Announcing an afternoon of TRUTH and Activism with Webster Tarpley

Presidential Politics, 9/11, IRAQ and the Dollar Collapse

Jan 20th, 2007 1PM at the Friends Meeting House,
141 Central Avenue Dover, NH

Webster Tarpley, noted author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, and George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, will be making a special presentation on Saturday, January 20 at 1:00 p.m. at the Friends Meeting House, 141 Central Ave., Dover, New Hampshire. In an effort to increase the visibility of 9/11 Truth issues during the upcoming presidential race, activists and guests will be introduced to the concept of creating "Truth Squads," designed to be a challenging presence to presidential candidates as they campaign in the historically significant New Hampshire primary.

Tarpley's presentation will examine the political realignment currently taking place in America and whether this transition will lead to a more progressive or a more fascist and draconian society. In addition to examining evidence of 9/11 crimes, Tarpley will also address the collapse of the dollar, the dangers of another "terrorist" attack and the impending collapse of US forces in Iraq.

Webster Griffin Tarpley is an incisive critic of Anglo-American hegemony. As an activist historian he is best known for his book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still must reading, and 911 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA, Serving the Cataclysm, and Against Oligarchy. He is host of World Crisis Radio on He is a 9/11 Truth Scholar and activist; AB Princeton 1966, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa; Fulbright Scholar at University of Turin, Italy; and MA in humanities from Skidmore College. A decades-long expert on international terrorism, his 1978 study for the Italian parliament "Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro?" (Who Killed Aldo Moro?) broke open the ownership of the "Red Brigades" by NATO's clandestine "stay-behind" networks.

Additional speakers will be added to the program to address the issues of impeachment and ending the war in Iraq. The event is free and open to the public (voluntary donations are greatly appreciated).

For more information Contact:

Peggy Brewster brewstout[at] 603-973-1555
Crystal Urbanski crystal718[at] 978-270-5625
Web: Seacoast 9-11 Questions
Boston 9-11 Truth boston911truth[at]
voice mail: 617-401-8047

More details to follow:

UPDATES: Starting at 1PM


that'd be jan 20, '07, right?

You bet.


Hannity's America - Land of the despots

There's a new show fox has on where Hannity gets to babble on and spin spin. He has Cindy Shehan on and it's clear why the media loves her so much - she has nothing intelligent to say and has said enough stupid things to be completely discredited. In other news Pat Robertson predicts a terrorist attack on the US that will have causalities in the millions. I also saw earlier today CNN going ballistic over some 'suspected cargo manifest' but then saying it turned out the contents matched. In other TV media news, those screwball Real Worlders on MTV are up to their usual antics as the house turns on Jenn for being a slut.

Oh well I'm glad people are working hard on reforming social policy and creating social unity? Oh wait, I think most Americans are busy watching bullshit, eating fastfood and making sure God likes them still. Oh well we do have to watch out for our own interests still right?

I guess that's the cynical look at it. But really, socially, people like this kind of stuff, people like this good and evil framing. Makes it easy for them to know their the good guys and replicate the attitude to get the social reward. I find that's one of the problems I have in approaching people or even getting people to look critically at social function in general. To most people it IS more important how you look and sound and who you are as judged by social factors than it is to develop an objective sense of what is happening in the world. People would rather find themselves valid and validated. The main mode of control today is to cram the person into a role where they act out personal traits and adopt pro social attitudes... Each has a goal of meeting their social needs, which of course have been nicely codified into this totally insane system...Oh well I'm ranting again.

You Have To Do The Work for Them

"Oh well I'm glad people are working hard on reforming social policy and creating social unity? Oh wait, I think most Americans are busy watching bullshit, eating fastfood and making sure God likes them still. Oh well we do have to watch out for our own interests still right?"

It's just because they're kept subdued, the apathy is the point of that. Try not to resent your sleeping neighbors, and when they do start to wake up to the truth, try to do what you can to make it less painful for them, because they don't deserve that any more than the 3,000 that lost their lives...

I think that's all our interests. Keep plugging away, and don't let it get to you.

And showing up in New Hampshire could have a huge impact- each Truther there could be said to represent hundreds of thousands of the "asleep", who would agree if only they knew what really happened.

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson predicts a terrorist attack on the US that will have causalities in the millions.

That actually sent a chill down my spine for a moment. Reason being I recall reading elsewhere that Pat may have inside sources that can make him *appear* prophetic to his followers...

I should research his connections more.

Hm, wonder what kind of "attack" we'll see next, if they (whoever "they" really is) pull it off? I hope it's not nuclear or near DC, or i'm toast.

Fascism Lite - Now with 75% less mass murder and 25% more public appeal!

Robertson's pull with these criminals is such that....., he could get his "charity" listed SECOND, after the Red Cross, in newspapers nationwide, on the government's list soliciting individual donations.

And it was a LONG list.

Once this was exposed, it was moved further down.

Will someone record Tarpley please?

Would be great to get a video or at least audio of Tarpley's presentation. Anyone going? Please do the rest of the movement a favor and capture it. Thanks!

Breaking news: "Gas odor" all over Manhattan today!

Con Edison, the fire department and multiple city agencies are investigating the source of a natural gas odor throughout Manhattan this morning.

Hundreds of reports of the smell have been flooding the 911 system since around 9 a.m....

getting a little freaky now

I just totally accidentally ran across a story today: Bird deaths shut down Austin (google it) About sixty birds dropped dead on CONGRESS AVE (no kidding) and ten blocks have been shut down. What I really wanted to say though, is it just amazes me how someone as brilliant as Webster Tarpley can be so darn funny. He really cracks me up.

UK Government Manipulating 9/11 Petition Data?

It appears the British Government are removing names and web sites from an on line petition calling for further investigation into the events of 9/11, posted on Tony Blair’s’ web site.

The petition is attracting attention from 9/11 skeptics in the UK and currently contains 289 signatures.

A member of RINF signed the petition as ‘’ on Tuesday 02 Jan and informed me of this actions, I saw the signature for myself and can verify he is telling the truth. Subsequently by Thursday 05 Jan his signature had been removed, while other names and web site addresses remain.

This is obviously not fair game by any standard.

This of course begs the question as to why ‘’ has been removed. It is abundantly clear that somebody does not want you to view this web site.

Are we getting too close to the truth for comfort?

I will be keeping a close eye on the petition and urge anybody who has signed it to contact me if they notice anomalies and the blatant removal of names.

Great Book

Tarpley's book is a great read!

400+ pages just flew by, One of his theories is that Bush may have just been an unwitting pawn until the morning fo the attacks, until Cheney basically gave him an ultimatum, assasination or primary cheerleader for the War of Civilizations, this has some possibilities, given the lack of original thought and attention to detail that Bush (at least publically) displays, but if somebody is going to this event please ask him to name names of the top people involved, and why hasn't the oligarchs clamped down on him, if atleast on the surface it appears that he is on to their malfeasances.


book pdf

///////////////////// - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

1/08/2007 = 187 = MURDER 

1/08/2007 = 187 = MURDER 

Guys that gas "odor" in Manhatten seems to be strange  - Possible Biological Falsee Flag Attack...


Show "paranoid much? Calm down" by Mr. X

Suspicion is healthy - Goes

Suspicion is healthy - Goes hand in hand with questioning authority -

The fact that you responded doesn't belay my concerns though...


U.S.: Update On Gas Odor In NYC
January 08, 2007 16 05  GMT

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Jan. 8 there was a small gas leak on Manhattan's Bleecker St., but the leak does not account for the odor reported by residents elsewhere in Midtown and in downtown Jersey City. No injuries have been reported.

source : 

How 187 = murder ?

How 187 = murder ?

187 is a numeric code for

187 is a numeric code for the crime of murder used by law-enforcement officials, particularly in the state of California. This number is used for this purpose because Section 187 of the California Penal Code deals with that crime.



All I am saying is keep your

All I am saying is keep your eyes and ears open, and save information, especially one that contains statements and or details...

They want to destroy Iran - This would be perfect...

If it is an infectious agent - we won't know until people start getting sick...  

Show "smell of natural gas =" by Mr. X

natural gas is oderless -

natural gas is oderless - the smell that is associated with it is ADDED because of this oderless property -  It can easily be added to some other gas to mask its true nature.

Show "and how is this connected to" by Mr. X

How was 9/11 associated with

How was 9/11 associated with Iraq?

Processed Natural gas that is available to end-users is tasteless and odorless, however, before gas is distributed to end-users, it is odorized by adding small amounts of thiols, to assist in leak detection. 


Show "what the hell are you" by Mr. X

Wow - you really don't like

Wow - you really don't like me... No worries

I am often wrong, but that never deters me from looking to make sure.

I don't want to be right, but if I am I don't want my concerns to go undocumented. 

I like you fine. No worries

I like you fine. No worries about your misunderstanding of my personal feelings for you.

If you're gonna make silly claims, like the ones you posted above, I'd expect you to be able to provide some logic behind those claims. I think it's funny that some people see deviousness behind every event of modern day society.

Your theory...which is...Gas Smell = Attack on Iran strikes me as ridiculous, but you must have a reason to post such a would think. you?

They wanted to attack Iraq,

They wanted to attack Iraq, and they used 9/11 to achieve that goal.

They want to attack Iran, and they cannot do this unless there is a perceived  attack by an organization aligned with Iran, namely Hezbollah.

A to Z - the question is what will they do to get there... 

Perhaps it is a test

Perhaps it is a test run...  If so even more reason to collect data while it is free flowing and not purged or altered.

eyewitness accounts

I started smelling it about a quarter to nine am, at my apartment on E 31st between Park and Madison. It smelled like natural gas there; here at my office, on W 31 at Ninth Ave, it's much more like a sulfur smell. There are people on the premises reporting nausea and severe headaches and that they have a strong metallic taste in their mouths.
--Josh Wellman


The "metallic taste" has me

The "metallic taste" has me concerned.  Thiol does not do this, but aerosols can.

Chemical vapors that leave a 'metallic taste' in the mouth

Known possibilities (Not probabilities - just possibilities - where do the pieces fit?)

1. Mercury vapor - Some people who have breathed mercury vapours report a metallic taste in their mouths.

2. Zinc oxide fumes - ZINC FUME FEVER:
Caused by inhalation of zinc oxide fume characterized by flu-like symptoms, a metallic taste in the mouth, coughing, weakness, fatigue, muscular pain, and nausea, followed by fever and chills.

This intelligently computer-generated database of symptoms and possible causes may be of interest, but does not mention inhalation of anything... A long list of drugs that can cause a metallic taste in the mouth..could one be put in, say, completely hypothetically speaking, an airborne form? And would there be a reason to unleash a cloud of something like this?

Maybe I could get more into the realm of unusual and unlikely and speculate about nanoparticles... ha, that's it!@#@#@ tH3 n4n0m4ch1n3z 4r3 1nv4d1ng!@# *ahem* Seriously, though, I don't know.

This PDF states that "Mercury is often present in natural gas"... so that may help explain things better.... (And reminds us that natural gas is some toxic stuff...)

Fascism Lite - Now with 75% less mass murder and 25% more public appeal!

taste operates off of

taste operates off of molecules methane (CH4) is odorless and tasteless, meaning the tongue has no receptors for this molecule. ZnO is a likely candidate as I remember using it as a spray to fight off a cold - very nasty taste - metallic is the right word.

And its in damn near everything :

Very strong in the subways

Very strong in the subways from Penn to Midtown - not a natural gas smell - more like a creosote/gaseous smell - can smell even inside buildings in midtown.
--Gregory George

"I believe it was gas or

"I believe it was gas or something, but I wasn't sure where it was coming from," Sultani said. "Later on, I found out it was coming from New York."

Once the thick cloud cover started lifting, the scent seemed to vanish completely.

 source :

video on site - shows "cloud" 

From Reuters: There were no

From Reuters:

There were no immediate reports of injuries, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it was not dangerous.

“It may just be an unpleasant smell, but at this point we do not know any more than that. The one thing we are confident about is, it is not dangerous,” Bloomberg told a news conference.

Sound familiar?

Yeah odd? Mr. X's comment

Yeah odd? Mr. X's comment way up there makes me think, if it is indeed an operation, a test run, to get data on dispersal rates, areas of coverage, etc, if this type of aerosol carrier is used in the PATH system to attack NY.

Perhaps for later - This will vault Clinton ahead as she steps forward on the political bullhorn...  Speculation is a fun exercise, and broadens creativity, but these "people" have proved they have no qualms about killing large numbers of people to achieve their goals.

We KNOW Iran is in their sights, I don't doubt for a minute they are planning and laying down the machine to carry out yet another WMD attack on us. 

Show "KOOKOONESS run a muck. I" by Mr. X

Shut your yap, X. People

Shut your yap, X. People have every right to be suspicious. Indeed, it's the only healthy response...

United States Army Uses the American Population as Guinea Pigs for Chemical and Biological Weapons Experiments

From Rogue State
by William Blum:

The Army has acknowledged that between 1949 and 1969, 239 populated areas from coast to coast were blanketed with various organisms during tests designed to measure patterns of dissemination in the air, weather effects, dosages, optimum placement of the source and other factors. Testing over such areas was supposedly suspended after 1969, but there is no way to be certain of this. In any event, open air spraying continued at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah.

Following is a small sample of the tests carried out in the 1949-69 period:

Watertown, N.Y. area and Virgin Islands

The Army used aircraft and homing pigeons to drop turkey feathers dusted with cereal rust spores to contaminate oat crops, to prove that a "cereal rust epidemic" could be spread as a biological warfare weapon.

San Francisco Bay Area

September 20-27, 1950:
Six experimental biological warfare attacks by the US Army from a ship, using Bacillus globigii and Serratia marcescens, at one point forming a cloud about two miles long as the ship traveled slowly along the shoreline of the bay.

One of the stated objectives of the exercise was to study "the offensive possibilities of attacking a seaport city with a BW [biological warfare] aerosol" from offshore.

Beginning on September 29, patients at Stanford University's hospital in San Francisco were found to be infected by Serratia marcescens. This type of infection had never before been reported at the hospital. Eleven patients became infected, and one died.

According to a report submitted to a Senate committee by a professor of microbiology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook: "an increase in the number of Serratia marcescens can cause disease in a healthy person and...serious disease in sick people."

Between 1954 and 1967, other tests were carried out in the Bay Area, including some with a base of operations at Fort Cronkhite in Marin County.


61 releases of zinc cadmium sulfide in four sections of the city, involving massive exposure of people at home and children in school.

The substance was later described by the EPA as "potentially hazardous because of its cadmium content", and a former Army scientist, writing in the professional journal Atmosphere Environment, in 1972, said that cadmium compounds, including zinc cadmium sulfide, are "highly toxic and the use of them in open atmospheric experiments presents a human health hazard". He stated that the symptoms produced by exposure to zinc cadmium sulfide include lung damage, acute kidney inflammation and fatty degeneration of the liver.

St. Louis

35 releases of zinc cadmium sulfide over residential, commercial and downtown areas, including the Medical Arts Building, which presumably contained a number of sick people whose illnesses could be aggravated by inhaling toxic particles.

Washington, DC area

Aerial spraying from a height of 75 feet of zinc cadmium sulfate combined with lycopodium spores. The areas sprayed included the Monocacy River Valley in Maryland and Leesburg, Virginia, 30 miles from the capital.

In 1969, the Army conducted 115 open-air tests of zinc cadmium sulfate near Cambridge, Maryland.

Earlier in the 1960s, the Army covertly disseminated a large number of bacteria in Washington's National Airport to evaluate how easy it would be for an enemy agent to scatter smallpox through the entire country by infecting air travelers.

The bacterium used, Bacillus subtilis, is potentially harmful to the infirm and the elderly, whose immune system is impaired, and to those with cancer, heart disease or a host of other ailments, according to a professor of microbiology at the Georgetown University Medical Center. A similar experiment was carried out at the Washington Greyhound bus terminal.

Sometime during Richard Nixon's time in office (apparently 1969), the Army "assassinated" him with germs via the White House air conditioning system.

And at a building used by the Food and Drug Administration, the Army surreptitiously placed a (supposedly harmless) colored dye into the water system. Whether anyone suffered harm from drinking a certain quantity of that water is not known.


The CIA conducted at least one open-air test with whooping-cough bacteria around the Tampa Bay area. The number of whooping cough cases recorded in Florida jumped from 339 and one death in 1954 to 1,080 and 12 deaths in 1955. The Tampa Bay area was one of three places that showed a sharp increase in 1955.

Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida

The Army, wishing to test "the practicality of employing Aedes aegypti mosquitos to carry a BW agent", released over wide areas hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of this mosquito, which can be a carrier of yellow fever and dengue fever, both highly dangerous diseases. The Army stated that the mosquitos were uninfected, but prominent scientists said that, for several reasons, the experiment was not without risk, and was a "terrible idea". The actual effects upon the targeted population will probably never be known.

New York City

Feb. 11-15, 1956:
A CIA-Army team sprayed New York streets and the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, using trick suitcases and a car with a dual muffler.

June 6-10, 1966:
The army report of this test was called "A Study of the Vulnerability of Subway Passengers in New York City to Covert Attack with Biological Agents". Trillions of Bacillus subtilis variant niger were released into the subway system during rush hours.

One method was to use light bulbs filled with the bacteria; these were unobtrusively shattered at sidewalk level on subway ventilating grills or tossed onto the roadbeds inside the stations. Aerosol clouds were momentarily visible after a release of bacteria from the light bulbs. The report noted that "When the cloud engulfed people, they brushed their clothing, looked up at the grating apron and walked on."

The wind of passing trains spread the bacteria along the tracks; in the time it took for two trains to pass, the bacteria were spread from 15th Street to 58th Street. It will never be known how many people later became ill from being unsuspecting guinea pigs, for the United States Army exhibited not the slightest interest in this question.

Thank you for that... I

Thank you for that... I never claim anything as more than speculation. I find the QUESTIONS more interesting than the answers, as they lead to more interesting questions.

I hope that I am wrong, but I think there is enough out there already to warrent a closer look by SOMEONE.

Hopefully a dutiful and ethical member of the US Government (You guys can't all be bad).

I have stuff to do, I just wish people whose jobs are to protect us from harm start actually DOING IT! It sure as hell isn't my job, if it were I would have the authority to lock up Dick Cheney & Co. tonight.

Its a question of ethics.  The deep truth of 9/11 to me is that it shows governments have no ethical standards whatsoever! And I know, they realize this and my message directly to the PTB is, We will never trust you again. 

I am done with the question of 9/11 Truth

The same

If all you type is true then.... holy fuck... and noone will ever know. that is the sad truth.

online link or source?

Danse, does your info have an online link or source? I'm not questioning it. I can independently verify some of it. It's a subject of interest to me.

Sarin Gas attack on theTokyo

Sarin Gas attack on theTokyo Subway - 1995 

"Just a bad smell"

How does Bloomberg think smell works? It's something, some substance, in the air, that the sense of smell detects. There is no such thing as "just a bad smell" in this context -- the question is whether the bad smell is coming from something hazardous or something benign. For crying out loud -- hire someone to do your thinking for you if you're too busy to do it yourself.

I think this is really suspicious and highly creepy, especially when coupled with the bird deaths in Austin.

I wonder if Mr. X realizes that showing up in a thread like this and making hysterical accusations of "crazy talk" just LENDS CREDIBILITY to the suggestion that it is truly weird.

Thanks, Casseia. That was my

Thanks, Casseia.

That was my point of posting the Bloomberg quote. How does anyone buy the line "We don't have a clue what it is, but we know it is perfectly safe?"

After the criminal "safe air" disaster of 2001, this is just too much. I hope NYers drill him a new one for that idiotic and irresponsible statement.

"Safe air"

Exactly. When I heard that statement quoted on the radio, I just immediately thought "Christie Todd Whitman."

Why not treat people like grownups? "We emphasize that we do not have indications that it is dangerous at this time and we are focusing our attention on identifying the source of the odor so that we can confirm to you that there is no danger." Slightly more believable, perhaps?

Well, as per usual the

Well, as per usual the Propaganda machine works, - The Cover Story - NJ Stinks!

N.J. Eyed As Source of Stench Over NYC

The Associated Press
Tuesday, January 9, 2007; 11:20 AM


NEW YORK -- The gas-like odor that hung over Manhattan's streets was gone Tuesday, but city officials were still trying to pinpoint its source _ and eyeing New Jersey.

Charles Sturcken, a spokesman for the city Department of Environmental Protection, said Tuesday that his agency was pretty sure the source of the smell was along New Jersey's industrialized waterfront, just across the Hudson River from New York.

"The way we tracked the dispersion of the smell and the prevailing winds indicates that it came from New Jersey, somewhere near Secaucus," Sturcken said.

The strong odor, detectable from Manhattan's southern tip to well past Central Park, led to some precautionary evacuations, and about a dozen people were taken to hospitals complaining of difficulty breathing, Fire Department spokesman Tony Sclafani.

There was no indication that the air was unsafe, though, and no indication of terrorism, city and federal officials said.

Complaints about the odor also came from Bergen and Hudson counties in New Jersey, but no air sampling was done there because the state Department of Environmental Protection had no specific locations to test, spokeswoman Elaine Makatura said.

New Jersey Environmental Protection Commissioner Lisa Jackson said Tuesday that her agency was reviewing Monday's emission records of plants in the area.

She said the area has some oil refineries _ and that a natural gas pipeline problem could be a culprit.

"We may not be able to find it," she said.

Jackson bristled at New York officials' finger-pointing at her state, saying she wished that New York instead would help New Jersey look for the source. "It looks an awful lot like jumping to conclusions," she said.

Sturcken said that the odor could have been caused by mercaptan, the chemical added to normally odorless natural gas to make it easily detectable, but he added, "Nothing has been confirmed."

"We're left with a mystery, although we know it's not harmful," he said.



All I know for sure is it is

All I know for sure is it is business as usual in the black world.  They are unimpeded.

I don't have the quote handy, but one of those shady guys said that they are an empire now, and they can shape reality (perception) while everyone is busy looking at one thing, they are off to the next...

Now that I am awake I am looking for what they are doing TODAY.  I would hope that others do the same.

They will continue as long as they sense no one is watching them in action.  We are responsible for our OWN security, as they have shown they have abused their authority to protect it.

It Was Swamp Gas - Nothing to See here...

NYC Gas Odor Remains a Mystery

Joan Gralla 01/09/2007 4:33 pm

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City blamed New Jersey's wetlands on Tuesday for causing a strong stink that briefly plagued the area, but the mystery lingered as an environmental scientist said the marshes should be exonerated.


A powerful smell akin to natural gas wafted over the region on Monday morning, sending at least 19 people to the hospital in both states and forcing the evacuation of New York schools and offices. Commuter rail service was briefly halted as a precaution. A spokesman for New York City's Department of Environmental Protection pointed to New Jersey's marshes, saying New Jerseyans reported the smell first and that calls in New York later came from the south of Manhattan and then moved north. "So it was coming up the Hudson River," spokesman Charles Sturcken said. "You can map it in time. However, other officials on both sides of the Hudson River said the cause might never be known because it dissipated after a few hours. "Belching bog blamed for citywide gas stink" declared a New York Post headline, explaining that mercaptan, the rotten-egg-like odor smelled by New Yorkers and New Jerseyans on Monday, can be released by decaying vegetation. Mercaptan is also the chemical added to odorless natural gas so that it can be detected in a leak. By Tuesday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was calling the odor "good theater" for reporters and late-night comics. "It was never anything that we thought was a security risk or a danger to anybody," the mayor said. Joan Ehrenfeld, a biology professor at New Jersey's Rutgers University, said New Jersey's wetlands commonly produce sulfur-containing gas as part of the natural process of decay. But that gas is almost immediately converted to minerals.

"I think it is highly unlikely that it was the production of hydrogen sulfide in the salt marshes," Ehrenfeld said.

"They're not even bogs," sniffed Ehrenfeld, explaining that the term bog refers to wetlands whose only source of water is rainfall and whose main vegetation is peat moss.

In contrast, New Jersey's 8,000-acre Meadowlands are wetlands, distinguished by grass and their mix of fresh and salt water.

(Additional reporting by Richard Cowan in Washington)

(caption above: A Con

(caption above: A Con Edison worker tested for gas on Christopher and Bleecker Streets.)

A Rotten Smell Raises Alarms and Questions



Published: January 9, 2007
It was the odor associated with natural gas — the telltale, unpleasant sulfur scent that typically signals a gas leak. But this time, it was lingering in many areas of Manhattan and northeastern New Jersey, coursing through buildings and leading to fears that it could ignite or that a dangerous chemical had been deliberately released.

Schools and office buildings were evacuated. A subway station was shut, and commuter trains were rerouted. Government security officials were put on alert. Fire trucks raced through the streets, while Coast Guard vessels patrolled New York Harbor, communicating with tugboats and container ships. Twelve people with complaints of minor illnesses or injuries were taken to hospitals.

The source of the odor? As of last night, city officials still did not know. But it lingered for an hour after first being reported around 9 a.m., leaving New York with another mystery on its hands and more than a few conspiracy theories to sort through.

With anxieties about gas leaks rattling the nerves of the city, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg held a press conference to assure residents that the city’s air-quality detectors had found no cause for alarm. He hypothesized that the odor could have been caused by the release of mercaptan, a compound that smells like rotting eggs and is added to natural gas so people can detect and report leaks.

Throughout the day, possible culprits — among them a minor gas leak in Greenwich Village and natural-gas pipelines in northeastern New Jersey — were considered and ruled out.

The olfactory mystery in the New York region was matched by strange activity elsewhere. In Austin, Tex., police cordoned off 10 blocks of the downtown business district early yesterday after more than 60 birds were found dead overnight along Congress Avenue, which leads to the State Capitol. Air testing there failed to find a cause, but preliminary results determined that people were not at risk.

In New York, the piercing odor was the talk of Manhattan, and it called to mind another mystery: the maple syrup odor that people reported smelling on separate days in late 2005 and whose source has never been established. In yesterday’s case, several people said they were overcome by the odor.

I feel faint,” said Ivolett Bredwood, a legal assistant who noticed the odor once she stepped off a New Jersey Transit train at Pennsylvania Station around 8:45 a.m. The smell trailed her as she walked to her office, at 99 Park Avenue, which was briefly evacuated. “It’s an awful, nasty smell.”

The widespread uncertainty and potential for danger led the authorities to take numerous precautions as thousands of reports of the odor flooded into 911 and utility hot lines.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority briefly closed the subway station at 23rd Street and Avenue of the Americas, as well as a control tower at West Fourth Street. Service was temporarily halted on PATH lines terminating at 33rd Street.

The major gas utilities — Consolidated Edison in New York and Public Service Electric and Gas in New Jersey — checked their transmission lines and reported no leaks, changes in pressure or other abnormalities.

The city’s Department of Environmental Protection dispatched a mobile laboratory to the West Side with meters to test for ammonia, chloride, cyanide, methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and volatile organic compounds. “That’s the hardest part, finding the source,” said Christopher Haas, a department specialist in hazardous materials. “Air is very dynamic.”

Officials were reluctant to discuss terrorism precautions in great detail, but they said that the city regularly monitors the air with machines that can detect the presence of chemical, biological or radiological substances.

At the Port Authority Bus Terminal, some alarmed passengers thought that their buses had problems. And at the Equitable Center, on Seventh Avenue between 51st and 52nd Streets, air vents were closed to keep the odor out. Two schools were evacuated. Norman Thomas High School in Midtown was emptied for about 50 minutes beginning at 9:30 a.m., while students at Public School 11 in Chelsea were taken to Public School 33 nearby.

Jeremy Fleishman, a worker at a computer repair shop in Chelsea, said it smelled as if “somebody left the Bunsen burner on” in chemistry class. By 10:30 a.m., he said, “it mostly dissipated — or maybe we just got used to it.”

At 980 Avenue of the Americas, a building that was briefly evacuated, a guard, Ralph Supino of Secaucus, N.J., said he called Con Edison but reached only recorded messages. “They were overwhelmed,” he said.

For some, it seemed logical that the odor was tied to some sort of terrorist plot. At 1250 Broadway, which was also briefly closed, a guard, Miguel Contreras of Irvington, N.J., said that thought raced through his mind when he noticed the smell upon arriving at the bus terminal on his way to work.

You pray to God that everything is fine and it’s just a leak somewhere,” he said.

Adding to the alarm was the strength and duration of the odor, which may have been aggravated by a weather phenomenon known as a temperature inversion. Inversions, which often occur when a warm front moves over a cooler, denser air mass, cause the temperature closer to the ground to be cooler and the air higher up to be warmer — a reversal of the usual pattern. Inversions can trap pollutants and odors, preventing them from being dispersed upward.

David Wally, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s forecast office in Upton, N.Y., said a warm front approached the city between 7 and 8 a.m., making it “very possible” that an inversion trapped the pollutants and gaseous odor closer to the ground. The inversion eroded later in the morning, he said.

The city recorded 4,500 more 911 calls than usual between 9 and 11 a.m., with most of the increase in Manhattan. The Fire Department responded to 450 calls, 41 of them for emergency medical assistance.

Dr. Kristin E. Harkin, an emergency-medicine physician at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, said that strong odors can worsen the symptoms of people with chronic respiratory ailments like asthma and emphysema.

Some suspicion fell on New Jersey, given the path of the prevailing winds and the prevalence of chemical and petroleum facilities in the state. Calls about the smell were received in West New York,Weehawken and other places.

In Hoboken, the downtown police headquarters and several office buildings were briefly evacuated, according to Mayor David Roberts, who said he took an anxious call about the smell from his wife.

Jack Burns, coordinator of the Hudson County Office of Emergency Management, in Secaucus, said that officials had ruled out the possibility of a mercaptan spill there. He added, “If it’s in New York and people can smell it in western Hudson County, that’s a lot of it, whatever it is.

Michael Williams, an accountant in Jersey City, said he delayed taking a smoking break for more than an hour because the odor was so intense. “I didn’t want to spark an explosion or anything,” he said.

(Reporting was contributed by Carla Baranauckas, Ken Belson, Thayer Evans, Cassi Feldman, Kate Hammer, Christine Hauser, David M. Herszenhorn, John Holl, Patrick LaForge, Colin Moynihan, William Neuman, Andy Newman and Ronald Smothers.)



There is an awful lot of

There is an awful lot of finger pointing and conflicting reports...  Going around in circles, the Maple Smell in 2005 seems interesting...  Another Mystery...

Maple Syrup Anyone? City

Maple Syrup Anyone? City Investigating Source Of Sweet Smell

In a city full of foul aromas, a mysterious sweet smell is receiving a lot of attention after residents throughout Manhattan began reporting it Thursday night.

Calls have been pouring in to the city's 311 hotline and to 911 from Manhattan residents wondering just what the smell is.

Many describe it as smelling like maple syrup. Other say it smells like flavored coffee or roasted nuts.

NY1 has been receiving calls from as far south as Lower Manhattan and as far north as Harlem.

"It started at work about 8:30 Thursday night,” said one aroma-witness. “I was at the computer and I felt like, I don't even know, maybe someone had some maple syrup and they were typing away and I was typing and it got on me somehow. I was laying in bed last night and I felt like I had maple syrup in my nostrils."

"I have no idea where it came from,” said another New Yorker. “I thought it was like a baker was making sugar or something and they left it burning."

Officials from the Office of Emergency Management have been running tests all night to try to figure out just what the smell is.

A spokesman says air samples aren't showing anything hazardous, the source of the smell is still not clear.


    Photographs by Sacha



Photographs by Sacha Lecca



We don't know what's up with the crazy gas smell. The reports we've read had the location at 34th Street and 5th-7th-8th Avenues in Manhattan, but our readers are smelling it from the Upper West Side to downtown. WNBC reports that the smell is so strong on the 6th floor of 30 Rockefeller Center, "people are leaving the building." NY1 says the smell is strong around Herald Square and in NY1's neighborhood in Chelsea."

So far, Con Ed and the city's Office of Emergency Management are supposedly checking it out. There are also a lot of NYPD sirens - perhaps checking out the possible leak and trying to calm freaking-out New Yorkers?

We'll keep updating this story. Tell us where you're smelling it. Is it in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island - or just Manhattan? And we thought all we'd have to deal with today was a case of the Mondays!

Update: ABC and Fox are reporting that the smell may have originated with a large gas leak at Bleecker and West 4th. But Fox is now saying the location may be at 7th and 13th, near St. Vincents. So things are still confused.

Update: ConEd is reporting no leaks anywhere in the system-- so it's a real mystery!

Update: a tipster called to say St. Vincents is being evacuated, and PATH trains are shut down into the city. So the smell is definitely strongest right now in the Village. Action seems to be centered at Bleecker and West 12th.

Update: Bloomberg is saying there was a gas leak on Bleecker and 6th, but much too small to be responsible for something like this. Various agencies are investigating, but the city's air quality sensors haven't picked up anything unusual. Now he's saying not to worry about it too much, but to open windows if the smell is particularly bad: "The one thing we are very confident of is that it's not dangerous."

A reporter asked how smelling gas is not dangerous. Mayor Bloomberg said that when gas enters the air, it "diversifies": "The amount of the chemical that you can smell is so minute... it's not dangerous." He adds that he didn't smell it at his home on the Upper East Side and didn't smell it at City Hall; also, all the PATH service is back to normal. OEM Commissioner Bruno says that there were 27 calls related to the gas smell, just people were feeling ill but no one was transported to the hospital.


NYC Gas - Nmemonic Psyop

"When nothing else subsists from the past, after the people are dead, after the things are broken and scattered· the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls· bearing resiliently, on tiny and almost impalpable drops of their essence, the immense edifice of memory"

-Marcel Proust "The Remembrance of Things Past"(1)

Smell and Memory: source:

An important quality of the olfactory system is that information travels both to the limbic system and cortex. The limbic system is the primitive part of the brain that include areas that control emotions, memory and behavior. In comparison the cortex is the outer part of the brain that has to do with conscious thought. In addition to these two areas, information also travels to the taste sensory cortex to create the sense of flavor (2). Because olfactory information goes to both the primitive and complex part of the brain it effects our actions in more ways than we think.

Hey New Yourkers, They are STILL FUCKING WITH YOUR HEADS!!!!!!!!! 

hey buddy :D Keith:

hey buddy :D

Keith: hey

Brian: Still work in Reston?

Keith: yep

Brian: cool... Columbia's Sister City (sorta)

any way was just curious... back to work :D
Sent at 7:36 PM on Tuesday

Keith: the drive sucks though!

Brian: jobs a job

Sent at 7:37 PM on Tuesday

Keith: yeah

and this is the best one i've got

Brian: i completely understand

Next time i have the chance I will have to tell you about my research into time perception and brain activity
cool stuff... REM Sleep and all
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Brian: take care dude... seeya when i seeya

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Keith: cool - maybe you can meet the screaming kid sometime

Brian: I would like that...

Sent at 7:47 PM on Tuesday

Keith: he's actually pretty well behaved

he just wants attention now
gotta go


DONT THREATEN MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Possibly relavent facts

Possibly relavent facts:
Density of water vapor (clouds): 0.804 g/m^3
Density of natural gas:717 g/m^3 (891.7 times as dense)
(source: wikipedia, followed by some unit conversion as water vapor density was listed in grams per liter (1 L = 1 m^3, for those who don't know), and density of natural gas was listed in kg/m^3)

Further scientific analysis is beyond the scope of my formal education.

Fascism Lite - Now with 75% less mass murder and 25% more public appeal!

While New Yorkers worried

While New Yorkers worried about the gas smell this morning, a large part of downtown Austin, Texas, was shut down after the discovery of dozens of dead birds near the state Capitol. Crews in hazardous-materials suits searched a 10-block area and collected about 60 dead pigeons, sparrows and grackles for testing, but preliminary air-quality tests showed no dangerous chemicals, officials said.


The Use of Implosion

I say we start using the term "implosion" to describe what occurred to Towers one, two, and seven. This term seems to be more telling than the term "collapse" which is more passive. We all know how important framing and vocabulary is!!! Let me know what you think, but in my opinion "implosion" is much more active and incriminating than "collapse" is.

Peace and thanks George Lakoff.

"The Truth is an Offense, but not a Sin" ~ Bob Marley

Agreed, framing is very important

I almost never use the word collapse and if I do I always put it in quotation marks. I use destruction, demolition, controlled demolition, etc. The problem with using implosion is that WTC 1 & 2 did not implode, they were exploded and this is why they do not appear as classic textbook controlled demolitions (like WTC 7). They were, however, controlled demolitions.

I also avoid referring to the government theory as "official" as that term gives it authority and validity it does not deserve. Government conspiracy theory works quite well as a descriptor.

Language is very important and as we move into this next phase of the 9/11 Truth movement we have to pay even closer attention to it.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Thanks LeftWright. Those are good points and make sense. I'll keep on keeping on.

"The Truth is an Offense, but not a Sin" ~ Bob Marley

has been interesting news day so far

pelosi gives a verbal BJ to the 911 commission... recommends their recommendations

C4 possibly found at miami port

sugarland texas chemical leak

tons of pigeons dying at once

rotten egg smell in NY/NJ area

9/11 "plotter" sentenced to 15 years

oh, and PNAC member Zalmay Khalilzad named new UN ambassador!

all this and

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From article on infowars

From article on infowars main page:

"How big is this enterprise? At just one venue, the Southwest Foundation for
Biomedical Research(SFBR) in San Antonio, Tex., there are 6,000 caged chimpanzees, baboons, and other primates, Sunshine reports, whose upkeep alone costs U.S. taxpayers $6-million annually. SFBR genetically engineers monkeys and harbors some of the world's most dangerous viruses such as Ebola and Lassa, authorities state.

Again, the Battelle National Biodefense Institute(BNBI) of Columbus, Ohio,
has just received a $250-million, five-year award from the Department of Homeland Security to run the new biodefense analysis center under construction at Fort Detrick, Md., according to The Washington Post of December 25, 2006. Earlier, on July 30th of last year, The Post reported much of what transpires at the center may never be publicly known as the Bush administration "intends to operate the facility largely in secret."

If the anthrax case be any indication, these barbarous research facilities full of their dead and dying primates are not exactly Fort Knox when it comes to security.

Lou Dobbs just had a segment about "New World Order"

and played Bush 41's "New World Order" speech from 1991...

pretty good segment

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new Saddam post-execution video - warning/graphic

Body of Saddam in the Morgue - Warning: Graphic Content Marked as: Mature, Featured
This video shows Saddam's body on a gurney, in the morgue. A large and gaping wound is visible on his neck

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I think that people who advocate for hanging need to take a look at that -- and it is pretty graphic.

Truthers appear to fall into two camps -- those who strongly desire punishment (like hanging) for the perps and those for whom punishment seems like a secondary concern (secondary to just completely exposing the truth.) I'm in the latter camp and I think we're a minority.

I've always believed (being

I've always believed (being in jail myself a few times) that life sentences are the worst possible punishment.
I don't want to see anyone die, even these evil creatures who are running our lives. I want to see justice. I'm not a fan of death and I don't cheer it on, even for my worst of enemies.
If we do, we're being just like they are.

Yup. The whole Saddam debacle generated sympathy

in many people and this image adds to the effect.

I don't think much could be worse than life in a Supermax-type prison (any prison would suck.) I just have no interest in seeing people die, or in making people kill people on behalf of the state.

Texas Prison Camp Future American Gulag?

A detention camp in Tyler Texas that currently holds hundreds of rebuffed asylum seekers who legally entered the country, half of which are children swept up in midnight raids, is a potential prime location for the enforced transfer of American citizens during a time of national emergency...

(I strongly suggest that everyone read & heed all threats about a coming police state. The evidence of such a police state continues to rise.)

Cindy Sheehan on Hannity's new show.....

During this interview, Sean quotes Cindy from a few years ago when she said the Bush Admin new the 9/11 attacks were coming and deliberately allowed them to happen. In response tonight, Cindy said she changed her mind, but thought the Bush Admin was 'capable' of doing it.

Interesting interview.

that is ... knew

knre the attacks were coming

I think her opinions have been extensively massaged

by her PR people.

Show "Tarpley is interesting but a Zionist Apologist" by Concrete man (not verified)

Bush in CIA in late 50's

Did everyone in the 9/11 truth movement completely miss the story of the day?

The long-discussed history of George Herbert Walker Bush's links to the CIA in the late 50's, its anti-Cuban efforts, and how this tracks forward to 11/22/63, Watergate, etc. has been confirmed by a recently-revealed CIA memo.

i've blogged it.

this gives more credence to that "JFK 2" flick....

and also makes one question, if he lied about this, is he lying about the Warren Commission, which was good because "Jerry's word was good".

sickening to even bring that up during the eulogy.

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"recently revealed".....since 1998

the thing has just been sitting around, waiting for someone to read it...

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