a theory

So much info; so many unanswered questions. Who stands to gain? Wanna know the why, where and when? Follow the money.
Doesnt it make sense, with a devalued dollar at stake -- & some other countries trying to de-value the dollar further, that taking control of the oil (already discovered oil fields -- no exploration really necessary) in the occupied regions around Iraq & afganistan would give backing to a failing global dollar? Hmmmmm.....we need an excuse (9/00 - pnac).
I "woke up" back in 3/06 when I watched S.E.Jones -- I have not been able to stop researching ever since. I have bought hunderds of DVD's from a certain Dr. and have handed them out to many friends and customers -- I keep thinking homeland security is going to walk through the door & declare me an enemy combatant...so be it. Give me (at least the semblence thereof) liberty or...whatever comes.
I have found that some folks I've tried to give info to -- well, I dont think they (doesn't make them bad peeps) can even begin to fathom the deepths of what is going on.
Or, maybe its an "Inconvenient Truth".
My I suggest some interesting reading? Its old news, however, it may be new to someone here: google Phil Berg & hunt for a law suit he filed in '03 on behalf of a woman named (?) Ellen Marani. I called him some months back & I agreed we may never know what REALLY happened on 9/11 -- how ever, from his stand point, following what we do know & can prove what laws & protocols were broken that day, persue the current powers-that-be in court -- prosecute on provable facts.
I dont know, I'm just another American trudging off to work everyday trying to keep my head above the waves.
Any replies are welcome. Thanks for your time. Peace.

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I tried to contact Phil Berg a couple of weeks ago without success. I am a forensic accountant and started looking into the events of 9/11 after I ended up with a great deal of free time after a large national bank settled a lenghty litigation near the end of 2005.
Someone suggested that I watch "9/11: In Plane Site". I've been into it ever since.
When I discovered that Mr. Berg had started a RICO suit against the evildoers. I was trying to contact him to find out where that case dtood and if there was anything that I could do to help him. He never responded.