Dr. James Fetzer Coming to Columbus, OH for FREE EVENT

February 17th, 2007 - Dr. James Fetzer from Scholars for 9/11 Truth coming to Columbus, OH

The Columbus Chapter of World Can't Wait will be hosting Dr. James Fetzer for a speaking event about 9/11 Truth. Fetzer is the founder and co-chair of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a non-partisan association of faculty, students, and scholars dedicated to exposing falsehoods and to revealing truths behind 9/11.

A prominent figure in the 9/11 Truth Movement, Dr. Fetzer supports the assertion that elements within the U.S. federal government orchestrated the September 11th, 2001 attacks for political and economic gain. The truth behind 9/11 brings into question the entire Neo-Con agenda of preemptive war and the alleged 'war on terror.' This is an integral part of the anti-war movement and vital to repudiating the Bush regime.

The event will be at the Main Branch of the Columbus Library on Saturday, February 17th in the afternoon (exact time to be announced) and will be free and open to the public. For more information contact vargo.che@hotmail.com

To defray expenses related to this event the Columbus Chapter of World Can't Wait is seeking donations. Please make checks out to 'World Can't Wait' and mail them to: World Can't Wait, PO Box 609034, Cleveland, Ohio 44109. Please write 'Fetzer' in the memo section. Thank you!

Is the group selling rotten

Is the group selling rotten produce at the event to raise money?  You guys would make a bundle...

figures when the fake left got on board they would pick Uncle F

I hear they will indeed have rotten produce, all organically grown and fairly traded. WCW vs. RAW (fruit and vegetables) one fall steel cage match featuring Uncle Fetzer! Columbus!! Let's get ready to rumble!


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my the agents are up early...

Hi CB. Any progress on the Road Runner and Wile E Coyote models of video fakery explanationery?

No? How about your space beams? Did you use them to make your toast this morning?

Oh well, keep at it--you'll derail the truth someday! No really, CB, you are doing a great job, keep it up!


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Ahh I think i got it now,

Ahh I think i got it now, Your M. Morrisey from the st911 forums.... Correct me if I am wrong...


Your a prof in Kassel Germany right? Lingusitics? 

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Good Idea

Could someone make a short film with Marvin the Martian using his "sapce beam" to destroy the Earth

Showing him destroying WTC #1, #2 & #7

You think that if the Government had a Space Beam.... that they would only use it once in a while??

I guess that they got tired of it.

And if they had a Space Beam why would they choose to use it on us when they could have vaporized whatever they wanted and nobody would have known ETF happened.

MAybe Aliens did attack us and our government is trying to hide it from us. They used their tractor beams to control the planes and their advanced weaponry to destroy the buildings.

They are trying to protect us from the reality of Aliens by covering this whole thing with something we can handle and understand.....

"Terrorists hate us because we have everything that they want. They want to kill us because we're better and they don't like us because we're the best.... at everything."

Much easier to digest than the fact that Aliens exist and they are atttacking us.

That was the Alien craft that was shot down in Shanksville....

There is a reason to lie... it's for our own good!

Just giving you debunkers some material to use to rationalize the actions of your government.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

It makes me feel ill

to even have to think about Fetzer anymore.


Yeah, i agree with the others, Fetzer and his space beams really took him out of the debate. He needs to apologize to Steven Jones and then give us 50 push ups !!!


voice your opinions

this is america. voice your opinions.

contact vargo.che@hotmail.com and let them know exactly how you feel about Dr. Fetzer representing the 9/11 Truth movement in Columbus Ohio.

If you oppose their choice - let them know why. List out your reasons.

i will

I sent him an email...

Very simple.

Jim Fetzer does not speak for me.

Jon Gold
9/11 Truth Activist

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Nor I..

Fetzer doesn't speak for me either. He speaks for himself.

I'll tell you one thing, no one in our group supports his space beam theories. I just want to be clear on that.

But I will say this- if having him come to Columbus and speak at an event will help us get more of the people who are receptive to asking questions about 9/11 together..where we can give them resources and contact info, where we can grow our membership, I sincerely feel that is a good thing.

This is going to be a very positive event. I'll let you all know how it turns our.


the best thing that fetzer

the best thing that fetzer ever did.....

at the zacharias mossaoui trial-----he held a press conference and told the world that 911 was an inside job

a bunch of the reporters started crying cause they knew it was the sad truth

at the begininning of the conference, ICE police tried to unconstitutionally stop him=====fetzer told them to shove it up their ass and had the press conference anyway

thats why it is so heartbreaking,,,when he started going off on that space beam trip.....

now hes just a bitch

With WingTV?

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

I wonder if he sold out the

I wonder if he sold out the Truth Movement for free as well.

About Fetzer..

This event is not just a presentation by Fetzer. Other views will be represented as well. There will also be an art exhibit with works from local artists pertaining to 9/11. Though I may not personally agree with his "research", that is irrelevant.

We promote the adknowledgement that serious questions remain with regard to 9/11. We do not promote any specific theory to explain those unknowns. This event is in no way shape or form an endorsement of his views. That point will be made very clear.

No one is talking about 9/11 Truth in Columbus but us and given all the craziness that surrounds his theories, we might be able to use this opportunity to get people talking. That's our goal.

This group is young and this is going to be our spring board.

Truth On,

EDIT: Also, Dr. Kevin Barrett is coming to Columbus as well so the comment about Fetzer being the sole representation of 9/11 Truth in Columbus is just not the case.

Columbus 911 Truth

I just want to add that while I disagree with Fetzer's relentless support of Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds "The Star-Wars Beam Weapons" - (actual title on web page) I think that Columbus 911 Truth is the most active group in Ohio and should be applauded for their efforts. I have voiced my concern, and I hope that other groups in the future will not endorse Fetzer unless he puts his ego aside and does what is best for justice.

Please read my review of the Jim Fetzer event to see a summary of his more misleading points.