Would any 9/11 truther object to Ron Paul being President?

Ron Paul recently made a great speech on the floor of congress. The transcript and the link to the video of his speech are here.

It's time for 9/11 truthers to recruit this man to be President. Below is a link to contact congressman Paul and tell him we would be honored to have him as a President. Maybe if he sees a groundswell of support he will consider it. If nothing else his campaign would bring to light issues that we could all support.


Paul has said no to this many times

Congressman Paul has for many years unequivocally said NO to a possible run for the presidency. I think the gist of his rationale is that he likes living and feels he can do more as a live congress member.

People often ask Congressman Paul how he is able to tolerate the dismal record and behavior of the U.S. congress over the years and he always answers "because I have low expectations."

Until our false money system (the Federal Reserve, fiat money, and I.R.S.) are eliminated and the USA reestablishes "honest weights and measures", there is absolutely no hope for our political system.

Whenever I see discussions of who to have as a candidate for the presidency, I always think that those initiating the topic do not realize how very far gone is our whole USA Constitutional Republic and rule of law system.

The corruption stemming from the billionaire globalists elites having purchased all that was ever right and good about USA founding principles is simply so pervasive and profound that discussions of who should run for what office are sort of irrelevant.

I guess if the 911 truth movement is about truth, no one should object to my truth comments on this subject.

Blessings from Dachsie in Austin.

I don't think you appreciate the power we have.

The powers that be need to keep up appearances and that is why we see Henry Kissinger supporting John McCain. If we can agree on a candidate we can win.

There is NOTHING as powerful as the truth and often nothing as strange. - Daniel Webster

It's never too late for the truth. - Unknown

I think many people would

I think many people would make great presidents. Unfortunately, we only get to decide between the two our system allows us to vote for. Ron Paul could certainly be one of them.

I'd rather have Ross

I'd rather have Ross Perot... too bad they got to him via his daughter...

He was 100% right about NAFTA, (Globalization)...  The big sucking sound of jobs leaving the country... 

What happened to his

What happened to his daughter?

I'd like you to elaborate on

I'd like you to elaborate on that. How did they get to him? Was it something to do with his daughter's wedding, or something like that?

Sure I'd like to see Paul

Sure I'd like to see Paul run for president, but this speech leaves much to be desired. Osama bin Laden has "benefitted" from our Iraq policy? Who says he is even alive? And then there's this sentence:

"We have performed a tremendous service for both bin Laden and Ahmadinejad, and it will cost us plenty."

In reality, bin Laden is probably dead, and Ahmadinejad and his country are bracing for the inevitable American/Israeli attack, which may be nuclear. This kind of rhetoric only serves to pave the way for the desired attack on Iran, the prelude to which of course will be another false-flag attack like 9/11.

Ron Paul should know better.

Does anyone know why Iran

Does anyone know why Iran would just let Israeli fighter jets fly into their country and blow up their reactors? Hasn't Iran studied Israel's 1981 Osirak adventure ad nauseum and drawn up counter plans?


Bring him on!

Bring him on!