Run Rudy Run! (You can run, but you cannot hide... from 9/11 Truth)

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*** Begin Transcript of Rudy Giuliani Being Interviewed By Peter Jennings of ABC News:

Giuliani: What's going on now is a massive rescue effort.

Jennings: Do you believe it's hundreds or thousands? [Referring to potential casualties trapped inside the towers]

Giuliani: I, I, I really, I really... I really don't want to say right now Peter, I, I think it's gonna be... a hori, a horrible number. I saw people jumping out of the World Trade Center. I saw some of the fire fighters who I know going into the building. So, we were in a building in which we were trapped for about ten, fifteen minutes... and we set up headquarters at 75 Barkley Street which was right there with the police commissioner and the fire commissioner... and the head of emergency management... and we were operating out of there, when WE WERE TOLD THE WORLD TRADE CENTER WAS GOING TO COLLAPSE. [Emphasis mine]

*** End Transcript.

*** Begin My Questions for Rudy Giuliani, Concerning 9/11/01:

-Mr. Giuliani, who told you the World Trade Center was going to collapse?

-Exactly how did your source know that the WTC was going to collapse? [Especially considering NO steel and concrete building had ever collapsed due to fire, EVER!]

-Exactly what did you DO after you were given this information Mr. Giuliani?

-Since the fire and police commissioner were right there with you... EXACTLY what did they do after receiving this information?

-Did the same source who informed you of the pending collapse, also inform Mr. Silverstein that the World Trade Center was going to collapse?

-Was this the same source who also recommended to Mr. Silverstein that WTC 7 be "pulled"?

-Why EXACTLY was the decision made to "pull" WTC 7?

-Was the final decision to "pull" based solely on the recommendation made to Mr. Silverstein, or were you consulted as well?

-Exactly who made the final decision to "pull" WTC 7?

-Exactly what did you understand the term "pull" to mean as it relates to WTC 7?

-Based on your understanding of the word "pull", did you fully agree with the decision to "pull" WTC 7?

-Why has the NIST commission thus far been unable to explain EXACTLY how WTC 7 collapsed? Especially considering that you apparently knew it was going to collapse before it actually happened?

-Why did you avoid setting up your headquarters in WTC 7, when this was your designated command post?

-Last question Mr. Giuliani, exactly HOW STUPID do you think the American people are?

*** End My Questions for Rudy Giuliani.

These are just a few of the questions that SHOULD HAVE been asked of Mr. Giuliani by the 9/11 Commission members, but for some reason... were not.

Oh please, run Rudy... RUN!!!

One of many

GREAT UNANSWERED questions Chris. I am wondering if the trolling Mark Roberts would like to comment on this?And they wonder why there is a truth movement....DUH!

Thanks WISDOM!

I only wish the 9/11 Commission Members had the WISDOM to ask any of these questions.

They did not.


Sad but true.Politions seem to lack integrity,or what i prefer to call balls(Cynthia Mckinney excluded).I think it would be a good idea to address all our great unanswered questions,and prioritize them.
Those that call us crazy always look to the questions that we can't exactly prove,but only a fool would brush off.Still these things can be argued back ,and forth for eternity.
Let's make a list of the hardball questions like you did in regaurds to Rudy.

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