Concentration Camp for Families in Taylor, Texas

Get busy Truthers - this is where they're headed.

These round-ups & concentration camps are extremely alarming!

They don't build these compounds with the idea to keep them empty! An empty prison is very bad for their budgets & looks bad to their bosses. There are plenty of federal-employee goons out there who are willing to deny people (especially immigrants) their rights & fill these prison camps with them.

Scary how they're built

Scary how they're built along railway tracks...

Does a national map exist of these new camp locations?

On the Internet, I mean?

Maybe we should start compiling one.

An aquaintance of mine said his information is that a lot of them are located in American deserts.

This video report is a good companion piece to this recently posted one about an Indiana camp:

It's beginning to look like Operation Paperclip was a roaring success, ....for the Nazis.

So, what's the consensus? Are these to be used along with the Blackwaters of the world to detain rioters when, as Webster Tarpley puts it, the "death spiral of the (petro)dollar" goes into hyperdrive? The growth of private mercenary companies, the building of these concentration camps, and the legislative shredding of the Constitution all seem to have occured simultaneously. Are the Middle Eastern wars desperate attempts to forestall our economic system from imploding after 90-some years of devalued fiat currency from deficit spending?

What are they preparing for?

Here's a few of them

They are preparing

for us.....

The "residential center" is open for business

- the closure referenced in that press release is from when the place stopped being a correctional facility, also briefly mentioned in the video. -

The one link is the list is the result of putting the addresses into Google Maps...  That thing is HUGE... All that infrastructure and yet 1000+ black people drowned while the world watched on CNN with Anderson Cooper. -

The "19844 BLUERIDGE MOUNTAIN RD" address is the Mount Weather FEMA Complex


Also, note that the contacts for the facility are all FEMA and DHS people, DHS phone numbers, DHS E-Mail address and so forth.

The address in Mechanicsburg, PA is the "Defense Enterprise Computing Center" or "DECC (SMC) Mechanicsburg", which is one of the 18 national mega-computer facilities run by the military.

The other computer mega-sites are as follows:

PE Columbus
3990 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43216

PE Dayton
2721 Sacramento Street
Building 271
Suite 1 Wright-Patterson AFB
Dayton, OH 45433-5061

Building 308, North End
5450 Carlisle Pike
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050-0975

SMC Montgomery
401 East Moore Drive
Building 857
MAFB/Gunter Annex
Montgomery, AL 36114-3001

DECC (SMC) Ogden
7879 Wardleigh Road (DODAAC H98297)
Hill AFB, UT 84056-5996

DECC (SMC) Oklahoma City
8705 Industrial Blvd.
Building 3900
Tinker AFB, OK 73145-3352

PE San Diego
NAS North Island
Building 1482
San Diego, CA 92135-7015

DECC (PE) St. Louis *
4300 Goodfellow Boulevard
Building 103
Second Floor, Post E-20
St. Louis MO 63120-1703

PE Warner Robins
205 Perry Street
Building 228
Robins AFB, GA 31098-1607

PE Chambersburg
Building 3
Overcash Ave.
Letterkenny Army Depot
Chambersburg, PA 17201-4186

PE Denver
6760 E. Irvington Place
Denver, CO 80279-8000

PE Huntsville
Building 5201, Martin Road
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-7340

PE Jacksonville
Building 919, Langley St.
Jacksonville Naval Air Station
Jacksonville, FL 32212-0070

PE Norfolk
9550 Decatur Ave., Dwy-22
Norfolk, VA 23511-3381

DECC Detachment Puget Sound
Building 943, 467 "W" St.
Bremerton, WA 98314-5160

PE Rock Island
Rodman Ave. & Buffington St.
Building 350, 2nd Floor, Room 211
Rock Island, IL 61299-7560

PE San Antonio
450 Duncan Drive
San Antonio, TX 78226-1834

FEMA already has a huge computer facility up on the Mountain, so there is no reason to tie into the systems in Mechanicsburg unless there is a military or Intelligence function up on Mount Weather.


These camps could be used in time of pandemic... like their new toy the Bird Flu!

I was watching a show about the flu.... there was a panel of doctors discussing the disease and the precautions people should take and how the disease speads... and how it is treated using Tami-flu.

But there was a part where they discussed the history of pandemic flu.... refering back to the "Spanish Flu" which killed over 100,000,000 people...

and the doctor who had studied the Spanish Flu... remarked that the Spanish Flu originated in Kansas???? and spread to Europe with the delpoyment of troops for the war

I need to research further but this sounds to me like we have always had posession of this super flu


It's amazing how that information about this is vastly different on government sponsored websites which speak about the new Bird Flu


Fort Riley, Kansas, was a sprawling establishment housing 26,000 men and encompassing an entire camp, Camp Funston, within its 20,000 acre boundaries. Soldiers often complained about the inhospitable weather to be found at the site: bone-chilling winters and sweltering summers. And sandwiched in between these two extremes were the blinding dust storms. Within the camp were thousands of horses and mules that produced a stifling nine tons of manure each month. The accepted method of disposing of the manure was to burn it, an unpleasant task made more so by a driving wind. On Saturday, March 9, 1918, a threatening black sky forecast the coming of a significant dust storm. The dust, combining with the ash of burning manure, kicked up a stinging, stinking yellow haze. The sun was said to have gone dead black in Kansas that day.

Burning Manure??? Wouldn't it be something if they could have tilled that back into the Earth?

Some, looking for a point of origin of the so-called Spanish influenza that would eventually take the lives of 600,000 Americans, point to that day in Kansas. Shortly before breakfast on Monday, March 11, the first domino would fall signaling the commencement of the first wave of the 1918 influenza. Company cook Albert Gitchell reported to the camp infirmary with complaints of a "bad cold." Right behind him came Corporal Lee W. Drake voicing similar complaints. By noon, camp surgeon Edward R. Schreiner had over 100 sick men on his hands, all apparently suffering from the same malady.

I still say this may have been BIO-WARFARE

Those Damn Germans!!!??

This entire story is very interesting.... We would not give this to our own soldiers... then send them into war..... nope it was the Germans..... and they decided to start spreading it in Kansas as opposed to a major city.... and they wanted to hit our soldiers instead of the civilian population.