Reflections on Oliver's Stone's World Trade Center

I finally watched World Trade Center and have a few things to say about it. Firstly, when I heard Oliver Stone was making the film, I knew he wouldn't let us down. But I didn't expect him to make an outright gesture to us. I expected he would only include subtle signs and hints that point to a conspiracy, and nothing that makes any outright suggestions. It was too early in the 9/11 Truth Movement for that. So I was glad to hear that Stone picked two survivors' stories for the film. The movie is completely from the perspective of the two Port Authority cops who eventually get discovered in the rubble by US Marines. The film is all about heroism and duty and makes zero assumptions about who was behind 9/11. It's about reactions and responses and what happened to two people and their families. This is why the movie was lauded by conservatives and others who obviously had ignored all Stone's hints that controlled demolition was used at the WTC and that the official story is a lie. They saw the depiction of heroism, particularly by the Marines who helped rescue the trapped cops, as an approval of the US Military response to 9/11. But Stone wasn't approving it - he was just depicting it. Of course a US Marine or a cop in New York City on 9/11 would assume this was the work of foreign terrorists! Of course they would be angry and seek vengeance. This is what happened. And that's the point Stone was trying to convey in these scenes: 9/11 mobilized Americans for war - that was the whole purpose of it! The 9/11 Truthers who criticized the movie (probably because it wasn't an outright "conspiracy theory" movie, like JFK) missed the point. So they must have missed all the signs and hints too. Here are some of them:

----In the scenes before the collapse, you hear loud, sharp-sounding explosions as the cops walk through the lobby of the WTC. Explosions go off continuously until the collapse occurs. This is consistent with the 9/11 Truthers' assertion that controlled demolition was used. It is a graphic and realistic portrayal of a building collapsing as a result of steel-cutting explosives.

----Throughout the movie, we hear the original live news reports from 9/11. Among the lines that stand out was Tom Brokaw saying "A missle has hit the Pentagon". Also, you hear a newscaster discussing the Twin Towers "imploding". There are plenty of other reports that are right in line with the 9/11 Truthers' discussions of smoking guns first reported by the media. Stone didn't need to include these or highlight them. But he did.

----For the first time ever, the film exposed millions of Americans to the collapse of the WTC-7 building. This could easily have been conveniently left out of the film, like it was left out of most official accounts. But Stone remained true to the 9/11 Truthers and gave it considerable time in the movie. He even showed the clips of it collapsing. This is our smoking gun. Thanks, Oliver.

Of course this is not a comprehensive list. Rent the movie and you'll probably pick up more signs and hints. The bottom line is that Stone clearly supports the controlled demolition theory in the film. Like the pro-war types who commended the film, the 9/11 Truthers who criticized the film weren't looking deep enough to see this.

One side note: your average US Marine is a hero. Most of these men and women truly believe they are serving their country and protecting its citizens. They were victims of the 9/11 false flag operation just like we were. I'm sure when the real truth about 9/11 is finally accepted by our society, the normal men and women of our armed forces will be on our side (and we will surely need them too).

So go rent the film and tell me what you think. And remember to ask yourself: Do you really think Oliver Stone believes the official 9/11 story? Regardless of what he says publicly about it, do you think he buys it? Of course not. And this movie very subtly proves it. See if for yourself, this is no propaganda film and it accurately portrays that day as we suggest it happened. Just think what some other director trying to jump on the "first film about 9/11" bandwagon could have done to hurt our cause. Flight 93? How about ABC's piece of crap. Stone is on our side.

Show "Oliver Stone is a disinfo agent for Hollywood" by Brend


nobody here is buying what your selling.

Let people research and judge for themselves

Some people will do their homework, most probably won't. If you are in the latter category, so be it. If you do want to support your beliefs with real arguments, please let them be heard. All this gets to the core of why freedom and democracy is such a fragile thing.

Perhaps another clip can open your eyes to the masonic conspiracy:

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." - Winston Churchill (another high-level freemason)

Oliver Stone Cold Gate

Oliver Stone Cold Gate Keeper, thanks for the subtle hints, but thanks for nothing. Mr. Stone Cold Gate Keeper is an expert filmmaker and certainly could have provided more than stretched interpretations of nods to the Truth Movement. He was simply towing the mega-cash line, his payday, looking out for himself. Of course he doesn't believe the official story, anyone with half a brain doesn't believe the official story once you look at any of the facts, and to make his movie, Mr. Stone Cold Gate Keeper probably looked at mor facts that the average truther, yet he still went forward with avoiding the truth. Oh it was too early in the truth movement, you say. I say it's never too early for truth especially when truth is all we got! 2 thumbs down for the bumb Mr. Stone Cold Gate Keeper.

No praise for anyone until we get the job done, howz that sound? Let's restrict ourselves to words of encouragement for fellas like Mr. Feal who started the Feal Good group trying to help out first responders as they are getting f*cked for being brave and noble.

One last thing, could somebody remove this insulting blog from the front page. And if we must look at something from hollywood, I'd prefer an old Charlie Sheen bog post.

pardon me, I was so agitated

pardon me, I was so agitated I failed to notice this blog was not posted on the front page. wheew! I thought 911 blogger was losing it there for a second.

Your bad attitude is going

Your bad attitude is going to get the Truth Movement nowhere. You contribute nothing. You are useless.

regardless of his showing

regardless of his showing building 7 in the movie, which i agree is peculiar, Stone himself has said in several interviews that he does not believe in the 9/11 conspiracy theories and parrots the blow back theory explaining how the way the bush administration used the the attacks should be the real focus

if the hints are too subtle

if the hints are too subtle to wake anyone up they are pretty much useless for the most part. thats why JFK was so good(though much too late),because it was pretty straight forward.

If the film is too direct

it never gets made or distributed.

I was very happy to hear that Stone included the demolition of WTC 7 in the film.

Perhaps I will rent it and watch it, after all.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

I am impressed that those

I am impressed that those aspects of 9/11 were included! I haven't seen it so I can't comment how useful the inclusion of them are, but it sounds interesting. Does anyone know how easy it is to make a movie critical of the JFK assassination nearly 30 years after it happened? Does anyone know how difficult it is to make a movie critical of 9/11 5 years after it happened? It sounds like there is an iota of a chance that he has heard the conspiracy theory.

Stone has openly rejected

Stone has openly rejected 9/11 "conspiracy theories".

Oliver Stone can't save the perps at this point, or himself

I don't think Oliver Stone is doing us any favors with his films. He is a gatekeeper par excellence. His JFK film was classic limited hangout--fingering most but not all of those involved in the conspiracy, and WTC, well, I haven't watched it but I tend to agree with those who have said that subtle hints are useless, particularly when you go around toeing the party line in public. It's getting really easy to dump icons these days like Stone and Chomsky and Uncle Fetzer. The gatekeepers' paymasters know this and boy are they struggling to salvage SOMEONE to carry their disinfo torch for them. Someone who skeptics will not be able to knock off their manufactured pedestal. Someone like Noam--er, no... like um, Oliver Stone! nope! Michael Moore? HA!

Look perps (and associated agents), you can study this thing assiduously, as you will, but every day the baby grows another few inches, and the reality of what you have brought on yourselves becomes ever more apparently disastrous as it evolves beyond your ability to comprehend or capacity to deal with. This is not idle chatter--the word is out and thanks to the media blackout you have no idea what you're actually up against. We were in a similar boat 5 years ago, but you all have been VERY sloppy and at this point the truth has the upper hand.

As the pressure of millions of outraged people grows around those in power, your options (as you've probably noticed) grow fewer--a catch 22 around every corner. Your desperate continued attempts to derail the real truth movement, that spirit of discovery that possesses us, are more transparent all the time. No one talks about holograms. No one talks about video fakery. No one talks about mini-nukes. And no one talks about space beams. All efforts gone to waste.

What will it be next I wonder?

It doesn't matter because it will fail. Fewer and fewer people are reading your rags or watching your "reality TV", e.g. CNN et al. You forced a big shovel load of BS into people's mouths and it is being spit back at you with a vengeance.

Cut your losses. Cut a deal. Confess now, because later your confession will be worth very little among the many others.

Or, if you prefer, as I suspect, to go down fighting, then bring it on! Make another movie that no one will watch! Conduct another false flag op that no one will believe wasn't you! Post another blog comment! In other words keep doing what you've been doing, cuz it ain't doin' much. You see, you chose poorly, and we KNOW you're realizing it, even if only subconsciously at the moment. Your self-deception will be outlasted just barely by your sanity. And no, your failure won't be worth squat in the long run.

So go ahead, see if you can pull out one more year. We'll be watching and waiting. And winning. Every single day.


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Truthers react strongly, but in opposite ways.

I saw this movie in the theater when it came out (free tix to a media preview) and I was *expecting* the kind of wink wink, nod nod approach you suggest, having read a similar review. However, I almost completely disagree (and reviewed the film for 911blogger back in the days of the previous format.)

The sound effects as the Port Authority guys show up at the WTC complex is a case in point. I interpreted these sounds as the creaking, groaning, and popping of a building that was about to experience a collapse rather than an explosive demolition (and was accordingly very pissed off at the time.) And although I also applaud the inclusion of the Building 7 demolition (this is the point on which we do not completely disagree) did you notice that shortly thereafter a character describes watching the buildings "PANCAKE" on tv? Did you catch the extra weight she put on the word "pancake"?

I think this movie was as godawful a propaganda exercise as United 93, which was a much better movie.

fictionalized history

Hollywood has never been and likely will never be a reliable source for real history. In fact, seeing how Hollywood treats a subject is a good way to figure out what is being left out and why.