Scans from Hustler 9/11 Coverage

9/11 Truth In This Month's Hustler Magazine -

We've put up a local archive of the pages here:
Page 1 - 3MB
Page 2 - 3MB
Page 3 - 2.5MB
Page 4 - 2.5MB
Page 5 - 2.5MB

Single PDF - 1MB (Update: Updated to include page 5)

Update: Added page 5 - continuation of Alex Jones interview.

Thanks to Casseia for the scans, Jon Gold for the heads up, and Ed for the PDF!

Flynt's on our side.

Larry wouldn't have put it in his magazine if he hadn't been thinking the same thing.

Show "Steven Jones is a Fraud, No Wonder he Won't Debate the Science." by CB_Brooklyn

The facts speak for themselves

The definition of hypocracy is accusing others of your tactics. This means Republicans going after pedophiles and nameless cowards saying Steven Jones won't debate the facts. We will happily debate the facts but I'm sure you won't.

Show "Steven Jones is a PROVEN FRAUD. He has been Challenged" by CB_Brooklyn

CB, im not gonna do it, but

CB, im not gonna do it, but somebody is bound to complain about you if you keep spamming threads with your ridiculous attacks on Steven Jones. repetitive and loud as they are. we get it, hes a fraud because he doesnt subscribe to the CGI theory like you. jesus christ man, we get it. really.

Show "Chris, you dont know what you're talking about." by CB_Brooklyn

i said we get it already!

like a broken friggin record. im not gonna argue with the insane, but i will ask you one thing. where are Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds-ex(current?) Bush administration official leading this movement? this should be good.

Show "Again, you're being an idiot by not looking at the EVIDENCE." by CB_Brooklyn

hahahaha, thats classic,

hahahaha, thats classic, being called insane by "CB Brooklyn",hahahaha. seek help. either that, or try and make your disinfo a little bit less obvious. Amanda for instance just slips the CGI disinfo in there as opposed to you, who slings insults and uses loud backround colors like a clown. too obvious man. now go ahead, call me a truthling again and tell me to use my brain. because thats a very effective approach and everything.......

Show "okay, so you admit that you're a dunce." by CB_Brooklyn

hey CB, stop now, i didnt

hey CB, stop now, i didnt mean for you to lay out your whole CGI theory right now. im a dunce, yep, your right. jesus man, im sorry, just dont go on about CGI right now ok? and call me a truthling and tell me i need a brain again too. again, thats very effective.

Show "okay, you admit you're not capable of applying the" by CB_Brooklyn

i'll admit anything you want

i'll admit anything you want(true or not) if you would just shut the fuck up already. honestly.

Show "people like you should" by CB_Brooklyn

actually that was sarcasm

actually that was sarcasm dummy. wanna dig that hole deeper? and im just wondering, but are internet tough guys like you the same in real life? would you tell me to "get the fuck out" if you saw me in person? see you in New York buddy........

Show "so in real life" by CB_Brooklyn

whos the bully? im trying to

whos the bully? im trying to get you to just shut up and you keep coming at me with insults and CGI ramblings. i havent been in a fist fight since middle school, im no bully, but if you had the guts to tell me to "get the fuck out" to my face like you do on this website i can say i would likely break your nose. the internet makes your balls grow though doesnt it? they shrink up in real life huh? whos angry? your losing it man. so again, i'll see you in New York buddy.........

Show "that's right...." by CB_Brooklyn
Show "Excuse me, what the fuck are" by Anonymous (not verified)

what better place to commit public murder?

What better place to attack than the idiots like you in yanksville ameriKa?

Can you say "free fall speed"? Stupid

You will not be proven a fraud...

Because you bring forth no supposed facts.

You just hype on the accusations and assumptions.

Pop quiz...

the term "pull it" as was used in the 911 pbs special for what they did to building 7....and building 6...what does it mean?

well according to the secretary of defense’s kinfolk in "popular mechanics" their expert demolition spokesman....has no clue....

that expert refers to a cable being put around an antenna tower and "pull it"...

on another well known 911 debunker sight the "pull it" term stands for "removing the rescue workers from the building before it falls".

So...which one is correct?

Well it really doesn't long as the feds are not involved......then we will take both of the definition...

you are a joke...

a sad joke....but nonetheless a joke...

People like you are the reasons things like this are able to be "pull it" offed...

You are a fake ameriKan…probably from Israel…

CB = Chomsky BarSatan

I’ve read you posts…you are disinformation…

Your bluff is called…

why are you responding to him?!

He writes a garbage 1 liner and you respond with a paragraph. He again has a 1 liner and another paragraph from you. He's just a jerk and he has successfully sucked you in and now this blog is loaded with garbage. Well done

hello everyone, now i am here

maybe you all through me out of this forum ;-)
but, i have created an account only because this post.

1. @CB
i dont think, it is a good idea, to write, what you write
even if stevens is wrong, he makes good work
and like we all, he cant know all about the hidden technology of military

2. @chris
i dont believe, that CB is 100% right, but it is possible, that "military" or those who have done it has used additional techniqes, unknown to the public at the moment

3.@ all
google "EPWoutofboxBrief.pdf"
or here

maybe there are hints of hidden technology
(artificial gravity may also bring down a building very fast, or in cowork with detonators, accalerates it)

regards from germany

Welcome, Serious Mind--I mean Sir Rious Mind :-)

Must say. not a bad play on words for a native kraut.

As to "hidden tech", reguardless of the truth or falsity of it's existence, all observed effects on 911 can be explained by known technologies, certainly enough to indicte the bastards. ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

thank you

yes, i know, "normal" tech is enough, but i keep this issue in mind.
its like playing chess, better be prepared, even if its not needed

best wishes...

I'm about to do it and I'm not the only one

I'm personally getting sick of CB's spamming. This person never backs up what he/she says and constantly throws out accusations. I've said it before, CB is most likely a government shill. Someone who gets paid big bucks to sit behind a desk and talk s**t on this and other blog sites. We need a moderator to do something about all the spamming and flame wars this person is starting.

Back up what you say, government shill

CB, if you can't start posting links to back up what you say, especially when you're making such statements as "Steven Jones is a proven fraud", then you need to shut the f*** up until you can at LEAST link to ONE website, no matter how cheesy, to back up that outlandish claim.

What a hypocrite...

What a hypocrite...

I just figured out what they

I just figured out what they are doing. They are taking one of our most prominent lines "if you are right, then refute the science" and they are trying to discredit it. Its actually a smart play, by having FAKE/DISINFO agents saying "dispute the science" it will make all newcomers say 'why dispute "THEIR" science when its mostly junk science anyway (because 911truth will be lumped in witth 911disifno)

Show "it's not "their" science, it's "the" science." by CB_Brooklyn
Show "that article you wrote is the most" by CB_Brooklyn

3 words:

Spot the Dingo


Is it possible to delete all of this spam by CB? Every time you reply to him you are giving this [insert ad hominem] an excuse to spout more of his nonsense.

Exactly, what happened to

Exactly, what happened to 'stop feeding the trolls'..?

Huge step forward

My local paper has started printing letters detailing the truth. My Dad who once supported Bush asked me the other day "So what do you think REALLY happened on 911... cause I heard..." and even friends who once scoffed at the idea are now saying 'well, they did kill, like what was it? hald a million people in Iraq, I guess they really wouldn't be above it..."

Local Paper???

What is your local Papers Website?

Is it aviable online??

I posted some truth stuff on my local online newspaper forum.

They deleted it and banned me.

Seriously though...

If it weren't for, I think I would have gone crazy by now.

Thanks for this guys!

No Doubt...  Its like the

No Doubt...  Its like the surface of the ocean...  You can only swim so long in a sea of mass delusion before you your lungs start to burn... 

More than a breath of fresh air... 

haha, so right you are. i

haha, so right you are. i feel like im all alone sometimes but when i come here i feel like there is at least some hope for our country.

If Bush gets pardoned by

If Bush gets pardoned by Mrs. Clinton I may yet go crazy. :)

But yes, thank you

Next page

Am I mistaken, or was the article continued on a page that has not yet been scanned? If so, could the person who scanned the other pages please scan and upload the last page(s)? Thanks.

Right you are.

There's one more partial page in the Alex Jones article. I'll try to get that scanned, but I can't do it tonight.

Yes, Alex Jones telling us what "they" may have planned for the

future was cut-off and continued on page "82" I think. I would like to read that. Thank you.

20 million

Holy shit. The budget for Loose Change Final Cut is $20 million? Really?

Here's hoping they pull it off.

$20 Million? That can't be right!

I think he was misquoted and that it's really 2 million, which is still alot. Should be out by the end of the first quarter I believe. Theaters, and then video store shelves. If no WHEN it does come out, it will change everything.

mis quoting "we/they"

mis quoting "we/they" yeah... but writers don't misquote numbers. not big round numbers that end with MILLIONS.

Congrats guys!

I hope LC Final Cut has 10,000x the impact!

Show "Eek!" by Mel


your point is???

My "point" is a question

My "point" is a question more than a point, and I only got one reasonable response the last time I asked it: Does anyone have ANY clue what they want to have happen? It's a freakin' legitimate question, but you guys have got some serious cognitive disonance going on with it. "Full steam ahead, you say, and damn it to hell if we don't have a course clearly plotted!"

Is chaos what you really want? Tell me I'm being over dramatic when I say that a country-wide, full-scale theatrical release of LCFC wouldn't cause some mayhem. Guarentee me it won't, and I'll shut the f' up. Or admit that that's exactly what you're after so some of us non-combatants can prepare to get the hell out of your way.

And I'm not gonna bother responding any more nonsense claims about my being a shill. All I'm asking is that you stop and take a deep breath for a moment, and start asking yourself some tough questions. 9/11 was an inside job, plain and simple. I know, you know, we all know it. So what do we do? Create chaos to get back at "them"? How's that going to fix anything?

And AGAIN, I don't have the answers. Call me a concerned citizen, is all. But I get the feeling that I might have to be protecting myself from some of you people in the near future, and being killed by friendly fire SUCKS.

I guarantee it won't

I guarantee it won't

"Concerned Citizen" or Coward?

"and being killed by friendly fire SUCKS."

Tell that to the people who died the morning of 9/11/01. Oh that's right... you can't.

It's called courage Mel. Sure, we can all shut the hell up, stick our "concerned" heads in the sand and pray that it won't happen again. But that does not make us "citizens". That would make us COWARDS! It would also be absolutely unAmerican.

It takes courage to speak truth to power. Courage is not the absence of fear. It's doing something IN SPITE of the fear.

Sure, the whole "give me liberty or give me death" thing is definitely not for everyone. Instead of, perhaps you should spend more time here.

Some would gladly trade their liberty for a life without "chaos". For me, that's no kind of life to live. Too many of our forefathers died for the liberty you seem so willing to forsake now.

All because of the "chaos" that might be created. All because you are afraid of what they MIGHT do. Perhaps you should be a little more concerned about what they have already DONE!

My only suggestion to you Mel is either LEAD, FOLLOW or GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!

Show "Oh man, you have stepped WAY" by Mel

The cost of being a patriot

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."

~Mark Twain, Notebook, 1935


People have been watching the Zapruder film for 30 years, and it hasn't changed a thing.

I think the best possible outcome for a theatrical release of Loose Change is: (a) continue to shift public opinion in the direction of skepticism, so it's easier to publicly express doubt; and (b) convince a few powerful people that it's worth taking legal action of some kind against Bush and Co.

I don't expect to see anything but another round of corporate media hit pieces, but we have to hope for more than that.

Mel - I suspect that if 9/11 Truth were to reach

critical mass with the public suddenly that there would be some serious outrage accompanied by some small pockets of mayhem. There would also be a small group of people who will be so shocked and angered when they realize the crimes that were perpetrated on 9/11/01 that they will become violent and need to be dealt with as carefully as possible to keep from inflaming the situation further.

That said, I do not think that there will be such a public epiphany.

Fortunately, one of the advantages of having 9/11 Truth spread in the relatively slow way that it has is that it gives people time to come to terms with their anger and think about what they want to see happen. Additionally, I think that 9/11 Truth strips most people down to their core humanity and this creates the conditions for truly peaceful change.

My advice to you is to get to know your neighbors and be prepared for mass demonstrations and general strikes. Make sure you have enough water and food on hand, as you would for any natural disaster.

We are all brothers and sisters on this big blue ball.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

And it just occurred to me

And it just occurred to me before I was about to turn off for the evening, that the Hustler article is well-placed, given that I do believe that our "side" will require American Servicemen to be onboard, and what better place to start recruiting them than in a "dirty" magazine. This is NOT sarcasm. I'm quite serious.

A couple of years ago, I spent a tonne of time on a military newsgroup, pushing 9/11 Truth, and I recall a guy named Ike who was THE best debunker I have ever encountered, bar none. Looking back, it doesn't surprise me at all that "they" would enlist their finest assholes to protect the impressionable minds of young soldiers. Maybe Hustler can get some of them thinking...

Good night, and queue the shill accusations...

Flynt has a very interesting

Flynt has a very interesting history, and the thought of him being a"tool" for the perps is possible, but I see no reason to suspect this remote possibility.

Wow Mel, looks like your

Wow Mel, looks like your cover was blown in record time...

Not if Avery narrates the film himself again...

he sounds like he's 12 and it keeps the whole thing in "the silly college kid" category. Find a nice elder voice boys and also, what's the point of this thing "hitting the theaters" at all? Special screenings with speakers and Q&A? sure, but anything else is probably vanity. It didn't work for Russo so take the hint, people want the information not a trip to the Mall.

don't like

I don't like that number.... it's the same $$$ that NIST was giver for their 3 year study.... which yeilded a 10,000 page report.

I pray the the "Final Cut" kicks butt!

Thanks casseia! I kinda wish

Thanks casseia! I kinda wish you could put up the stuff about the Rethugs but I know it's only a tangent ;).


This is HUGE

thanks for the scans!

Show "I wonder...." by Counter-Troll Alliance (not verified)

dz - HACKER ^^^^^

dz - HACKER ^^^^^

And just for the sake of

And just for the sake of argument, how do you know it was Prof. Jones who offered that information.  They also talked to Fetzer.

great stuff! finally, some

great stuff!

finally, some pro-9/11 truth in something that might be considered mainstream media. but i noticed it said it's the March Issue... when's that come out? it is already in news stands? but this could be huge and get the ball rolling. enough people read this magazine, both rich and poor, all males, but whatever... this is what we need. they mentioned a few movies, and , where my site is the first link, so that's good news... but i haven't noticed a spike in my hits, so i feel as if this article hasn't made it out yet. and ya, i'd be interested to see what's on those other pages...

anyways though, i feel once this gets out it'll be pretty huge. this is a huge spread and this magazine sells tons of copies... so we could really see this blow up soon. happy truth year everyone.

Yes, even though it's the "March" edition, it's already on the

Newsstands. (Most mags like Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, etc., publish with dates several months into the future.)

Show "NIST Has Already **Debunked** the Thermite/Thermate Hypothesis!" by CB_Brooklyn

NIST debunked nothing, they

NIST debunked nothing, they just pulled some lame ass speculation out of their collective butts. - It was debris in aluminum??? Jones actually did an experiment to test that hypothesis, and like the NPT, it FAILED MISERABLY!

See real science starts with a testable hypothesis, not a fallacy of authority (The Political Method / Bush League Science)...

I am sure s/he has, their

I am sure s/he has, their "iT w45 Sp4Ce b34Mz!!!" crap is all over that one...


It's a rhetorical question... >:D

Sp4Ce b34Mz!!!" crap

CB not only saw my post, he spammed it with colour coded "Steven Jones is a fraud" messages.

Steven Jones withdrew out of the National 9/11 Debate because of the nonsense of Wood, Reynolds and company. The debate is probably going to be a fiasco. It is going to be their junk science promoted as if it represents the truth movement. At least that's my prediction. If Steven Jones went he would have to waste his time with these professional smear artists.

They distort anything they can. Either they have a personal vendetta against Steven Jones or...

They are the ones hurting the truth movement with their deliberate distortion of Steven Jones' research. I've detailed some (not all) of their tactics. There is substantial evidence to back this opinion up. I wouldn't make an accusation this strong unless there was.

But CB is pretty harmless. Maybe he actually believes some of the stuff he says. It’s the more manipulative disinformation that is somewhat dangerous to the 9/11 truth movement.

I think I've convincingly shown who the real frauds are.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

CB is not a real person... 

CB is not a real person...  It is a persona...  I actually engaged the person behind the persona and they are highly intelligent and psychologically adept...  Do not underestimate the "Aaaaaaaaaaaah I'm a crazy shit!" persona...  There is a professional on the other end wearing yet one of many masks...

no doubt

Most likely the situation is something like this: a handful, 3 or four maybe, of real people who pretend to be about 9-12 real people. this gives them "ostensible diversity masking an actual uniformity". this also helps them multiply their apparent strength of numbers. Heck, lots of us do this by posting with a different handle on every different place we post. Posting with different handles in the same place like they do is also effective of course but I draw the line there and don't indulge.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Cold Fusion

It is scientific orthodoxy to reject cold fusion. By no possible stretch of the imagination can Steven Jones be discredited because he rejected it. That would be like claiming that Newton can't be trusted because he believed in alchemy. At the time many did, it wasn't controversial. It is irrelevant to his other findings. Similarly with Jones: if cold fusion works, Jones was wrong. So was just about everyone else. Unless you think that the scientific work of every scientist who didn't accept cold fusion is not valuable you cannot make that claim about Jones. Please desist from repeating this very obviously flawed point.

CB - Christmas is over...

CB - Christmas is over... put that color palette away, you might hurt someone!

The Truth about Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds

I won't color code it for you. The truth is ugly.

In Defense of Steven Jones: the Deliberate Effort to Discredit him and his Research

Ok I lied. It's now in colour.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Typical tired-out psy-ops techniques, it's getting old

Typical tired-out 60's cult-brain-washing-psy-ops techniques, it's getting old. It's standard psychological mind-control techniques. Brainwashers use bizarre fonts, bolding, increasingly larger font sizes throughout a message, colors, capitalizing of certain letters in different words so that when you put all the letters in caps together it spells out a so-called "subliminal message" (something school-children do when passing notes to their friends in class), they repeat the same lie over and over and over, as if repitition makes a lie true, and on and on. Jonathon Mosely used the same techniques in his emails to me and others in the Scholars For 911 Truth society, as well as in his numerous hit-pieces on all kinds of people, not just Steve Jones. It wouldn't surprise me if CB IS Mosely, or one of his friends, or one of his lackeys, or at least someone from the same training. Just like I told Moseley, repeating a lie over and over does not make it true, your false logic will not stand.

CB is trying to discredit the truth movement so that the newbies to this forum will become disillusioned. Everytime anyone really challenges CB, he/she runs off into the shadows and won't respond, cause that person knows they don't have a leg to stand on.

Or should I say those people. Like someone else said, CB is probably not even one person, but a group of hired government shills that take turns spewing the same programmed rhetoric.

CB, or should I say, "CBs" , how do you (or you guys)sleep at night? End the end, the money isn't going to be worth it.

Steven Jones' research is

Steven Jones' research is one of the only peer-reviewed pieces of work on the subject matter anyway. His work speaks for himself. You can't punch a hole in it.

Jones never stated cold

Jones never stated cold fusion isn't possible, etc. in fact the opposite.  The issue about getting more energy out then you put into the system is what is controversial.  And to this day no one has been able to achieve that result.

Show "Jones was a plant to discredit Cold Fusion." by CB_Brooklyn

lets take 100% certainty and


Social Experiment over... 

You get paid to do this,

You get paid to do this, don't you. You are everywhere.

Yup, s/he was the leading

Yup, s/he was the leading negative point recipient [-15] until that uppity Ron Wieck [-25 i think, it was reallllly looow] took the crown...

Thanks for the video -

Thanks for the video - Reminds me not to focus on the paid help, and on efforts that AFFECT REAL CHANGE!

Take care YT... 

Lionel discuses 9/11 and this HUSTLER article!

Lionel disucess the Hustler issue, Charlier Sheen and 9/11 in his unique intellectual way. He also talks about conspiracies and false flag terror.

Worth listening to: - click the clink for podcasts


Pardon my unwavering

Pardon my unwavering cautiousness, but who is Lionel, why should I care what another "progressive" nobody says on their internet podcast, posted by someone with NO NAME!

Thanks and re Lionel


Many thanks to all who posted the Hustler scans... Great articles and looking forward to page 82 (AJ article continued).

For imgstacke re Lionel.

I am not an expert on him, but from what I know he has a BIG show based in New York and he used to be a lawyer.

His radio show page : WOR Radio 710 HD - Lionel

As the proof is in the pudding, I have listened to quite a few of his 9/11 related shows and he is ALWAYS pushing that people investigate 9/11 and over the time seems to be more and more skeptical of the OCT. A good guy I feel, who gets a low shill factor rating (by me).

Direct Link to MP3 (40mins) : HERE

Thanks for your great posts imgstacke.


Show "Lionel is someone, you are NOT.." by imgstake who the f.... (not verified)

Legitimate questions are

Legitimate questions are legitimate questions irrespective of the questioner.

I need not validation for my thinking, from you or any other person. You have this same right. Or have you forgotten what it is like to be a free thinker? Or perhaps you have never known what it REALLY Like?

I do not know this person, therefore I do not accept anyone's nod or wink as to their true nature. I have been blessed with Free Will, and as my time is limited, I exercise this unique gift as often as I can.

Try it some time, you'll like it...

And for the arrogant part, well I am an iNTj, we are often misunderstood.

To outsiders, INTJs may appear to project an aura of "definiteness", of self-confidence. This self-confidence, sometimes mistaken for simple arrogance by the less decisive, is actually of a very specific rather than a general nature; its source lies in the specialized knowledge systems that most INTJs start building at an early age. When it comes to their own areas of expertise -- and INTJs can have several -- they will be able to tell you almost immediately whether or not they can help you, and if so, how. INTJs know what they know, and perhaps still more importantly, they know what they don't know.


so to answer your original question before you were interrupted by a sizeof(), I am a free thinker 

Lionel is the man!

Hey imgstacke,

IMHO, Lionel is the best talk radio host in the business today. I do know a little about the industry as I've worked in it for 15 years.

Lionel would not describe himself as "progressive". He describes himself as a "bright", but that speaks more to his spiritual views (or lack thereof).

Politically, he definitely leans left, although he did support the Iraq war at the beginning.

With regard to 9/11 Truth, he is definitely a friend of ours. He has gone further and has been the most consistent voice and credible voice on the issue of 9/11 truth than anybody else I have heard. Lionel deserves our support.

I am sorry if I come across

I am sorry if I come across as an a-hole, but screw the niceties.  Is it too much to ask for people to get a name, at least? 

I still don't understand why anonymous posters are allowed to post, its not censorship, just get a name...   


Yeah those Anony's kind of peeve me off too! I generally try to avoid responding to the Anony's.

Jeezus make up a name already!

Another interesting side note, I'm listening to Lionel's show via podcast. I love his intro to the Hustler piece. He talks about how he's trying to read the article on his subway ride into the station. The train is crowded and he's trying to hide the Hustler behind a paper bag.

He goes on to say, "it's a shame you got to go to Hustler to find out what's going on with the 9/11 Truth Seekers."

Amen Brother Lionel. Amen.

I am also Lionel fan....

I am also Lionel fan, although not a regular listener. I couldn't care less about anonymous posters as long as they post useful information.

I give kudos to the anonymous poster for bringing this Lionel show broadcast to my attention, and to the attention of others no doubt. Lionel has put his neck out, good for him.

So what kind of a name is imgstacke - does that tell me who you are, where you come from and what you do for a living. You say you're a free thinker - sure.. Great... I'm happy for you.

So what have you done that is useful today "imgstacke"?? Have you burnt any DVDs, handed out any DVDs, spoke to anyone about false flag terrorism?? Or have you just sat behind your computer to tell everyone on 911blogger about how much of a free thinker you are?

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagra without having seen or heard of one or the other. So it is that my name is Sherlock Holmes, it is my business to know what other people don't know"

You go first.

"So what have you done that is useful today "imgstacke"?? Have you burnt any DVDs, handed out any DVDs, spoke to anyone about false flag terrorism??"

Why so harsh?

I am irrelevent...  so what

I am irrelevent...  so what does it matter...

image stacker - but the guy who processed my application for the st911 forums had a typo, so I lost my "r"

Again, its just a name, irrelevant but I tried to give it a meaning as it relates to my function.

I contribute when I can...  I pry open eyes with discussion, face to face within my sphere of influence every single day that the opportunity arises.

If you are going to judge me by my name, go ahead, but I would prefer it would be what I bring to the discussion. 

Lionel Online

Here's what you do . . . . listen to Lionel . . . . make up your own mind . . . . that's what I did . . . used my ears and brain all at the same time.

Lionel is smart, sarcastic and funny. He joyfully battles the moronic forces.

Lionel used his brain and figured out that buildings don't evaporate in the universie he inhabits. Lionel doesn't mind people with different opinions but stupid people drive him crazy.


What's in a name?

Nothing really. It's just a tool that helps to faciliate polite conversation between two or more individuals. Emphasis on POLITE.

Lets all Digg a grave for the Perps...

Register with Digg today...

I can verify they won't send you spam or sell your email. I always register with my domain name for websites like this - <somekeyword to remember website)@mydomain and any If i get one email for that account, I know the website is unethical.

oh, btw,

The magazine grew from a shaky start to a peak circulation of around 3 million (current circulation is below 500,000)


Lets all make Loose Change Final Cut the biggest grossing movie of all time... Dick Cheney, and company can watch from a prison cell...

Remember a portion of the

Remember a portion of the proceeds goes to the family, they have to lock that down with the distributor (can be greedy bastards and are of the corporatist mindset,) but other than that if this goes critical, the families will at least get some immediate Vindication!

Don't tell me American Idol and the NFL Playoffs are MORE IMPORTANT than registering for a website and clicking a link?

Din't think so...  let's bury these bastards...

Don't Impeach -------------------  PROSECUTE THESE CRIMINALS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Two things sell, SEX and FEAR, I'll take sex please... :D

Hustler reminds me of the first time I found my dad's stash... ahh the good ol' days... The Innocence of Youth...


Urgent Alert Help

Hi, pls. could anyone help me ASAP

There used to be that big .pdf file a transcript and additional material from the House briefing on 9/11
sponsored by McKinney, now those bastards deleted her website and the file is lost for history!
Has anyone make a local copy of that important file? THANKS!

Anybody, Reprehensor? Cover

Does NOT appear in the internet archive either...

Checked her archive...*/

including her archive for the 26-Jul-2005

Has the link, but no archived PDF.

Might be worth checking out Google's, Yahoo or AltaVista's cache or hope that someone has saved the PDF (I'm pretty sure someone must have, note to everyone, save what you can)

Just spotted it mentioned on Jon Golds YBBS, it looks to be fully transcribed but not sure...

Good Luck

Try contacting McKinney

Try contacting McKinney herself... She may not realize they took it down?  I am sure she would have a copy of the file somewhere...


FOUND IT....The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later

Found it if you're still looking and SAVED my local copy ;)

Get it at link below...

The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - PDF 305 Pages

A few hours searching well spent...

Good Luck

T.H.A.N.K.S. !@!

Oh god! Thanks! You saved the day..

My pleasure...

and glad to be of assistance :)

I enjoy researching and hunting info... It was worrying to see it disappear from the website so quickly, and with no archive set my alarm bells off !!!!

Hope everyone takes a little note that it's good to save this type of info and the MORE THE MERRIER !!!!

Good luck all



um, because

no one in their right minds would want to share a stage with Judy Jetson, Uncle Fetzer, and Morgan Reynolds-Wrap?

Just a guess.

Why do YOU think?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Show "you talk like such a baby." by CB_Brooklyn

cartoons, eh?

CB, whatever happened to all your posts about the Roadrunner and Wile. E Coyote breaking through things? That were your version of proof that no planes hit the twin towers? First it was hologram planes, then video fakery. Now you walk around calling people babies because you are a discredited handle, nothing more.

Shouldn't you at least get a new pseudonym? Then you can start all over with some new BS that we can expose.

Now, you may think you're very clever, or that the people telling you what to do are, but you're wrong. Trust me on this one. It doesn't matter if you try to make this into a Fetzer vs. Jones issue for whatever rason, either to simply discredit Jones' work or to set people up by default as supporters of him over Fetzer right before Jones himself starts embarassing the movement (not that I think that's necessarily what's going on, but it is consistent with y'all's MO.) The facts are the facts. You want to impose a little spy vs spy melodrama over the facts as if that was going to help you at this point. Guess what? You don't have any control over what is happening--it has grown beyond your capacity to alter the course of events. I suggest you give up on this narrative and try something with the whole "Israel is going to attack Iran" narrative that is being cooked up.

We reject your attempts to dictate the discourse. Who cares if Israel uses nukes against Iran? More likely they will do somthing much less exciting, that way people will say well at least they didn't use nukes. But maybe they're just bluffing to provoke Iran into looking like it's attacking first. Who cares how it plays out? Not many people frankly. But it still seems like a better job for you than being stuck in this Jones/Fetzer rut. What's the matter? Can't get promoted? Maybe you should look into other careers! Learn a trade, settle down with a nice lady (or man) and give up on the whole conspiracy. My advice is free, though you won't be if you keep this up! Actually, being such a failure in your mission will probably land you one of those not so great "patsy" jobs--better watch your back, Charlie!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I suggest...

Fashion Designer for the color blind...

Its Fabulous!!! 

Show "Steven Jones DECLINED Invitation to Defend Thermite on" by CB_Brooklyn

because Uncle Fetzer's show is out to discredit 9/11 truth


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



Did you know that a thermite reaction reaches temperatures hot enough to Vaporize steel.

Thermite with ionized components and sulfer would react much more efficiently causing much hotter temps reaching maximum temps for a thermite reaction near 10,000 to 12,000 degrees...... steel vaporizes at 5,000 degrees.

So if you were looking for answers as to where some of the steel went..... there you go CB

Show "Steven Jones WITHDREW From National 9/11 Debate" by CB_Brooklyn

this one I don't know

but if Uncle Fetzer was involved in the National 9/11 Debate, then I think you know what my answer would be.

Uncle Fetzer used to be just in charge of muddying the JFK waters with his "research". One wonders how he obtained his Professorship given that he only writes about conspiracies. Now his job includes muddying the waters in the issue of 9/11.

Now what possible ties could there be between JFK's assassination and 9/11?



I bet Uncle Fetzer knows!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



i think this is the debate organised by pseudo-intellectual-mastero Thomas J. Mattingly , right ?
Featuring Fetzer, Woods, Reynolds...
Yea, that was certainly a wise decision by Jones

Dude, your like a bad beer

Dude, your like a bad beer commercial...

Giant Toasters----> Toasted Cars

I hear you scoffing.... but can your space beams explain the jam and butter that was coating those toasted cars?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I think it was

Space blueberry jam coating the cars.

Show "Steven Jones' "Research" is Linked to Two MURDERS. Why?" by CB_Brooklyn

CB_Brooklyn Linked to Organized SPAM Syndicate. Why?

CB_Brooklyn's repeated posting of nonsense shows strong similarity to the practices of professional spammers. Investigative reporters have noticed and reported the connection.

Offering the same unwanted goods over and over in the desperate hope that someone—anyone will be desperate enough to buy what he is selling. The connections are clear. What remains a mystery is his connection to the 9/11 "truth" movement as practiced by Dr. “laser beam” Wood and Professor “fake plane” Reynolds.

CB Exposed! He is (trying desperately but not succeeding in) hurting the 9/11 truth movement.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

What did I say earlier about repitition? You're in danger, bud.

CB, just because you repost the same crap over and over and as "new" threads, does not make it true. You are so full of it! I agree with what Real Truther says. You better watch your back, CB, because the people who have hired you to do this are probably not too happy with you right now cause you are NOT doing a very good job at discrediting Steve Jones or the truth movement in general.

In fact, you are totally exposing the fact that the government is hiring shills to spam these blogs. You guys need to learn to be a little more subtle if you want even a kindergartener to take you seriously and not risk exposing the whole operation. Your bosses are probably going to turn you into some kind of patsy cause you have become more of a liability than an asset. Maybe you better just get out while you can and turn yourself in for protective custody, or go into hiding in some other country while you still can.

how about some other um,

how about some other um, scans, too.

buy a copy :D  Support the

buy a copy :D  Support the ones who support exposing the truth/lie of 9/11.

I'm buying one today

maybe two


Lionel is great! He has about a million listeners so he has quite an effect. He just talks about all the unanswered questions and why the msm is ignoring 911truth. Keep burning cds and share the truth, I meet people all the time that have no idea about all the issues surrounding 911. I am sharing all my 911 truth files on emule and they are constantly being uploaded so the word id getting out. Just keep burning and talking.

Show "Open Invitation to Steven Jones to Defend His Thermate." by CB_Brooklyn

That's because you are special CB!


Hey CB, why are you so insistant, anyway?

Why come here and persist about Steven Jones when you could be smoozing around Faux News with Sean Hannity, or Bill O' Reilly, or visiting Ann Coulter along with talking to Rush Limbaugh, or Laura Ingraham. They would agree with you on your arguements, plus you could show them your cartoon images on the trade towers and go on about the NPT.
But why come here CB? Why argue with us? You have no worries about 9/11 truth since you promote things like No planes, which by the way, is no different than space beams.
Don't you realize you are questioning the government too? Or are you trying to mislead people?
I believe it's to mislead, so you might as well forget about doing it since many here are saavy to the BS and propaganda tactics.
It's just like Bushist fascist Glen Beck, who still has a job on CNN for no reason I know of, is advocating that the streets of New York be "cleaned up" by a nice Katrina-like death-dealing hurricane.
Why are the public airwaves being thus polluted?
Semi-supported by my tax dollars?
One might complain to the FCC, except that -- oh my, it's still being run by Bushist fascists.

Show "." by CB_Brooklyn

thousands of witnesses saw the planes from all angles?


Great articles!

OUTSTANDING coverage in the mainstream media!

Little by little, this avalanche is building.
Maybe Penthouse and Playboy will be next???

$20M for LCFC? HUGE! Can't wait for that movie to come out.


Pdf page four (4) bottom (HM article page 39)
is continued on pg. 82 any more available? Thanks for posting this :-)

Page 82

is now scanned, and I have sent it over to the YBBS, where Jon Gold will post it when he gets a chance, I imagine.


Thank you. Like my five year old would say, "you rock!!"


Page 5

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Show "Copyright violation." by Anonymous (not verified)

Copyright violation.

Is copyright violation.

Do all 9/11 Truithers support Jon Gold\'s copyright violations?

Note that Jon has not yet removed the copyrighted material from his site.

He will not listen to reason. Maybe he will listen to you. Urge him to avoid legal trouble by removing the Hustler scans, a violation of copyright law.

Larry Flint

Does this mean Larry Flint is a 9/11 Truther?

Does anyone remember that movie about him with Woody Harrelson?

He's clearly very anti-government, so it would make sense if he were suspicious about the official 9/11 story.

Anyone know how many subscribers Hustler has?

True Hustler

Larry is his own man. A very rare and valuable trait nowadays.

current circulation

current circulation circulation about 500K - from wikipedia - i couldn't find a media kit to verify...

Show "And the circulation of your 9/11 Truth Movement porn is....?" by Anonymous (not verified)

Lionel does a full RADIO hour on this

podact here:

Lionel - January 6, 2007 - Hour 3

Of all places, “Hustler” magazine published a story that summarizes many of the claims advanced by 9/11 truth seekers. This is a favorite subject of Lionel’s who marvels as to MSM’s being loath to even report the existence of the controversy itself.

Show "This is TRULY funny. 9/11 Truth Movement Porn." by Anonymous (not verified)

you probably typed that

you probably typed that while you had porn in another window you hypocritical coward. at least the other shills use names.

lol, Chris, at the multi-tasking image

He doesn't use a name, but Ernie always i\d\e\n\t\i\f\i\e\s himself.

haha, he sure does, so i

haha, he sure does, so i guess that makes him a particularly stupid shill for not just getting a name already.//////

Porn and lies

You just do not like to admit that the 9/11 Truth Movement is to Truth what porn is to women.

Right, casseia?

More porn and lies.

That is actually a very interesting proposition. You're making a lot of assumptions about porn that you don't articulate, and which may not be shared by others, including me. Something that many 9/11 Truthers have in common is a certain boldness in facing information that may be "forbidden." Sounds a little like porn, especially vis-a-vis a female "consumer," no?

Give me porn with pretty boys!

My only objection to porn as a straight woman who likes, pretty nubile men--Orlando Bloom, Depp, you get the idea--is there's nearly nothing made for me!

Sorry, I don't identify with inflated bosomed bimbos passively on their backs--yay for those of you this works for. As a result, when the urge strikes, it's gay male porn for me--at least they're all boys.

That might have been too much information for "Ernie"--but it should teach him not to play the psuedo-feminist card in future! Wanker--pun intended.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Yeah, I have two major criticisms of average porn

Number one: boys in it must be pretty. I don't know how even homophobia-blindered men can stand to watch some of the guys who show up most hetero porn. (Incidentally, the dvd that came with the Hustler is not bad on this account -- you can borrow it if ya want.)

Number two (included mostly for the purpose of giving Mr. "I'm gonna pretend that I ever read or understood Andrea Dworkin" even more information): do most people watching porn not understand what female arousal looks like? (The Hustler dvd is right in line with this, I'm afraid.) Now, porn involving physiologically-aroused women is pretty rare (and worth looking for -- I think it's typically a DIY sorta thing.) The alternative, sadly, is the equivalent of watching the gorgeous stud experience major shrinkage, and resort to strapping one on over his flaccid member in order to get the job done. Sound sexy? I didn't think so.

In my next post, I will explain how the above text is actually an elaborate metaphor suggesting the way 9/11 Truth is perceived by the public at large.

Great article, which represents the overall 911 truth view well

Very happy to be reading this and printed up a few copies for the boys at work (nightshift tonight). The scans came up great, good job!

Thanks to all involved especially Hustler who continue to take risks to preserve freedom!

In my opinion CB (criminally biased?) should be ignored, as these supported rants waste time and space, spoiling this excellent post.

Kind regards John



guys....i'm sorry to be the one that is always having to play devil's advocate for yall
but this is total bullshit-----

designed to set up a fake 911truth movement that is controlled opposition
they stretched the truth...saying alex jones has been out for "decades"

and it wasnt thermite it was nukes....thats part of what theyre trying to hide




if they really were trying to spread 911truth----and not set up a false movement---
they wouldve had the building 7 smoking gun all over this

When you get down to brass tacks . .

They are trying to sell magazines and death rays are sexy. Besides, at this point, who the hell knows what really happened.

Its an enigma wrapped around a burrito sitting under an infrared light


Just like 911, the Holocaust is a FRAUD

[Another topic Alex Jones will never touch with a ten foot pole, easier to keep lying to people...]

The Zionist-Semitist Holocaust Story is Unfounded

Written by Patrick H. McNally
Tuesday, 09 January 2007
[Head notes: 1. This presenter does not deny the Holocaust, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, tooth fairies, witches, or unicorns. He merely asserts that there is insufficient evidence to imprison anyone for refusing to believe in any of the six items above. 2. The Nerutei Karta rabbinical Holocaust narrative has absolutely nothing to do with the Zionist-Semitist Holocaust blood libel, cf. my “The Tale of Two Holocaust Tales.” 3. Semitist means the same thing as Jewish Supremacist, i.e. those elite Jews who would never dream of living in a separate JewState but who want to dominate political, social, and economic life in Gentile societies. 4. This text is a lengthier, less academic, and more confrontational version of my presentation made in Teheran at the Holocaust Conference in December 2006.]

Calling misterguy...

...missed this one, you did.

You must have been busy that day...


I found this radio talk show that combines the truth with entertainment......unlike these 3 hr. Bush Infomercial shows that are all over talk
The Trevor Carey Show....9p-12mid MST.......I called his show.....was easy to get through with my 9-11 opinions......please call and attack the mainstream press by using talk shows to spread the word.....

what are we going to do now we know the truth?

I really believe alot of people know the truth... But what are we going to do about it????? I have for year's now said, something is very wrong here, and now the fact's are very clear, but what now???? How do we make them pay for their crime's???? Where do we start?

Peer Review?

So now the truthers can claim they have peer review?

Don't worry

Playgirl should be following close behind.... so it will be much more palletable for your descriminating eyes.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

If you want more people to

If you want more people to know the truth find some big message boards and post some links to google video movies there, even if the people who watch them don't belive at least it will make them think