A Year in Review - 9/11 Media Coverage in 2006

Paying attention to 9/11 related news on a daily basis kinda distorts the view of how much media coverage there actually HAS been regarding 9/11 skepticism in the last year. Below is a listing I put together of all of the somewhat-major news coverage of the 9/11 truth movement in 2006. I am sure there are a few things missing here and there, but having a listing like this puts into perspective how much 9/11 discussion there has been in the last year, and how much further 9/11 truth has been forced into the public eye.

This listing is NOT a listing of the major news this year, but rather a listing of the major media coverage and discussion which resulted as a response to the growing 9/11 movement.

Vanity Fair Discusses Upcoming 9/11 Movies - 01/19/2006

Maxim Magazine Covers '9/11 Truth Movement' - 02/18/2006
The Village Voice Covers the '9/11 Truth Movement' - 02/22/2006
Dr. David Ray Griffin on Mike Malloy This Wednesday Night - 02/22/2006

Rep. Dennis Kucinich States That Bush Administration Let 9/11 Happen - 03/04/2006
Loose Change Audio Clips Featured on New Ministry Album - Audio Download - 03/08/2006
Wesley Clark - 'We never finished the investigation of 9/11' - 03/15/2006
New York Magazine Covers 9/11 Truth Movement - 03/21/2006
Charlie Sheen Questions Official Story of 9/11 - 03/21/2006
Showbiz Tonight (CNN) covers Sheen and 9/11 Movement, Night 2, Night 3, Night 4 - 03/23/2006 - 03/28/2006
San Francisco Chronicle Talks About 9/11 - 03/30/2006
Actor & Director Ed Asner Shares 9/11 Concerns - 03/31/2006
San Francisco Chronicle Covers Dr. David Ray Griffin - 03/31/2006

(more after the break..)

Alex Jones on MTV - Video Stream - 04/04/2006
Radio Host Lionel Discusses 9/11 on NY Radio Station WOR - 04/05/2006
Bill Maher and Guests Discuss Bush's Response on 9/11 - 04/06/2006
Opie and Anthony Yell At Jason Bermas About 9/11 - 04/07/2006
Charlie Sheen on Jimmy Kimmel Live - 04/15/2006
USAToday Talks About Loose Change - 04/28/2006
CNN Cover's 9/11 Skeptics and Misrepresents 911Truth.org - 04/29/2006

Kristen Breitweiser Requests Government Accountability on Hardball - 05/05/2006
Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 Fame Interviews James Fetzer - MP3 Download - 05/09/2006
ABC Follows up New Pentagon Footage With Talk of 'Conspiracy Theories' - 05/17/2006
Dylan Avery on Canadian television regarding "new" 911 video - 05/18/2006
CoFounder of Air America Discusses 9/11 on Huffington Post - 05/20/2006
The Times Herald Covers 9/11 Skeptics Jon Gold and Dr. David Ray Griffin - 05/21/2006
Dave vonKleist Interviewed by Glenn Beck on CNN Headline News - Video Download - 05/21/2006
Overview of New National Zogby Poll on 9/11 Coverup - 05/23/2006

The New York Times Covers the Chicago Conference - 06/05/2006
Keith Olbermann Mentions Chicago Event - Video Download 06/06/2006
Bryan Sacks From 911Truth.org Interviewed on WWRL in New York - MP3 Download - 06/07/2006
Former CIA Member Robert Baer Comments on 9/11 'Inside Job' Possibilities - Audio Download - 06/10/2006
Italy Mainstream Media Speaks of 9/11 Cover-up - 06/10/2006
ABC Affiliate Covers Steven Jones Presentation at Salt Lake Community College - 06/17/2006
Mike Berger of 911truth.org on Scarborough Country - Video Download - 06/20/2006
Vermont CBS Affiliate Covers Craig Hill's Senate Run - 06/23/2006
Dr. James Fetzer on Hannity and Colmes - 06/23/2006
Washington Post Covers L.A. Conference - 06/26/2006
Blender Magazine Covers Tom Delonge's Comments on 9/11 - 06/27/2006

Kevin Barrett on Hannity and Colmes - 07/11/2006
Kevin Barrett / Rep. Nass Covered on CNN - 07/12/2006
Robert Bowman Tonight on Hannity and Colmes - 07/13/2006
The NYTimes publishes OpEd on Barrett - 07/23/2006
CSPAN's Coverage of the American Scholars Symposium - Video Download - 07/30/2006

Vanity Fair: What the Air Force DIDN'T do on 9/11 - 08/01/2006
NYTimes covers Barrett again - 08/01/2006
Washington Post: Government Lied about 9/11 Military Response - 08/02/2006
Randi Rhodes Interviews Paul Thompson Over Recent NORAD News - 08/03/2006
CNN: "...we may not have been told the truth..." - 08/03/2006
NY Post: 1 in 3 Americans... - 08/03/2006
Fox News Hosts Weigh in on Latest 9/11 Poll and Kevin Barrett - 08/04/2006
Loose Change's Jason Bermas on MSNBC - 08/07/2006
Fetzer on CNBC - 08/09/2006
Dylan Avery on NPR - 08/09/2006
Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr. David Ray Griffin - 08/10/2006

William Rodriguez Gets Cover story of New York's Largest Spanish Newspaper - 09/06/2006
Washington Post Article on 9/11 Truth - 09/08/2006
Guardian UK covers David Ray Griffin - 09/09/2006
CBC Sunday Covers Alternative 9/11 Theories in Detail - 09/10/2006
Loose Change Made Front page of Syracuse Post-Standard - 09/10/2006
LA Times: 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Gather in N.Y. - 09/10/2006
Gary Bell From AM640 Toronto Devotes 5 Hour Show to Attack Official 9/11 Story - 09/10/2006
MSNBC TV Asks About U.S. Involvement in 9/11 in Question of the Day Poll - 09/10/2006
Mainstream Norwegian TV Covers 9/11 Press for Truth - 09/11/2006
Loose Change Covered on Paula Zahn Now on CNN - 09/12/2006
Venezuela's Chavez says Bush planned 9/11 attacks - Video - 09/13/2006
Video: C-SPAN "9/11 Press for Truth" press conference - 09/13/2006
Dr. David Ray Griffin on BBC - 09/13/2006
Geraldo Covers Recent 9/11 Polls and Interviews Les Jamieson - 09/18/2006
9/11 Truth comes to Saturday Night Live - 09/23/2006
James Fetzer on Hannity & Colmes - Video Download - 09/27/2006

Video: Japanese 9/11 TV coverage - 10/05/2006
Southpark Episode on 9/11 Conspiracy - Video Download - 10/11/2006
James Fetzer on The O'Reilly Factor - Video Download - 10/12/2006
Only 16% Think Government Telling the Truth about 9/11 - 10/14/2006
Fox News Brief on Steven Jones's Early Retirement From BYU - 10/23/2006
Denver Post Covers 9/11 - 10/30/2006
Dutch News Airs 15 Minute Piece on 9/11 Conspiracies - 10/30/2006

The Stanford Daily Covers 9/11 Skepticism - 11/01/2006
NYTimes Article References Chavez's Questioning of 9/11 - 11/03/2006
Bill Maher would impeach Bush for his non-actions on 9/11 - 11/03/2006
Mancow Makes His Debut on Fox News By Being Belligerent With Kevin Smith Regarding 9/11 Skepticism - 11/19/2006
Kevin Barrett on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 - 11/23/2006
C-SPAN 2 - "9/11 & American Empire" - 11/25/2006
Kansas City Publication Profiles Members of 9/11 Movement in 4 Page Article - 11/27/2006

William Rodriguez Featured in Devon Newspaper and Interviewed on BBC Bristol - 12/04/2006
9/11 and Pearl Harbor Conspiracies on Front Page of San Diego Union-Tribune - 12/04/2006
Showtime Series 'Sleeper Cell: American Terror' References Theories of U.S. Involvement in 9/11 - 12/11/2006
The New American Covers '9/11 Press for Truth' - 12/12/2006
Ministry Song Featuring Loose Change Audio Clips Receives Grammy Nomination - 12/14/2006
9-11 Truth on New Zealand's Mainstream TV - 12/17/2006
San Francisco CBS 5 Covers SF Tea Party - 12/18/2006
The Boston Globe Covers The Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party - 12/19/2006
Kevin Barrett Interviewed by Bill O'Reilly on 'The Factor' - 12/19/2006
Actor James Brolin Plugs 911weknow.com on The View - Video Download - 12/28/2006

The 9/11 truth movement has now forced 9/11 documentaries onto netflix.com, has gotten hosts like Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes talking, has been shown numerous times on CSPAN, is the subject of countless books, was the focus of a number of political hopefuls, and more. While the listing above shows just how much media coverage 9/11 truth has garnered in 2006, there are countless other articles which would most certainly need to be in any full 2006 year-end review. Rather than writing up such a full encompassing 2006 year end review (which would be about impossible) please feel free to comment on what you consider to be the big happenings of 2006 related to 9/11 skepticism.

A very huge thank you to everyone who has helped us cover 2006, and best wishes for the new year!

Great List...


"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

thanks! honestly after


honestly after spending 4+ hours just reviewing the titles of all the things posted in 2006 i really want to write 'a year in review - where the media wasnt' - because there were a bunch of big news items which got zero media coverage.. and really that is a news item deserving media attention in itself.

do it! I think that'd be stellar...

and a great piece for us to pass along.

but yeah, ditto on the good job

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I'm an expert...

At what the media DOESN'T cover, so if you want help, let me know.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

depleted uranium...

used by the us and israeli armed forces would be a good start.

Regarding 9/11...

Mostly everything they've ever said after the 9/11 Commission released its' report.

The 9/11 Families

The release of 9/11 Press For Truth, the families calling for a new investigation, creating the petition, etc... Not a word, except from Rawstory.

The PNAC. I'm not talking about a simple mentioning, I'm talking about an in depth analysis.

The environmental impact (outside of NYC).

Sibel Edmonds (aside from a very few appearances).

Pakistan and 9/11.

Just to name a few.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Thanks DZ

For all your effort.

would be good...

This would be a good list to refer Bill O'Reilly to next time he says that if the conspiracy theorists had any validity, it would be picked up on by the mainstream media.

good thinking! :)

good thinking! :)

What about the newspaper in

What about the newspaper in Oregon?  The Ashland Times or something...  (long 4 days... sorry names escape me)

the list

great list. There was also Le Monde Diplomatique's article on Loose Change last summer.

Great Idea.

I was just thinking this would be an awesome idea to put together a list like this. This is the hard work that so few of us in the movement want to do. Just like Howard Dean does a lot of the hard work that no one else wants to do in the Democratic Party. This is awesome. I think it would be cool to have a permanent place on the homepage where we highlight when popular media covers our topics. Like when Barbara Streisand's husband was on the View, or Charlie Sheen was on CNN, etc. Even Borat mentions nine eleven in his movie, and I also like the trend that seems that each month gets more and more media mentions of 9/11 as we get further into 2006 and hopefully that trend continues in 2007 until we can't see news without some mention of this crime by the Bush Family. Or as Mike Malloy says "The Bush Crime Family" Amen guys. Good job.

"The Truth is an Offense, but not a Sin" ~ Bob Marley

-But just one official 'whistleblower'?

Add this to your list. I must remind the New York faction that we are still very poor on back-dated research on the process of building #7. You may debate everything I have to say, but you will never prove me wrong on the mysteries surrounding the actual steel work phase -after- the steel-work phase!
-Go figure!


First they ridicule you, then you look for better ways to be entertained!

Italian International Conference

Great idea, but you missed the Italian International Conference on 9/11, which was held in Bologna, September 11th 2006. I know, a complete review of all events around the world was, and possibly is, impossible. Nonetheless, the Italian Conference was the biggest one ever organized in Europe, and received great attention in the community of 911 reseachers. Its complete video is even avalilable in the internet (see "arcoirisTV" and search for Menzogna globale. Have a look, it is a real experience).

In any case, your idea was a good one and should be, in a way I cannot say, refined and widespread as much as possible (may be as an "open letter" to the international public opinion?). With my compliment! Franco Soldani


I'll will post this on our blog. Nice work dz.

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Show "2006 - The year the 9/11 Truth Movement started to die" by Anonymous (not verified)

Google video stats

Number of views yesterday.. the truth is getting out

9/11 Mysteries : 24000 views
Loose Change 2nd: 23000 views
Freedom to Fascism: 9800 views
Terrorstorm : 6700 views
9/11 Press for Truth: 2300 views

I wish...

Those numbers were reversed. No offense to anyone.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002


911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

I was surprised that 9/11

I was surprised that 9/11 press for truth only had 2300 views.. also all time views was at 11 000 when it should have been much more than that. Google Video is a great asset, I just wish they didn't cheat with the numbers.

The first time...

9/11: Press For Truth was posted (by Ian C.), it got 150,000 views within a matter of days. Then one day, it was erased, and back down to "0". I was pissed.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

i dont

mysteries and loose change trump the wussy beating around the bush press for truth


Mia Hamel's group was feature story

Great job! I think this

Great job! I think this entry should go directly to the "Recent Headlines" section.

Milwaukee ABC Channel 12 Covered Milwaukee Tea Party

The Milwaukee/Lake Michigan Tea Party was covered by Channel 12 News (ABC) on 12/16/06
Check ts911t.org