Greetings everyone here on 9/11 Blogger. Just wanted to let you all aware of the new URNOTFREE.COM. Our goal is to provide a growing collection of documentaries and links, a taste of some alternative information, that we hope will inspire and motivate you to investigate the issues presented on your own. We aim to reach the average, completely uninformed individual on the street through the use of stickers, posters, and other graffiti-influenced mediums. We wanted to create an environment where 9/11 influenced and political art could be showcased along with the information. The new site is up and running including our store. We'll try and update it as frequent as possible adding current news, books, and films often. . Our 8" x 10" stickers just came in and they are up in the store for purchase. If there are any films you would like to see added to the site, let us know. Hope everyone is having a good new year thus far, and keep up the fight against the new world order. never surrender.

- urnotfree

urnotfree images

Fantastic artwork there! Great way to open peoples' minds to

the insane government that is destroying our rights! More artists & musicians need to become involved in work like this!