David Lynch Website Gallery Focuses on 9/11 Truth Art


Auteur film director David Lynch has recently gone public with 9/11 questions on Danish TV, showing clips from Loose Change and purpoting that there are "many questions and no answers."

He has also designated part of his website as the 'Interesting Questions' art gallery, giving users a space to reflect on 9/11 and submit works of art that range in style and depth.

It is an interesting and worthwhile contribution to the 9/11 Truth movement-- as the tableau of thoughts, questions, examinations and calls for action, impeachment, a new investigation, justice grows, it is meaningful to have venues for artistic expression and individual reactions to the events that affective the lives of nearly everyone around the world.

Though Lynch expressed in his TV interview that 9/11 was not something that changed his life, it is clear from his reaction that he wants an answer to these disturbing variations from the government Official Story.

His interesting website allows users to browse through a virtual gallery in and glance at the submissions on the wall, or take a closer look. (Choose Floor 'A' in the elevator to find your way to the gallery, which may take a moment to load)

The gallery is in interesting blend of art from all different perspectives.

Thanks to CitizenEmily for the tip.



It's nice to see some more mainstream coverage of 9/11..

it was on the dutch TV, not

it was on the dutch TV, not danish. Here's the clip for those interested:




Way to go David Lynch!

I'm so psyched to have this guy on our side.