Questions for the official conspiracy theory

Everytime I hear a 9/11 truther tell someone that the 3 wtc buildings came down by some sort of demolition, they usually get a quick response question in regards to how that could have been set up. I wish the 9/11 truther could see that the other person just led them in another direction. We should stick to showing the evidence to the demolition and not speculate as to who set it up. Even though it is a good thing to get these unbelievers to start to ask questions in regards to the 9/11 because none of the reports cover these logical observations.

9/11 truthers should also remember that the unbelievers have not done the research yet.

The unbelievers do not question the information that our government has provided with the same enthusiam as they do to a 9/11 truther.

Here are the questions that they should get answered:

Where is the evidence that 19 highjackers boarded the planes? (The video did not have a date, airport. And the person could have been anyone.) (where are the flight manifests?) (Coroners report?) (were the highjackers Saudi's?)

What was the importance of the Downing Street Memo's?

Why did President Bush sit in the classroom when we know the secret service is in the main loop as to whatever is going on in the state of affairs?

How could a plane vanish in a 16' hole in the Pentagon?

Why were we having War games/exercises/drills that day?
(the drills and exercises I've seen included role playing victims)

Since Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, why are we there? (war of aggression/war of choice)

What are we trying to win/suceed in doing, in Iraq?

Why are the wolves investigating the hen house?

All great points! The Pengaton is a HUGE smoking gun! So

is the way Bush carried on the photo-op in the school for so long, as if nothing was happening! (I'll never forgive Michael Moore for trying to let Bush off-the-hook in the school by portraying it as all just incompetence.)

Avoid the Pentagon as a frontline issue

The real issue at the Pentagon is not whether or not a plane hit the pentagon, the real issue is why haven't the nearly 200 available video tapes definatively identifying what hit the pentagon been released. There have been hundreds of legal requests for the tapes and all have been ignored. Why? That is the main problem with the pentagon. It is clear the Truth Movement has an organized counter movement fighting it. Unlike the Truth Movement which is a grassroots movemnent, the counter movement really has no reason for existing other than trying to prevent an investigation. Knowing that there is an organized group trying to take down the Truth Movemnet, you should be aware that tactics are afoot. The Pentagon might just be that setup to deflate the Movement. By putting the Pentagon out front, it could be easily taken down with the release of videos showing the plane hit the pentagon.

Focus should be on

War Games and Military Exercises occuring on 911
The Paakistani ISI connection
Atta's FBI file before 911
American Airlines stock market actions

The Pentagon is a very strong issue if it's properly framed

Just stay away from WHAT hit the building (who the fuck cares) and focus on HOW and WHY the headquarters of the 'world's only superpower' could be hit by anything at all - much less an hour after NYC is attacked.

Well, yes & no. There is still no way a Boeing 757 can fit

through a 16-foot hole, and there is still no way Hanjour & his fellow flunkies could have flown it there! Thus, the Pentagon is a huge smoking gun, as a drone or missile hit it.

How could a plane vanish into the World Trade Center?

It couldn't. This an obvious fact.

Your basic premise is correct and very important

The burden of proof has shifted to the government, because it's story makes so little sense.

Letters to Left Gatekeepers

This blog entry gave me the idea of sending letters to Left Gatekeepers in the various news outlets. I suggest we all do this. Also, Letters to the Editor in general are effective, wherever we can get them published -- informed letters raising strong issues. People look at the letters sections, often more than they do the other sections of newspapers and magazines.

I'm more concerned about the gatekeepers here

Everytime I try to state what I sincerely believe based on careful research and thought, I get negative ratings.

My certainty about no planes has further increased because of another physical impossibility I just realized -- the Flight 11 landing gear passing through the core and out the south side steel columns at 105 mph, which is what it would take to get to Recter and West. The NIST models all showed the landing gear stopping before or inside the core (NIST NCSTAR 1-2, p. 272-273). Common sense shows the same. The NIST models couldn't even get the starboard engine of Flight 175 to exit Tower 2, even though the trajectory was not through the core. NIST NCSTAR 1-2, p. 284. So how did the engine part end up blocks away, which also would require exit at 100 mph? The alleged part of the fuselage on top of WTC 5 seems equally absurd, though I have not looked carefully at that yet.

Why plant plane parts unless you are trying to show there was a plane?

Ningen - I think you should consider that the model you're

using to base your analysis on COULD be wrong.

We know that NIST has stretched and fabricated many things in their report, including their computer models. I think it is entirely likely that they "modeled" the plane crashes in a way that would maximize the damage done to the columns of the buildings. Thus, if you use these same models to analyze the force and trajectories of various objects coming out of the Towers, you MAY come up with false conclusions.

Remember "garbage in, garbage out"?

What is needed is for two or more teams of independent analysts to review the complete NIST models and verify their valdiity. Additionally, I would like to see someone else do a complete computer model of the plane impacts and damage (from scratch) as a comparison.

BTW - I do sometimes give your no planes posts a negative rating, not because I think that the NPT is impossible (highly unlikely, IMO), but because there are so many other compelling issues to question the government myth about AND I don't want those curious about 9/11 Truth who wander in to see some of the wilder NPT stuff and run away immediately thinking we're all a bunch of wackos and write off 9/11 Truth completely. Yes, unfortunately, it is about perception and marketing, especially at this point in time.

Since this issue seems to be of particular interest to you I would suggest that you compile your research, write it up and have some people critique it for you, then post it in a blog or a series of blogs.

Finally, have any of the plane parts been positively identified by the maintenance numbers stamped on them? To my knowledge not one single part from any of the crash sites has been so identified and that is SOP. This is a line of inquiry that should have been pursued long ago.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Letters to the Editor.

Great Call STudent. I have posted a letter to the editor in my small towns paper regarding quotes by PNAC and Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission. Letters to the Editor should not be underestimated. Hopefully more of us continue to make the effort to write them.

And as far as Ningen goes. Who cares about the "gatekeepers" here. Who the hell cares what rating our posts get. We need to simply formulate our ideas here and spread them out to the newspapers, magazines, and media we are familiar and unfamiliar with. We can achieve that.

"The Truth is an Offense, but not a Sin" ~ Bob Marley