9/11 Time Capsule

I do not mean to be discouraging here. The growth of the Truth movement in the past year gives me tremendous optimitistism. Nevertheless, we should consider the possibility that we won't resolve this issue in our lifetimes.

Therefore I want to put the idea of a 9/11 time capsule out there. Ideas for contents include: A letter for posterity, a copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and as many 9/11 books as will fit.

Remember, false flag attacks have been around for a long time, but they have not been part of the public consiciousness. How many wars have been started because a population thought that someone else attacked first? With the tragedy of 9/11 we can change that, because it was too grand to be forgotten and yet in the details it was seriously botched. The work we do is not just for our generation.

Once again, I do not post this out of discouragement. A time capsule is not something to work on right away, because at present the Truth movement is making remarkable progress. Think of it as a back-up plan, something to do if there is some major change to the status quo. If there are enough time capsules out there, it insure that any defeat will be temporary.

Zach - who should decide what goes into...

... your suggested time capsule ?
Personally, I am leery of one piece that may include disinfo as well as solid information.
I am in the middle of various projects myself.
As time goes on there are uncontrollable actions that can't be stopped just because I am waiting for responses to questions. Things like the insurance litigation that is still pending in the US Courts.
I can't control that so I started looking into WTC 3 because I discovered that the Annual Report for the hotel who had leased the building settled with the insurance company and the Port Authority in December 2003. According to information provided to the SEC the settlement cancelled the lease and surrendered the 22 story hotel site back to the Port of Authority of NY & NJ.
Oddly enough the financial records made public by the Port of Authority for the year ended 12-31-03 do not mention that transaction but they do mention a new affiliate in 2003 called WTC Retail. I have sent an email to the Inspector General of the Port of Authority. It is possible that, since it was a December 2003 transaction that it may have been an honest error by the accountants. I asked the Inspector General for copies of the settlement documents last Wednesday.
However the 2004 annual report of the Port Authority do indicate that they bought out Westfield America for millions of dollars and at the end of 2004 the Port Authority was sole owner of WTC Retail LLC. I found that yesterday. I have a Doctors appointment in NYC today so I won't know if the Inspector General responded to my email until Monday.
Yesterday while trying to find out the hows and whys WTC Retail was formed, I discovered a June 2006 Opinion of a Judge. His decisions bring closure to some of the hundreds of lawsuits and counter-suits that have surrounded the various and complex insurance litigation. It is about 63 pages and the cases he decides with that one document.
If you want to help me do searches for WTC Retail LLC and let me know what you find out.

You decide. Put in whatever you want.

What I meant was all of us making and burying our own time capsules, if it ever appears that Truth will not be realized in our lifetimes.

Should include Jefferson's draft of Declaration

I would suggest passing along Thomas Jefferson's version (draft) of the Declaration of Independence.

If a future generation is able to "begin again", they will be better served by the more complete statement of principles and circumstances made in the original.

Many believe Jefferson to be the author of the (signed) Declaration of Independence. While he did author the original, congress made small (yet important) changes to the document including the deletion of Jefferson's stunning denouncement of slavery.

For the Congressionnal version and the changes made to Jefferson's draft please see:


Pass it on.

Uhh... You sound like

Uhh... You sound like there's going to be a nuclear holocaust and all traces of Jefferson's writings will disappear. There are perhaps millions of copies of his work throughout the entire world.

Even IF we descend into fascism, Europe's not going anywhere.


My comment referred to which copy of the "Declaration" to include in the (hypothetical?) time-capsule.

While many copies most certainly exist, this seminal work remains unread by far too many Americans.

Did you have any thoughts on the changes made by congress to Jefferson's draft?


I see what you mean now.

I see what you mean now. Sorry. I just think the time-capsule idea is strange.

You and I are the time capsules

While I think you have some good ideas, I think '9-11 truth'  as such will just be come part of a much larger societal change with the widepsread availability of information. In a way, we are the time capsules. We are not 'going away' as long as questions remain unanswered, so if questions don't get asked or answered, we continue to gain strength.

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times: http://www.rochelletimes.blogspot.com

New tape released!


FBI confirms authenticity of Mr.Peanut video tape..... now they are trying to get him to come out of his shell.

Let's not go that direction...

Zach, you said, "we should consider the possibility that we won't resolve this issue in our lifetimes."

My own plan is to avoid thinking this. It slows me down. I say, anything can happen.

Let's keep working, and do whatever each of us can think of, to keep this movement active and growing.

Maybe someone else can put together the time capsule, while truthers work toward exposing this, so that big changes occur -- tomorrow, or the next day, or the following week. Let it happen in 2007. Work at it.