Welcome, Legislators. We have a message for you...

Indications so far are that the Democratic Congress will be just as bad as the Republicans in failing to investigate what really happened on 9/11 and failing to hold the perpetrators responsible. The Dems seem to care more about getting a President elected in 2008 than in actually doing anything about 9/11 or false flag operations in general. So don't get your hopes up, but do put pressure on Congress as one of your 9/11 activist activities. And yes, I understand that impeachment doesn't go far enough: criminal trials or war crimes tribunals are what is needed. But impeachment may be a good first step.

911Truth.org has the goods:

"Dear Legislator,

Impeach Bush and Cheney for high crimes and misdemeanors, including perjury and treason relating to 9/11/01. Do it right now. Begin proceedings today!

Sincerely signed,
Your Voting Constituents


Join 9/11 truth activists, World Can't Wait, anti-war activists, the whole growing and powerful people's resistance movement, in Washington DC today, as the new legislature begins its session. Many groups and individuals have endorsed this action, as well as similar calls, including The Occupation Project, by Voices for Creative Nonviolence, in response to the crisis in which we are embroiled. Our legislators must be immediately met with a very loud and insistent demand to represent their constituents' demands for impeachment, truth-telling, accountability, and justice, including about 9/11. Please make your voice heard as part of this growing chorus of citizens demanding change."

Letter to Congress

Here is the letter I sent to my Congressmen and Speaker Pelosi. I mailed them today. Please feel free to copy and use if you like it.

First I would like to congratulate you and the Democrats on your hard fought battle to take back the Senate and the House. We have a lot of work to do. I believe that there are four top priorities for this country to do to get back on track.

IMPEACHMENT. Impeachment is NOT off the table. Impeachment proceedings against George Bush, Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice must begin immediately. It is imperative that the Bush administration be held accountable for the crimes that they have committed, and there are too many to list in this short letter.

Get Out of Iraq. We must get out of Iraq as quickly as possible, no more troops. Then we have the very long and expensive task of helping the Iraqis rebuild their country the way they want it. The US should never have gone into Iraq in the first place and we have made a terrible, bloody mess.

9/11 Investigation. There must be a real, independent investigation into the events of September 11, 2001. We reject the Kane, Hamilton, Zelikow report as a total whitewash, at best. The families of the victims and the victims of the toxic dust need a thorough investigation, the truth must be discovered and those responsible held accountable.

Repeal the Patriot Act. We must repeal the Patriot Act, re-establish habeas corpus and release or try the detainees in Guantanamo. This country has fallen off the good and noble path that our forefathers set us on and we must get back to true American values: the Constitution of this great country and the Bill of Rights.

I hope that you will consider all of these things very, very seriously. I did not vote for the bi-partisan party, I voted for the Democratic Party because I believe that they are the opposition party to the Republicans. I expect my senators and representatives to act accordingly.

Waste of time

Don't even bother wasting your time writing letters. They are COMPLICIT in the crimes. Why would they investigate? They know the war is for Israel because AIPAC tells them HOW to vote. They know 9/11 was MADE TO HAPPEN so the wars for Israel could be launched and more money for

Here is a prediction of what will be done.

1. Bush will ask for more troops.

2. Congress will whine about it but DO NOTHING. Funding WILL

3. No investigation of 9/11 will take place. The fox will not investigate the
hen house incident.

especially if there is no

especially if there is no pressure at all and people dont even bother. i gotta disagree wtih you, while it likely is futile its always good to turn the heat up as much as we can. never say dont bother.

I agree with you both,

....however, we HAVE to continue letter writing, letting them know we're here. I write and e-mail as often as time allows, please keep it up.

Show "Get grip, fruitcakes" by KingKong (not verified)

Fairly recent talk given by

Fairly recent talk given by Ralph Schoenman.

He starts about five minutes in, if you want to skip the guy giving a bit of a stumbling introduction....


Well worth a listen.

Satisfying letter

Thanks for the letter. I will send it, with minor modifications so it doesn't look like a form letter.

Others in this thread and elsewhere voice hopelessness, since some Dems must be complicit in this, you'd think. Not all, but some.

Even so, people still ultimately have all of the power. Also, good people exist in every branch of the government even if they are not presently able to show it too clearly. We can help them show it by popular pressure.

Send letters to Pelosi and others.

The Lazlo Toth Project

Here is a fun, safe, and important activist project for you and your friends to do. The letter below, signed by Lazlo Toth, is based upon an idea that a great San Francisco comedian named Don Novello (a.k.a. Father Guido Sarducci) came up with in the 1970s. He used to write to Richard Nixon these seemingly innocent and questioning, tongue-in-cheek letters within which were placed hidden or unexpected messages of biting political satire. He signed all the letters “Lazlo Toth.” Nixon often didn’t get it, and he would actually write letters back to Lazlo Toth, like he was a true Nixon fan and sympathizer or something. Don Novello later published these as “The Lazlo Toth Letters.” So, in that vein, here is my idea -- Just five times a week, 1) copy and paste the letter below or something like it into a new email addressed to the politician(s) of your choice. 2) give the email an innocent header (ALL CAPS) like – “A STUDENT’S QUESTION” or “QUICK QUESTION FROM A LAW STUDENT”, then 3) fill in the particular name of the senator or congressperson you are emailing to (Dear Senator Blah Blah), 4) change the name of the university (mentioned in the very first sentence XYZ) to the name of a university near you, like UCLA, USF, UCSC, NYU, etc. 5) Leave the signature as Lazlo Toth. Even though your email address will not reflect that it came from Lazlo Toth, this will only confuse them, and that is good. If the Heat come snoopin’ around, we’ll blame the whole thing on Don Novello. He was at your house using your computer. Yeah, that’s right.

Dear U.S. Senator and/or Congressperson,
As a law student at XYZ University currently working on a group research project concerning constitutional procedure in U.S. jurisprudence, I would appreciate your informed feedback on a particular question, if you would be so kind as to spare but a brief moment of your time and considerable legal and political experience. My question is framed as follows. I have looked into the old records detailing the attempted impeachment of President Clinton, and it seems that U.S. Congressional impeachment proceedings were primarily generated back then by the crime of his merely lying under oath before a Grand Jury looking into his sexual indiscretions in the White House – basically, impeachment based upon a single offense -- perjury. Here is what I don’t understand about U.S. procedure concerning presidential impeachment – So far, in our research into recent U.S. political history, my research team has catalogued a list of roughly forty-nine highly impeachable felonies that the current U.S. president and members of his administration have committed over the last six years in office, yet no one in the U.S. Congress or Senate, on either side of the aisle, says a word. Was there some new legislation passed, stating that a U.S. president or vice-president is actually allowed to commit up to fifty or sixty impeachable felonious offenses before anyone in the U.S. Congress or Senate is allowed to discuss the initiation of impeachment proceedings? As you might imagine, this is all a bit legally confusing to young people studying for a career in law or politics. My study group has looked everywhere for this new legislation, or news reports about it, but we have been unable to find it, and we can’t finish our present research project until we are able to resolve this thorny legal and constitutional issue. I hope you or someone you know can help. I look forward to your reply, and I wish you and your family a happy new year.

Lazlo Toth

I love this. I would

I love this. I would actually bother writing to my representatives with a letter like this.

I'm not hopeless but I'll

I'm not hopeless but I'll tell you now that the Democrats won't do anything. Pelosi's husband is making bank off of this war. We need to disinfect DC and install representatives that uphold their oath of office, obey the law of the land, actually HAVE integrity, and actually LISTEN to their constituents. Pelosi's constituents voted some 60% for impeachment processions and that elitist is telling us impeachment is off of the table.

Wakey wakey eggs n bakey.

The two parties represent the elite. I expect people to start raising hell when they realize issues like minimum wage hikes are band aids for our fiat money system. Minimum wage hikes don't mean shit when the value of the dollar continues to spiral downwards.

In your opinion, what are

In your opinion, what are the most heinous crimes committed by the Bush administration that could be proven in a court of law?

Uh how about starting a war

Uh how about starting a war of aggression? You'd have to be dense not to believe that. Also they're guilty of crimes against humanity. Gonzales signed off on updating US policies with regards to the "quaint" geneva convention laws.

Honestly, how can you ask that question? Isn't it plain as day they can be nailed for the war in IRAQ? That's all we need. Nail their asses for IRAQ and at the same time reopen investigations into 9/11 AND a complete investigation on the CIA. The CIA has way too much power for the little oversight in their institution. They're pushing techniques such as those at Guantanamo and that should be enough for any decent human being to call over serious overhauls and oversight.

How about "Mr. President,

How about "Mr. President, the country is under attack."

......................................................not a single word.


How is that breaking the

How is that breaking the law? Which law did he break?

Not a prosecutable offense.

Your kidding right? If a

Your kidding right?

If a fireman were to do nothing when the alarms go off, would he be negligent?

If the police ignore their dispatch would they?

This GUY ignored an attack on the entire nation, notice they didn't specify the attack, hell it could have been a Nuclear First Strike...  

.............................not a word... 

If you were the

If you were the prosecutor...how would you prove to a jury that he broke the law? Because he sat there for 7 minutes means what? Are you saying that the attacks wouldn't have happened had he gotten up and walked somewhere? I don't follow how his sitting there was negligent or unlawful.

What evidence or proof does anyone have that would ensure he'd be put behind bars? If that evidence exists already...why is he not behind bars?

Don't get me wrong...the guy is a toolsack and about as bright as a bag of hammers. What I'm trying to understand is what justifies putting him in jail or even on trial. Just because he sucks...doesn't make him a criminal.


can i ask what makes you feel the need to run defense for president bush on a 9/11 website? does he need your help? hes a "toolsack" right? so why the urge to come to a 9/11 activist site to run defense for him? just wondering.

Chris...I'm not running

Chris...I'm not running defense for him at all. A claim was made that he should be tried for crimes. Putting all emotions or dislike aside for Bush...you need to have a reason to claim that he should be in jail other than he sucks. You need evidence and proof of unlawfulness. I'm trying to get to the logic of those claims. I'm trying to figure out exactly what laws have been broken...but all I hear is rhetoric and dislike for him. I don't like him at all either...but calling him a criminal needs evidence and facts. I want to know what they are. That's all.

still didnt answer.

something brought you here to defend bush. what motivated you to do that? im not even saying he should be in jail right now, im asking you what motivates you to come to a website like this and defend bush and demand that we provide you with our reasons for thinking he should be prosecuted. so why? you didnt answer, try again please. be the first shill to actually answer that question without "somebody has to do it". thanks.

Nothing brought me here to

Nothing brought me here to defend Bush, Chris. I'm not defending him in the least. I'm asking questions based solely on the nature of this thread and other people posts suggesting he should be jailed. My question is what has he done unlawfully that would support such punishment?

The actually letter sent to the legislators by GW in the thread calls for impeachment due to high crimes and misdemeanors, perjury and treason. Those are some mighty claims to make and pretty serious allegations. Correct? so my motivation to ask questions came from the actual post of this thread. We're not here to be cheerleaders for any particular side, Chris. This is a discussion board...and certain question should be raised if you're going to post such a letter as a topic of conversation.

My questions in no way support Bush...I'm merely asking those who think he's a criminal to explain "Legally" what laws he's broken and why he should be tried for treason, perjury. Did he lie under oath? Treason? What proves these things? That's all I'm asking.

round and round and round.........

im going to ask just one more time. you fucking moron you. try and answer ok? what is your purpose for being here? what brought you to this website to ask us about what Bush has done wrong? stop playing games little boy, we see through it. and your comment here-"Those are some mighty claims to make and pretty serious allegations. Correct?". yes, they are, does that offend you? your not a fan of Bush right? so why bother with what you are doing right now? why do you care so much about what people on this site think? why do i even bother conversing with you fucking shills? just asking questions right Mr.X? maybe you can answer some yourself this time douchebag.

and you keep saying "Not a

and you keep saying "Not a word"....what did you expect him to say?

What exactly did you expect

What exactly did you expect him to say?

Mr. X asks: "In your

Mr. X asks:

"In your opinion, what are the most heinous crimes committed by the Bush administration that could be proven in a court of law?"

I guess most on this forum hope/wish that a high-up figure in this false-flag event will both confess, and implicate others. It would be that much better if more than one did this. So much depends on it, and without it there is no case.

Digg 911 stories:

Link doesn't work.

Link doesn't work.

Good luck with this bunch

I just noticed this little part of Pelosi's acceptance speech:

"Our Founders envisioned a new America driven by optimism, opportunity, and courage. So confident were they in the new America they were advancing, they put on the great seal of the United States, 'novus ordo seclorum' - a new order for the ages. They envisioned America as a just and good place, as a fair and efficient society, as a source of hope and opportunity for all."

Dont get me wrong. The overall statement is benign and points in the right direction. But why oh why did she have to reference the New World Order?

Sit-ins...blockades, Direct

Sit-ins...blockades, Direct Action when (not if) letter writing campaigns fail. If nothing gets done in terms of Impeachment proceedings or any other legal processes by the 4th of July, the 6th anniversary of the attack should be "commemorated" at least for the victims and their families by means of non-violent physical direct action. To me, at least, it seems inevitable, short of divine intervention.
When it comes to "how to proceed", you need only view the past anti-globalization documentaries such as "This is What Democracy Looks Like" or "Breaking the Bank". Tens of thousands of determined activists shut down cities (despite the corporate media's unwillingness to let the public at large know about it) in order to press their issues onto the global map.
If it doesn't happen within the courts, it needs to happen in the streets. Revolutionaries of yesteryear would no doubt inquire as to why this hasn't ALREADY taken place.

In Love and Solidarity.

They are not all complicit.

If you want to get their attention, start sending money along with your letters. Buying politicians seems to be in vogue so we should all collectively buy us a few. Ten million people give $10 and gee whiz that's alot of money.

"If you want to get their

"If you want to get their attention, start sending money along with your letters. Buying politicians seems to be in vogue so we should all collectively buy us a few. Ten million people give $10 and gee whiz that's alot of money."

If they're not all complicit, then why should we have to buy them off? Sorry, but your idea is dismal. If any legislator had a conscience, they'd act on their own. So you suggest paying them to do it? Thats pathetic and goes to show how "out of ideas" you are.

I could be wrong, but there

I could be wrong, but there are probably laws against this. I certainly get your point though.

We shouldn't have to spend

We shouldn't have to spend money to bribe them period. Paying them would just add fuel to the fire. Besides look at it rationally, <1% of the US population holds the bulk of the wealth in the US which means no matter how much the masses throw at the problem that <1% can always throw more.

We need to start criminally charging wrongdoing politicians and recalling those who don't represent us. That's how you do it. A la Gov. Grey Davis of California. Give 'em da boot.


Give what you can. Thanks.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

scary that you post flash

scary that you post flash objects on a blog...  :(


"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

just being security

just being security conscious...

Don't implement! Investigate!

Be sure to put that right up front. Implementing the 9/11 Commission's recommendations is part of their 1st 100 hrs agenda. That would be a huge mistake. There must be a new investigation first. I just completed a stack of 9/11 Truth postcards from http://www.peaceproject.com, and I added the tag line (in red): Don't implement! Investigate!

I'm afraid the NeoCons & global elite have the Republicans & top

Democrats in their pocket. I don't see Pelosi or Hillary doing a damn thing to stop the war, let alone anything regarding 9/11 truth! Even Conyers has fallen silent now. (Pelosi seems particularly unconcerned & aloof about virtually everything! Why the hell does she think she was elected, for Christ's sake? To carry on with the status quo???)

It's going to be up to us, the people, to put tremendous pressure on our government! We need to shock & awe the masses with 9/11 truth to wake them up!

As I've been saying for some

As I've been saying for some time now. It's time for the Democrat voting citizens to get their rude awakening. The 2 party system is choking the life out of our republic. Thank the god damn sheep that voted us here(over the past century that is...not just this past election).

Here's to the herd!

Baaah Baaaah

Either the 911 truth.org

Either the 911 truth.org people are extremely naive or we are.

How could anyone believe that such an irrelevant, stupid and hollow "letter" wont land immediately in the trash? I have long suspected that 911truthorg is actually a government run organization designed to prevent any real exposure.

Yes write letters. But real ones. With specifics. (Of course the dems wont do anything either since in America you have two parties but one policy they are belong both to Oil, Weapons and AIPAC. Just to let them know that we know)

Either the 911 truth.org

Either the 911 truth.org people are extremely naive or we are.

Or neither or both?

Writing a letter is doing something. When people do something they feel empowered. When people feel empowered they take on the responsibility to affect change. I am sure no one at 911truth.org is saying "Please don't write your own letter, only use our form letter" Its a way to get people involved, and empowered.

Anyone who preaches Inaction is not working to affect change.

Politicians are human, and all humans fear something. In the case of politicians what they fear is not getting reelected.

So when writing anything to your elected representative, make it PLAIN that you will do everything in your power to make sure they are not reelected if they do not act.  If you don't see any reasonable action on their part, keep up the pressure and encourage from your area to do the same.  If they see a local grassroots effort to defeat them come the next election, they will have to do something, or run the risk of losing the next election.

Why don't 911 truthers support impeachment?

Forget the Congresswimps and Democrats. What about
this website and 911truth.org and
scholarsfor911truth.org and all the other 911 "truth"
websites. Why don't they support impeachment? They
know that impeachment, whether "successful" in the
narrow sense or not, is the best way to publicize 911
truth as well as other things, and that with a little
effort (e.g., a simple banner saying "IMPEACH
BUSH-CHENEY") displayed prominently on all these
websites) they could have a significant impact.

Why don't they do this? Is it because, as some have
been saying for some time, the 911 "truth" movement is
really a 911 "untruth" movement?

Join http://groups.yahoo.com/group/911truthcoalition
if you are interested in using the internet for
political action, as opposed to gatekeeping. (Janice
Matthews of 911truth.org and so-called "Marxist" Paul
Zarembka dropped out because Craig Hill and I dared to
challenge their rejection of impeachment! What does
that tell you?)

Maybe it's a strategy thing

Michael, what I am hoping for is indictment. I personally don't care that much about impeachment. That too would be good, I agree. But if the time is not ripe for it, which appears the case, then let's go for indictment.

Once Tom Delay got indicted he had ro resign. Same thing with Scooter Libby. Back in the Nixon days, Vice Pres. Spiro Agnew was indicted for tax fraud, and had to resign. None of those folks got impeached. All of them, except Delay (so far), served time.

About the timing: it could be a strategy thing. The people themselves do not seem avid about impeachment. They (we) have seen so much of that so recently. I get the feeling that people just don't like it, that they are sick of the impeachment circus, and this guy gets the benefit of that.

very good point!

very good point!

Peanuts Kill More Americans

Peanuts Kill More Americans Than Terrorists
If western governments were really trying win the "war on terror" they wouldn't give terrorists so much credit

The menace of global terrorism has been labeled the greatest threat to western civilization since communism and yet swimming pools, peanuts and lost deer kill more Americans every single year. Why are our governments facilitating the terrorist's agenda by hyping a peril that simply doesn't exist?



I just re-read my own post. I said that all of them except Delay served time, but -- obviously -- Libby too has not been convicted, so far. It is unclear if he will, either. But he is at least out of action.

consider Libby pardoned.

consider Libby pardoned.

Later note

Chris, I am writing this message several months later. Interesting that Libby just got convicted. I agree that he'll probably be pardoned.

Wouldn't it be good if he had, say, hard feelings about getting scapegoated like that, and worked a deal. He knows so very much about what those folks have done.

Rehnquist Addicted to

Rehnquist Addicted to Painkillers for Years

The records present a picture of a justice with chronic back pain who for many months took three times the recommended dosage of the drug Placidyl and then went into withdrawal in 1981 when he abruptly stopped taking it.

Rehnquist checked himself into a hospital, where he tried to escape in his pajamas and imagined that the CIA was plotting against him, the records indicate.


imagined that the CIA was plotting against him

How do you know they weren't?

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

Bush to Nominate Khalilzad to U.N. Post

Jan. 4, 2007— ABC News has learned that President Bush will nominate Zalmay Khalilzad to be the new U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Khalilzad is currently the U.S. ambassador to Iraq(and is a PNAC stooge, just like the guy he is replacing).

why doesnt it say anything

why doesnt it say anything about building 7----alex???