now, all I see is a massive building going "POOF" and disappearing ;)

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can i check out those pics that show this holy damage that caused the building to implode, Mark? Ive asked the same question to your friend Ronald Wieck several times, but have yet to receive an answer.

Great stuff!

Great stuff!