9/11 Catalyst for a new honest goverment.

We have a unique opportunity,and we must not let it pass.Sound familiar? As appauling was the events
of 9/11 ,a bigger picture remains.Our two party system sold us americans out a long time ago!
The federal reserve is bankrupting our great nation,and our major media is controlled as well.
The events of 9/11 offer us americans a slim chance to make things right.If not for ourselves,then for our
children.If we ignore this opportunity,then we deserve our fate.If we win,or should i say when we win,and the
ones accountable are punished.We must not stop there.The whole system needs an enima,with safegaurds put in place
as to never allow this corruption again.
So if anyone knows something i beg you to come foward.Our country needs you.

Absolutely correct! We MUST use the shock & awe of the FACT that

9/11 was an inside job if we want to make any real changes in the criminal empire that rules our country & the world! If we don't open up 9/11 truth, everything will remain corruption-as-usual until the next false-flag attack when even more of our rights will be taken away! (The Democrats giving more lip-service to social issues isn't going to amount to squat for anyone!)

It's 2007. When do you think

It's 2007. When do you think this "shock and awe" operation of yours will be underway?

Dear Mark

Ok let's let the 9'11 stuff slide for a minute.Have you watched Aaron Russo's freedom to Fascim?Or better yet the money masters?
You obviously have you head in your ass,or better yet a paycheck comming from some OTHER means.
Bottom line you sold the USA out. Your kind wil eventually get what you have comming.
Beware Mark...............The TRUTH IS COMMING!

Can you be more specific

Can you be more specific about what fate awaits me, and this time try not to misspell "coming" three times?

Good points.

I hope all people start by educating themselves first, and learn how to try to verify their own opinions and beliefs, before allowing others to think and act for them in the name of the State, religion, media or whatever other group (including the so called "9/11 truth movement" with all its disinfo agent traitors).

Many people know very little about the true scope and depth of the history lies they have been told all of their live. Coming to this first realization is a great shock for most people. Overcoming this ignorance is the first step towards real freedom.

After this realization people will start to look beyond all the public facing criminals (ala Bush & Co.) and demand a democracy for and by the people.

Now, the situation in the US is now so bad, that I'm not optimistic that the outcome is going to be peaceful. The US black-budget government and masonic commerce network is so deeply ingrained that it is almost untouchable by now. The citizens of the US have been sleeping for decades (if not more), now fascism has taken hold and is spreading while we talk in this forum.

Now when the people realize how much the democratic and economic system has been corrupted, and see who is really behind much of this, then one can begin to combat the system. The resistance will be fierce and bloody (like it isn't already in other fascistic places in the world), the economic consequences grave (international elite capital will pull out, as it is already doing by some indications), but our freedoms can be protected, restored and even improved.

Now I'm not saying violence is needed, but when the fascists take your freedoms, lie to you everyday, enslave you economically, poison our food and water supply, kill our citizens, send our young generation into bloody imperialistic wars, defraud pension funds and other financial securities, and still demand you simply pay your income tax and STFU, something is going to go wrong.

They know this, and are already preparing for this scenario. The key is to build a large enough base of people who really see what is happening beyond the Bush & Co. crime family. Each and everyone of their crimes should be investigated, and they should be sentenced as high as traitors to the State and genocide.

"Religion is considered wise by the common people, false by the wise, and useful by the rulers." - Seneca

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." - Abraham Lincoln

Only PEACEFUL change will succeed.

Please check your violence at the door.

Thank you.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Rather than ranting like

Rather than ranting like 16-year-olds about how your evidence-free revolution is going to set things straight, why not make concrete proposals that you think will improve things, and work to see that they are achieved? Just a thought.


Let's see Mark...Tell me why our goverment needs to borrow money from the federal reserve,and have us taxpayers pay the intrest on it through taxes,when it can print it's own money intrest free.

Such language from a wise

Such language from a wise person! Don't you know enough to make all your transactions with coins, which are issued by the Treasury Department? And what sucker pays taxes in this day and age? I don't even pay sales tax.

By the way, the contraction for "You are" is you're, not your.

Mr. Roberts, I do believe that you're

beginning to annoy some folks around here. Which is one of your main reasons for being here, yes?

To my mind, you, Mr. Wieck and a few others here are simply ants at a picnic, an annoying reality but nothing to get worked up about.

And, as long as I'm grouping you and Mr. Wieck together, let me say that you seem to be far more civil and clearly possess superior reasoning and rhetorical skills that he does.

No reply is necessary.

I hope that you and yours are well.

BTW - Happy Truth Year!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Ill foward this to the IRS


Ill give you an A for spelling ,and grammer.However ill have to fail you for your lack of common sence.